Attention shoppers! A blue sky special!

The blue sky holds promise.


Like many people and canines across our country these days, the crew and I have been coping with cold temperatures and wind.  Our propane heater keeps us warm inside, which is where we stay except for quick walks in close proximity of the Best Little Trailer.


This morning the wind is gone and the sun is shining.  It’s still colder than I like.

Friday makes fourteen days at Juniper Hill Camp.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve set my sights on Monument Valley and surrounds for this spring.  However, it’s too early to go there now.  Lows in the twenties and teens are likely and all that flat landscape means wind — not fun to live in and certainly not fun to drive in.  The best way I can see to wait out the lingering cold of April is to backtrack southward.  We may not find a warmer place to boondock, but at least chances are it won’t be colder.

This is our second spring full-timing. 

I’m convinced that April is the most difficult month of all. It takes patience not to rush northward into cold and possible snow.  Campgrounds in this area tend to be at higher elevations, so they aren’t good options this time of year. I prefer to avoid RV parks if I can, no matter how beautiful or how many amenities.  That’s just the way I am — nothing against those who like RV parks.  So that leaves boondocking or dispersed camping, whatever you want to call it.

Every year my skill will improve.

I figure I’m making progress as a boondocker if I manage to avoid an April snowstorm this year.


Amazon made the first deposit to my checking account!

You may remember that I began posting links to Amazon some time around January 13th.  Payments to Amazon Associates are made two months after sales.  At the risk of being considered extremely tacky, I’m pleased to report the deposit for the two-and-a-half weeks of late January is $92.79!

February earning are expected to be $694.59 and March’s are expected to be $622.42 (maybe slightly less due to returns). Outstanding!

I’m overwhelmed by this great response.  What fantastic readers my blog has!

Thank you very much for your support.

I anticipate large expenses lie ahead for us — things like new tires, maybe a new transmission or other major repair.  It is reassuring having this extra income to set aside for those eventualities.

Filing income taxes used up my ambition for financial figures.

I’m late putting together the budget for March (See previous months under “Money” above.)  When I get around to working on it, I’ll post Amazon earnings separately.

Here’s why . . .  

I make my personal budget public on this blog in order to help people (especially people with limited retirement income like me) who wonder if it’s financially feasible for them to full-time, too.  I remember wanting that kind of information when I was considering a life on the road, and I couldn’t find it.  I plunged ahead anyway, mostly because once I got a vision of full-timing, any other way of life was unthinkable.  Since income from blog ads shouldn’t be relied upon, I won’t include it in my budget.

I realize that posting my Amazon earnings will encourage other RVing bloggers to monetize their blogs, possibly bringing my earnings down.  That’s okay with me.  I think all bloggers deserve some reward for their work, and I’m happy to see that happen!

Please do not do anything extraordinary to increase my sales.

I appreciate you wanting to help me and the crew.  Amazon’s robots pick up on any action that they perceive as a “scheme” to increase an Associate’s earnings, such as posting my links on another site, for example.  That’s a big no-no!

Again, thank you for your kindness in shopping Amazon through my blog.  I’ll be glad when warm weather comes, so the crew and I can search for exciting travel adventures to share with you!



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113 Responses to Attention shoppers! A blue sky special!

  1. Bee says:

    This “Amazon’s robots pick up on any action that they perceive as a “scheme” to increase an Associate’s earnings, such as posting my links on another site, for example. That’s a big no-no!” should of been in red. Amazon does not play around, they will pull your plug for anything to include a complaint that can not be easily, and QUICKLY addressed. You next money maker would be to contact the solar companies that you have listed on your header. They should be able to provide you a link for any -confirmed sales- that come from your blog. You may never get rich, but if you are going to go to the bother of maintaining your links and the information, you and Mick Kent ought to get an easy spiff from your well thought out information. (Thanks Mick, I appreciate solar made easy.)
    Let me know when you are ready for your next money maker.;-) Sell what you know, use and love.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Another no-no from Amazon is advertising links to sellers of products which Amazon sells. That’s why I do not seek commissions from any other company. If Amazon “pulls the plug” on my blog, then I’ll look elsewhere, but not until, and I hope it never comes to that.

  2. Dawn says:

    Your earnings from amazon are amazing and so very cool. Very good idea on your part.
    You can leave the southern desert, (SNAKES) drive up to central Nevada and boondock at Walker Lake, near Hawthorne, NV. Beautiful weather right now. Lots of bird watching. Mostly free, until ranger comes along which isn’t very often, if you pay, it is $2 or $3/night BLM. Also there is a rest stop on the Walker River, near Yerington, NV…about 50 miles uh, I think NE, from Walker Lake….free boondocking….says I think 3 days, but I have camped there for a month and no problem. In Hawthorne, (near Walker Lake), you can stay free at the casino if you want……free water and dump. Hawthorne is only ll miles south of Walker Lake and there is a Safeway for shopping and some amazing thrift stores.
    You should be able to get a really good signal at Walker Lake. Hope this helps.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great information, Dawn. I may go there, but not this spring. I want to make a loop through Monument Valley, Bluff, Moab, and on into Wyoming and Montana. Maybe on the return trip next fall . . . I’m sure readers appreciate the information, too.

  3. cozybegone says:

    That is so amazing…no idea you could make that kind of money. Takes the followers too and we all love you Sue! Jerry was reading about the snakes and yelled out “she has over 125 comments.” Since we are lacking the awning and may for awhile, a few nice forum men lead me toward a Paha Que Screen Room. Just plucked off Amazon. A nice chunk of change … not sure if you want to put in your shopping list. Like that it’s only 22lbs. P.S. We got our sweet little toaster :O)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It still surprises me to read about people talking about me in their homes or RVs.

      I saw that someone ordered the toaster. It is sweet! I’ve been enjoying toast every morning and plan on continuing until I feel the weight coming back. It’s a heavenly way to start the morning when you’ve been bread-deprived for months!

      I’m intrigued by this screen room (ca-ching, ca-ching). I’ll be happy to put it on the Shopping Links page (For your campsite). I’ve hesitated up until now as I have no experience with screen rooms. I hope you will give us feedback after you see it and try it.

      Thank you for your purchases! I feel the love! 🙂

  4. earthdancerimages says:

    Chuck and I have always shopped! We prefer Amazon to other online entities and we can always find what we want there at very reasonable prices! But now, it is nice to know of our friends is being helped to realize her dreams of life on the road everytime we make a purchase! We have had bad weather here too! BUT the wind is gone. 3 days of howling wind and dusty horizons kept us indoors too! How the heck am I gonna ever have a garage sale with all this wind ??? 🙂 Have fun and keep safe where ever you go !!! Send us some blue skies!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m pleased to be associated with Amazon for the reasons you mention, Geri.

      Yeah, there’s no point having a garage sale when everyone is trying to avoid the dust and the wind. Today is turning into a nice day here. I put the crew out in their pen. Of course, Bridget is whining because I’m inside and not out there with her.

      Usually the weather we get here is yours in NM in a few days… so consider the blue skies sent your way!

  5. Sharon Jacoby says:

    Do people have to purchase the items you have recommended or can they use your link to do a “regular” Amazon order & you get credit for it?

    I am following in your footsteps or tire tracks as of July 1st! Cannot wait!

    Take Care,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That question comes up often so I added a message at the top of the Shopping Links pages (For the road and campsite, and For your crew). There’s also a message regarding discreet items at the top of the page, For your home.

      You can go through any of my links and buy anything you want, and I get credit! Thanks for asking, Sharon.

      July will always be a special month for you! I can feel your anticipation . . .

  6. Susan in Dallas says:

    I’m so glad the Amazon connection has proved to be profitable. I’m not a monthly shopper, but I am most happy to go through your connection so you can benefit. Seems a small price indeed to be able to help you out for all the enjoyment your blog gives me.

    In Dallas we just had a big rainstorm and lots of winds as well as a big temperature drop. I should have known it was coming as all of my Iris were standing tall with 2 and 3 buds on each stalk. Bummer, but we sure need the rain.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I love irises! I had some purples in Georgia. My other favorite is peonies.

      Well, you’re right… The rain is needed.

      Thank you, Susan, for your kind words about shopping in a way that benefits my blog.

  7. Patrick A says:

    For shame for shame and you being a teacher…….instead of saying “Attention Shoppers! A Blue Sky Special!” I should read “Attention K-Mart Shoppers! Blue Sky Special”
    I just had to say I bad. (hanging my head in shame) Also I am going to do some shopping in a day or so.

  8. Terry says:

    I follow you religious and I have enjoyed it. My question: how are you getting Amazon to pay? That is wonderful income.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      After blogging for six months, you can submit an application to Amazon to become an Associate. If accepted, you get instructions on how to set up an account with Amazon and how to make links that give you credit for purchases.

  9. cinandjules (NY) says:

    The wind (no matter what the State of Wyoming thinks) is NOT your friend. At least the BLT is aerodynamic. Bet Spike and Bridget loved the present weather condition and the opportunity to stretch their legs. Inclement weather makes any size rig seem small.

    Good for you…..regarding your Amazon links. It only seems right that “ideas” written in this blog on what works for you as a full-timer generates a bit of moolah in the end. You have spent $$ to create/maintain this blog….the air card for example. Other indirect items include the wilson antenna to get a signal, a computer, solar panel and batteries for the power. It couldn’t happen without any one of the items.

    Don’t know how it works but I’m sure Amazon is going to send you some type of 1099 Form at the end of the year. What was the saying?? Death, taxes and cute little ole Spike!

    No need to worry about other RVbloggers sites….you’re site is damn good fun/ certainly have a serious following. I know I check it several times a day waiting for the next chuckle either from you, Spike or Bridget or a fellow reader. Good times!

    I think the hardest is to remember to USE the links. I go in spurts when it comes to shopping…but watch out when I do!

    Enjoy your evening…stay warm…tell Spike not to hog the heater! Thanks again for taking the time to write.

  10. Barb Brady says:

    Thanks a pretty significant income from Amazon, Sue. Thanks for posting all the details. I’m really hoping this is the year I’ll get on the road. I plan to start this Fall by boondocking in the Arizona area for the winter. Testing the waters, so to speak, to see if I want to go full time. Does anyone go kayaking in the winter months down there? I plan to bring my 8-footer down with me, but am wondering if I will find anyone to go play in the water with. Of course, I can always go out by myself on calm waters, but it’s more fun to share a good time.

    Barb Brady, Washington State

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I haven’t seen anyone kayaking in the winter in southern Arizona. Of course, I’m rarely around water. I imagine any body of water would be pretty cold at that time of year.

    • earthdancerimages says:

      Barb… try Patagonia Lake State Park way south of Tucson. I was camping there one winter and saw several canoes and kyaks on the water. But don’t fall in! That water was frigid!

  11. Mitchell says:

    Congratulations on the Amazon income, RVSue. Well done! …and well deserved. (Wait till December …it will probably triple!)

  12. ginger says:

    You’ll love the Monument Valley area. I was there in my Casita last year (May) and it was absolutely beautiful. Lots of wonderful things to photograph. Only down side was the wind and sand. Had several days of 40-50 mph wind and sand storms. Had that red sand in every nook and cranny of my trailer.

    Ginger, Washington State

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I guess the choice with Monument Valley is go early and risk sandstorms or go late and fry in the heat! It’s something to see, like Mt. Rushmore. I probably won’t be there long.

      • earthdancerimages says:

        You and your readers need to be aware that the first 5 miles down into Monument Valley is very, VERY rough! If you make it past that 5 mile mark, remember you still have to head back up that rough road!!! After 3 miles, Chuck turned around saying that it wasn’t worth destroying the front end. We contacted our Navajo friend and he recommended Holiday tours:
        We got to see much more of Monument Valley than if we had driven it ourselves! Nate Holiday was the perfect guide and it was just Chuck and I in his 4X4 jeep! No big tours, very nice with just the 3 of us. The link above will introduce you to Monument Valley and Holiday Tours. I really cannot reccommend this enough! Very affordable and like Chuck says a lot cheaper than a new front end!

        • Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

          I just read the blogspot you posted above. That was amazing. I so much want to see that! From the description, it reminded me of my visit to Uluru in Australia which is a holy place for the indigenous people there. I stayed far away from the big tours and crowds. It was a very spiritual experience. I hope to visit it in the same way you did.

  13. AZ Jim says:

    I would hate for you to get into trouble with Amazon so to take away all the rhetoric and making it simple, just use the link at the top of the blog to purchase whatever you want from Amazon. Sue will get credit for the purchase but to avoid any possible problem, do not go to any other method to help her, just buy what you want, need, nothing else. Let’s keep this gal on the road and blogging so we can share the adventure.

  14. I am so glad the Amazon link is working for you!!! Can you tell if what I ordered was credited to you? When I clicked your link, it logged me in right to my account.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s amazing technology at work. If you click one of my links, it (Amazon) not only recognizes you as a shopper, it also recognizes my link as the portal you used to enter. I saw the order you told me about. I assure you, I get credit, whether a 99-cent e-book or a big, pricey item.

      BTW, I only see the orders, not who bought what.

  15. Judie from Alabama says:

    Congrats on the Amazon income-so glad it’s working for u. Every little bit helps. Ur such an inspiration to us all! Hope u guys can stay comfortable temperature-wise. It’s in the 80’s here now and just a couple weeks ago it was raining miserably. Very happy to have the sunshine but hoping it doesn’t get any warmer for awhile.

  16. Although I read and enjoy each one of your posts, I have not commented in quite some time. I have been very ill since Thanksgiving. When you mentioned your Amazon earnings though, I had to respond. I am so excited for you and glad I could play a small part in that! As a regular reader it is so nice to see you receive a small reward for sharing your blog with us. Stay safe, and hug Bridget and Spike for me!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m so sorry you’ve been sick for such a long time, Robin! I admit I don’t keep up with other people’s blogs. By the time I finish mine I need to get away from blogs. So I didn’t know. I pray you regain your health soon.

  17. Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing . I am addicted to Sue & the Crew.

  18. mockturtle says:

    I order a lot from Amazon so I figure I may as well order it through your portal! In the near future I’ll be ordering an Olympian Wave 6 heater if you are happy with your Wave 3.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I am very happy with my Wave 3. It takes some getting used to starting it with the pieta switch, but now I do it without thinking about it. I’m happy to hear you will place your orders through my links. Thanks!

      • mockturtle says:

        Your welcome! I’ve already placed several orders in the past couple of months. Glad it helps you! 🙂

      • mockturtle says:

        Do you tie your Wave 3 into your propane tanks or do you use a separate tank?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Click on this link: “Catalytic Heater Installation.” In that blog entry you will see a photo of the the heater propane line attached to the refrigerator propane line.

          Thank you for placing “several orders” through my links.

          • mockturtle says:

            Thank you! When I recently had my MH in the local RV service facility for maintenance, I asked them if they would hook up a cat heater to my propane line [under the stove would be a good place] and they said ‘no’! So I guess I’ll have to find a place that will. I want it on legs and portable rather than wall-mounted and I want a quick connect valve.

            • mockturtle says:

              Well, I went ahead and ordered it, along with a low pressure gas regulator with 12′ hose, legs, and cover. Hope I can find someone who can/will tie into my propane. Thank you again for the great photo links! 🙂

  19. mary ann says:

    congratulations on the new income stream, sue! you do a great job and put so much into it. even though i’ll always be a ‘landlubber’ here in mississippi, i must be an rver at heart because i enjoy following along. also,you happen to have the nicest readers~good folks!

  20. sue, congrats on the amazon income. There are so many people enjoying your blog and so happy to order through your amazon acct. you must be honored. How good it must feel to bring the freedom you enjoy to so many and then to see them want to pay you back. Good things come to good people sista. Hugs!! You really are blessed and we love you for it. Sniff…:) Kris

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You expressed how I feel better than I could have, Kris. It isn’t just money that warms my heart 🙂 when I see that readers are more than willing to send their Amazon business my way. I think back to the days, no years, that I wondered if I could make full-timing work and now, here I am, being blessed beyond anything I imagined while living full-time “on the road.” Dreams do come true.

  21. gingerda says:

    Wow, congrats…that is great news about the Amazon earnings. I agree with what cinandjules said. You do have a fun blog to read. Although I don’t comment every time, I do read every post you put on here.
    Ginger Las Vegas

  22. Jan says:

    Congratulations! That is a nice monthly chunk of money. I hope it stays continuous for you. And I love hearing the ” financial reports” you give me hope where I did not have for the future. And being a boon docker when I go off on vacations it is great to see how you manage it. You are leading the path for us women. How great we get to read your postings. Lucky us I say.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Blogging is a win-win situation for all of us! I appreciate the feedback on the financial reports. Maybe I’ll get busy on March’s figures!

      Which reminds me… I’m a terrible procrastinator and trying to blog every day helps me work on overcoming that tendency… somewhat. I still skip a lot of days, but I’m trying to do better. Sweet comment, Jan… great way for me to start my morning.

  23. Ms. Minimal says:

    Your amazon sales are awesome! When able, I am a frequent amazon shopper & have used your link once. I will definitely continue as I find myself feeling the pull…. Hope you Tfind a relatively warm spot through the end of April. We have slept with our windows open the last two nights and it has been divine. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Windows open, warm breezes, a starry sky, peace and quiet . . . ahhh . . . Just a few of the things to love about this life away from the crowds. I appreciate your frequent comments and thanks for using my Amazon links.

  24. Donna Daniel says:

    I have a question. Just looking around my house I think I could easily get rid of the major portion of “stuff” but what did you do about the sentimental things? I just can’t seem to let them go even though I have the memories in my head! Mostly it’s sentimental things that others have given me not necessarily anything that “I” bought. And I also have extensive movie and music libraries.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I took large boxes, put the name of family members on them, and sorted my sentimental stuff. Then I drove to Florida and Mississippi and delivered the stuff to my sisters. I found that a lot of my sentimental stuff had family history that my sisters and their families could relate to. Some items, like WWII items from my father and uncle, went to an historical association.

      I admit I didn’t have a lot of sentimental stuff because I’m not a souvenir kind of person, I’m not a collector, and I’m more analytical than sentimental. And, oddly, it seems like all my life I’ve been the giver, rarely the receiver, of gifts.

      Once I got started giving away my personal stuff, it became easier, and eventually liberating. Good luck, Donna!

    • CT says:

      I had quite a few family heirlooms to find homes for when we went fulltime. Nearly all went to family members. I kept a few small items to take along in the RV. I also took photos of the big items that had special memories attached. The photos are digital so they don’t take up any physical room, but I can look at the photos & still fondly remember those sentimental pieces.

  25. Tom Moore says:

    Hi Sue,
    My better half bought a bike last night through your site and if it’s what they says it is we will buy one for me.
    Sharon is an avid reader and buys a lot of books through her kindle. Is there a way that can be set up so you get credit?
    We enjoy your blog and talk about you like we know you. Keep on blogging, we are out here waiting for you next installment.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Tom… Only a few minutes ago I was looking at my daily reports from Amazon and saw that someone purchased a bike. Very nice choice, BTW! Thank you.

      No, there isn’t any Amazon-approved way of buying books through a kindle that would give credit for the sale to me. (If anyone reading this should find a way, please do NOT do that.) I appreciate Sharon wanting her e-book purchases to benefit me.

      Just for clarification for readers, kindle books ordered through any of my links give me credit. However, if you enjoy the convenience of ordering through your kindle, keep doing that. 🙂

      So you talk about me like you know me… That makes me chuckle. You probably do know more about me than you do about your real-life friends. Think about it… Do you know how much (down to the penny) your friend spent for groceries in, let’s say, January 2013? 🙂

      • Tom Moore says:

        Your right we do know you better than some of our friends and family.
        We have bought the toad and have the motorhome picked out and have started looking forward to the estate sale to rid ourselves of all this STUFF.
        I am working on a spread sheet for our budget and you and other bloggers have made that much easier than it would have been on our own.
        You have taken much of the fear out of our decision to be full timers.
        I also got my sister who is widowed and just retired to start following your blog. I think she would be a great fit for your lifestyle.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          How exciting, Tom! Your toad, motor home, estate sale, budgeting, overcoming fear, and now maybe your sister RVing, too!

          You are well on your way to a new way of life. I’m very happy for you.

  26. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Who pray tell is shaking the snow globe? Ummm……….we woke up to lake effect snow! Can someone pleeeeeeze tell mother nature that winter SHOULD be over!

    Have a wonderful day!

  27. Reina (new in CO) says:

    Hi Sue,
    Did you ever think about visiting the Sierra Vista, AZ in the southeast corner of the state? I don’t know anything about RV camping there and I don’t think you’re allowed to do that inside Fort Huachuca but you can always get inside, after security clearance, and hike, see colorful trogons and other birds. Sierra Vista is famous for birds migrating from Mexico and other farther destinations. Right now it’s a great time to see all migrating birds. Just take a walk along San Pedro River and bring your binoculars. There is so much to do in that area. Bisbee is only a short drive. Then Tombstone is interesting and I always see RVers in that area. Kartchner Caverns are fantastic but I know dogs are not allowed on any of the tours. There is no place in this country where you can see more spices of hummingbirds than in around Sierra Vista. So instead of one hummingbird feeder you would need many more.

    I admire your bravery and making your expenses public. That is not easy thing to do for many of us. You’re getting a great income from Amazon and I’m glad to contribute to it. I know you’re way too young to receive social security but once you get that you need to be careful how much extra income you get from Amazon. I noticed your monthly food expenses and my goal is to spend this much but what I find difficult that I buy too much stuff. I’m beginning learning how to shop and cook for one. It is a very hard task after my husband’s death. You’re a great inspirations and I’m thankful for your help.

    • Reina (new in CO) says:

      I wish there was some way to make corrections after posting. There are so many of them in my one post. Getting back to hummingbirds, I’m not sure about their spices but I know you could see about 14 species if you happen to get to Miller Canyon. In Nogales there is one place that has over 120 feeders. Bring a big bag of sugar with you. Feeders have to be refilled at least twice a day. Some hummingbirds make stopover there before they continue to Alaska.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Reina…

      My condolences on the loss of your husband. I can imagine how it would be difficult to scale down to shopping/cooking for one after years of habit for two.

      I have found that when I over-buy it’s usually stuff that keeps well because full-timing in a small trailer doesn’t allow for large quantities of perishables. It all works out. In fact, often times I’m glad I bought a lot of food when a good (cheap) grocery is available and then I already have the food when in an area where food prices are high.

      Yes, I do want to visit southeastern Arizona. That was my plan for this spring. However, circumstances appeared that made me put off the Tombstone-Bisbee-Sierra Vista-Patagonia-etc. route. (I’ll explain in a future post.) Thank you for the great information, especially interesting for a bird-lover like myself and many of my blog readers.

      Sweet of you to say I’m too young for Soc. Sec… Not hardly! I project that the Amazon income should put me right under the ceiling allowed re: taxes.

  28. Wonderful news on the earnings Sue, what a blessing.

    One thing I do on my sites where I use Amazon is add the Amazon Search Widget for Associates. I put it at the top with a note letting everyone know that the ads I have listed are not all that is available; so if you don’t see what you’re looking for use this search box to locate your item at Amazon. You can create a custom search that will search specific categories, or just a general search that covers everything.

    To have it add your associate id you must login to your account first, then go to

    After you finish styling the widget click on add to my webpage at the bottom, this will display the widget code.

    This works very well for me; just something to ponder on if you haven’t already.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Bob… I appreciate all the effort you put into your comment. You’re very thoughtful.

      However, WordPress does not support widgets, unless the site is self-hosted. That is why I only have what are called “product links” instead of actual Amazon ads. I wanted to place an Amazon search box. I struggled trying to place a search box and other ad widgets when I first signed on to Amazon, until I finally figured out the problem.

  29. Hey RVSue!

    Great job! YAY! I’ve been so excited since I read this yesterday at work (your blog is my guilty pleasure at work). I agree with crazybegone, we love you! Way to go! *happy dance still going on here* Oh my gosh, I’ll admit, I thought about putting your links on my blog but it’s not really much to look at now, until we take off, so thank you so much for telling us not to do that! I couldn’t have been the only one thinking that.

    I’m always so happy to read your blog, always. Thank you!

    Hi Rusty, Timber, Bridge, Spikey, and your friends here too! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      All this love! I’m not used to being cared about so much. 🙂 What a sweet, supportive comment. Thank you, Carrie. I’m pretty excited, too, about the way my readers have shopped on my links. I never imagined it would start out being so successful.

      I feel guilty about not posting today, especially after reading you are always happy to read my blog. I woke up with a headache and it took all day to get rid of it. Now I’m totally drained. I’m sure after a night’s rest I’ll be back to my ol’ self, whatever that is. I’d like to move camp tomorrow!

      • I know the feeling and with those headaches you sure don’t need to be looking at a computer screen when they’re going on! I hope you never feel guilty about not writing, your freedom and spontaneity are some of the great things about your blog. I think everyone wants what’s best for you whether it’s writing or relaxing. So glad you’re feeling better today!

        Oh my gosh, COZYbegone is so sweet too! I didn’t mean to call her “crazy”! That was a Freudian slip on my part if I ever did see one! I’m the crazy one, waiting for “take off” I have been going a little nuts but wanting my crazy to be gone! She commented on my blog and has a great sense of humor about it. Thanks Cozy! 🙂

        Can’t wait to see your new camp Sue! Hope it’s perfect for you and your crew!

  30. dawnkinster says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I was thinking about you today wondering if people suggest places and I see from all these comments that they do! I personally can not wait till you get to Monument Valley. Went there as a kid and would love to see it again. Nice that the Amazon thing is working too. I have two of you that I use when I want to order something..I just bounce between the two of you. I don’t order much..but it will always be from yours or her portals! 🙂

  31. Wayne Scott says:

    Congrats on the success. I agree that April is a tough month. We will be in the west this time of year going forward. Good info on the conditions there, thank you Sue. And yes it will be nice when things warm up, burr.

  32. gingerda says:

    I just ordered a book from Amazon by clicking on the link up at the top of page. So hopefully you get some credit from it. This book is a novel written by a friend of mine…so I am excited to get it and read it. First time I’ve ever known anyone that published a book. lol.
    Ginger Las Vegas

  33. DesertHawk says:

    SouthEast AZ might be a good idea for Spring (April/May) boondocking.
    Chiricahua National Monument out from Wilcox is great, been there will go back. Has a nice campground as well. but not free.

    Up above the Nat’l Mon’t there is dispersed sites in the Nat’l Forest.

    Still have some wind now & again, dust at times. Shouldn’t have much in the way of rain, less likely to have snow.

    Monument Valley area, never been there in Spring. Mostly Navajo Lands (may not be easy to find free sites), a stay at Goosenecks State Park (never been but have read a lot of good reports about it) might work. No fee for camping either.

    Might want to go by Navajo National Monument in Arizona on the way to the Valley. Never been but seems like a place to see, free campgrounds as well (I believe). I seem to remember a campground off this road as well. Checking Google Maps, there is a Wind Whistle CG.

    Canyon de Chelly does have a campground but with a small fee.

    Not sure of the land….BLM or what on the way to Moab on US 191….West turn on Co Rd 133/Needles Overlook Rd takes one out to the overlook. We did that years ago, neat country. Overlook looks down into Canyonland Nat’l Prk I believe.

    Click to access canymap.pdf

    Seems to be BLM CG
    Might be some disperse sites as well being BLM? But $7.50 isn’t too bad.

    Ever given the Gila Nat’l Forest a thought for using in the Spring? Over by Silver City. Never really done any Spring camping over there, can’t say how it would be exactly.

    There are some nice boondocking/dispersed sites by two of the forks of the Gila River (after desending down into the Gila canyon with a nice bridge over the River), Grapevine Campground is a few miles before you get to Dr. Campbell’s store at Gila Hot Springs. There is a road down to the river by the bridge to the East Fork of the Gila with trees and shaded sites. After crossing the bridge, there is a mesa-like area with another road down to the Middle/West Fork joined Gila River with dispersed sites by the river, large cottonwoods, etc. These were very nice places to camp (However, I have not been there in years). The drive down by the river from the mesa was kind of a steep one. But not too bad.

    To camp by the Gila River, one must desend from the paved road down steepish hills, but there is some dispersed sites on the upper “mesa” above the River. This is near the site of two forks of the Gila meeting/joining to form the Gila River. These are the Upper and Lower Scorpion Campgrounds it seems. The Nat’l Mon’t Link has them listed better than I was able.

    There are 3 forks, the MIDDLE FORK & the WEST FORK join closer to the Cliff Dwellings, near the vistor center. It seems the stream becomes the Gila River when they join up. At the Bridge where the camping sites are near the EAST FORK joins up. There are hot springs up the Middle/East Fork Gila just off the river, but if you walk up to them, DO NOT get the water up the nose. There can be deadly amoebae in them (a killer water-borne amoeba known as naegleria fowleria).

    It is a drive back into this area from Lake Roberts. Some very steep roads to desend and climb out of, but paved. Camping near the Nat’l Mon’t as well.

    Over by the Lake Roberts area, there is a forest road which skirts or borders both the Gila Wilderness and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness with many despersed sites along the road. Take North Star Road off NM 35 which will later turn into NM 61 with leads to Wall Lake and Beaverhead area and a paved hwy NM 59 which leads one to the Winston and Chloride Area with many more despersed sites. Or angle to the west and one can go to Snow Lake & Willow Creek area and over to Mogollon and to Glenwood.

    Now that Tioga George has ‘retired’ from being the Vagabond Supreme, I believe you have taken over the reins to that title. Congrats! On become so well of a Vagabond.

  34. Lefty says:

    I am still preparing to leave as soon as I get my act together. I must still get rid of my accumulation of “STUFF”. One step closer to leaving is that about a month ago, I adopted a dog. So far she seems as if she will be a good traveling companion.
    Almost every time I read your blog and the comments, there are places of interest. I make a note of them in my atlas. I boondocked in the ’80s for five years and am going to do it again soon.

    Mr. Vagabum A.K.A. Lefty

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome to my blog, Lefty! You’ll probably find some things about boondocking have changed (more regs in the National Forests for instance) and some things have stayed the same (the joy!). Congratulations on adopting a co-pilot. Smart decision!

      I appreciate you reading my blog. It makes me happy to learn that you get boondocking ideas from me and my readers.

  35. Mel (Melanie from NV) says:

    Heads up RVSue and to your readers,,,, Today for the first time and for some reason, my Kapernsky Anti Virus software blocked your website with an “ACCESS DENIED” and message: “URL: Blocked by Web Anti-Virus Reason: phishing URL.” Maybe the new Amazon links are giving my security software a spaz attack?? Anyway, I overrode the message and everything still looks normal and ok on the site but just wanted to share the info. Glad is all well with you and the crew, We had an inch of snow this past monday and it was 70 on Wednesday and forecasted for 71 again today! Gotta love Northern Nevada – never boring weather!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mel . . . There are so many links on this blog… both in my nearly 500 posts and the comments under them. No telling what caused that to happen. I don’t think it’s Amazon (I’m very pro-Amazon these days!) I appreciate you reporting it.

      Oh my, an inch of snow… I’m sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt and, nope, no snow! (Ooh, that’s so mean!)

  36. Mel, I checked the site using a dozen Phishing detectors and all is clear. Kapersky is well known for reporting ads as phishing urls, nothing we can do but what you did.

  37. Mark says:

    You have an awesome website. It’s fun to follow other bloggers that enjoy camping and living on the road full time. My family bought plain white Ford Club wagon last summer. Kids are small enough that we can all sleep inside comfortably. I built a platform bed that sleeps my wife and I. The kids each get a full size bench seat. All of our gear goes under the platform bed. We limo tinted the windows. We can camp in stealth anywhere.

    We sure would like to live and travel full time too. Keep up your blogging as I enjoy your posts.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Mark. What a great spirit of adventure you have! Just because you have small children doesn’t mean you have to stay home. You have the opportunity to teach your children to love and respect nature. Have fun!

  38. Ron Sears says:

    Hi Sue, just a quick question….if I go through Amaizon through your site to buy a GPS will you recieve credit for it??

  39. BadKat New Orleans says:

    Your camera takes wonderful pictures. Hope you could share what kind is it? Fulltiming now and mine is not cutting it…help!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      My camera is a Panasonic DMC-TZ3 Lumix, 10X digital zoom. I love it. Very easy to use, very easy to insert and remove the battery and memory card.

  40. rvsueandcrew says:

    READERS: I apologize again for not posting today. It was a very busy day, but a good one! We’re at a new camp and I want to tell you all about it. I’m getting five steady bars here with the antenna up. For some reason, which is maddening, my computer is operating so slowly that posting is impossible. It’s even hard to make comments post! I’ll try again in the morning (Arizona time).

  41. Kay says:

    Hello Spikey! Hello Princess Bridget! Hello RVSue!

    I am half thawed out! I took a fall on the top of the motor home and sprained my tendon and something else in my DRIVING LEG. Off to PT for some painful therapy, although, I am not about to let it stop me.

    I am excited to see what the crew has been up to. OCD Rowdy has now figured out how to open his door to the kennel and then stand there and look at me and if I move just the slightest, he’s off on a 80MPH circle through the house. He’s such an A.D.D child.

    The RV is back at the shop as I am having them modify the laundry cabinet so I can have a stackable washer and dryer instead of the all-in-one unit. Then, it’s headed to get the transmission serviced, and Monday, the Suburban heads in to be fitted to tow. That makes me very happy. I love my Suburban and missed it last year a lot.

    I am an Amazon Prime (whatever it means) and have to set up on the website for the trinkets. When I talked to them the gal told me the “24-hour window” she explained if I went to someone’s website and clicked an amazon link a window opens and anything I purchase in that 24 hour window the website owner gets credit. I asked her if I put Amazon links on the site could I also place other advertising ads from other companies on the site and the same page. She told me yes, if that is what I want to do. This was for the “Associate” part. Since my site is involving (something to be announced) I have much work to do yet. Just thought I would share that with you. I also found out another really cool thing and I thought about all the RVers when I learned of it… again, to be announced.

    My plan is to start this journey the end of the month, that is, if, Mr. Winter will go hibernate. Going to be in the low 70’s today, then back to more snow for the first three days of the week. It just CRAZY weather this year.

    Well, the Tylenol seems to have settled my leg down and I think I will return to bed and try to get a few more hours of sleep.

    I hope the snakes are few and far between. I hope the cattle aren’t following the BLT around. Poor Spikey was hard at work the last month. I hope you don’t mind, I shared that picture of Bridget in the stroller with my daughter. She used to use little brother’s stroller to haul her dogs around the neighborhood when she was a 3rd grader. When I saw that picture of Bridget I just laughed as it reminded me of what my daughter did twenty some odd years ago. She laughed and said Bridget looks like she knows how to get pampered very well. She’s following your blog now, she’s a lover of dogs too.

    Take care RVSue and the Crew!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Kay! I’m so sorry you hurt yourself! I hope you heal up quickly. Sounds like you’ll be traveling in style and comfort once you have your rig how you want it.

      Spike has OCD, too! One of the few things I miss about our big house is watching Spike run from one end to the other like a maniac, just like your Rowdy. He’d spin out on the turns — hilarious!

      Of course it’s fine that you shared the photo of Bridget in the stroller with your daughter. I can imagine you both having a good laugh recalling memories from your daughter’s childhood. I welcome her to my blog!

  42. libertatemamo says:

    Regarding Monument Valley the tribal dry-camping campground at the rim is definitely closed (until summer), but there is a small dirt lot around 1 mile towards the visitor center/view hotel where you can park for $10 per night. Still very pretty views there. We had a blast! Enjoy your visit.

    • libertatemamo says:

      Oh and lots more boondocking once you get past the tribal area into SE Utah. It’s all BLM land around here. We’re currently boondocked by the rim of the canyon at Gooseneck State Park. Awesome! Weather is chilly in the AM, but warm in the afternoon.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks for all the helpful information, Nina. I’ve been thinking of you ever since I read online it was going down into the teens in the night. It’s nice that it’s not hot during the day. I was hoping there was an alternate camping spot near the visitor center. That will work out well for us. Glad to hear you are finding great adventures!

        • libertatemamo says:

          The camping spot next to the visitor center is the one that’s closed, sadly. I just rechecked the website and it won’t open until Dec 2013. The other dry camping place is not as nice, but still as decent views. Oh, by the way only 1X Verizon signal even with antenna/amp, so veery slow going on the Internet 🙂

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