Finding the perfect tow vehicle

Jeep Commander - The tow vehicle of my dreams!

At first I was excited about a Jeep, either a Commander or Grand Cherokee.                   Jeeps are great.  They proclaim to the world…       

Hey, I’m not boring! 

I’m full of adventure!  I go where others fear to tread, er, uh, drive!

However, over the six years preparing to be a vagabond, my idea of the perfect tow vehicle evolved.  On forums I read about fulltimers who rented storage sheds for their stuff.  That went against the idea of being frugal, yet I do have stuff like lawn chairs, off-season clothes, an inflatable boat, coolers, tools, maybe a screen room someday … stuff I want to have with me.  Every time I looked at a Jeep I wanted to rip out all those seats! 

Then it hit me.  The perfect tow vehicle!

Why not a cargo van?  There’s lots of room for storage.  I immediately thought of a Ford E150 because I’d driven one before.  So I got on the internet.  I found a guy who pulls his trailer with a cargo van, and what’s more, he put a solar panel on the roof to charge his trailer batteries!  More about him in another post.

I came across a business called “Wade’s Used Vans” in Tucker, Georgia.  Their web site shows rows and rows of pretty white vans.  I called and talked to Todd.  I told him I’d be there the next day.

It took about an hour to get there.  The weather forecast was for thunder showers in the afternoon, but it turned into a bright and sunny day.  I explained to Todd what I needed the van for.  He understood right away.  You know, I don’t get the used-car salesman stereotype.  The ones I’ve dealt with have been decent human beings. Anyway… Todd as much as said,

“Have I got the perfect vehicle for you.” 

And he did!

I pick it up tomorrow.  I’ll have some photos to show you and I’ll tell you all about it, including some special features perfect for a vagabond, … in my next post. 



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6 Responses to Finding the perfect tow vehicle

  1. Hotel California says:

    Sounds like an adventure is about to begin! I’ll come along for the ride.

  2. ThatCase says:

    Good for you … will be watching you, Sue! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Chris Z says:

    Go for it!!!!! I’ll try to keep watching for updates. Maybe someday I can do the same.

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