What happened to the grande in the Rio Grande?

Sunday morning, October 30th

It’s a brisk morning.  The sun is already peering over the desert mountains as the crew and I walk down the campground road leading away from the park office.  I think there’s a footbridge down this way that we can cross to get to the river.

Spike is leading the way with his new-found energy!

We pass the group camping area and hike off the road on a rock-lined path.  There’s not much plant color at this time of year, most everything is muted green, brown or gray.  We round a corner of the trail and see the footbridge down the slope.  Good!  We will finally see the Rio Grande again!

The footbridge clings precariously to the eroded banks.

Sure enough, there’s wire across it, blocking pedestrians.  I scan the little valley.  On the other side of the footbridge is a road alongside the tree-lined river.  I see a spot of water way off to the left.  That’s the river?  It’s mostly mud.

The crew and I go back up the slope to our new destination, an adobe camping shelter perched high on an embankment. Bridget rushes ahead and proudly looks back at us slowpokes.  The picnic table under the shelter makes a great place for resting and viewing.  We look out over the valley and see a slice of river in the cottonwoods.   I try to imagine how beautiful it must be when the river is high and in her glory.   I should come back here in springtime.

Sunday afternoon and evening, October 30th

I’m feeling domestic!  I give the Casita a good “going-over” and wash out some dish towels.  I drape them over the wire panels of the dog pen.  The sun dries them quickly.  Campers arrive and are busily setting up on both sides of us.  The lady camp host stops by and invites us to the concert provided by the park.

Around five o’clock, I hear a man singing with guitar.

I put the crew in their suits and grab my camera and camp chair.  It’s perfect weather for an outdoor concert.  People are gathered in chairs, at tables, or on the grass.  The young man is quite good, singing a variety of songs from Cold Play to Neil Diamond and some of his own creations.  He accompanies himself on electric guitar, alternating with fiddle.

 I am so proud of Bridget and Spike! 

They seem to realize right away that we are here to listen, and sit quietly at my feet.  To my relief, neither of them do anything inappropriate for a concert-goer, such as barking or pooping on the grass!

When we get home I turn on the television.

Morley Safer  is interiewing Bernie Madoff’s wife and son.  I’m sucked in.  One show leads to another as I munch on pretzels.  The electric heater cozies up the Casita.   Bridget and Spike fall asleep next to me . . . . I see I’m not going to blog tonight.  I’ll write first thing in the morning.  After that, maybe we’ll leave here and go somewhere new!

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10 Responses to What happened to the grande in the Rio Grande?

  1. Emily says:

    I, as you are, amazed at how little water is in the mighty Rio Grande – but considering at how little rain/snow there has been, I shouldn’t be. When I was at Bottomless Lakes SP, someone there made the comment that you could almost see the bottom of the bottomless lakes, it’s been so dry! Although that morning they had had over an inch of rain. Glad to hear Spike is bouncing along – maybe it was an altitude thing and he’s got his 2nd wind now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Emily!

      I’ve been awestruck at the beauty of the lakes, rivers and mountains of New Mexico. I can’t imagine how beautiful it is when the lakes and rivers are high.

  2. Joy Howard says:

    Hi! Joy Howard for SCHS media. I have been keeping up with you on a week to week enjoyment of reading all your neat experiences. You take care and keep enjoying your life and keep in touch. I will continue to read along and wish I was retired and able to enjoy life like you are. Things are still the same here no major changes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Joy!

      What a nice surprise to see you commenting on my blog! Isn’t it strange that I’m out here in New Mexico bopping around with my travel trailer, and you’re in Georgia, back at my old school, reading about it?

      Retirement is fantastic! Your time will come . . . and when it does, I hope you get to do whatever you want whenever you want!

  3. Old Fat Man says:

    Your shots of New Mexico make me think I may be back out there when it warms up. The Pepper Pot in Hatch had the best chile rellenos I have ever eaten anywhere. I hope to cross your path again next spring. I am planning on staying here in Rockport and being warm until mid Feb when I head out for Big Bend again.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, OFM!

      After I get the heater installed up at T or C, I’ll be heading south again. I just might stop at The Pepper Pot in Hatch and get some chile rellenos. I’ve been keeping a tight grip on my wallet, cooking cheap meals for myself . . . Somebody else’s cooking would be such a treat! And I think my first chile rellenos should be the best, right?

      I’ve been following your blog ever since we met at Brantley. Next time I see you I promise I’ll be well hydrated!

  4. bethers says:

    Hey Sue,
    How do you watch TV in your Casita? I thought the signals went digital and were impossible to get. Do you have satellite or does the campground provide cable? Really curious about this. Thanks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, bethers!

      Welcome to my blog!

      I’m not hooked up to cable (although the Casita is cable-ready) and I don’t have satellite. I get reception via the “antenna within the fiberglass shell.” I put that in quotation marks because that’s what I was told at the Casita factory.

  5. Kim says:

    Mmmmm …. chile rellenos! Can’t wait to read THAT post!

    Good to see that Spike has recovered from his fatigue, bless him.

  6. Chuck says:

    We both agree with OFM about the Pepper Pot. Anything there is great! Nice trip to get there from iT or C is to take the road to Silver City, at Hillsboro turn south to Lake Valley, the ghost town. Nice arrested decay by BLM and neat little museum. Walking tour also. Then continue south toward Nutt and then go east to Hatch! Good road all the way

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