A Boy and a Dog

Felix came by and mowed the lawn this afternoon.

You know what that means.  Julio and Janie were glad to see each other as these photos show.  If you haven’t read about these two, see the post, “Simply Amazing!”

Tickle, tickle, tickle!These two have their own language.

Felix and Julio are leaving Georgia this Saturday. 

They are flying to El Salvador to visit Felix’s parents and the rest of the family.

I met his parents once when they came on a visit here.  They are lovely, hard-working people who work their farm/ranch in El Salvador.

Ever meet people and within five minutes you feel like you’ve known them for years?  These people are like that.

Exchanging secrets

Another reason for the trip to El Salvador is Felix needs to have surgery.  It is too expensive to have the surgery in the United States.  His job doesn’t provide health insurance.

He cut the grass very low because he won’t be back for a month. 

Given Georgia growing conditions, the grass and weeds will be prying open the windows by then!  I don’t care.  I’m glad Felix will get the surgery he needs and his parents will see their grandson again.


Note:  A photo of Julio and Janie was added to the original story, “Simply Amazing.”


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  1. Pauline Nash says:

    Please tell Felix and his family that I will be praying for a safe journey, successful surgery and a complete and fast recovery.

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