August 2012

August is the month we leave Montana, cross Idaho, and arrive in Oregon!

The crew and I stay at Red Mountain Campground (BLM, $4) alongside the Madison River, southeastern Montana, until August 6th.  On the 7th we move camp to Clark Canyon Reservoir Campground (BLM, free), south of Dillon, Montana, and stay the limit of 14 days.

Smoke from numerous forest fires in the area and to the south influence my decision to drive to Oregon. We enter Idaho, drive through smoke, and camp for two days at picturesque and historically significant Three Islands Crossing State Park ($11.66).

After a long day’s drive across Idaho, Bridget, Spike, and I enter Oregon.

I have difficulty finding an inexpensive camp for the night.  Weary of the road, I pull into Clyde Holliday State Park ($22), John Day, Oregon, the price reflecting the manicured landscaping, electric and water hook-ups, and hot showers.  I need a break from driving and a sustained internet fix, so we stay two nights.

Our next camp is piney Ochoco Divide (NFS, $6).  After three nights we move on to Ice Cap Campground (NFS, $7) where Bridget tears a ligament chasing a chipmunk.  The month ends with us enjoying pretty McKenzie Bridge Campground (NFS, $8) along the McKenzie River in eastern Oregon.

Notable this month are higher camping fees due to our stays in state parks. 

This was offset somewhat by the two weeks of free camping at Clark Canyon Reservoir, and low camp fees elsewhere.  Gas expense is high.  There is no separate cost for dumping tanks as this was a benefit of camping in state parks.

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Financial Summary (Avg. daily expenditures: $33.17):

Camping fees:  $140.32 — Avg. daily camping fee (31 days):  $4.53 , “Zero fee” days: 14

Dump/water fees:  $0

Gas:  $264.60 — Avg. daily gas expenditure:  $8.54

Propane:  $21.60

PTV and BLT Maintenance/Repair:  $0

Equipment/Household furnishings:  $22.95 (Montana Benchmark atlas)

Groceries:  $230.13

Sundries:  $17.28 (includes $10.00 laundromat)

Clothing:  $0

The Crew:  $32.56

Entertainment:  $14.10 (used paperbacks)

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $743.54

Recurring Expenditures:  $284.77

Total Expenditures:  $1,028.31

Total Income:  $1,523.45

Savings:  $495.14 (32.5% of income)