Keeping organized

I thought computers were supposed to reduce the amount of paper in the house. 

I have a computer with files full of stuff that would have been on paper in the “olden days.”  I do my banking and a lot of shopping online. No newspapers enter my home.  I read my news on my laptop monitor and I listen to news on the radio.   When I come home from work I stop at the end of the driveway, walk across the road to the mailbox, take the mail, mostly junk, back to the car, and throw it into a wastebasket.  From there it eventually goes to the recycle bin at the landfill.  I don’t even bring it into the house.  Why, then, do piles of paper grow on every flat surface in my house?

Are you asking me?

How will I keep organized living in a 17-foot trailer?

 More than once I’ve thrown out a paper I’ve later needed because it got mixed up with a bunch of junk paper in a pile.   I’ve been making a lot of purchases lately.  Often I want to keep the information that comes with the product.  Sometimes only a hard copy will do. ‘

I need a system!

I bought a humongous three-ring binder.  Now everything of permanent or temporary importance is immediately slipped into a plastic sheet protector  (I love those things!), and placed in the binder.  This has helped a lot.  Now when I want to find the crew’s vaccination record or the warranty on my vacuum cleaner or the invoice for my new Casita . . . I know where to look (and it’s not in the bottom of a wastebasket!).

It being Saturday, I went to Wal-Mart . . .

. . . and picked up the small canister vac and the airbed I had ordered online.  While there I bought a ladder ($39.97) so I can reach the roof of my very tall and Perfect Tow Vehicle.  Just a few days ago I had asked Tioga George on his website’s shoutbox what type ladder he has, because I remembered how pleased he was when he bought his.  He wrote it was a Cosco.  George’s product recommendations are always “spot on.”  Now I have a Cosco ladder, too!  It’s great. . . very stable with big, fiberglass steps, and an 8-foot reach.

It was an overcast day, a good day to wax . . . The Car, silly!

I vacuumed the Odyssey and waxed her sides.  Now I just have the top and the hood to do. She looks so pretty!   Why do my possessions always look their best just before I get rid of them?  My houses are always in tip-top shape the day I sell them, not when I’m living in them!  Do you do that?

By the way . . . 

(I’m so old-fashioned, I spell out those words.  How quaint of me!) . . . thanks for visiting rvsue and her canine crew.  The sitemeter passed 2,000 today!



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5 Responses to Keeping organized

  1. Pauline Nash says:

    You spell out the words because you can still hear our Dad saying….Get out the dictionary and find out how to spell it!!! Plus you are an English teacher at heart. Kids today do NOT know how to spell. Using “tha” instead of “the” because the a is easier to text than the e…oh now that gets me!!!!

  2. William B. Kelleher says:

    My one grand daughter spells that way when texting me. I told my daughter that Brittany couldn’t spell worth a darn.

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Nancy Lange says:

    Ha Sisters! Don’t talk to me about spelling or grammar… nothing like an English/Latin major sister in the house. Don’t mention history either, the other sister had that covered! Wish I’d paid more attention now, fifty years later. Liberal arts and abstract thinking are way overrated.

    The dog comments make me laugh out loud!

    Love ya and the blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Who needs liberal arts, Latin, abstract thinking, history, or good grammar when you can sell just about anything to anybody!!

      Love you, too. Where the heck are you? Email me.

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