A goodbye slideshow to Ajo

Tomorrow, March 5th, we break camp!

The crew and I have been boondocking in the Darby Well Road area near Ajo in southern Arizona for two months.  It’s time to dump tanks, get propane, fill up with water, and dump trash.  I’ll hitch us up in the morning, take care of those tasks, pull out onto Highway 85, and keep on going!

Bridget, Spike, and I walked the desert a lot today. 

It was a delightfully warm day.  I saw signs of spring all over — tiny green sprigs peeking up through the rocky ground, sprigs that soon will turn into a blanket of flowers.  Patches of hairlike grass and the pink blooms of the fairy duster  are other signs that spring is moving into the desert.  I even found deep green moss clinging to the bank of a wash.

Moss in the desert! 

Yesterday Glenda, our neighbor who also blogs (Casita Escapes), showed me where to see an organ pipe cactus with two crests.  Amazingly, she found another crested organ pipe, only a stone’s throw from her and Jeff’s campsite!

The sunset was glorious.

I sat next to the Best Little Trailer with the crew at my feet.  At first the light turned Black Mountain to gold.  Soon after that the sky and clouds were brushed with watercolors of pale violet and pink.  When the sun disappeared, the horizon glowed yellow and orange under pink, violet, and grey clouds.

This camp is tough to leave.

But it’s also tough to ignore the call of the road!  I have a few destinations in mind that are north of here, but I haven’t decided yet where we will make our next home. As I’ve said before and no doubt will say many times again, I love the anticipation of a new camp!

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Note:   The colors in the photos were not enhanced in any way. 


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37 Responses to A goodbye slideshow to Ajo

  1. Pat says:

    That is a hard place to leave, it is so beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed the time I spent in the Ajo area. I headed east today and I am staying in Tucson for a few weeks. Having my ankle checked out and visiting with friends.

    Safe travels and I hope our path cross again soon.

    Pat, Tucson AZ

  2. Reine says:

    Safe travels and good luck finding another perfect campsite for you and the crew. FYI, don’t worry if I don’t comment for a while. We’re hitting the road for a month and we don’t have your fancy wi-fi setup.

  3. Laurie from Southern Oregon says:

    Hi Sue, That camera takes such clear beautiful pics, with your help of course. Happy trails to you and may your next destination be as beautiful as the last.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Laurie. This camera is a joy. I don’t really know what I’m doing. It doesn’t seem to care. It goes ahead and takes good pictures anyway!

  4. Pam Wright says:

    Good luck where ever the road takes you!

    Thanks for sharing the new crested! Another beauty!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Pam… I don’t know what the odds are that three crests on organ pipes would be within a short walk of each other… I don’t think it happens very often.

  5. Glenda Cornwill says:

    I have so enjoyed your time in Ajo……….hard for all your readers to say goodbye as well. We all look forward to your next destination wherever that will be………..happy trails and we will all be along for the ride!!

  6. rvsueandcrew says:

    Laurie commented that she’s left southern Oregon in her new Nash trailer. Under my last post she reports the following:

    “Ok the honeymoon is over hard rving reality is here. I’m traveling with another Rver and she had a blowout 20 miles west of Needles on I-40. Not a problem we both have Good Sam roadside asst. She calls them as we are out in the middle of nowhere and is put on hold for over a half hour. After this she comes back on and says no one wants to drive out to us. What? This is suppose to be what we pay for. So we or rather I get on the phone and say “FINE! we will just drive to Laughlin and if we get killed they will get sued. We made it to the Rv park and called again and the guy came out in about an hour to change the tire. Thank God for duallies. I think I will try AAA Anyone have any suggestions?”

    • cinandjules (NY) says:

      With AAA…Dual-wheel campers/motor homes are eligible for all services EXCEPT towing, extrication/winching and tire service.

      We had AAA but changed to Good Sam for our trip across the USofA because they had towing and tire service. We had dual wheels…purchased new tires and filled them all with nitrogen.

    • Rattlesnake Joe says:

      I have a suggestion…sell the rv, buy a yawt and sail to the south pacific. The USA has changed so much I hardly recognize it anymore. Life has become almost unbearable here in the USA. Crime, drugs, booze and corruption has taken over. The open sea is our last refuge of hope. Freedom is Slavery – Slavery is Freedom just like George Orwell predicted. The lies we have had to put up with are now blatant and obvious but does anything change for the better? Nope, so round up your family, sell your property, spend your un-money and get a 38 ft yawt and set sail for the high seas. It’s all we have left of freedom and when you get to Bora Bora tell ’em Joe sent ya….WE RETURN YOU NOW TO OUR REGULAR PROGRAMING…beep

      • AZ Jim says:

        You were doing ok Joe until you got to booze. Hey, at my age it’s all I can depend on.

        • Rattlesnake Joe says:

          Age is no matter. Kick the habit and join the parade to the South Seas. If we find an Island that is not populated, lets create our own NEW WORLD ORDER of true freedom beholden to only ourselves with no ties to anyone or anything. The Law of Two will prevail.

      • Laurie from Southern Oregon says:

        um I like dirt under my feet Joe, the thought of being lost at sea gives me no chance of survival,but on land I believe I can fair pretty well.

        • Rattlesnake Joe says:

          You and your friend come to Wikieup the Land of Shangra La. We have space for you and this is a very friendly park. Will leave the light on for you…and I suspect RV Sue may be around this neck of the desert too, as she said she was heading north of Ajo, so maybe just maybe…

  7. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Postcard perfect pictures. Sleep tight….don’t let the bed bugs bite…………..and safe travels.

  8. Penny/Texas says:

    Really enjoyed the slideshow, then I saw the woodpeckers at the feeder 😦 and got to thinking that they will be back tomorrow and that Big Red Apple will be gone! They will miss you Sue and crew but I am looking forward to your new adventures down the road. Safe Travels!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Those pesky woodpeckers can suck up the nectar without having to drill the flower away. Vandals!

      When we leave, they’ll have to go back to boring cactus juice.

  9. Rhonda says:

    Could not figure out how the woodpeckers were eating at your feeder, then saw in the picture that the little flower that sits on the hole was missing. Guess that would be how they do it. Hopefully you will find a new one so you can have 2 down the road. Enjoy your blog so much. Please tell me the Brand & Model of your new Camera. It looks great & I am in the market for one.
    Safe travels. Look forward to your next destination.

  10. Janet says:

    Safe travels, Sue to the next camp. Cannot wait to see what your next adventure is!!!

  11. Allen says:

    Hooray for spring! We are still looking for it here in the Boston area. Donna & I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Our dogs are family too. We will be fulltiming in 2014 with a teenage son and three dogs in a Winnebago Motorhome and desert boondocking is part of our strategy for getting by on a tight budget. You have blazed a trail for us. Thanks. Our blog is “This RV Life” just getting started on that. Our readership is family & friends. We link it to Facebook for them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello Allen and family!

      I’m happy that my blog helps you envision living-on-wheels. The Southwest will be quite a contrast to Massachusetts! And with a blog you can record all the memories you make.

      Best wishes as you plan and also with your new blog. It won’t be long before your Big Adventure begins!

  12. Ron Sears says:

    Great slideshow…love the birds..be safe out there!

  13. AZ Jim says:

    Loved the Ajo blogs and pics but I reckon you have the travel bug again. I hope you don’t go too far North, kinda nice having you in our backyard. Happy trails Sue…

  14. Sunny says:

    Just got back from a 5-day, 1st time rv’er experience with my brother and am about to head back to Ajo. Looks like I’ll just miss you, but will keep up reading your blog. Safe travels wherever you go!

  15. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Emperor Tweety will not tolerate a human attracting birds and then abondoning them. Your transgression of the bird laws will not be allowed. No matter where you go and try to hide…the birds will find you. Birds have mental telepathy and will track you down. You know what the penalty is? It’s what birds do and they are going to do-do on you. Better have a lot of windex on hand tee hee hee.

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