Why be a vagabond?

I have a comfortable home on a country road with plenty of trees, bushes and grass, a vegetable garden , rosebushes and azaleas, my own well, and — especially nice — no close neighbors.

Horses graze silently in adjacent meadows.

The dogs have squirrels to chase and breezes to catch in a spacious yard. Inside the house sits completely-paid-for Maytag washer and dryer with projected lifespans longer than mine. The kitchen is well-equipped, the heat pump pumps hot and cold air on command, and my bed is queen size and comfy. The shower is always hot. The mortgage is dwindling fast. My job allows for reasonably priced health insurance and pays the bills with enough left over for savings, toys, and regular restaurant meals.

So why am I dumping it all to live in a trailer?

You need to know some background to understand.  I’ll explain soon.


Can you believe Bridget just sat on my aircard and broke the connection!


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