An exhausted co-pilot!

Early morning sounds . . .

At Eagle Nest I woke to the sound of geese honking.  At Elephant Butte, it was quail.  At Caballo, cows and sandhill cranes.  At Leasburg Dam, a rooster crows!

Today the crew and I walk the Mogollon Trail through the park.  The trail is well-marked with timbers and rocks.  About three-fourths of the way, Spike slows to a halt.  Fortunately I spy a bench nearby, situated for viewing the mountain and surrounding desertscape.

Spike is unusually tired.

He lies down on his side next to the bench and falls asleep!  Bridget sits on my lap.  We wait quietly enjoying the vista (and hugs!) for about fifteen minutes.  I want Spike to rest enough to recuperate.  Man, he must be pooped!   I wake him gently and urge him to walk up the trail.  He walks very slowly. I’m glad we’re almost home because he’s heavy to carry.  At home he drinks some water and climbs up on the bed.  He isn’t sick, just exhausted.  I can relate.  I’ve had days like that.

He sleeps most of the day.

My crew is more important to me than any sight we might see around here.  So we stay at the campsite.  I did get some photos earlier of the the park entrance, the Mogollon Trail, the Desert Garden, the mountain view, and our campsite. 

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An outdoor concert is scheduled for tomorrow in the grassy area next to the playground.



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28 Responses to An exhausted co-pilot!

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but are Spike and Bridget litter mates. How old are the babies? Love your blog and enjoy reading about your adventures. I would go RV-ing in a heartbeat except for 2 reasons. I won’t leave Dad, and I love my house too much.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sharon!

      I found Spike at a pound in northern Georgia. I had seen his photo online and drove 40 miles to get him. He was already an adult dog at the time. None of his history was available so I adopted him knowing nothing about him. He was extremely shy, refusing to give eye contact.

      About a year later I adopted Bridget out of a pound about 30 miles away from where Spike was adopted. She was very young, still a puppy. I was surprised to see her grow to the exact height of Spike. Spike bonded with her right away and has always been very paternal toward her.

      One day Bridget’s ears pointed straight up and stayed that way! People often think they’re siblings.

      Their ages? I don’t know. All I know is Spike is older than Bridget by at least a few years.

  2. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Sue,
    I really do like the looks of those sites… You might try to give Spike some gatorade or some
    other type of electrolyte… He sounds dehydrated… You don’t know what germs are out there
    for canines to catch.. If he doesn’t get better find you a vet and see if he needs a shot for that area.. Pat him on the head and scratch his ears for me.. That trail looks kind of close to the brush for the pit crew…

    Smooth roads, clear blue skies & balmy breezes(yeah right)!!!!!!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Butterbean!

      Just as it was getting dark, I took the crew out and Spike was his old self again! His energy is back, thank God. He never looked sick . . . just worn out.

      I appreciate you caring about the welfare of my Spikey. I don’t know if he was dehydrated or not. He actually drinks more water than Bridget.

      Yeah, the trail did narrow there for a while . ..

  3. Chuck says:

    Beautiful campground….buildings similiar to ones at Bottomless Lakes, a NM State park outside Roswell. Put it on your list. Had Geris B’day dindin at Groovy Gritz, they got her too, bagpipes and song. Down town T or C has merchants giving out trick or treats and merchants dressed up…Rob, the bagpipe owner in Scotish full dress!!!!! Heading for Chloride Halloween trip…back Tues. Stop by if you get a chance, Geri n Chuck n Hound Herd!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chuck!

      I was hoping Geri would get the bagpipe birthday song! I hope she got my birthday email . .. I knew you’d have something special planned for her. Sounds like you’re both enjoying yourselves.

      Watch out for the ghosts in Chloride on Halloween!

  4. kayjulia says:

    Hopefully your fur friend is okay tonight I know I have to be careful not to over do my old dog Shelby she is a senior citizen so I try to be easy with her on our walks together. When her time to pass comes it is going to be very hard to take.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Kayjulia,

      I have to face the fact that Spike isn’t a youngster anymore. I’m going to make sure he gets a chance to rest periodically on our walks.

      Best wishes to your Shelby. Our canine pals are so precious!

  5. geri says:

    If you feel the need to visit a vet, we have used Dr. Cardwell at Hot Springs Animal Clinic. He is located one street west of the post office, on a dirt road. We liked him and he was very good with our 2 elder dogs. We would not hesitate to use him again! Hope Spike is feeling fetter now! You might want to get a used back pack at a good will store or similar, cut 2 holes in the bottom for Spike’s feet and you can carry him like that when he gets tired…. been there, done that!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri, Birthday Girl!

      I’ll make a note of your vet recommendation in case I ever need it for the crew.

      Spike looks good right now. He needed that rest. He ate supper and was anxious to walk on the last potty break of the day.

      I bet you had fun today . .. there’s something about bagpipes . . .

      • geri says:

        I not only got the bagpipes and groovy gritz cake, I got Rob dresses in full Scottish regalia, yep a kilt! He was dressed for Halloween as were all the people in Groovy Gritz! The whole town was shut down as hundreds of costume clad kids went from store front to store front collecting goodies! I never knew truth or Consequences was so much fun! Oh and today is the last day of the fiddle festival!!! I missed it again! darn! We will leave in an hour or so headed to Chloride for our Halloween! Thanks for the birthday wishes! We are really glad Spikey is feelin’ frisky again!

  6. Pauline says:

    So glad that Spike is ok!!!!! He is such a sweetie.

  7. bostonsmax says:

    Glad Spike is rejuvinated! We have two Boston Terriers…a 2 year old and a 6 year old. Even though the 6 year old plays and plays with the 2 year old like they are the same age, walks and hikes are a totally different story. He poops out MUCH faster and ends up walking behind us all (on his leash) and we have to slow our pace down. After a good nap like Spike had he’s ready to go again. We all slow down as we get older, don’t we? 🙂 I love reading about your traveling life and looking at all of your pics! Keep ’em coming!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, bostonsmax!

      Welcome to my blog! Your 6 year old terrier slows down? That seems young to me. I know Spike must be older than that. He’s grey around his face. I guess I’ve been expecting too much of him.

      Thanks for sharing. I’m pleased you are enjoying my traveling life!

  8. Donna K says:

    So glad Spike is feeling better now. My boy turned 14 in July and he is slowing down too. His right hind leg gives out from time to time but he goes as much as he can. Our fur kids give so much and ask so little.

  9. JoJo says:

    Are you at a higher altitude now than before. That could cause him to tire more easily too. Sure glad he is OK now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JoJo,

      The altitude here at Radium Springs, NM (where the park is located) is 2,618 feet. We took our morning walk and Spike was trotting right along. Who knows? Probably his age and our long walks caught up with him yesterday.

  10. Deanna Tolliver says:

    Hi Sue and K9 Crew! I found your blog for the first time a week ago and I went back in time and read all entries from the beginning. When I read about Spike feeling so tired lately, I knew I had to write. I am a veterinarian and I would recommend that you take him in for a check-up. It may very well be nothing but at least you would know for sure.
    I drive a ton truck and pull a 5th wheel, solo, with my own K9 crew of 3 (2 chihuahuas and a Yorkie). My plan is to travel at least a half a year when I get to retire–the practice is for sale, just waiting (not so patiently) for a buyer. Keep up the great writing–there are many of us living vicariously thru your blog! Deanna

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m happy to hear I held your interest through all those entries!

      Since you read all that, you know that Spike and Bridget had their annual check-up last Spring. I’m watching Spike very closely. His eyes are bright, his appetite is good, he’s drinking plenty of water, he did #1 and #2, and his jaunty, happy gait is back!

      Good luck with the sale and the adventures that lie ahead for you! Thanks for the compliment.

  11. Jool says:

    Hello Sue, Spike and Bridget! Glad the crew are doing well now; don’t we all need a big rest now and then. LOL! Sue, I’m interested in how you are faring with internet reception and television reception. Obviously I can see you’re accessing the internet; is it intermittent, or are you finding most your stops do have good connection speeds? I ask because I work online, and could technically (no pun intended) RV NOW and keep working – I just have to have internet access every day. TV – no big deal, but I’m curious on how TV works while RVing. Thanks again for being there for us faithful followers; your blog is making me think my dreams aren’t all ‘pipe dreams’ but can be reality one day. Jool

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jool . ..

      Okay, about internet…. All I have is an air card I plug into my laptop. I was unable to get internet at Brantley Lake State Park (near Carlsbad) nor in the mountains. Storrie Lake (Las Vegas) and Santa Rosa are okay.. Elephant Butte Lake State Park has free wifi …. great! The signal is good at Caballo Lake and here at Leasburg Dam. I wouldn’t want to rely on my Verizon air card to make a living in the mountains of NM!

      At Elephant Butte I got one TV channel (Fox). Here at Leasburg Dam, southern NM, I get a lot of channels very clearly, most of them Spanish language, but a few good English stations, major networks, weather and such. My Casita came with tv and built-in antenna.

      And, yes, your dreams CAN come true!

  12. Emily says:

    Okay Sue, now that I am home for the winter and Eggie is almost ready for that “horrible” time of the year, I have to live “my” travel adventures through you. Give The Crew a hug from me. Great meeting you last week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Emily . . .

      You have more fortitude than I have! I don’t think I could stop my travels to face a snowy winter. . . I’m glad we got to meet. We have a lot in common!

  13. Teri says:

    Glad Spike is feeling better…frankly I have found that animals have their good and bad days just like us. Same aches and pains, and mood changes. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Patricia Kitchen says:

    Sue, you are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for all your posts. Pat K

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