December 2012

Free camping all month!

December finds us camped in the dispersed camping area known as Clark Dry Lake (private, free, no time limit) in the Anza Borrego Desert near Borrego Springs, southern California.  We stay at Clark Dry Lake for a total of 25 days.

On December 22 we set up camp at Ogilby Road dispersed camping area (private, free, no time limit), about 13 miles west of Yuma, Arizona.  Although I intend to stay at Ogilby for only a week or so, I extend this camp into the new year because of the milder temperatures compared to other parts of the Southwest.

Click this link to read December adventures.

Financial Summary (Avg. daily expenditures: $28.44):

Camping fees:  $0 — Avg. daily camping fee (31  days): $0, “Zero fee” days: 31

Dump/water fees:  $3.60 water ($0 dump station)

Gas:  $164.27 — Avg. daily gas expenditure: $5.30

Propane:  $22.20

PTV and BLT Maintenance/Repair:  $72.46  (includes oil change)

Equipment/Household furnishings:  $4.00 throw

Groceries:  $275.21 (includes stocking up for next month)

Sundries:  $3.79 (includes $0 laundromat)

Clothing:  $2  (thrift store shirt)

The Crew:  $34.38

Entertainment:  $9 (thrift store books/field guides)

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $596.91

Recurring Expenditures:  $284.77

Total Expenditures:  $881.68

Total Income:  $1,533.45 (includes $10 Kindle income)

Savings:  $651.77 (43% of income)



6 Responses to December 2012

  1. Reine says:

    You did it, You did it, You did It!!!!! You told me back in August of 2011 that you hoped to keep your monthly expenses to about $30 per day and I don’t think you were counting the “recurring costs”. That’s $900 per month. I’m guessing that September isn’t more than $1500. If that’s true, your montly AVERAGE is $1086.43 which is TREMENDOUS on an income of around $1500+. Living on LESS and ENJOYING it MORE is a SUCCESS.

  2. Carla says:

    Wow. Sue, Your expenditures vs your wonderful life adventures means your are doing great, and coming out way ahead in both areas! What a feat.

    A good example is what you are. A true case of Lead By Example.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Carla,

      Yes, I’m very happy with how this year has played out financially. I don’t mind frugality. That’s a part of who I am. What I don’t want is a retirement of wishing I could do something or go somewhere, but not being able due to money concerns. Now I see that “enjoying life more” is possible on my budget!

  3. Dedra says:

    Question: How many miles did you travel in one year? The TV said Rvers drove average of 4,500 miles a year. The Liberty does have big beautiful window, seem bigger than the Spirit.
    Your the reason I traded my Spirit for a Liberty. Many months ago someone asked you why you bought a Casita and why a Liberty. I remember your answer of big beautiful window, so I looked and bought. I loved it! Thank you for that blog.

    • Dedra says:

      Oh, I forgot! Is your TV hanging from a holder (don’t know how to say that), if so how and where did you get it. Did you install it? I don’t like that wooden TV stand. I have to take it down to travel. I like easy.

      • Dedra says:

        I’m sorry! I post this in the wrong place.
        Since, I’ve already goof. How did you do your shelves? Do you have a picture? How did you get them to stay up there? By learning from you, it will be easier than from my mistakes. Thank you again for all your wonderful help you’ve given me.

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