An early morning visitor

Sunday, September 23

Joyce the camp host comes by.  I tell her that I’m leaving in the morning.  I think that makes the third time I’ve told her I’m leaving Natural Bridge Campground in the beautiful Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest of south-central Oregon.  This time I really am leaving!

I pack up everything except the crew’s pen.

I save that ’til last so I have a place to put Bridget and Spike in the morning while I’m taking care of the final tasks of breaking camp.

Monday, September 24 

The crew sleeps late this morning.  I slide out from under the quilt and lift the blind on the other side of the Best Little Trailer. 

I open the door as quietly as I can, and follow the deer.

He goes down to the water, takes a drink, looks back at me, and takes another.

The deer turns and looks at me again. 

He climbs the bank so gracefully, it’s like he’s floating.

I can hear the crew howling for me from the interior of the BLT.  I decide to let the deer eat breakfast in peace and go back to Bridget and Spike.  They need to be let out.

I feed the crew their breakfast, and put the percolator on. 

Once changed out of my jammies, I put Bridget and Spike in their black suits and prepare a cup of coffee in my thermos cup.  Out we go to sit by the river. 

Bridget is walking so well! 

We sit for a long time on a rock ledge right next to the rushing waters of the Rogue. 

I’m so entranced by the thousand voices of the river that the chill air doesn’t bother me. 

Spike and Bridget lean against me as I drink my coffee. 

A small bird on little twig legs lets the icy cold water flow over its back, just inches from the roiling water gushing though the rock channel.  The current can carry immense logs — the evidence is everywhere — yet this tiny creature is unfazed, totally involved in a morning bath.

“Well, guys, I guess we could stay another day.”


P.S.  I admit that I did a lot of photo editing to improve these photos which were taken very early in the morning without much light.


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50 Responses to An early morning visitor

  1. Kim says:

    Wow! Close enncounter for sure. How could anyone shoot something that noble?

  2. cathieok says:

    I would definitely stay another day, and another, and another.

  3. Dayton Crummey says:

    I’m guessing the bird was a Water ouzel, also known as a dipper or American dipper a variety of thrush, Cinculus mexicanus/scientific name. Google it when you get a chance.
    Nice pix, as per usual.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You guessed correctly, Dayton! What do I need Google for when I’ve got you! Well, I did do a search and recognized that same bird. Glad you enjoy the photos. Thanks for teaching me something.

  4. earthdancerimages says:

    This place is obviously healing Bridget… why leave? Magic is rare when the river sings and you hear it’s words… you have found a very special place! Deer? Well… more magic! Glad life is treating you all so well!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      When I looked out the window the deer was about eight feet away, staring back at me! I took three photos through the window, none of which came out, darn. I hate that deer hunting season starts soon. I know all the reasons we have hunters, keep the numbers down and all that. Still…. such a lovely creature . . .

  5. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Magical place Sue…………..can’t blame you for staying!!!

  6. Sure ! Stay longer. It is to nice . Glad that Bridget is doing better !

  7. Robynn D Judd says:

    Do you ever unhook the rv from the van? Do you ever have issues with your tires,sometimes your camping spots look pretty rugged. Thanks Robynn

    Sent from my iPad

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I unhooked the PTV as soon as I arrived at Natural Bridge. There isn’t internet at the campground so I drive the PTV (leaving the BLT behind) into Prospect in order to blog. I wouldn’t have wanted to take the BLT up to Crater Lake. I could have, but why take your house with you if you don’t have to, right?

      I haven’t had any issues with my tires related to rugged camps. The only trouble I had was a slow leak in one of the PTV’s tires when I was on my way to Zion. I took it to an auto repair place in Hurricane, UT, and it was discovered I’d picked up a nail, so that wasn’t related to where I camp.

  8. Larry Graves says:

    Sue, Permission granted from Iowa to stay at LEAST one more day!!!
    Glad to hear Bridge is doing so much better, just be careful not to let her overdo,, little progress at a time is good!!!
    Have Fun

  9. Nan says:

    I feel the peace of your sitting in the midst of nature. You know, it feels good!

  10. cinandjules says:

    What’s the hurry? Enjoy the beauty while you can…no sense in rushing on to another campsite that may be filled with people. The fresh smells, wildlife present, sound of the rushing rouge river, the absence of the hustle and bustle…not to mention rest and relaxation for Bridget………..I’m sure Joyce would be glad….remember the 14 day limit was no longer in effect.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I just learned a secret, too, about Natural Bridge. It’s not supposed to be advertised, so keep this under your hat… The campground has no limit all summer! What you do is this… Casually say to the camp host that you’d like to stay longer and she’ll say “go ahead!” Isn’t that neat?

      • cinandjules says:

        Your secret is safe. Neat is right! One might just have to drive yearly to Natural Bridge to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of the place.

  11. Whatever editing you did, the pictures are fantastic and your prose transports me to the Rogue River in the early morning… I love your blog!

  12. Di Sly says:

    After a stunning day on the Rogue River Trail yesterday, I thought my day was complete-until we stopped to read a campground sign and were greeted by your smile and stories of full timing! Just what we needed to hear as we begin to transition from our familiar day to day routines to retirement. I still feel warmed by your obvious joy and pleasure living such an in the moment life! This has given me the boost I have needed to make the jump! Glad to hear that you are enjoying another day in your magical place by the river. Your blog is delightful! From the Casita lovers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello Di,

      What a treat for me to meet you and Dick! Yeah, get me started about fulltiming in a Casita and I can’t shut up. I’m tickled to see you here in my blog commenting already. Thanks for the compliment.

      Best wishes to you both getting the most out of life. Retirement is wonderful. Retirement and fulltiming is infinitely beyond wonderful! How’s that for “obvious joy!”

  13. Barb Brown says:

    Stay as long as you can. That’s a gorgeous spot you have there.

  14. Michigan Marsha says:

    When we’re camping we always say “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay here longer?” but we have to get back to our home and jobs. You, on the other hand, have the option of staying (and staying and staying). What a gift – to be able to pretty much do what you want when you want with the only constraints being the weather. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings and thanks for sharing them.

  15. Kellee says:

    Another voice from Iowa – if you leave that spot, we will miss the photos. Bridget appears to be healing nicely. Enjoy Oregon – I have wonderful memories of camping in Oregon. The Gold River is nice too!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kellee… I love camping by a river, especially a river like the Rogue, with it’s energy and personality. Hmm . . .I’ll have to look up this Gold River.

  16. Janna says:

    Glad to hear Bridget is improving!

  17. harrietann12 says:

    What’s the rush? You’ve got no timetable, stay, relax, enjoy. The other places aren’t going anywhere, they will be there when you’ve finished with this place. Sometime we must listen when that little voice is talking to us. Could be something good is wanting to happen, Bridget getting better, Spike relaxing like you are or maybe, just maybe a “Moose”! Enjoy!

  18. kristine barr says:

    Great news about Brigid/Badger. Wonderful pictures too.

  19. Please let us stay here with you another day!!! The pictures are incredible.

  20. John says:

    Hi Sue, Well I say if it don’t feel like that bad word ” snow ” Put on another sweater and stay a little longer,,, So glad to see Bridget getting bettter, I know it’s all the prayer’s and your tender loving care,,, Safe travel’s

  21. Nita says:

    I agree with another commenter that the bird might have been an American Dipper. Gray colored and they love rushing water@

  22. Sue says:

    Wow. Have you read Captivating by Stasi Eldgridge? Your animal sightings and gratefulness for your current life bring that book to mind.

  23. Carol says:

    there’s probably some jerk in the woods, waiting to exercise his second amendment rights.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Might be a safer spot then if hunters are not fond of it!! Being lots of them like to mix booze with ammo!!

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