The story of Rusty and Timber makes national news!

Channel 12 News: 

Be sure to click on this link.  Great job, Channel 12 News!

Photo by Stephen Root

 Arizona Republic:

Great writing, Scott Craven!

USA Today:

Thank you, USA Today, for picking up this story!

(The blog entries about the day I met Rusty and Timber and the development of our friendship may be found in the April 2012 archives.)

Several of my readers have expressed the desire to send Rusty and Timber some money.  Talking with Rusty on the phone, I tell him about this.

Rusty says, “Just tell everybody that I thank them for praying for me and helping me get my buddy back.”

Photo by Stephen Root

I ask Rusty if I can post his mailing address in my blog.

“That’s okay, but I can’t take any checks or money orders.  I don’t want my government check messed up. ”

“Well, would it be all right if people sent you a gift card to Wal-Mart or something like that?”

“Yeah, that would be good.”  Later in our conversation, Rusty returns to the subject of gifts.  “You know, Sue?  I don’t need anything.  Tell everybody to give something to the people who don’t have a roof over their heads or don’t have anything to eat.”

“Are you sure, Rusty?  People read the story about you and Timber and they care about you.”

“Okay, well, have them send me a coupon to Subway.  Yeah, Subway would be good.”



I removed the address originally shown here because it is no longer correct.


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154 Responses to The story of Rusty and Timber makes national news!

  1. says:


    It’s a small, small, world after all, Dayton

  2. Bev Deem says:

    I just read the article in the Arizona Republic with tears in my eyes :`)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Rusty insisted that I let everyone know that he appreciates their prayers and their help. He feels bad that he didn’t thank everyone right away, but he didn’t know about all my wonderful blog readers until just recently.

    • Marsha says:

      The story brought tears to my eyes, too, even though I’d heard it from reading the blog. Good things happen to good people; I’m glad this story had a very happy ending.

      Also got a chuckle from poor Bridget being called Badger.

  3. Page says:

    Wonderful story!! Does Bridget like her new name??

  4. Madeleine Gray says:

    What a headline. Loved the story…amazing how pets can fill our happy for Rusty and Timber

  5. Al says:

    Sue, I just read the story in the AZ Republic. Having just returned from my summer travels with my dog Heidi I can relate to the story and your travels as well. I signed up to “follow” your adventures as you post. Who knows when and where our paths may cross. Travel safely.


  6. Sue Caldwell says:

    I think everyone’s hearts were broken when Rusty lost Timber. Its so wonderful that your blog helped get him back.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It was so sad. I got very depressed and then I thought about all the people whom I made sad with my writing, and that made me more depressed! Having fabulous news for the next post wiped all that away!

  7. cinandjules says:

    Badger…………….guess the cellphone reception was poor at the time! Funny

    Don’t forget the video….which shows the love that Rusty and Timber have for each other.

    What a greatful man. It appears that he lives a simple life and is very comfortable. For him to ask for a coupon for Subway made me laugh.

    • cinandjules says:

      PS: The video shows pictures of your blog……….this ought to bring more folks to your site. The comments from around the USofA are filled with happiness. Grown men who are just reading the story to start off their day… are crying. You’ve done great..who would have thought when Rusty and your paths crossed back in April.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for posting the video link here, Cindy. I’ve updated today’s post so many times as photos and additional information has come in! It keeps growing. I hope people who read the entry earlier come back and see the photos from Channel 12 News’ Stephen Root which I lifted from the video.

      • cinandjules says:

        You’re welcome…………are you kidding?? Do you know how many times I come back to see the comments and updates? There is a reason why you are saved to my favorites.

        Enjoy your day, Sue, Spikey and Badger!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I almost forgot… Rusty’s comment about Subway… I hope people will also send him some moolah (as you so generously did) in the form of gift cards. Rusty says he doesn’t need money, but, hey, EVERYBODY needs money!

  8. Chris, Clete and Diego says:

    Hi Sue! So happy to see the story about Rusty and Timber! You are a celebrity! I just put the article on my facebook wall telling the story of our meeting in Quartzsite and our bond is that you shared your first deep fried twinkie with my husband. 🙂 My cousin in New York already shared the story with all her friends in New York. The internet is amazing!
    Hope that you find some nice, sunny beach weather. The Pacific Ocean up in Oregon does not look like the Pacific Ocean down here south of Los Angeles. Oregon weather can get very depressing. You need to come farther south to beautiful Southern California sunshine. It’s crowded here but there’s a reason why. It’s all about the weather!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, my dear fried twinkie friend!

      About the Pacific Ocean . . . There’s a gorgeous beach not far from where I’m camped now and what am I doing? Looking at a computer monitor and my blog! Crazy!

      Nice to hear from you… Thank you for spreading the news about Rusty and Timber.

  9. Debbie Hearne / California says:

    Sue, thank you for being the wonderful caring person you are. As an animal lover, Rusty’s
    story broke my heart and I was so thrilled when Timber was found. The people who follow your
    blog and were willing to get involved , the people who took in a lost dog and loved him , the
    blogger with the biggest heart who shared Rusty and Timber’s story with us and the
    man who was willing to spend all that he had to get his dog back touched my heart. God
    Bless them all.

  10. klbexplores says:

    So wonderful to see the good news in print. So you got another dog huh, Badger yet! What a name for our pretty girl. I can see her now in her stroller with a paper bag over her head! This story is exactly the kind of answer to peoples question of “Don’t you get lonely being alone?” They have no idea of the wonderful connections that are made and cherished. Travel on!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I like your comment about the answer to the question about loneliness. Also, the mental picture of Bridget riding along with a bag over her head… too funny!

  11. Sherry says:

    Just amazing that’s all I can say. So glad to hear that good news got into the National News. I don’t even listen or watch it any more because it’s so all gloom and doom. Maybe if we only read and listen and watch when they put up GREAT things like this we could get things changed and many more of the great things people actually do to help each other on the news. This is just fantastic!! And you are smack dab in the middle of it. Pretty soon you’ll have too many followers to comment back to. 🙂

    HA! Badger. She’s nothing at all like a Badger. Tell her to forgetaboutit but to get that leg a healin’.


  12. cinandjules says:

    I have a thought…….several as you can see by my numerous posts.
    Subway has gift cards, Rusty buys TImber’s food/toys from Walmart….AND the angel in Boulder aka Daisy mentioned Timber loves the four piece chicken nuggets at Wendy’s. Rusty eats half a french fry and gives Timber the other half.

    So……if we send Timber the gift cards…the govt can’t mess with Rusty’s pension…per se. Just saying……………………

    Thanks to Scott Craven of the Arizona Republic for his time and interest.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, thank you, Scott! Well done!

      READERS: I don’t like asking for money on my blog. I set that policy when I first began writing it. However, this is different as I am not a recipient of anything that may be sent. I put Rusty’s address at the end of today’s post, in case you missed it. It’s a UPS mailbox that Rusty uses as his mailing address. Thank you in advance.

  13. gingerda says:

    Wow, what a great story even if the newspaper has Bridget’s name wrong. lol. I still am amazed how it all worked out. Thanks for putting Rusty’s mailing address on your post too.

  14. jodi says:

    I read about you, Rusty & Timber this morning in the AZ Republic. What a great story, and great work helping him find his best friend!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Didn’t Scott Craven do a great job! There was a lot of information, twists and turns, to put together in a limited amount of space, and I think he handled the story very well. I enjoyed being interviewed by him.

  15. julieinoregon says:

    OMG Sue, I was crying my eyes out reading that story even though I knew all about it from you blog! I’m still here in Klamath Falls, waiting to meet you and the crew! We have had a lot of fires in Oregon this summer and the sky isn’t as clear as it could be 😦 Julie

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Julie!

      I’ll probably be over that way in a few days… give or take… I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time… but you knew that already! I’ll give you a “heads up.” I’m also going to visit new friends, Bill and Ann, whom I met at Quartzsite last winter and whom I camped with in the desert. They are camp hosts at Collier Memorial SP.

  16. Ava says:

    I just read the story about Rusty and Timber, cried my eyes out! My hubby and I manage an RV park in Scottsdale, AZ would love to have you and your “crew” visit us at The Scottsdale Trailer Corral.

  17. lynn says:

    Hi Sue,
    You are amazing! The power of communication and a lot of loving people can accomplish amazing things. I am so happy for the success of your blog and grateful for the opportunity to share your adventures with you and the world. Romeo and Janie are happy as peas in a pod. We miss you and love you. Cheers to many more exciting stories from the wild west.:)love,lynn

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Lynn! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ve had you on my mind lately, wondering how the new school year is shaping up. It’s great to hear that Romeo and Janie are as happy as “peas in a pod.” I miss you, too… and send you my love. Hi to Cindy and all the folks around the teacher table back in Georgia!

  18. Jen says:

    That story made me cry! I am so glad they were reunited. Thank you for being wonderful!

  19. TexCyn says:

    I just read it a short while ago & sent the link to my facebook account! This story can not be read without tissues!!! But tissues in a good way 🙂 Wow, the power of a blog huh? You did good Sue!!! Hugs & cookies to the pupsters.

  20. gingerda says:

    I was drawn back to read everyone’s comments and yours too, Sue. You are thinking the same thing I am about everyone sending Rusty something. He will go to the box and there will be so much mail they won’t be able to fit it all in.
    Cinandjules, you are right about the gift cards. Rusty needs dog food and things for Timber. Gift cards come in handy. I am going to do that today.

  21. Mark says:

    Yep the allergies are killing me today…. And Spike, did you tell them Bridgets name was Badger? That came out in print, you best apologize for that. But just between you and me I did snicker a little. Lol

  22. Kim says:

    Outstanding! John and I just watched the video – the allergies are back!

  23. the story of rusty and timber went national! its been picked up by USA today!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      See the links in today’s post. Not only is it in USA Today, but also the Arizona Republic, and you can see what was on tv by clicking the link toward the top. Rusty tells the story!

  24. Mike says:

    God Bless the Internet.Just when your ready to cut the connection because of politics,lies ,garbage and moot. Along comes a story like this that renews your faith in people.I never read the paper but this caught my eye this morning at a diner.So glad i read it,because its people like your and the ones reading your blog that make life worth while.As a pet owner,i’m happy this had a happy ending
    mike in Az

  25. Robin says:

    Sue, this is such wonderful news! I was so happy when I read in your blog that Rusty and Timber had been reunited. Now the whole country can share in the joy of the story. Thank you so much for making this whole thing possible! Hugs to you, Spike and Bridget! (A.K.A Badger!! LOL) Can’t wait to post the video on my Facebook page!!

  26. JOAN ROBERTS says:

    Read the story in the paper this morning. Very good article and so happy Rusty and Timber are back together again.

  27. earthdancerimages says:

    The news stories and video were so well done! That’s what responsible reporting is all about! Thanks to all the news writers and video folks for sharing this truly wonderful story with the happy ending! So glad to see it end this way! Happy Tears!!!

  28. Kevin says:

    Sue -Tracy and I loved reading the happy story in the AZ Republic today. You and your crew have done a great thing by bringing Rusty and Timber back together! Bless you all with safe and enjoyable travels!

  29. Billy Bob says:

    Ain’t very often I would follow a story like this, ’cause I don’t know the people involved. But when you follow along to the blogs, such as Sue’s, you get to know the people. You become friends of sort.
    When I first read about Sue’s and Rusty’s first meeting, I knew Rusty. He and Timber became part of my “cyber” life.

    Today’s posting and links to the reconnection of Rusty and Timber touched my heart the same as anyone else that knows them. Thanks to RV Sue and all involved in the reconnection of two friends. Life is good.

  30. cafall says:

    You are an amazing woman – thank you for taking that extra little step that made all the difference!


  31. campers4lifex2 ( Marsha & Joe) says:

    Sue, I am again near speechless. Let’s just say other people’s comments have already said it ALL.
    I was already a Sue follower prior to this post about Timber being lost. And prayed immediately that a happy ending be the result. Thanks to all envolved and most of all to God for allowing things to fall into place… everything at the right time, right place , ya know? what I mean…

    I am gonna send Rusty and Timber a lil gift soon as my check comes in 🙂 But I also have another idea, as well.

    To the gentleman (out of work) that found , and took care of Timber… not to mention being willing to acknowledge that it was Timber and make it possible for the two friends to be reunited… I would love to be able to send him and his family a small ‘love gift’ … so wonder if you could find out for us and post his mailing address.


    GOD BLESS one and ALL

    • Al says:

      I SECOND that idea 100%.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Marsha and Joe,

      How very nice of you to want to share with Jay, as well. I don’t want my blog to solicit funds for someone I’ve never met (please understand), but I certainly don’t want to discourage any gifts to him. I emailed his daughter. Perhaps we can find a way for you to connect directly with the man’s family. I’ll let you know.

  32. nanaannie says:

    Hi Sue and Wow…I’ve been studying.. I mean reading your blog for a little while, and so I knew about Rusty and Timber. Amazing how far the story has gone and how much help you and your followers have done!

    Just wanted to also let you know you’ve been a great help for me – trying to get myself to where you are, sort of, and your blog is like a training manual-encouragement center for me.

    And now I need to go back and start reading all the comments from all of these wonderful people who follow you – what a positive helpful encouraging community this is!

  33. Jane Storey says:

    I just read the wonderful story in the Arizona Republic and have Channel 12 6 pm news recorded to watch tonight. I also enjoyed reading part of your blog. Thanks for posting the address for Rusty. I’m sure he and Timber could use a little help, maybe save up for a newer truck. I’m gonna hug my dogs right now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Jane … You can see the Channel 12 news report by clicking on the video link I added to today’s entry. It’s above the first photo. The news report was aired last night I believe.

  34. cathieok says:

    I read it on the USA Today web. Can you imagine how many people that will reach! WooHoo!

  35. Neita says:

    Sue – I just discovered your blog a little while ago, through a camping forum, in a discussion about solo RV living. I’m so glad I found your blog when I did – the happy ending to the story of Rusty and Timber is so heartwarming!

  36. Mel (Melanie from NV) says:

    My My,,, who would have thought that you, Spike and “Badger” would make national news a little over a year after starting on your solo adventure? Just amazing and we are all so proud of you,, RVSue, you are a very special lady who did not judge someone by initial appearances, reached out and befriended someone that most would cross the street to avoid and by sharing the everyday events of your life via your blog, taking action to help someone in need and following through and caring (not very common in this selfish nation of ours) you have made a HUGE difference. The impact felt is not only for Rusty and Timber but for anyone reading your story across the USA,,, there is a lesson here for the rest of us ….and you taught us by example. thank you.

  37. cinandjules says:

    My sister lives in PHX…she too had tears when she read the article and watched the video. I had her go out and get a copy of the Arizona Republic. Front page and a whole second page inside. I will gladly send it on to you for your keepsake. I know I’ll have to wait until you get settled down in AZ for the winter. I know you’ve both have “downsized” when it comes to possessions but you’ll find room for this piece.

    You might want to call Rusty and have him get one for himself…being that he’s such a celebrity now.

    The video is sweet, certainly heartfelt and adds character to the story. The pollen level up here in the Adirondacks is horrible today!

  38. Jerry and Sue Little says:

    Sue, ask Rusty if he remembers Little Jerry. We (and a bunch of our Escapee RV Club Boomers park near Rusty every year when we’re there for the LHC Fireworks in Feb. Jerry and Rusty have become friends and he and Jerry always share some time together when we’re there and of course, Timber always gets a dog treat. Please tell Rusty we’ll see him again, God Willin’, in February and big hugs to him. Thanks for the heartwarming, tear-jerking story. You told it well…and it helps that the ending was awesome. Hugs to you too! Sue & Jerry Little

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello Jerry and Sue!

      I’ll be talking with Rusty again soon and I’ll be sure to mention you to him and tell him you send hugs. He’ll be happy to hear from friends.

  39. hobopals says:

    Each time I read about Rusty and Timber, I’d like to think that everything came together for them because America is so indebted to Rusty for his service to our country. He’s a proud man, and thankfully has probably lived a more wonderful life than any of us could dream of–wandering the country for which he put his life on the line. I’m glad he got to feel the love of the people he kept free because of his courage. I’m very grateful for his sacrifice, as every American should be.

    Sue, you’re famous!!! It will be hard for you to find privacy at campgrounds, now, but it’s because people will want to thank you, and perhaps listen to the story from the heroine’s mouth so to speak. Thank you and everyone involved for helping a veteran. Timber, you’re a mighty lucky pup.

  40. Chuck says:

    The world is SOOO much smaller than we think. Sue, Thank you again.

  41. CT says:

    Thank you for mentioning that Rusty gets Timber’s food at Walmart. I want to be sure Timber has plenty to eat so a gift card from Walmart will be on the way. Of course, Rusty can get food for himself at Walmart too! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Another good thiing about Wal-Mart is some of them have an auto maintenance and repair shop. Thanks on behalf of Rusty for your generosity.

      • CT says:

        You’re right, Sue, I didn’t even think about the auto repair part of it. If a bunch of us sent Walmart gift cards, Rusty could combine them if he needs to & make a bigger purchase.

  42. Renee (from Datil) says:

    Sue — Just a short “thank you” again for all you did to facilitate this reunion, and so many thanks to the people who took Timber in during his time away from Rusty. We found a little dog that someone abandoned in the desert outside Yuma. Got her all healthy, but couldn’t keep her because of conflicts with one of our other two (also rescue) dogs. It broke my heart to let her go after 2-1/2 months (to a wonderful no-kill shelter in Phoenix, who kept her until they could find her a forever home), so I can imagine how hard it was for Daisy & Jay to give Timber up. Bless them for being willing to return Timber to Rusty.

    I think the idea of “helping” them is a good one…I’ll keep posted for any other information.

  43. mickent says:

    RVSue, may I have your autograph?

  44. Tammy says:

    I want your autograph too – I think you are now famous. So many involved including the person who searched the internet and found Timber, as well as the people who found and cared for Timber and of course you too Sue. I think you all deserve a standing ovation Hip Hip Hooray.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    This whole story, from beginning to end, is very encouraging…there are still good people out there…even tho’ it might be difficult to find them…you brought so many together in all this, Sue. Blessings on you!!

  46. cinandjules says:

    Autograph? I would be honored just to meet you! and Spikey….and Badger uh I mean Bridget.

    Poor girl is going to get a complex.
    You’re going to have some explaining to do…as to why you spend so much more time typing than you did in the past.
    I can already tell by the posts that your site meter has skyrocketed!

  47. Chuck says:

    You now see what happens when a nice person does something really nice!

  48. I am so proud of you and your followers for the role everyone played in this story. Of course, I am more proud of you and your writing. This is such an amazing story. I am waiting for FoxNews to get in touch….or GMA or the Today Show. People are starving for good news…happy news and the thoughfulness and caring of every day people. I hope Subway reads the blog and does something nice for Rusty. What a humble man. He is a Vet…..He is a HERO.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I hope to someday report on the donations Rusty receives. I hope people are generous. Rusty’s the kind of guy who will scrimp on his own groceries in order to pay off the $900 loan for the differential for his truck as quickly as possible.

      • Marcia says:

        We could coordinate our donations to help Rusty with his truck repairs, or pooling our donations to help with “upgrading” like he had mentioned he wanted to do someday. Gasoline gift cards. Walmart has camping supplies. Gift cards to an RV supply store?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I don’t know how we could pool our gifts other than what we are doing with gift cards. Rusty plans his spending right down to the penny. Every cent’s worth of food, goods, and services he gets through Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Subway, etc., means he can save that much more of his check toward the cargo trailer he wants to buy and make into a new home. Or can use toward repairs and such.

          You gave me an idea. I’ll post a list of stores in Lake Havasu City that would be easy for Rusty to find and shop in. Thanks.

  49. Jo Wishnie says:

    Loved the story when I originally read it on your blog. Loved it even more that it got the AZ newspaper attention, then the national attention. Not enough good news these days. We need more like that.

    I almost spit my tea out though when I saw Bridget called Badger.

    By the way, the link you have in your blog to the video goes to a different video from Channel 12, a story about zombies taking over a Tempe neighborhood. I had to click another link below it to see the story about Rusty and Timber.

    Thanks for all your help in getting Rusty and Timber reunited.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think what is happening is this… The videos are shown with the latest video first. I’ll check it and see. It’s there, listed second as I write this. I wish I could figure out how to have a permanent link to the video.

      • cinandjules says:

        The video’s have a number assigned to them…Rusty/Timbers last four numbers are 3001. So it should link up fine.

  50. Wayne says:

    This story of Rusty and Timber and of course you Sue is so cool. What a GREAT outcome, just think, it would have been a whole different story if you had not met a few months ago!!! Great thing to make a difference.

    Would make a great movie too……


  51. tinycamper says:

    Sue, if you ever wonder what your purpose is on this earth….. don’t! You are making the world a better place for a lot of people. And reading about it enriches my life.

  52. Hotel California says:

    I knew that there was a great reason to have been following your blog since before you even hit the road. Spectacular post today!!!!! (five)

  53. Deb from Orlando says:

    Wow I remember the day you met and introduced us to Rusty and Timber. What if you hadn’t? What a wonderful story.

  54. Dianne Norris says:

    Wow, Sue. What a heartwarming story! I am so glad we got to meet you in Utah. Travelwithwhippets.


  55. cinandjules says:

    Holy moly..120 posts!

    My sis has 3 copies of the paper, one for Rusty in case he wasn’t able to get one. I also emailed Scott and asked if he could send me the video on disk. I can’t figure out how to save it to my computer. If he is able to do that…you’ll have a copy of that too!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you so much, Cindy!

      I wonder if I’ll be able to copy the video to the blog page. It probably will be locked. Do you (or anyone reading this) know how I can have a link in the above blog entry that will go directly to Rusty’s video forever? The way it is now, his video will be pushed further and further back as time goes on and other videos come to the front. Probably people could find it with a search, but it would be so much nicer if Rusty’s video would appear when the link is clicked. People coming to my blog in the future who go back to catch up will be confused by the present link.

      • cinandjules says:

        If Scott sends it…you should be fine. I’ll email him again…and ask politely.

        I’m not that good with my computer to figure it out…the way it is. I copied the link to my email tried to send it to myself…and then tried to save it to my computer. Didn’t work because it goes thru the internet to link up to the video. Thought I’d be able to do it like I’m able to save pictures that are emailed. NOT! 😦

  56. Ed says:

    I don’t want to ‘rain on the parade’ so to speak but I was disappointed with the title of the video. I doubt seriously that Rusty thinks that he is a ‘Homeless Vet’. He has a home and he shares that home with Timber.
    I also live full time in a Class C motorhome with my dog travel companion Patches and would be somewhat insulted if someone were to refer to me as being homeless. I am also a vet and to be called a homeless vet would be an even bigger insult to me.

    That criticism aside, I think rvSue and everyone involved in this great story deserve ALL the accolades that have been expressed by all of those posting before me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      When I saw that title, I was disappointed, too, Ed. Putting the word homeless together with the word vet is insulting. It’s an obvious attempt to attract attention. Fortunately Rusty doesn’t let stuff like that bother him. . . one of the lessons I’ve learned from him.

      Somewhere I think I read I was camped in a “lot” (with the junkyard dogs, perhaps?), but that doesn’t bother me. It shows a lack of understanding of what boondocking is and where it takes place.

      Reminds me of the time the border patrol man in AZ called me a transient. I’m expecting there will be a time I’ll be called a vagrant. I’ll laugh that off, too, ’cause I’m lovin’ my life!

  57. Amy Fultz says:

    Wow, what a small and wonderful world! I woke up this morning and was reading USA today on my phone, in the article I thought, “Hey, that lady the guy met sounds like RV Sue…I know her! (ok…well just kinda, sorta in an internet blog way). And, the yes, it was you. We had started following your blog in June or July because we had just quit our jobs, bought an RV and headed west. And, we are dog lovers too, traveling and living with three (two labs and a corgi). How cosmically amazing things fall into place. Thank you for your part, and all the others involved in bringing these two back together. All the best to you and your crew from our crew.
    (Amy & Rick and crew, Molly, Tess & Coaster. Formerly from the midwest but now happily living in our 1984 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5th wheel in Northern California)

  58. Sharpei Mom says:

    Was busy yesterday…just got a chance now to see this and I’m sitting bawling like a baby!!! Blessings andThanks to all who made this reunion happen…especially you Sue!

  59. Wonderful story. And Spike is so happy to see his name in the paper. Bridgett? Her nose will be out of joint for awhile but tell her Badger is a nick name for Bridgett. 🙂

  60. Kay and her Border Collie says:

    FORD should have Rusty make a commercial for them, showing how long their vehicles last, since he drives a 1975 F100! They could show him driving to Boulder to reunite with his dog, and have a great human interest story, along with their advertisement. Maybe they would give him a new truck! (and find a way to do it without messing up his pension).

  61. rvsueandcrew says:

    My internet signal is weak. I’ll try to post by tomorrow noon. If I don’t, there’s no reason to worry.

  62. cinandjules says:

    You must be exhausted!

  63. Wow Sue !!! That is such a great story with a happy happy ending. It is amazing how the internet can work. And thanks so much to you for posting about Timber and Rusty being seperated !!! Loved reading the whole story !!!

  64. Connie & Mugsy says:

    I am away from the computer for a few days (at an RV rally in Canada for Leisure Travel) and what great posts to catch up on. First post to read was Badger… uh… Bridget in her new transport. I laughed out loud at how cute she looked. Then, the tear jerker video of Rusty and Timber – complete with mention of our heroine, Sue.

    RVers are good people, and this story really shows that… 🙂

  65. Dugi says:

    It was meant to be! a wonderful read, thank you! Dugi

  66. nanaannie says:

    Hi, I’m almost afraid to make a comment since my middle name is “foot in mouth”… but Al, I wanted to point out, though your wanting to make sure everyone who had a significant part in this feels recognized is kind, I think that is being done although perhaps in ways you don’t find as satisfying as you’d like!
    first, that many of the many many people who did a lot to help in the finding of Timber posted in here when Sue first put out the news
    so they probably know by reading in here how much everyone appreciates what they did.
    second, that most of the people who helped or offered to help (and there were more than those mentioned in the articles) probably aren’t seeking and/or don’t want to be sought out for appreciation.
    third, by posting appreciation in here, they’ll get the word. No doubt they are also getting feedback from those around them who know what they did.
    fourth, the offers of help to Rusty I think come from people’s goodness in wanting to help a vet who is living a rough life.
    fifth, if it hadn’t been for Sue forming a friendship with Rusty, exchanging phone numbers — Timber and he would still be separated. I am so grateful to be reminded of this – I am a somewhat grumpy, introverted, 60 something woman about to go on the road (I hope) – this is a wonderful lesson about being open to each other. And reading this on Sue’s blog gives such hope in humankind – it is so warming to see how people reach out to help others (I spend too much time on facebook, where people reach out to attack each other).
    Maybe our way of thanking those involved would best be served by passing this lesson forward and be open and warm to those we meet.

  67. Teri says:

    Wonderful story, and I send a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone involved.

    Sue, I was wondering how Badger’s leg is doing?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The biggest thank you is seeing Rusty and Timber playing together at the end of the video… priceless!

      Bridget aka Badger is doing better. I’ll write an update in an upcoming post (up,up).

  68. rvsueandcrew says:

    Thank you for your insightful comment, Shapei.

  69. nanaannie says:

    I love that comment from Rusty, thanks for repeating it because I missed it!.. I want to put it in needlepoint or something!!

  70. nanaannie says:

    I’ve always wanted to run away to join the circus. 🙂 Anyway, one person’s comment does not a circus make…this will eventually peace out.

  71. Chuck says:

    Sue, Very politely answered. Emailed my tax lady to insure that giftcards sent to Rusty won’t screw up his pension.Will let you know when I get an answer. Chuckles

  72. Denise Babirak says:

    What a wonderful article. It was hard to read because of all the tears. I am sending some Subway and Petsmart cards. Do you know if they are still at the same location?

    Thank you for doing what you do. We should all have guardian angles like you.

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