Touring the Pacific coast on a September day

Our internal clocks are screwed up.

Since I don’t use an alarm clock and hope to never do so again, I rely on the sun to wake me up.  I always raise the blind above our bed about five inches every night to allow nature’s alarm clock to wake us.  This gets us up around 7:30 or 8:00.  Perfect.

In Oregon we sleep until 9:30!

And even then, Spike moans and groans about getting up.  The tall trees block out the morning sun.  Nevertheless, today we manage to be on the road by ten, leaving the Best Little Trailer behind at Sutton Campground. 

Northward we go, not stopping at the “waysides” which are on the left side of the road.  Of course they’re on the left! You’re going to drive north along the Pacific coast and have the waysides on the righthand side?  Writing Rule Number 371:  Do not insult the intelligence of the reader.  Anyway. 

Enough with the little cat feet already!

We plow through the fog all the way to Newport.  I turn us around and we head south.  We visit South Beach, Ona Beach, Seal Rock, Driftwood Beach, and recross the Alsea Bay Bridge at Waldport.  At one of the beaches, I ask a couple to take a photo of me and the crew.  

I drive into Tillicum Beach Campground which has beachside campsites, all full, of course.  We pass through Yachats with it’s brightly painted shops and restaurants.  Cape Perpetua and Cooks Chasm are highlights of our tour.

The three of us walk the curving pathway down to the rocks.

Well, two walk and one rides!  We find a bench to watch the waves. They’re a lot bigger today than I’ve seen them so far (the waves, not the benches).  I lift Bridget out of her stroller, and the crew settles under the bench.  I watch the waves roll up the chasm and slam into the rocks causing an ocean geyser reaching about fifteen feet in the air.  This occurs about every three minutes or so.  Very entertaining.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the time we get back to the campground, it’s around 4:30.

You know how an abundance of exercise and fresh air can make you sleepy?  Fresh sea air really knocks us out.  Bridget, Spike and I crash on the bed and fall into a deep sleep.  As evening comes, the air turns damp and cold. I notice while walking (and pushing) the crew around the campground for their nightly walk (push) that the branches of the trees, the ferns, and variety of thick vegetation hang low, dripping with moisture. 

The burner on the stove that heats up supper also takes the chill out of the Best Little Trailer.  Tomorrow we will break camp and move further south along the coast.



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39 Responses to Touring the Pacific coast on a September day

  1. judilyn says:

    Testing to see if I can comment. A friend is having difficulty commenting in WordPress blogs.

    Oregon coast – my favorite. Many lighthouses waiting for you to pull out your camera!

  2. Jan says:

    Nice photos. Very Oregon.
    I just came back from Mackerricher State Park, Ca ( north of Fort Bragg)
    The Botanical gardens in Fort Brag were really wonderful, very dog friendly for walking and stroller dogs! Senior discounts.
    Full of humming birds. Little outdoor cafe dogs ok , they even serve dog ice cream cups. Ours loved it. I liked mine also.
    I will be posting photos in a few days if you don’t make it that far south.
    Be safe.

  3. Pat says:

    Love the pics, I think I have some of the same ones….lol

  4. gingerda says:

    Even though it’s foggy, it still is beautiful. I love the ocean!!

  5. Gayle says:

    Thanks for the photos of Florence and surroundings. I will definitely visit soon! (Looks like you lost some weight, even though bundled up.)

  6. Gabrielle says:

    Don’t forget you are in Bigfoot country! The canine crew would make good little Sasquatch snacks (just kidding!!!) How is Bridget’s injury coming along?

  7. kristine barr says:

    Is Brigid’s leg/foot still bothering her?

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely photos…sounds like a wonderful day too!! Happy for you!! I think Oregon is probably one of the prettiest states, in all its varied climates and weather.

  9. geogypsy2u says:

    Love, love the Oregon coast!

  10. Rod says:

    Does Bridget need the services of a Veterinarian to help speed her recovery…? Is it possible that she has more than a tissue injury and needs some form of immobilization….? Just thinking out loud here and wondering what would be in her best interest….!

  11. CeCe says:

    Thank you so much, for the beautiful photos. You remind me, once again, why this former LA girl is loving living in the Pacific NW. I haven’t checked in for a while…busy with summer camping and other things myself, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am headed out camping in the am with a group of ladies I know. One of them I introduced to your journal and she now follows you too.
    I expect she and I will be discussing you and your canine crews recent adventures while we gather around the campfire. So, don’t be surprised if you feel like someone is talking about you.
    They are! 🙂 Enjoy your stay here and make some wonderful memories.

  12. Joy A. says:

    Could Briget have something out of joint??? Might simply need to be popped back in. I think I’d do a quick Vet stop. My other dog Mitzi fell off the bed and was not wanting to put one of her back legs and foot down. I took her to the Vet and as they layed her on her back to take an xray something popped and she was fixed. They didn’t know which joint it was but that simple manipulation caused something to go back in place. Cost me a simple $25 office visit, was well worth it.

    Dogs aren’t like us, they don’t whine as much. She could be in some pain and not showing it. They definitely tollerate more pain than we humans.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m pretty sure she’s not in much pain, if at all, because she plays with me and fools around. I wish I knew of a vet that only charges $25 a visit. I haven’t seen that price in decades.

  13. Ms. Minimal says:

    You lead a beautiful life. ❤ I hope Bridget gets to feeling better. My beagle has degenerative disc disease and when his back goes out, it's a month or more of crating and anti-inflammatory or steroids. He isn't real crazy about being crated for a month or two, but it's that or risk having him move the wrong way and paralyze himself. I think the stroller is a good call… 🙂 Enjoy the coast, I am loving the new photos. Hugs, love & light from VA.. ❤

  14. campers4lifex2 ( Marsha & Joe) says:

    We all, and especially YOU are so concerned about Bridget. Sure hope she gets better soon. Sorry to say, with the time span.. beginning to sound like could be more than just a sprain or pulled muscle. However: I understand that you are the one that must make the call…Vet? or just wait and see.
    Much LOVE!
    ((huggs)) to you all

  15. Janna says:

    Gorgeous photos Sue–that’s one area on my bucket list, not so much on Michael’s–he thinks there are probably too many people!

  16. Cathie Laurent says:

    I think I could spend a lot of time watching those waves crash on rocks. Conjures up lots of old English novels with mystery and suspense!

  17. Donna Daniel says:

    Love the photos!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  18. Kentster says:

    If heading south, check out Bastendorff Beach County Park near Charleston, Oregon south of Coos Bay. Also, how did you remove the fog in the bridge pic?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I didn’t see your comment until the end of the day and long past that place. About the fog removal… all I did was use “auto contrast’ on Picasa photo editor. Too bad I can’t remove fog in real life!

  19. Sharpei Mom says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos Sue, Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are really enjoying the coast. Stay safe n enjoy!!

  20. Cari says:

    Lovely photos, as always. That part of the Pacific coast is quite different from San Diego, where I lived for a few years, and from the Texas Gulf Coast. Looks chilly too. I don’t know about that bridge – I’d have to drive in the middle LOL

  21. earthdancerimages says:

    Oregon is one place I have never been to! Chuck and I are hoping to workamp somewhere there next year! Love the photos thanks for sharing! Hugs from me to you, Sniffs and bow wows from the HoundHerd to Bridget and Spike!

  22. Chuck says:

    Hi Sue, Having spent a lot of time on CA coast, you got a great dose of NW coast….fog in and out, crashing surf, fog in and out,beautiful coast line, fog rolling in and out…..layer the clothes and have a blast! Chuckles
    Hi Bridget, are you playing…Spike thinks so and I’m not sure. Are you that good an actress? Woofity woof woof! the Hound Herd!

  23. bythervr says:

    Hi Sue,
    I too am concerned about Bridget.

    It’s interesting how you, the one who professed at the beginning of this journey to be a loner, have collected so many ardent followers. We have been drawn to you perhaps for different reasons, stay by choice, and look forward to each new post. You were bold in your initial decision to live life on the road but at the same time somewhat tentative. Now, you’re a pro. It’s as though all of us are along for the ride, sharing a seat with Bridget, as you explore the country and sights many of us will never see in person. You continue to share the many interesting people you meet along the way and are making a difference in their lives also. Rusty and Timber, for example, will always be grateful for your intervention in their lives.

    I would have preferred to send a personal email but that would have defeated the sharing that makes this part of your blog interesting too. Thanks for just being you, Sue, and deciding to share your journey with everyone; it’s a heck of a ride.

    All the best,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barrie… It has been an incredible journey for me and the crew. I’m grateful for all the interesting people I’ve met along the way this past year, quite a variety of folks… not to mention the people such as yourself whom I enjoy!

  24. Bill and Ann says:

    Bastendorf is a nice spot. Be sure to take a side trip, if you happen to stay at Bastendorf, to the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. There are several paved trails in the area, including a boardwalk above the water section. It is the end of the year, after full bloom of the skunk cabbage, but it will still be a beautiful walk for you, Spike and Bridget.
    Your pictures of Cape Perpetua and the surrounding area are beautiful. We miss the coast, but are enjoying the sun and dryness over here. We head down to the coast again, to Cape Blanco, in November.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wish I’d known about it sooner! I drove further south. I’ll post about the new camp soon. I’m glad you like my Perpetua photos. I’ll see you soon.. in a week or so.

  25. hobopals says:

    Your pictures are great, Sue. I can almost smell the salt air! I was fascinated by the Oregon coast the very first time I set foot on it and through many subsequent visits. You almost can’t take a bad picture–even in the fog. Fog has a way of mystifying everything for me.

    I have many of the same pictures, but yours call my heart yet again. The tsunami wood and “sneaker waves” fascinated me. I wish each had a tag so I could tell where they came from! I love that the beaches are virtually empty, and the peace I feel overlooking the pacific and it’s wild and temptuous personality.

    The bridges are a national treasure, in my opinion. You could spend years in Oregon and not see it all. Lane County with it’s covered bridges is another area for you to explore some day. Well, I could go on and on, but anyone who has been there has felt and heard it all.

  26. Rusty-ol 3F says:

    Neet pic’s Sue, I gess that map book did some good, n’ it made it ta th’ Northwest agin. Timber barks sain’ hi too. Ahoah, that wind comin’ out of th’ north, gots a cold bite n’ it, this mornin’. I’m setin on th’ side of a hill, with tall lodgepoles n’ Timber’s watchin bull elk walkin’ bout 70yrds out in th’ trees, dang camra batter’s r’ dead. will hafta charge them up too. no werries. seee yaaa later.

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