A sixty-something woman living alone fulltime in a 17-foot fiberglass “egg-on-wheels” with two dogs?

You’re kidding me, right?

No, I’m not kidding!  I’m going to live a simple life fulltime in a 17-foot camper.  I’ll equip it with solar panels so I can live off-grid.  God willing, I’ll take it to mountains and streams and deserts and plains, to state parks, city parks, public lands and forests.  And I’ll live this way with a whole lot more enthusiasm than money.

What about you?  

Are you like me? – stressed with the demands of work, the rat-in-a-maze feeling of the daily commute, and the seemingly endless tasks of maintaining a home?  Did the economy bite you in the butt?  Do you wonder if you could live a simpler life on a much smaller income?

I invite you to drop in to my blog to see how to set yourself up for low-budget, high-experience living.  Watch me make mistakes and pick myself up again.  Follow my daily expenses and and maybe you’ll see that this vagabond life is possible and right for you.

Look out the window of my little trailer wherever she parks.

I’ll pick up my Casita trailer from the factory this summer 2011.  I’ll set out for New Mexico, and who knows where I’ll go from there.  Until then I’ll write about the things I do to shed the old life and put on the new one.

Come along with me!



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8 Responses to A sixty-something woman living alone fulltime in a 17-foot fiberglass “egg-on-wheels” with two dogs?

  1. theresa palmer says:

    hello, sue! i saw your post regarding this blog on fiberglassrv….and i just finished reading what you have up online so far…and i am impressed!! i am looking forward to following along with you on this exciting journey. my husband, dennis and i are dreaming of doing exactly what you are doing. no–that is a lie. we aren’t taking dogs. we are a couple and not a solo female. we won’t have a casita but we aren’t convinced we will use our 13 foot outback by team trillium, either. our time-line is in 2-3 years.
    i am still working part time as a registered nurse. he is retired, although without a pension. it will be very interesting for me to monitor your expenses and outlays.
    again, i am so happy to have “signed on” to follow you on this venture!
    more power to you!!!
    theresa palmer
    moncton, new brunswick, canada

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Theresa and Dennis… I love hearing about the plans of future fulltimers like me! So do keep in touch.
      For the next 2 mos. or so, up until I leave my home in GA, I’ll report the cost of any equip. I buy to set myself up…. Then, once I’m living fulltime in the Casita, around June or July, once the house sale is final, I’ll record daily expenses — $$ spent on meals, gas, campgrounds, propane, and so forth. I’ll try to be very detailed so it is helpful. So many people are wondering if they can survive financially and still enjoy life, living in a little travel trailer. Including me!

  2. It's just Maggie says:

    Hi Sue!
    Like Theresa, I read your post on the fgrv forum 🙂

    Raz and I are not yet ready to give up the backroad home & acreage even tho’ we are both retired. We do have flurries of “We oughtta ….” and “Maybe we’ll ….”.

    So, yes, I will be reading your blog and cheering you on!

    Good luck … Good planning … and Strong hugs from me to thee.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Maggie and Raz… You probably have more sense than I do! I’m taking a deep breath and jumping in. You’re welcome to watch me flop around in the deep end….Oooh, you give good hugs!!

  3. dvdchris says:

    Yep. Economy sucks and many people have lost their jobs. I decided that in order to remain mobile and able to travel and take jobs where they are; as well as be available in event of family situations that may need temporary relocation, I will live as simply as possible in a small trailer.
    Theres also a huge part of the US I haven’t yet seen, or want to see again. Checking out the National Forests and parks is of great interest to me and I’ve only been to 5 of them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris… The last two sentences of your comment explain part of why I’m going to be a vagabond. If you want to experience different areas of our great country you have to spend time there — not fly in to stay in a hotel — or take a few hours here and there off an interstate. You sound very wise. (“I will live simply as possible in a small trailer.”) That’s a big reason for this blog. Lots of people need to scale back. Many people near or in retirement need to reassess their options.

  4. Edward (Mick) Kent says:

    Hello Susan,

    Best of luck on your travels. Fall Creek Falls state park is close to me and I would really enjoy meeting my virtual friend. Your loving sister posted this link on Smoke Signals. Please be careful about choosing your stops as their are bad people mixed in with the many nice folk.

    Take Care,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mick! Boy, I dropped you like a hot potato! But not on purpose… Life happens… along with my recurring depressive episodes! Then guilt sets in because I didn’t write for so long. Sorry. I’m a mess. Anyway… Thanks for the invite and yes it would be nice to be “real.” I promise I’ll be careful.

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