February 2013

The crew and I relax in the desert for the entire month of February!

The Darby Well Road area (BLM, free) of the S0noran Desert near Ajo, Arizona, continues to be our home.  I use this break from travel to catch up on my reading, perform some maintenance and deep-cleaning on the Best Little Trailer and the Perfect Tow Vehicle, and recharge myself with lounge-chair sessions in the sun. When not outside enjoying this beautiful camp, I’m inside at my laptop working on monetizing my blog via Amazon.  Hiking the desert and meeting other canine campers delight the crew.

We experience several cold and windy days. 

However, I don’t turn on the heater.  Opening the blinds to let in sunshine, heating a pot of coffee, and/or snuggling with my crew is enough to combat the chill.

Notable is saving 55.7% of this month’s income.

Expenditures are low due to free boondocking the entire month and no outlay for PTV/BLT maintenance, equipment/household furnishings, or clothing.

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Financial Summary (Avg. daily expenditures: $23.62):

Camping fees:  $0  — Avg. daily camping fee (28 days):  $0, “Zero fee” days: 28

Dump/water fees:  $15.75 (includes $5.75 drinking water from vending machine)

Gas:  $20.15 — Avg. daily gas expenditure:  $0.72

Propane:  $15.05

PTV and BLT Maintenance/Repair:  $0

Equipment/Household furnishings:  $0

Groceries:  $214.17

Sundries:  $19.73 (includes $9.75 laundromat)

Clothing:  $0

The Crew:  $37.96

Entertainment:  $18.83 (bird feeder and a book)

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $341.64

Recurring Expenditures:  $319.81

Total Expenditures:  $661.45

Total Income:  $1,554.58

Savings:  $893.13 (57.5% of income)