Miracles do happen

Don’t you love it when people are professional about their work?

Troy, the plumber, arrives on time at 7:30 this morning, gets the job done quickly, cleans up, doesn’t overcharge, and is pleasant to deal with.  Thank you very much.  I’m happy because I can mark off one more item on my to-do list!

Actually another item comes off the list today.

I’ve been intending to send this blog to an internet “cloud” so I have a back-up.  A thoughtful reader made this suggestion to me in the comments section several weeks ago.   I finally took care of that today.  I’m using DropBox (free!).  I hope it works.  I need to find that reader’s email address and let her know.  She can get extra storage space for free for referring me.

Miracle alert!  Miracle alert!

I was able to take some pictures of Bridget today.  If you click on her page (in the header), you will see her new slideshow pictures.  Of course, she looks like she’s expecting me to stab her in the heart.  Why?  I can’t explain, except to say . . .  That’s Bridget being Bridget.  Suddenly she hates having her picture taken. 

Remember when I wrote about Spike getting out of his harness during a rest stop on our Florida trip?

He smells something in the direction of the highway, flips himself through a series of contortions until loose, and takes off like a shot in typical, fixated terrier fashion.  It takes some pretty loud screaming on my part to get him to stop.  He’s done this Houdini act before.  Usually it’s when he wants to run with another dog or he smells something interesting, like fresh (or not so fresh, for that matter) roadkill.

No matter how tight I make the harness, Spike can get out of it. 

My sister Nancy suggested I try the mesh kind like her Margaret has. Hmmm.  Good idea.  The comfortable design will allow me to tighten it more than the other kind that digs in.

I find one at the local pet store for $16.95 (owie!).  Seeing my twenty-dollar bill decimated at the cash register, I tell myself what price is too high to keep Spikey safe?  Although Bridget doesn’t need a new harness, I get her one, too, for comfort’s sake.  And my purse seems to have holes in it these days anyway.  Geez.

First thing home the crew tries it on.

It fits both of them!  This is a day for miracles!


P.S.  You can order harnesses like these by clicking this link:  Amazon.com dog harnesses  Remember to order a larger size than usual as they do run a bit small.

You look so handsome in black, Spikey!

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