Every problem has a solution

Tutorial:  How To Take Care Of

Your New Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

Step 1:  Place a towel, old rag, or plastic bag in front of one of your vehicle’s tires.


Step 2:  Carefully arrange your Perky-Pet feeder on top of the towel, old rag, or plastic bag.


Step 3:  Place board on top of your Perky-Pet feeder (optional).


Step 4:  Start vehicle and drive forward.


Step 5:  Repeat as necessary, moving vehicle back and forth.


Step 5:  Drop a big rock on your Perky-Pet feeder.

P1020721 Other methods may be employed such as jumping on the feeder, hitting it repeatedly with a sledge, clamping it in a vise and applying a power drill or saw, or mailing it to a fellow birdlover whom you’d like to push over the edge.


Canine Corner:  “Priorities” by Bridget and Spike

1-P1020712“Spike, wake up!  Wake up!”

“Wha?  Huh?  What’s up, babe?”

“It’s RVSue.  She’s been outside throwing rocks at the birdfeeder.”

“You woke me up for that?  Gee, Bridge, I was sleepin’ so good.”

1-P1020705“Well, shouldn’t we do something?  She’s looking kind of weird.  I’m worried.”

“Naw.  Go back to sleep.  There’s nothing we can do.  Besides, it wouldn’t be right to waste this sunbeam.”

“Yawn.  I guess you’re right, Spike.  Shove over.  You’re hogging the bed . . . . “


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95 Responses to Every problem has a solution

  1. patricka51 says:

    I won’t ask…great solution.
    Taxifornia……you’d call it that after dealing with the DMV aka Department of maniacal Vipers!

  2. Jan says:

    Ha ha ha…love it.

  3. Michelle says:

    Dang, it looks like the feeder was strong. Too bad it leaked!

  4. Good for you Sue! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! LOL

  5. Reine says:

    I take it you will NOT be purchasing another like that. Sometimes companies try to make them so darn “smart” that they’re no good.

  6. Cathy (KS) says:

    Anymore, it is luck of the draw when you buy anything. You can read review after review, the 5 stars have nothing but success and the same product quit, blew up, broke, etc. on the 1 star reviewers after a couple weeks and then customer service so bad they gave up.

  7. Pat says:

    Love your solution!!!!!!!

  8. rvsueandcrew says:

    I feel much better now.

  9. mary ann (pontotoc, ms) says:

    thank you~l really did need a good laugh! you spoke for many with the sorry workmanship of so many products. in the first photo of the pups, they really had that ‘oh oh, mama’s gone crazy’ look!

  10. Gayle says:

    Here I am with the beautiful Pacific Ocean at the foot of my street, and I wonder, how can so many crazy things happen so close to beauty. Last night, just around the corner, some man held his family hostage until Beverly Hills & St. Monica Police SWAT teams cornered him — at which time he shot himself in the head. As for me, I couldn’t get my Wraptastic boxes to work any more than you could get your bird feeder to work (LOL!!). There’s a lesson in your birdfeeder flattening — just take care of the problems in your immediate sphere — right away, before they grow too large to handle. If we all did this, we’d have some peace. Your birdfeeder flattening is a metaphor for life! Thanks!

  11. Ha! Only you would actually create a tutorial to “take care of” a crappy product. I love it!

  12. Susan in Dallas says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, GREAT SOLUTION! I understand completely. Once I took a toaster out to the porch and beat it to smithereens. It burned one too many pieces of toast.

  13. Janet says:

    Someone please call 911—i need O2, can’t breath—rvsue finally did it with this post—can’t stop laughing—can’t breath—help!

  14. Merle from WA says:

    Direct and to the point……I love straight forward solutions!!!! lol

  15. Miss Vickie says:


  16. Geri says:

    HaaaaaaaaaaHaaaahahahahaHHHAAAAAAAAAAAahahahahaHA !!!!

  17. Renee(on a Gulf island in BC) says:

    Thanks for the laugh Sue! I feel much better now too!

  18. Angie2B says:

    Bahaaaaaa! I love this blog!!! Sue, I think you are the best. This made my day. Haha

  19. rvsueandcrew says:

    You people are so funny!!! Now my sides are hurting!

  20. Toni says:

    I have had similar experiences with those stupid Perky Pet Huimgbird feeders! I have found the best ones are a tube type that holds about 3-4 ounces. I have found a card of three at Big Lots. We have them hanging in our yard in Canada.

    • Linda says:

      Me too! And they are SO much easier to clean!


        Same hereToni. Have 3 in each orange and grapefruit tree. Sue, I sign on to your blog first thing every morning that you show up in my inbox, for the very purpose that you just fulfilled this morning. Can’t stop laughing…..

  21. Mister Ed says:

    In other words I take it you don’t like the hummer feeder????

  22. mockturtle says:

    Love it!! 😀

  23. rvwayoflife by Lindadeeza says:

    Oh Sue. You are actually doing what many of us think of doing and ill bet it feels great. I am still in the professional world. I’m a VP at a bank and my goal when I retire is to live your life. I was having a business lunch today with other professionals and we were talking about Amazon shopping. One lady is a Prime Member. Well I had to tell them about you. I just emailed 3 of them and gave them your blog address. They said they would follow your link to buy on Amazon. I’m going to tell everyone I know that shops Amazon.

  24. Janet says:

    Thank you…..thank you…..thank you! I’m still cracking up laughing. You do what some of us only dare to dream….LOL!!!

  25. Penny/Texas says:

    You are hilarious! Sue gets radical 😉 I was thinking something along those lines would be your next best step. I, never in my wildest dreams thought that you’d do it with such intensity. Prefect solution 😀 By the way, I dropped a few quarters in your jukebox today, keep an eye out for it.

  26. Nan says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for making me laugh out loud–heartily! As I work late at my desk job, I find your blog a welcome respite and today I really appreciated the humor. (Houston, Texas)

  27. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Chuckle Chuckle………………you are too funny!!

  28. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh my god………….as soon as I saw the bird feeder in front of the tire…….I started to chuckle and said,”Oh no she didn’t”. Jules says,”What is RVSue up to now?” The funny part is….you jumping out of the PTV each step to take the picture for your tutorial! I think you need to send Pesky Pet err Perky Pet your tutorial to add to their website. In regards to the crew…..they’ve got to think you’ve lost your mind! Bet they are going to be on their best behavior for the rest of the day!

    Thanks for the laugh……………sorry about your bird feeder. How much MORE water did you waste before you gave up?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The company emailed me back (I give them credit for that) and suggested I rub vegetable oil on the threads. I did that, made another solution, one cup sugar, four cups water, and it worked! Oh happy me.

      I hung it up and it immediately turned into an outdoor shower! A woodpecker was catching the drops of sugar-water as they fell! Pathetic!

  29. Krystina McMorrow says:

    You are soooooo funny! All of us that are “waiting for life to begin” really need your sense of humor to get through the day. Thank you for that. Question…can you think of a way to use your flattening technique to flatten my house so I can collect the insurance money and buy my RV? Any words of “RVSue wisdom” would be appreciated. LOL

  30. Cherylyn (Oregon Mtns) says:

    Loved it! I’ve had those sledge hammer moments.

  31. Onestep says:

    This was the first thing I read immediately after finishing my taxes… Thanks! I needed something to smile about.

  32. DesertHawk says:

    True Value doesn’t have a return policy?

    • cinandjules (NY) says:

      Ummm ……to late now. But wait….perhaps we can straighten it out! Nope…I think right after preforming step 5……was the point of no return! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Desert Hawk… Maybe it does. I didn’t want to take the thing back there, all sugary-sticky, no box, no tag.

    • Pennie says:

      If they do, I think she should bring it back now, with the receipt, and just place it on the counter with a straight face, “I’d like to return this, please.” “Was there something wrong with it?” “Erm…..”

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Actually, the Perky-Pet company wrote me this email…

        “If after this suggestion, your feeder still leaks, please let us know and we would be happy to send you out a replacement.”

        • Pennie says:

          I guess you could balance things out by running over it with the wheel on the other side of the van 😉

          (Although, if another one would work and it’s not just a design flaw, that’s a nice offer. They probably owe you a 5# bag of sugar too now though.)

  33. Lacy says:

    hmmmm, I’ve had the same problems in the past…..now whey didn’t I think of this solution??? Thanks Sue! OH!!!!! and I FINALLY remembered to go thru your site to order something on Amazon. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  34. Barb says:


  35. Kris OH says:

    omg, i laughed out loud. i’m sure you had the best smile the rest of the day! ah, yes, sometimes living well is the best revenge. I”m pretty sure you have found the solution to avoiding stress and are now offically “off the grid”, lol. Kris

  36. AJfixit says:

    Great solution to a vexing problem. But I like to see that the designer has a chance to improve their product. To that end, I would gather the pieces, mail them to the manufacturer with a note that said “I don’t know what happened to it! It just kept leaking and then…?”

  37. Leander Linda says:

    Oh oh. Bye bye Perky Pet feeder. Looks like you did NOT get the RV Sue seal of approval.

  38. Dedra says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute!

  39. Chris B says:

    4 out of 4 gave that particular feeder a rating of 1 stating that it leaks. Duh! This one has almost a 5 star rating with 174 reviews. Perky-Pet 203CP Pinch Waist Glass 8-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder
    Tell Perky Pets that you want 203CP.

    Diego says hi to the crew!

  40. Barb Brady says:

    Barb Brady from Eastern Washington

    Sue, you are HILARIOUS! My sides are still hurting! Just thought I’d let you know I’ve have really good results with this feeder. It’s lasted for many years and is easy to clean.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I looked at that feeder. It doesn’t hold much, but it looks like an easy-fill and it gets good reviews on Amazon.

      LATER: After looking at this feeder at Amazon, I liked it so much I added it to Shopping Links. Although it doesn’t hold a lot of sugar water, it is very easy to fill (and clean), so one could store the water in the fridge and refill it quickly as needed.

      Barb, I removed the link you posted here and put one of my links to that feeder on the “For the campsite” page. Thank you for recommending this.

  41. Linda D. says:

    Thanks Sue, for 2 good laughs this evening! The first one was you running over your hummingbird feeder; and then your teasing comment to Lacy about her “accent”. I needed that! Linda in Benson, Az.

  42. Chuck says:

    I guess this means you won’t list it on your Amazon recommendations??????????
    ROTFLMAO !!!!! Arf to the crew from the kids

  43. Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

    Maybe do a customer review of the feeder on Amazon and let other people know how bad it is. I always look at review stars on Amazon when buying something. It’s pretty bad they are still selling what is obviously a defective item. (I would have found using a hammer more satisfying but each to their own. LOL) Very funny!!!

  44. Mick says:

    Economics 101 >
    Case 1 > return Perky Poo > clean feeder, drive to store, clerk says “no refund” will replace.
    RVsue says “NO THANKS”, chucks feeder in store trash container.
    RVsue calls Shrink in Yuma > five sessions at $250 > still mad!

    Cost of Case 1: MINUS $1520, includes gas and lunch in Yuma, minus $20 for dead feeder.

    Case 2 > Crush with PTV > great satisfaction and fun project > humorous blog post draws 20 new followers > each new follower spends $100 through RVsue Amazon links. Happy RVsue!

    Cost of Case 2: PLUS 7% Amazon return: $140, minus $20 feeder.

    And your homework assignment is …

  45. Oh my gosh rvsue! I was screaming, laughing and yelled for Todd to come look. So then we’re both here absolutely cracking up. I really felt the sense of relief that had to have brought too! Oh, thank you for that! Todd was cooking and we were about to have dinner in front of the TV when the TiVo went out… AGAIN. I turned to him and said “step one, put a towel in front of the tire….” He nodded. Priceless!

    We’re so excited right now, we got our TT! 30′ Coachman Freedom Express fresh out of the shop ’cause it’d been wrecked. Moved her to the campground here Monday evening and I did it, for the first time, the dainty hand wave boogie! Heheheheeeee. I’m sure I’ll back ‘er in at some point but man, that was a really tough spot. Very nice though, we got a good one!

    I’m so excited for you with your Amazon deal too! Way to go! Woohoo! Can’t wait until the end of March for the tally! (hands rubbing together and grinnin’) I have you bookmarked per Mick’s suggestion, cool!

    The fridge isn’t working in the TT and I remembered you having trouble with yours so came on here to re-read. Apparently ours isn’t getting any power so blowing on it probably isn’t the answer for us but it will be for someone. How cool is it to be the first place some of us look for guidance?

    Wishing you and yours nothing but the very best always! Huggers to you and the crew! 🙂

  46. Cheryl Ann says:

    Sue, LOVE your solution! I would have thrown it as far as I could, so you are MUCH more creative! And, yes, I was laughing so hard, too! Good thing I didn’t have my wine in my mouth!

  47. You could have dropped it off at any military base. An AK-47 works wonders on those kinds of problems! They fixed a HP printer real good. It will never cause anyone any more problems!

  48. Cari in Texas says:

    I thought for sure I was going to read about a clever way to actually make the darn feeder work. I almost spit out my water when I saw your first picture. You have such a way with words, Sue, and pictures. Loved the crew’s reaction too 🙂

  49. Julia says:

    ROFLMAO …… WAHOO ! 🙂

  50. AZ Jim says:

    Temper, temper Sue…. Been there, done that! Oh well, there’s better days ahead I’m sure. At least we’re getting the weather you came here for. *SMILE !*

  51. Rose in AR says:

    Sue, the feeder that Barb Brady recommended is really a good one. Only holds about 10 ounces but you can make up a quart of solution at a time, top lifts off easily for refilling. Will keep the woodpeckers out and the hummers really love it. Has a nice ant moat, I couldn’t figure out why I had to keep refilling mine until I saw a Goldfinch using it as his private watering hole.

  52. Rita from Phoenix says:

    I guess that means the bird feeder won’t be on amazon for purchase….LOL!

  53. Mike Davis says:

    Sue, Maybe you should send the manufacture a link to your blog and the user manual you created on how to adjust the feeder nozzle. Tell them 700 of your closest friends think it was hilarious.
    Had to read it to my wife so we could both laugh.

  54. Judie says:

    Sue, only u could have figured out such a creative way to demolish it….I LOVE ur solution!!!!! My sides will be hurting from laughing. My thx to the crew for their input….just love them, they r so laid back. Thx for the perfect end to a good day!!!

  55. denise says:

    Just the word perky should have warned you away from the product! Too funny, Sue.

  56. fossildreamer john says:

    Hi Sue. Looks like some sort of ex bus driver trick…..Love It

  57. Trip and Lisa says:

    What happened to “I’m gonna email the company”?.I wonder if it said “made in China” on it somewhere.Great way to end a bad bird feeder Sue

  58. MB says:

    OK…..I truly did LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! I can soooooo relate. If only all of life’s problems were so easily dealt with! LOL!

  59. Vicki says:

    ROFLMAO… Question now, have you tried to use it since you redesigned it? HaHaHa

  60. Linda says:

    Here are the ones I’ve used. Mini Hummingbird Feeder for Hanging Baskets & Planter Boxes

    They’re small, so you don’t have to make as much Hummer Go Juice and IF it does leak you aren’t wasting too much juice. Super easy to clean. Mine came with suction cup hangers too so you can put them on a window if you like. Only down side really is these are from Perky. I’m not sure you are feeling fuzzy about their products just now:)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Linda…

      I removed the link you provided and replaced it with one of my links to Amazon (I have to be careful about links on my blog that go to other companies.) The link I put here is for a similar type feeder. Thanks for recommending it!

      BTW… In spite of my experience with a defective Perky-Pet feeder, I’d buy a Perky-Pet again, just not that model.

      • Linda says:

        No worries on the link…I wasn’t thinkin’. Yes! Those are very similar. Easy to clean, large enough opening to get a bottle brush in and small enough that the nectar doesn’t go bad.

  61. This is the best hummingbird feeder we’ve found, if you want one to mount on a window.
    Aspects 407 Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder, 8-Ounce

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Jim and Gayle, for recommending the Jewel Box Window Feeder. I added it to Shopping Links. I also changed the link in your comment so it’s one of my links. 🙂 (Greedy smile)

  62. PamP in SW Florida says:

    Haw, haw – maybe it should be re-named Pesky Pet feeder! I’ve felt that way about some things too.

  63. Teri says:

    You’re so funny…that made my day.

  64. Varmint says:

    I’d link your story to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and every other forum or social network you can find. Everyone should read about your experience before buying this company’s products. Perhaps if enough folks do this, they’ll either shape up or ship out. Yeah, I’m kinda’ running low on patience these days…. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah, I suffer from patience depletion some days, too. About the Perky-Pet company… I notice the feeder I had is discounted on their website. I suspect it will be discontinued because it receives low marks from customers. Probably some don’t leak, but unfortunately some do. Their other products are highly rated by customers.

  65. Jan says:

    LOL, RVSue, you are the best!

  66. Bev Deem says:

    If you were to get a prize for BEST blog, this had to be it! Jim and I laughed our heads off. He wanted to know if you read the instructions first 😉

  67. MJ Warren says:

    Hi Sue,
    I have been reading your blog since the beginning. Please, please buyt the
    “Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder”. No fancy or colorful flowers cause they aren’t needed. If you live
    anywhere there is wind like here in Az this feeder will not lose all its nectar as it swings in the
    wind. I chucked all my feeders that I had and now only use these. Buy online. And remember,
    the more feeders you put out the more hummers you will get.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi M.J….

      I’ll take a look at the feeder you recommend. You’re right about more feeders, more hummingbirds. I remember sitting on the porch of a restaurant. Hummingbird feeders hung all along the long porch. It was fun for people to sit in the rocking chairs watching all those hummers.

      LATER: I added a link for that Best 1 feeder on the “For your campsite” page. Thanks!

  68. Carol says:

    I had one that looks the same,not s rue of brand, but was so happy, I bought another, myy only fuss is the yellow jackets, they like sugar water also, birds don’t
    Ike wasps!!!

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