The heat goes on . . .

. . . Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain . . .

I’m glad I don’t have a vegetable garden this year.  Heat and drought, a double wammy.   I don’t think I’d bother to walk out to the garden to pick a tomato, forget about watering one.  It’s all I can do to get out to the van.  I feel sorry for farmers, as I do every year.  It’s always something.

I get up early this morning.

I’m expecting the plumber early.  I give the bathrooms a good going-over to shine them up a bit and I wait.  I get a call.  Can we make the appointment for tomorrow instead?  Sure.

I reply to comments for a while.

I decide to update the photos on Spike’s and Bridget’s pages (see header), now that I know how to make a slideshow with wordpress.  You didn’t think I’d make a post without mentioning the crew, did you?  Anyway.  Spike is a sweetheart about it, of course.  He lets me pose him on the quilt with no problems. Just look at the slideshow and you’ll see what I mean.  What a guy.

Next I put Bridget in place. 

She suddenly gets all nervous and paranoid and makes a beeline for the bedroom door.  What is WITH that dog?  I’ve taken a gazillion photos of her and now it’s something to fear?  She goes and hides under the computer desk.  I give up.  What a little jerk she can be sometimes.  I love her, but REALLY.  So no slideshow on Bridget’s page.  Yet.

I drive into town during the hottest part of the day.

I’m thinking I need to get something to eat, so I go to Chic-fil-a.  I walk in and the A/C is divine.  However, the smell of chicken does nothing for me.  No appetite at all in this heat.  I can always manage a chocolate milkshake though!  Next I go over to the office supply place.  I have a copy made of the Casita manuals I downloaded from . . . something I should have done long ago.   I see now these manuals answer a lot of the questions about how things work and what equipment and accessories are needed.  Maybe I won’t be pestering readers with so many questions!

I also get copies of documents to send to America’s Mailbox.

They will set up my South Dakota residency.  I see a trip to South Dakota is in my future, because you can’t get a driver’s license by mail.  I considered signing up with which is cheaper.  When I looked at a map I saw they are located in Madison which is in the eastern part of the state.  Any savings would be lost driving over there and there aren’t any other reasons for me to go there.  America’s Mailbox is in Rapid City in the western part of the state, a much shorter trip from New Mexico.

I’m feeling very spoiled.

After going without A/C for so long, it sure feels good.  I’m going to soak it up while I read tonight!

Be cool.


I noticed there were several clicks on the link to the Casita showroom that I put at the bottom of yesterday’s post.  Did you see my Liberty?  Sweet, huh?  Someday….SOMEDAY! … I’ll show off my new trailer with my own photos!


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3 Responses to The heat goes on . . .

  1. Mumsy says:

    Very hot and dry here too. I am so past ready to see some cooler weather and rain. That milkshake sounds yummy. I have been eating watermelon since it is so hot. I am off to check Bridget and Spike’s pages now. Hugs

  2. Steve says:

    Oh no! No no no Sue. There are plenty of reasons to go to SD. It’s a gorgeous place and perfect place to spend the summer in on account of it being milder compared to the south. All the fun stuff to do and see is in the southwestern part of the state.

    I’m going with too. Their location makes it easy since I prefer staying in that part of the state, but what I really like is that they’re owned and run by full timers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      I believe there are very few places on this earth that aren’t beautiful. It’s up to the viewer to see it. I’m sure that’s true of all of South Dakota, and from what I’ve seen of the state, it is a beautiful place. I prefer, as you do, to visit the southwestern part of SD.

      I don’t anticipate a great need for mail forwarding. My banking is online and so is communicating with people I know . . . Mail is usually junk. So I’m going to get the plan with the least amount of mail forwarding to pay for.

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