One Thousand Milestone!

Don’t laugh!

That’s right, don’t laugh, all you veteran bloggers and technogeeks!  I’m not ashamed to admit I was thrilled when I logged in this afternoon after work to see my sitemeter registering one thousand.  I know that’s a miniscule speck in the vast cyberspace, but in my tiny blog world, a thousand is amazing! 

Maybe someday I’ll read that paragraph and laugh,too!

For now, I appreciate each and every visit to my blog.  I have to tell you, my posts are okay.  However, the most interesting reading is found in the comments area.  Have you clicked on the comments below?

I haven’t been completely honest with you.

 When you only give part of a story and leave out equally important details, well, that’s not being honest… in my book.  What have I left out?  You see in the header above, Bridget and Spike?  Looks like I only have two pets.  I actually have four!  They were not included in the header because they are not part of the Canine Crew.  They didn’t make the cut!

Moving into the fulltime vagabonding lifestyle requires hard decisions. 

It is not realistic for me to attempt caring for more than two pets on the road, in the campgrounds, or when boondocking.  Too difficult to control and to ensure safety, and, quite frankly, too expensive for my reduced retirement income.  

Who am I leaving behind? 

My third dog, Janie, and Jumbo Kitty, also known as JK.  Now don’t be upset!  There is a very happy resolution of the situation.  Not only are Spike, Bridget and I starting a new, exciting life, so are Janie and JK!  I promise to tell you all about it and I’m sure you’ll agree both Janie and JK will be happy and well cared for. 

Jumbo Kitty

Miss Cinnamon Jane


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