Sunshine in the park and RVers in the desert

Spike got his sunshine!

Today is a beautiful Monday.  Bridget, Spike, and I do a lot of basking.  We love to bask!  Our morning walk takes us past Jean and Skip’s motorhome (Travel with Jean and Skip blog).  Jean is outside and gives me a wave which I read as an invitation to stop for a brief chat.  Skip comes out, too.  Bridget and Spike are happy to meet some new people after days of near isolation with me.  Jean and Skip are from Vancouver Island, B.C. and this is their third year coming to the dispersed camping area near Borrego Springs.

In the afternoon the crew and I motor into town. 

First stop is Desert Tire and Auto where I make an appointment for the PTV’s oil change.  Next we visit the little park in the center of Borrego Springs.  The crew’s gonna’ love walking around on the lush grass.  Of course I take lots of photos which, of course, are displayed at the end of this post.

My main reason for going into town is to pick up a much anticipated piece of mail.

Blog readers, “cinandjules,” saved a special copy of the Arizona Republic for me, and they sent it to Borrego Springs, general delivery.  I’m anxious to see the actual article written about Rusty and Timber’s separation and reunion which appeared in that paper earlier this year.

The postal clerk hands me the mailer and I can’t wait to open it up.  I sit on the bench outside the post office door and tear open the mailer.  Two copies!  I read the story and once again happy tears fill my eyes.

Cindy and Jules are not only blog readers.

They also made the reunion possible!  You can read my blog entries about the crew and me meeting Rusty and Timber, our friendship, and how Timber was reunited with Rusty by clicking on April and August 2012 in the archives at right.

The video shown on Channel 12 News can be seen here.  The story was also picked up by USA Today.  Thanks, Cindy and Jules, for your thoughtfulness in saving and sending me this memento.

We tootle around Borrego Springs.

We go past citrus groves, a vineyard, and residences.  I enjoy seeing how people landscaped their yards with cacti and other desert plants to complement the distinctly Southwestern architecture of their homes.

Before turning into the Clark Dry Lake dispersed camping area, I take some photos of rigs in the Peg Leg area from the PTV’s driver’s seat.  It’s wonderful that there’s a scenic place like this — in the Anza Borrego Desert — for people to camp for free.

The Crew Enjoys the Park and RVers Enjoy Free Camping!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know, there are a lot of photos of my crew in the park.  Bear with me.  I can’t help it.  I love them!



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39 Responses to Sunshine in the park and RVers in the desert

  1. Linda Zaworski says:

    Aww phooey – you made me get leaky.

  2. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Of course you do……….love your crew and who wouldn’t! SO loved seeing their photos enjoying the sweet soft grass in town. Also the wider views of your camping place are interesting to us all. Good to hear you have your magazines and I relived thes story again of Rusty and Timber. Don’t think I will ever forget it!!

  3. Kim says:

    Looks like Spikey just needed some green space.

  4. Bob Childre says:

    Make sure you lower your solar panel tonight. There calling for 55mph wind gusts from tonight until Tues midnight. – Bob

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the warning, Bob. I checked and you’re right. There is a wind advisory. Right now it’s dead calm, but I know how desert winds can occur in a flash.

  5. Gabrielle Becker says:

    I always get razzed about all the pictures I take of my “baby”. Hey, we can’t help being in love with our “best friends”, now can we? Who else greets you with, “Hi, Mom, I missed you! I’m so happy you are home. What are we going to do now?”; never asks what’s for dinner; did you launder my shirts; did you remember to return my library books; did you go to the store for milk????? and one hundred and one other things demanded by “humans” in your life. They (mostly) don’t talk back, although a look can convey a thousand words!
    Gotta love ’em.
    Gabrielle and Penny (the Pinscher)

  6. Pat says:

    Looks like the babies enjoyed the grass, a nice change from desert sand and rocks.

    Do all the campers use solar or do some use generators?

    Glad you are enjoying the sun. Sunshine the time of year is the best medicine for winter blues.

  7. Timber n' me says:

    Hey Spike, see what happens when ya tuf it up , ya get a nice green park to play in,,,”Timber,,,,,,,,,,,hey Sue ,I still have two copies that Scott sent me, some memories, snif snif,, makes me cry n’ we lived it. I hear from Jay once in a while, Best Whishes to all, Timber n’ Me

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Rusty!

      I wondered if you got copies of the paper. I’m glad you have those to keep.

      I don’t blame you for crying over that memory. It was really hard on you, I’m sure, to be without Timber for two months and worrying about whether he had food and water, and where he was. I’d go crazy if I lost Spike or Bridget. I never told you this, but you did a great job in that video. You didn’t look nervous… Just told the facts with dignity. Really nicely done. And Timber looks so fine doing his tricks for you! It brings on my tears, too.

      I’m glad you have him to keep you warm this winter! There’s nothing like canine heat, I always say . . .

  8. PamP says:

    It was great to re-live that happy ending story. I’d never seen the video so enjoyed it too. Keep healthy and happy – you and the crew! ~PamP

  9. Llanos says:

    So glad you moved to where you are located now. Looks very interesting.

  10. Mary says:

    Your days seem so relaxing, sure wish I was there, maybe some day.

  11. geogypsy2u says:

    I remember how my Carson rolled with glee in the grass when we returned to the PNW from the desert. And it feels good between my toes.

  12. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Ah green grass for Mr Spike………..and Bridget. What a contrast between the desert and the park. SaraAnn misses lying in the grass….all she has now is pine needles and pine pitch.

    Glad your mailer arrived safely and you enjoyed the article. I had my sister who lives in PHX hunt them down for me. YOU were the reason….the reunion happened…not us. If it wasn’t for your blog…we would have never known about Timber missing and Rusty’s heartache. I’m glad you have the newspaper as a momento. Scott never sent the video on a disk….hopefully it will stay on the AZCentral archives forever. I couldn’t figure out how to burn a copy on my own. (Maybe someone here can help you with that.)

    I contacted Rusty to make sure he had a copy. We talked for two hours! What a genuine man who has a huge heart.

    Always love the pics of the crew………….remember you have that timer function on the camera. We all know what happens next! “Come on Bridge…Just sit and wait til Sue starts running toward us…and we’ll exit stage left” 🙂

    Have a good evening….hunker down and we look forward to your next blog.

  13. Cathie Laurent says:

    That grass makes me want to lie down and roll around on it.
    Cathie in okla.

  14. Tia in NC says:

    All that green grass. The dogs must have felt like it was in-door plumbing and egyptian cotton sheets. Ha Ha

  15. Dawn says:

    Hi Sue….your posts are always interesting to me, and like everyone else I love Bridget and Spike and Canine Corner.
    I have read all of your blog and I sure remember you meeting Rusty and Timber and all through the crisis. I can still hardly believe how that played out….such a miracle, and so much of the thrilling outcome due to your persaverance…I guess I shouldn’t use words I don’t know how to spell….I’m not sure I can watch the video yet…I was so emotional for so long about the event…YAY for Rusty and Spike!!! And for those beautiful people who took him on vacation. It must have been so hard for them to give him up. And all the wonderful readers of this blog who jumped in wherever they could to help and to donate.
    Your wonderful adventures really seem meant to be, don’t they? And reading about what you do and where you go is so much fun for me….so just THANKYOU!

  16. Homeofmyown says:

    I love the story of Rusty and Timber. The odds if them being reunited in unimaginable. Miracle do happen. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Susan in Dallas says:

    Can’t ever overdo the pictures of the crew! I don’t know why, but looking at Bridget sitting down always brings a smile to my face. It’s so lady-like.

  18. Sue, we are new to your blog and had not heard the story before. We have a home attached to the earth in Broomfield and kids and grandkids in Longmont – but were camp hosts in Glacier NP last summer and missed this story. At a time when we are mourning the tragedy in New Town it was really heart warming and gratifying to read about Rusty and Timber and your humanity. Thanks!

  19. Candace says:

    Great shots of the GREEN grass in the desert. That’s always eye candy for everyone 🙂 And how wonderful to hear from Timber N Me every now and then too. What a story THAT was! Am sooo glad everything is working out well – for everyone. Have a wonderful holiday, where ever you roam. We’re travelling along via your blog. Thanks:)

  20. It might be a nice time to remember Rusty and Timber with a few more Walmart and Subway gift cards! Merry Christmas to Sue and all her commenting friends!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing photos of this nice place in the midst of the desert!! Looks like a nice spot to be for awhile!!

  22. Rita says:

    After following your and several other RV blogs, sista and I decided to take a camping trip up Highway 395 into Lake Tahoe area. Never been on that road before and looks interesting…I made notes on fowl species you encountered on lakes and look to see if I can identify them. I love to hike so that is definitely on the agenda….WheelIt’s blog had beautiful hiking trail pics. If you get a chance, revisit the desert national parks in S. Cal and Nevada….flowers should be abundant with the rain and all….so totally beautiful when they bloom in spring. We did that one year travel to and through Death Valley and back. Enjoy your travels.

  23. Hi, Sue and crew!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  24. Ms. Minimal says:

    Oh my golly, just read the story of Rusty and Timber and cried the entire time….. what a heart touching chain of events that reunited them!! Keep up the fantastic blogging…. and I’m happy Spike finally got some sunshine even if he can’t have a bigger camper. 🙂

  25. No need to say you are sorry for the pics of Spike and Bridg. For us, life would not be the same without our boys. Tobey and Dayton, AKA Pots.

  26. carol says:

    I’ve been mildly chewed by my assistant for spending so much time in the barn, well my old stallion never complains about the hay is too loose, or grain being mushy, he’s just dancing on his tippy toes to see M.eWe had to put him to sleep last moth, I miss the old man, but he was37years old, deaf and blind, and arthritic, he’d lie down and be unable to get back upWecouldnt keep weight on him when we didn’t have grass, despite one hundred dollars a Month for feed, he still looked abused in the winter.
    his teth needed worke, but the veterinarian said he was Too old to anesthetize.He was a helluva ride when we were both young.

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