They’re baa-ack!

Saturday, March 23

After a week of hardly anyone around our campsite on BLM land located northwest of Phoenix, the weekend does bring out some ATVers, as well as people walking the trail from the Escapees’ North Ranch.  Even so, this is an exceptionally peaceful camp.  I wile away the morning reading my kindle, perusing my atlases, and soaking up some sun.

I expect a visitor this afternoon.

Bob Wells of, a neighboring camper at our recent Saddle Mountain camp, comes by with his dog Homer.  Bob is camped not far from here on Ricon Road, Wickenburg.  Of course, Bridget and Spike are happy to see Homer again, and Bob is always good company.


I invite Bob and Homer to take a walk with me and the crew.

1-P1030125We walk the lane that will take us to an overlook.  On the way I point out a former campsite of mine that is the next best thing to where I’m presently camped.  I invite Bob to move to this place.  I do believe Bob loves the desert as much as I do!

We enjoy relaxed conversation on the walk and later at my campsite.

Sunday, March 24

I’m busy at my laptop, and Bridget and Spike sleep next to me on our bed, deep into a morning nap.  Bridget wakes up with a start, letting rip with her signature scream-bark which drills into the deaf ears of Spike and involuntarily lifts me off the bed.  In a flash Bridget and Spike spring to the floor and bolt out the door, barking frantically as they go.

I chase after them.

Spike darts between the PTV and BLT, jumping over the solar connection cable.  Bridget hops over, too, close behind.  Spike is hot on the tails of a herd of heifers, chasing them down our driveway into the scrub brush, barking with terrier intensity and not the least bit intimidated by the thundering hooves.

Bridget stops midway as if to say to herself, “What am I running for?  Spike can handle this.”   She walks back to the driveway and sits down.


“Good job, Spikey!  You ran them off good!”  He stops to let me award him a congratulatory pat on the back.  “We don’t want those bad cows bothering us any more, do we.”


Spike and I walk over to Bridget.

Bridget looks up at me. 

“You did a good job, too, Bridget.  You sounded the alarm.  No telling what they would’ve gotten away with if it weren’t for you.”  She lifts her butt out of the sand and wiggles it proudly.

Soon we’re back as before.  

The crew rests quietly and my face is in the laptop.  You can guess what happens next.  Scream-bark.  Bolt out the door.  Frantic barking.  Thundering hooves.  Spike chases until he determines the heifers are a safe distance away, and then trots back to the dirt lane.  I catch up with Spike, take out my camera, and photograph the marauders.  Here’s two of them.


“What a sneaky bunch, huh, Spike?  This time they came around the other side thinking they’d flank us.  Well, you sure did let them know you don’t sleep on the job.  Well, you do, but they can’t pull anything over on you.  You’re a fine heifer-chaser, Spike.”

Spike, Bridget and I stare at the heifers.

The heifers stare back.  “Wait a minute!  I KNOW THOSE TWO!  It’s the notorious Blondie and her accomplice, Whiteface!”

Mug Shots


Throughout the rest of the day, Spike is on alert. 

He lies in the doorway of the BLT, on the outdoor rug, or in the sandy driveway, constantly surveying the landscape.  Periodically he gets up and patrols the perimeter.  He takes his work seriously.


1-P1030136The Bridge and I feel safe knowing our fearless Spike is on the job, protecting us and our property from the bovine menace that stalks our campsite and threatens the tranquility of our peaceful home.



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66 Responses to They’re baa-ack!

  1. Barb says:


  2. Jean &Skip says:

    Fearless Spike what a good guy he is, good thing Bridget can sound the alarm for him.

  3. Katy in NH says:

    Way to go Bridget and Spikey !!!!!
    Those are the sweetest mug shots – but can’t let them fool me.. The cows are devils!

  4. Mick and Casey (soon to be Travels with Casey) says:

    I and Casey (my fierce 10lb. Yorkie) hope one day to meet you and Bob and all the fur babies! I’m a fan of Bob’s site and blog, and I’ve been following you since you hit the road. Thanks to you both, I have a much clearer idea of what I’ll be doing in retirement — a few years away, but alas, as we know, time has a way of slipping up on us. Casey loves car trips, so I’m sure he’ll love life on the road. I follow about half-a-dozen other blogs, but yours is not only one of the most useful, but also very well written, full of worthwhile insights.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Lovely compliments, Mick. Thank you and also for following my blog since the beginning. Blogs and forums helped me a lot when I was planning for my retirement.

      I’m sure your Casey will take to the road and love it. “Travels with Casey” — great blog name!

  5. Joan Connor says:

    Wonderful writing about wonderful dogs!

  6. Mark Watson says:

    …”You can guess what happens next. Scream-bark. Bolt out the door. Frantic barking. Thundering hooves.”…
    That’s the point in this situation – comedy episode I started laughing out loud too.

  7. diaryqueen says:

    Bridget sounds a lot like my Pugweiler (picture it…a snarky Pug with an attitude forcing himself on a clearly less-than-aggressive Rottweiler…). Her name is Minerva Lucy Winnifred (she had her first birthday on February 4th) and when she gets into her “princess” mode we call her Min-lu-win so that she sounds like the Chinese royalty of her ancestry. When she goes bold, we see the Rotty and call her Fraulein Minerva Veeneefred…they bring us such laughter, yes? Enjoy the Crew and do bring back the “Canine Corner!” Appreciate the warmth – we are supporting the Ohio prosecutor who is taking Punxsutawney Phil to task for fraud as we stare at another 6+ inches of snow on this 5th day of spring…that darned groundhog!! Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can tell you have a grand time and laugh a lot in the company of Ms. Minerva Lucy Winnifred. How can people live without a dog? They add so much to life.

      I read about the snow in the national news and find it hard to believe you’re still dealing with snow. It will be APRIL soon.

      Enjoy your evening, too!

  8. PatrickA says:

    Shame for shame on you Spike…..not only are you trying to wake the dead…..but you and Sue and the Crew are squatting on the heifers territory!!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, Patrick… There’s such a thing as squatters rights and those heifers have acres and acres on which to poop and slobber, so they can just . . . GO AWAY!

      • PatrickA says:

        They should learn to share. Maybe they need better table manners….where do they get off poopin’ and slobberin’ all over the place anyway?

  9. sierrasue123 says:

    Always good to have a good dog or two patrolling the area isnt it?? I mean realy you dont want those cows slobberring on the BLT or leaving cowpatties round the campfire.
    Good job kids !!! Dogs need a job to do anyway and it sounds like they have plenty of work at your current campsite.

  10. cozybegone says:

    MUG shots….really put me over the edge. Rolling out of my chair laughing! Those heifers best beware when Spike is on a mission and Bridget tunes in as your protector! P.S. Found our wire – a remnant of #3 on discount. Now awaiting a foot of snow to melt from today and getting a fresh new blog set up is testing me…itsacozylife got hacked! I need Spike for protection :O)

  11. cinandjules (NY) says:

    You got me laughing once again.
    I thought that was Blondie……………good job Spike and Bridget! No green slobber or cow puckies to roll in. Yes you guys can coexist but gee whiz the desert area around you is huge. Perhaps they are just saying hello.
    The mugshots were great! The one of Spike on patrol is classic. Looks like he means business!
    Hopefully Sue rewarded you with your favorite rotisserie chicken.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Actually I wanted to grill some chicken breasts to share with the crew for supper. My freezer is so good, the dang things are taking forever to thaw. I did have some deli turkey slices which were scarfed down. Maybe tomorrow we can grill.

  12. earthdancerimages says:

    YaY Spikey and Bridget! What a brave pair of bovine bushwackers! hahahhaaa Thanks for the good laughs Sue and Crew!

  13. Tia in North Carolina says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if a Rancher follows your blog and recognizes his cows? Ha Ha
    Flew to Dallas today for a week of business meetings. All I can think about is New Mexico is right next door, and how much I want to travel that beautiful state. All because of reading your blog. Stay safe. Love to read your story.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You mean a rancher finds out and we have the beginning of . . . range wars!

      I can understand the urge to flee your Dallas hotel and run to the hills of New Mexico. Someday . . .

  14. Naomi0611 says:

    Hahahaha! Oh Sue, you have me laughing out loud today! I could just see Miss. Bridge wiggling her bottom proudly! I love all animals, but these heifers obviously have some kind of criminal intentions, lol! And the crew is quite fierce!

  15. placestheygo says:

    Way to go Spike! What a great watch dog! And the darling alarm herself, Bridget…way to go, too. I can’t blame you one bit for not wanting the slobbers around. Not to mention the cow plops!!

  16. Rita from Phoenix says:

    Good job Spike & Bridget!!

  17. Well you got a BIG laugh and lots of giggles from me tonight. My husband was trying to watch tv and finally gave up and let me read the blog to him. He’s a dog lover and it got him to laughing too. Just luva, luva, luv your blog!!!

  18. Gayle says:

    Saw this on PBS yesterday and thought of you and your hummingbird fascination and the feeders. HERE’S A MUST SEE:
    “Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air.” WOW! Go to search bar and enter Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air. There is an entire episode, 50 minutes, to view online! There is a 30-second advertising spot, but don’t click that one. Fascinating! There will be a run on hummingbird feeders on Amazon if we all see this!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Gayle… Sounds like something I want to see… I’ll look after I reply to comments and emails.

      Yes! Buy your hummingbird feeders HERE! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Fascinating creatures and video! I was particularly impressed by the hummingbird whose beak is longer than his body. Amazing and beautiful. Thanks, Gayle. I’d rather watch a hummingbird video than anything on television.

  19. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    The lone tree at your campsite may be what is drawing those range cows in. They probably got use to laying in the shade under that tree [as skimpy as it is]. Possession is 9/10ths of law, so the saying goes, so now you are in possession. Post a guard and set the alarm system for Blondie & Whiteface. Have no fear…for Spikey is here.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No excuses for these heifers! If this is their favorite, shady spot, why were there no hoof marks or poop piles anywhere in this area when we arrived? Also… There are enough shady washes and trees. They’re nosy!

  20. EmilyO from KS says:

    Aren’t you in/around the old Bayfield spot from last year? I was “thinking” that word was passed down to these youngsters that last year there was this nice dog named Pheebe that would actually go and “kiss” the 4-legged critters. Whoops, guess not and they are confused! Where’s that nice doggie?

  21. Tammy says:

    Spike looks like he is in pounce maneuver, like a cat on a mouse. So funny! Wanted to tell you we received our fence area and LOVE it. Really nice. The dogs may have a different idea. It will be so nice to put them in it and not have them getting all tangled up in their leases. Of course with all this snow we may have to shovel out an area to up it up.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I know you love your fence, because it’s great! Tie-outs are a pain in the neck, both for the owner and for the dogs. Having the portable pen opens up options for the dogs… You can take them to unfamiliar places with people all around, and the dogs are secure yet able to enjoy what’s going on. Like I said on the “For your crew” page, I take 8 sections when we’re invited to dinner at another campsite. Thanks for the feedback, Tammy.

      Why do I get the feeling I’ll have readers writing about snow all year long? Is it never going to end?

  22. Kay says:

    ROFL…. Spikey on Patrol!!!! I love it. He is SERIOUSLY on patrol of the compound. Then I see the mug shots and busted up laughing. They stood so nice for you to take their picture. I have a feeling those two criminals will be back after the chicken is grilled. Great Post, thank you for the laughs RVSue. Congrats to Spike and Bridget for a good days work.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Today I’m grilling the chicken. I’ll put Spike on heightened alert. All it takes is for Bridget to sound the alarm (which, BTW, is shrill enough to churn butter).

      I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Kay.

  23. Ms. Minimal says:

    Go Spike & Bridge!!. You guys totally rock!! Although the cows are hardened criminals, they are beautiful. 🙂

  24. Kellee says:

    I just spit coffee on my keyboard! Thanks for the am laugh!

  25. Karen (Minnesota) says:

    Slobbering and pooping criminals. Love the mug shots, Sue. Good thing you have Bridget and Spikey..the alarm and the enforcer. What a great team!

  26. Susan in Dallas says:

    Love the mug shots! Yeah, Blondie LOOKS so innocent, but I see cunning and guile written all over that bovine face! I think what I like so much about reading your blog and the comments from others is that folks seem to appreciate the “real” life wherever it is found.

  27. Good thing Spike is persistant. Cows ah, well they are stupid, don’t learn very fast. Plus the attitude!

  28. Chuck says:

    to Bridget n Spike: Ruff ruff, bow wow(good job!) the Boys in NM
    to Sue: I’m ROFL!!!!!!!

  29. Marilu says:

    Hi Sue,
    Loving your photos! I have an antenna question for you of you have time. We ordered a Wilson antenna (through your Amazon connection) but we realized our hotspot doesn’t have a port for an external antenna. Is your antenna hard wired to your device or is it wireless? Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for independent campers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The antenna is hardwired. The antenna wire will not go directly into the card. An adapter cord is needed to connect the antenna cord to the card at a port on the edge of the card. You will need a card with a port and an adapter cord that fits that port. (See the “Mifi Schematic” under “Internet Antenna” in the header above.)

      Thank you for ordering the antenna through my links.

  30. “bovine menace” My favorite phrase of the post! Love the mug shots too.

  31. Sherry says:

    Well I’m a bit late to the party but when I saw the blog title I thought HORSES. What a let down to find out it was only the Poopers Blondie and Whitey. You sure do have a great tag team there. Bridget can let Spike know when he needs to go out on patrol and then she can sit back and make sure he does it properly. Sounds like she’s got it all under control. Nice that you’ve got nothing to worry about.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ve given up on the horses. There is so much territory here for them to roam. People shooting guns may have driven them away. They might not even be on this land anymore.

  32. Ron Sears says:

    Sue you know that cow pattys make great fire fuel!!! Just a thought.

  33. DeAnne from TN says:

    I grew up around cows, Sue, and heifers are about the most curious thing in the world. I’ve had a couple follow me around like dogs. Then, when I worked at a veterinary clinic that specialized in embryo transfers for dairy cattle, there was a cow that lived in the pasture. Every morning when I came in she would be waiting by the gate (I didn’t feed her). The amazing thing is she would walk around the pasture and peek in all the windows of the office until she found me. She would graze, and if I changed rooms, she’d follow. Those faces in the mug shots were so sweet!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Some think the heifers come round for the shade. I do believe you’re right — it’s curiosity. They walk on the rug, put their snouts on the windows, and knock over the grill, trying to figure it all out, I guess. Interesting experiences, DeAnne.

  34. Cari in Texas says:

    This is another of your stories that had me laughing out loud! Like Sherry, I thought at first the title meant you had found the horses, but this story is hysterical! You have such a way with words, Sue, and I enjoy every one of your posts. You can take an ordinary, everyday event and turn it into such an entertaining story – bovine marauders, indeed! 🙂 And I enjoy the desert photos, too. I’m also one of those who thought the desert was plain and boring, but you show us it’s more than just dirt and rocks.

    And I love reading the comments too – your readers come up with some pretty fun stuff! And you are so gracious to answer our questions.

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