April 2012

Except for the first two days of April, it’s free camping this month!

We’re at Burro Creek Campground (NFS, $7), south of Wikieup, Arizona, for two days.  Then we move up out of the canyon to a free BLM camp which is a pull-out along the campground road so I can get an internet signal.  Our next camp is a boondock, south of Ash Fork, Arizona, near Flagstaff.  This is where we meet Rusty (Three Feathers) and Timber, and experience a late snowstorm.  The last week of April we are camped south of Flagstaff in the Coconino National Forest at Williard Springs (NFS, free) where Ken’s dog takes a bite out of Spike’s behind.

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Financial Summary (Avg. daily expenditures: $29.56):

Camping fees:  $14 — Avg. daily camping fee (30 days):  $0.47, “Zero fee” days: 28

Dump/water fees:  $0

Gas:  $138.96 — Avg. daily gas expenditure: $4.63

Propane:  $29.25 (includes $5 tip)

PTV and BLT Maintenance/Repair:  $0

Equipment/Household:  $108.62 (includes break-away cable, quilts, shams, monocular)

Groceries:  $245.35 (includes two restaurant meals)

Sundries:  $14.42 (includes $8.00 laundromat)

Clothing:  $19.56

The Crew:  $31.76

Entertainment:  $0

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures:  $601.92

Recurring Expenditures:  $284.77

Total Expenditures:  $886.69

Total Income:  $1,523.45

Savings:  $636.76 (41.8% of income)