Solar Power

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  1. Vikki G says:

    What a great set-up, Sue!! We are about to downgrade our trailer to something smaller and I love your little Casita! Best of luck on the road.

  2. Garri Ann says:

    I want to be you! Seriously, I’m thinking toward retirement for the first time, ever, because this looks totally doable. Thank you! I’ve been dreaming about using solar. Can’t wait to find out more.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It is doable! Not only that, it is fun! Solar is the way to go… You can’t run an AC or big heat-producing appliances with my solar set-up, but I think my blog about my daily life shows you can rely on solar and live well. I love that it’s quiet, too.

  3. Garri Ann says:


  4. Sharon Jacoby says:

    I am getting ready to retire & RV full time. Considering a Scamp or Casita. Where/Who did you solar for you? and is there much maintenance involved?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Sharon! The components for my solar were ordered from different places online. That information is on the solar pages. The installation was done by friends, a company in Elephant Butte, NM, and tweaked by Starlight Solar in Yuma, AZ. Look at the blog pages written in the fall of 2011 for more information (or do a search in my blog’s search box for “solar Yuma). My batteries are maintenance-free. The only maintenance the solar panel requires is periodic cleaning with Windex.

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