September 2012

A spectacular September in Oregon!

The first three days of the month the crew and I continue camping at McKenzie Bridge Campground (NF, $16 regular, $8 senior pass) situated on the lively McKenzie River. 

On the 3rd we reach the Pacific Coast! 

We settle into a site at Sutton Campground (NF, $22 regular, $11 senior pass, plus $4 for electric).  I pay $15 a night until the 7th when we move further south to another ocean campground, Harris Campground (SP, $20 for a tent site), near Brookings, Oregon. The ocean views are breath-taking!

September 8th we overnight eight miles out of Brookings at Alfred A. Loeb Campground (SP, $20, no discount, every site is electric).

September 9th-11th, our home is Panther Flat Campground (NF, $15 regular, $7.50 senior pass), situated along the Middle Fork of the Smith River.

On September 12th the crew and I travel through Grants Pass where Bridget visits a vet, continuing on until we arrive at Natural Bridge Campground (NF, $10 regular, $5 senior pass), north of the little town of Prospect.  Our large site is along the wild and crazy Rogue River, a truly idyllic setting.  While at Natural Bridge we tour Crater Lake and hike along the Rogue.  We stay 14 days (although at this time of year no one’s counting!), leaving on September 26th.

Our last camp of September is Williamson Campground (NF, $10 regular, $5 senior pass) near the Williamson River, north of Klamath Falls.


Friends Bill and Ann are camp hosts at Collier State Park which is practically next door to our campground.  Bill and Ann invite the crew and me to kayak up a placid stretch of the Williamson River through lovely autumn scenery.  The photos of Bridget and Spike in our inflatable kayak are some of my most treasured!

Most notable for the month of September is the increase in camp fees and gas.

Boy, was it worth it!  What a wonderful month of travel!

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Financial Summary

NOTE:  September was such an exciting month of travel and adventure that I lost my receipts.  I’ve reconstructed the figures for September.  Some expenditures are lumped together.

Camping fees:  $233.50 — Avg. daily camping fee (30 days):  $7.78, “Zero fee” days: 0

Gas and Propane:  $330.14

Groceries/equipment, sundries. clothing, dog food: $458.36

Bridget’s vet bills: $88.86

Entertainment:  $0

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $1,110.86

Recurring Expenditures:  $284.77

Total Expenditures:  $1,395.63

Total Income:  $1,523.45

Savings:  $127.82 (8.4% of income)