January 2013

We slow our pace in January and save!

The crew and I begin 2013 at Ogilby Road, Yuma, California (private, free).  Many of the sixteen days that we camp here are cold or windy, although warmer than most of the continental U.S.  As soon as there’s a break in the wind, we travel to Ajo in southern Arizona and continue boondocking for the rest of the month on Darby Well Road (BLM, free). We use the propane heater for less than six hours the entire month.

Notable for the month are zero camp fees, and also changes in income and recurring expenses for 2013.

Monthly income went from $1,523.45 in 2012 to $1,554.58 in 2013.

Monthly health insurance premiums went up $28.46, and I added McAfee Security to my computer for $6.58, increasing recurring expenses to $319.81.

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Financial Summary (Avg. daily expenditures: $24.36):

Camping fees:  $0 — Avg. daily camping fee ( 31 days):  $, “Zero fee” days: 31

Dump/water fees:  $20.75

Gas:  $74.69 — Avg. daily gas expenditure:  $2.41

Propane:  $26.70

PTV and BLT Maintenance/Repair:  $.99 (paint brush)

Equipment/Household furnishings:  $25.94 (storage drawers)

Groceries:  $238.70

Sundries:  $23.69 (includes $12.73 laundromat)

Clothing:  $0

The Crew:  $23.76

Entertainment:  $0

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $435.22

Recurring Expenditures:  $319.81

Total Expenditures:  $755.03

Total Income:  $1,554.58

Savings:  $799.55 (51.4% of income)