Campsite covet and the crew’s canine company

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s campsite.

I say, why not?  The only other camper in Williamson River National Forest Campground is, of course, in the sunniest site.  That’s because they don’t have a solar panel.  It’s also the nicest site.  So I covet, covet, covet.  I’m so covetous that I don’t unhitch lest I miss an opportunity to get that site.

I’m outside wandering around with my morning coffee in hand when I see the motorhome leave.

I spring into action!  I throw stuff, including the crew, into the PTV and the BLT, roll up the awning, remove the chocks, etc., put the stuff on the kitchen counter on the floor, and a few minutes later, we’re in our new campsite! 

The angle of the site is good.  By that I mean the refrigerator side of the BLT is shaded without needing the awning.

It’s been a long time since we’ve camped with a water spigot available.

The PTV and BLT are really dirty.  Using a dishpan and rags, I wash the PTV, a task I really enjoy doing. 

One of the reasons — and there are many — why I love my PTV is it’s a vehicle that I chose entirely by myself.  What a good decision that was!

I also clean the dirtiest part of the BLT, the front end.  I’ll finish that another day.

Bill and Ann come by.

Bridget and Spike like having some canine company.  I wonder if they rememnber these pals they met last winter.


Samantha (Sammy)

Bill likes to fix things (at least that’s what people who need things fixed say about him).  I casually mention that my house battery probably needs water. 

The last time I saw Bill and Ann, I casually mentioned my house battery probably needs water and Bill promptly put water in it. 

You see, I can’t get the dang thing out of the compartment.

Julie and Spike return from an unsuccessful chipmunk round-up.

The opening is too small and the battery is too heavy.  Anyway . . . As I expected, Bill finds the battery in dire need of water and remedies the situation.

Bill volunteers as the interpretive guide at the Logging Museum at Collier Memorial State Park.  He gives tours of the logging equipment and artifacts.  Ann volunteers in the gift shop.  They’re living the high life over at the state park with full hook-ups, showers, laundry . . .  at no cost. 

Tomorrow Ann, Bill, Sammy, Julie, Spike, Bridget and I go on a water adventure!


P.S.  Bridget’s injured leg continues to make great progress.


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59 Responses to Campsite covet and the crew’s canine company

  1. earthdancerimages says:

    Please tell Bill and Ann hello from us and pass on woof woof and bow wow’s from the hound herd to Sammy and Julie and of course your crew too. So glad Bridget is getting stronger day by day! Your new sunny spot looks great! Have fun with Bill and Ann!

  2. Chuck says:

    So glad that Bridget is improving!! Please tell Ann and Bill ‘HI’ !!!!! And the Hound Herd says ‘woof’ to Sammy and Julie !!

  3. cozygirl says:

    Oh what a couple sweet pictures. Really love the set-up…what a perfect landing and great move on your part…I was visioning your scramble teehee! I had to enlarge the washing liquid one as was curious to what you use on your Casita. We have horrible black streaks. Thumbs up for Ms. Bridget continued healing!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I really like the way the Turtle Wax liquid keeps the PTV’s shine. I only add a small amount to the water so it lasts a long time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I usually wipe down my Casita with water and a tad bit of dish soap. Once in a while I’ll use the turtle wax liquid in water. I’m cautious about the BLT. I don’t want to put something on it that might yellow.

  4. Rita says:

    Enjoyed your blog this morning…what a laugh…yeah why not covet? Love the pooches especially Spike and Bridget…they are so adorable. I have two mix terriers that were abandon by granddaughter when she move to Alaska & the other abandon next to my home. Chowder and Ralphie and they make me laugh all the time when they rough house & play. I’ve been googling the areas you camp and everyone seems beautiful…I envy your simple life.

  5. Reine says:

    Sometime you’re around one of your “fixit friends” see about having a battery tray installed. This is one of the posts about it but there are others. Till then, it’s great to have friends that will check the water.

    Glad you’re enjoying life. I can understand the envy. That’s a great site.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Reine… Bill made the same suggestion. What I’d really like is . . . Get an AGM (NO MAINTENANCE!!!) battery and put it under my bed in the same channel where the house battery is now. I don’t know if it could be done — might have to chop out the existing battery box — however, having all three batteries the same would be good. And then Bill wouldn’t have to water my battery!

      • mickent says:

        You can get a smaller sized AMG to fit the BLT battery compartment; that won’t hurt. Did the PTV run better today? Tilting the solar panel will help more now that is Fall.
        Mick YFTA (your friendly tech adviser)
        Wow, a spell checker in WP!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I went into town for groceries (30 miles one way) and the PTV ran fine. I think you were right. I like it when auto repair is free.
          I won’t get another battery until this one dies, which should be soon given the crappy maintenance it gets from me. You know I’ll be seeking your advice at that time.

  6. Lynne says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am a faithful reader even though I rarely comment….there is usually little to say that has not already been said, so I just keep quiet.

    I am enjoying hearing about the northwest….we like the same type of sites, nestled deep in the forest with a lake or river.

    Please say “hi” to Bill and Ann. They don’t know me but they supported my blog last winter when it was just beginning. (Casita in Desert).
    Thanks for being who you are…..and inspiring all of us!

  7. Beverly says:

    I really enjoyed today’s posting. You remind me of myself. I would have been hawking the site, too. Good for you! I also love the antics you write about with Spike and Bridget. I have two labs, Bella and Riley, and enjoy there daily entertainment. I’m keeping notes from your comments of the best places to stay once we are living the RV life. Someday.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, Beverly, my campsite coveting is an obsession. One strategy I use, a good one when the campground is filling up, is to run over to the coveted site, throw a tablecloth on the picnic table and set up a camp chair, go back to my site and break camp! Then it looks like the site is already taken by a Class C and nobody gets it before I make my move. Despicable behavior. At least I admit it.

  8. Virginia says:

    Always enjoy keeping up with Sue and Crew. Happy to hear Bridget is now walking better as time goes on. It’s all the TLC you give her. Hearing your appreciation and gratitude for your new “less is more life” is really keeping me inspired. Seems like fall is a good time to be out there camping, good weather and less people. Love your comments about the different spots and also the fees and what amenities they may have.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s helpful for me to know what readers like about my blog. Thanks for the feedback, Virginia. Yes, September is a good month for camping, but, really, if a person knows where to go, every month is a good month for camping!

  9. Kim says:

    I predict the canine part of the crew will be getting baths soon. The new site looks lovely. I think I’ll covet it now.

    Sue, did I tell you this already? Several years ago, our little terrier mix strained her cruciate ligament too (going after a much swifter rabbit). Our vet recommended a “wait and see” plan. We did and she healed just fine without surgery, thank goodness.

  10. suburbanlife says:

    I love the ‘covet’ angle here! Yes, the grass is always greener, the water cleaner and quieter, the shade from trees is the correct angle, etc,; but greed is insatiable, on so many accounts. Liking your blog! G

  11. Sherry says:

    Oh Sammy is a beagle. I’m just such a sucker for beagles. I’ve had 6 in pairs of two over the years. They are just the sweetest things. I’ll bet Bridget and Spike love her. Scratch her ears for me!

    I am a campsite coveter as well. Always keep my eye out for how long the folks in the “best” site are going to be there. And it is definitely true that some sites have greener grass.

  12. Sharpei Mom says:

    Love the new spot…don’t know how many times I’ve talked hubby into moving to that great spot…had ta chuckle…I’m not the only one! So glad that Bridget is mending nicely. Yeah!!!! If I can find a link I’ll post the battery watering stick Turk picked up in Q last year has made filling a bit easier.

  13. Jim says:

    Sue, in this case to “covet” is to “lovet” (I just drove the spell checker nutz). I am so happy the Bridget is on the mend. No fun having one of the crew down. Loving the trip Sue….I’ll be in Sedona tuesday….I’ll be an old guy then too….Hi to the crew…..Jim

    • Jim says:

      Meant to ask, heard from Rusty lately??

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Yes, I have heard from Rusty! He says that Timber is gaining back the weight he lost. They’ll be moving to the Lake Havasu City boondock area next week. The nights are becoming too cold in the Williams/Flagstaff area.

        Every time I hear from Rusty he reminds me to say thank you to everyone. I tell him, “Rusty, you don’t have to say that anymore!”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim…Congratulations on becoming an old guy! Take it from this old girl, it’s the best stage of life.

  14. Teri says:

    So glad to read that Bridget is doing better!! Yay! The last few places that you’ve camped at have been so lovely, I am green with envy. Not a good look on me. 🙂

  15. Lisa says:

    Ha ha! I can just picture bewildered dogs being tossed about and trying not to have flung on them, lol! But I woulda done the same and Trotters is pretty used to that kind of stuff!

    I am still at that newbie stage where you just pray that: 1) nothing breaks 2) there isn’t anything too important that I should be doing, but am not doing to maintain things!

    🙂 Lisa and Trotters

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s so true about the dog-tossing… Bridget and Spike must to used to my erratic behavior by now. One moment I’m calmly sipping morning coffee and the next minute the crap is flying, including them! He who hesitates loses the campsite!

  16. cinandjules says:

    Congrats on getting the spot. I can just picture you running around and the crew barking at you! Mom what’s wrong? What are you doing? Where are we going? Load up already?

    Glad Bridget is doing better………..good job! Tell Spike and Julie to be careful chasing those chippers! I can hear Bridget saying,”I wouldn’t do it Spike…Spike are you listening?”

    Don’t forget the RV “polish” that will prevent oxizidation. Once it starts…it’s a bear to restore the shine.

  17. gingerda says:

    Getting a kick out of your coveting camp sites. I think we’ve all done that. I was in Utah earlier this week at Cal’s Ranch store and they had a sign that you stake into the ground that says “this campsite is taken”. It looked like a For Sale sign or yard sale sign. Looks like a nice place to camp.
    Glad to hear Bridget is doing so good.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Wow…a sign even….that sounds like a pretty good idea….if you have 2 people…one can run over and stand there…but if you are alone, what is to be done, except what you all have mentioned here!

  19. Sandi says:

    Your blog rocks. I can’t wait to read the next adventure. If I cannot get to it right away, I find myself reading the latest espadae at 3:00 a.m. God Speed!

  20. mockturtle says:

    I love my AGMs! But years ago I had a small TT with a lead acid battery and getting the battery out was a real challenge. I rigged up a leverage system using a short 2X4 [a few inches higher than the battery] in back of the compartment and I would slide a dowel through the handle of the battery and rest it atop the 2X4 then lift the battery. Once lifted a little higher than the compartment opening, I slid a thinner board under the battery and eased it out. Gosh, I HATE battery maintenance. Get AGMs–you’ll never regret it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I love my AGMs, too! That’s why I want another one for my house battery. Thanks for explaining the leverage system. My problem is… once someone gets the battery out for me and the water levels are back up, I’m done thinking about that battery!

      • Ed says:

        I did not realize that your battery system was mixed with wet and AGM. Here is something for you to think about when you have the PTV charging ‘system’ connected to the BLT house battery, you are charging them both.

        The reasons we do not recommend wet cell and AGM Batteries together are:
        1. When charging, the AGM will reach full charge before the wet cell. This means that the charge system will do one of two things. It will keep charging until the wet cell is fully charged and may over-charge the AGM or it will switch off when the AGM is fully charged which means the wet cell is only partially charged.
        2. The wet cell will try to draw power from the AGM and this will reduce the life of both batteries because of under-charging then draining them will naturally damage both batteries but will kill the wet cell quickly.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi Ed,

          Someone along the line gave me similar information. Bill (of Bill and Ann) mentioned it also. I’ve been in denial about it, having fun instead of being a grown-up and fixing the situation. Thanks for the detailed information. I’m sure I’m not the only one who learned from it. So I need to get another AGM. Ack!! $$$$$$!!!!

  21. Bob says:

    Sue, what did you find out about your poor performance on the vehicle?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I haven’t taken it to a shop. After the air cleaner was secured where it should be, I drove about 60 miles and it ran fine. I haven’t towed yet, but I’m confident that Mick’s explanation (and Bill’s, too) fits… When the air intake is thrown off, so is the gas to air ratio (becaue the sensors get discombobulated), resulting in poor performance. That is not how it was explained to me. That’s how I garbled the explanation!

  22. Sherry says:

    Came back to see your comment on my comment but since mine wasn’t there neither was yours. Boo HOO. But I enjoyed all the others. In sum, I LOVE beagles and am a full tilt campsite coveter with sign!

  23. bythervr says:

    Hi Sue,
    Your caption of the boys returning from an unsuccessful chipmunk roundup reminded me of an experience I had this week while camping in Maine. (I have my trailer set up in campground in southern Maine where there are many seasonal campers that live there full time in the summer.). On Wednesday morning, while enjoying my breakfast, I noticed someones cat chasing a chipmunk and had it trapped in a fire pit. I dashed out and intervened in the nick of time. On Thursday morning I sat down for breakfast and looked out my window and saw the same cat playing catch and release with the chipmunk. I again intervened and the chipmunk scurried away to it’s home in the nearby tree apparently none the worse for the experience; perhaps they’re friends?

    I’m so happy to hear Bridget is getting better. Hard tissue injuries take a long time to heal.

    Take care and all the best.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can tell you’re enjoying Maine camping, Barrie. Watching cat and chipmunk is a wholesome activity . . . except for the chipmunk maybe.

      Bridget is doing amazingly well. She usually walks with a slight limp, only occasionally hops on three legs, and sometimes you wouldn’t think she was ever injured. We’re still using the stroller. I let her walk, too, as her muscles atrophied slightly. She’s building them back.

      Best to you, too.

  24. DeAnne says:

    Thanks, Sue. Have been reading all of your blogs over the last week or so. I am 51, and also a teacher. I am sadly estranged from my daughter and grandchildren. I am counting the days until my full-time rv life. Thank you for the inspiration, guidance, wisdom and courage to know that it will work out. Kisses to Spike and Bridget from my Roxie, the Boston terrier.

  25. Cari says:

    You have such a way with words, I so enjoy reading your blog! I’m a little behind in reading, but I’m finished with work for awhile so I’ll catch up this week. Glad to hear Bridget is improving!

  26. Thanks for letting us join in. we had a blast with you and the crew.

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