Desert rain

Surprise!  Surprise!  Rain!

Last night I wake to the tinkling of rain on the roof.  The clouds shrouding the moon at bedtime gave me plenty of warning.  So did I put away the dog bed and my two nifty, cloth camp chairs that I paid a wad for last year at Quartzsite?  Noooo. 

I get out of bed and step outside in the gentle rain.

Such a beautiful night!  The desert scent is strong.  I fold up the chairs and put them in the PTV, along with the damp dog bed.  One thing I like about desert living is rain doesn’t last long. (Yeah, genius.  That’s why it’s the desert!)  Everything will dry out in the morning.

And it did or it does…

Boy, when I jump around in time on this blog it gets confusing what tense I’m supposed to be in. 

Although today is dry, the cloud cover is thick making for a very dark day in southern Arizona.  After several attempts to handle email, respond to comments, and take care of other online stuff, I realize the output on my batteries is greater than the input.  (Took you long enough, RVSue.)

My dedication to this blog surprises me.

How dedicated am I?  Well, dedicated enough to drive into Ajo, go into the town library, and write a blog post here.  I have to stay connected!



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55 Responses to Desert rain

  1. Linda Zaworski says:

    Love the smell of the creosote after a desert rain!

  2. Maggie in Vermont says:

    “I have to stay connected!” And we love you for it!
    With strong hugs where it is already minus 10 and it is only 6:33!

  3. Lisa says:

    It’s appreciated, Sue – the day wouldn’t be complete without you and your sweeties!

    🙂 – Lisa

  4. Pat says:

    Long time desert dwellers love these cloudy rainy days… Maybe it is because we know it will last only a day or two.

    It was very nice to wake up to rain on the roof.

    Hope you enjoyed the clouds even if you did have to come into town.

    Pat in Ajo

  5. Rita from Phoenix says:

    I was thinking ‘Should I spoil her day?’ when you said you were digging up your sleeveless shirt & short pants….rain was predicted from Thursday through Tuesday of next week. I decided not to bother giving you a weather report…figured you will find out sooner or later. I love rain (prob cuz we don’t get much). Yes, the scent of rain is wonderful. Love the rain in desert or high country…it makes everything brighter i.e. the trees, cacti greener and it settles the dust. Enjoy your day with the crew.

  6. cinandjules (NY) says:

    I find the sound of rain very soothing and comforting. The smell of the first rain is always nice. I’m glad it didn’t pour and your chairs and dog bed didn’t get soaked…..or you trying to scamper and put them away.

    What does the scent of the desert smell like?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wish I could describe the desert smell. I don’t know smell adjectives! It’s not a sweet smell, not perfumey… I wouldn’t call it a pretty smell. To me it’s getting close to not being a good smell…. very odd. Some people love it though. To each his own nose.

      • cinandjules (NY) says:

        Okay…..that didn’t help. So it’s not sweet..not perfumey… Is it musty? Damp? Wet dog smell? Skunk? I know what a city street smells like after the first rain. Someone mentioned creosote…like chimney creosote? Our camp reeked of creosote, from the woodstove, when we bought it. I mean REEKED! Like give you a headache reeked.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I hesitate to say this, but . . . . I think my nose might not be working right . . . just sayin . . . the smell? . . . To me it smells almost like urine. Not exactly, but close. Maybe it’s just me. Some people love it.

      • Rita from Phoenix says:

        The rain smells earthy to me…

  7. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Sue! Yeah it’s gloomy and rainy and will be for a couple of days but damn it’s so nice most of the time. I feed my Quail, doves, hummingbirds no matter the weather. I always look at these days here in Arizona as opportunities to eat Hash, Navy Beans, Chili and Beef stew (the leftovers make my hash). Sue, when I was a little boy in San Diego on the rare occasion when it rained, I used to take to an old packing crate in the yard and with my dog, Topsy, we’d be cozy inside my “home” with my pal and we’d watch the weather outside our shelter together. It won’t last long here but through the weekend we are going to get “weather”. Hi to Spike and Bridget from old Jim.

  8. Jack says:

    Sue, they have (or did?) have WIFI in the coffee shop next to the post office. Just dont eat there ok!

  9. Gayle says:

    RE: “My dedication to this blog surprises me.” To paraphrase Sally Field at the Oscars many years ago, “You LOVE US, YOU REALLY LOVE US.” !!!

  10. I love the sound of the rain on the rooftop … but being here in Northwest Washington, I’m hearing it way too much lately! lol But as is life, it’s only temporary and change is around the corner. We’re thinking it’s going to be Salt Lake City, UT. I guess there I’ll be writing about the cold… yeeesh! Glad you made it into the library, I look forward to your posts! 🙂

  11. gingerda says:

    LOL…cute post today. It’s raining here in Las Vegas too…cold and dreary.

  12. Sunny says:

    My brother, s-i-l , and I took a trip up I-10 W and I-17 yesterday and came back today. Ah, the rain this am was so nice and gentle…. we enjoyed the views, and the smell of the rain on the way back to Tucson. I love the rain, and ‘gentle’ winds, and wide open spaces!!!

  13. Dedra says:

    Thank you for staying connected.
    Until your blog, I never checked my emails.
    Again, Thank you and the crew.

  14. Send the moisture our way..West and North to Colorado.

  15. Kat from New Orleans says:

    Moving into our trailer to go fulltime. So excited. Thanks for your blog. What an adventure ahead of us. Little holdup. Puppy is ill. Soon as Pink is better we are on the road.

  16. Toni says:

    Love your blog and appreciate the time you take! Keep it up

  17. Dixie says:

    Sue, Thanks for your dedication to your blog! Loved your description of the desert and the rain–can’t wait to experience it myself–hopefully by this fall? It’s been below zero here for several days!!! Dixie(N.MN.)

  18. Kathy says:

    Thanks for your dedication to your blog. You are living my dream!

  19. geogypsy2u says:

    A soft desert rain is such a special treat. You are dedicated.

  20. tinycamper says:

    My day isn’t complete until I check out your blog. I’m so glad that you are so dedicated to it. You enrich a lot of lives with it! 🙂

    Sue, I am betting that your blog will one day be as widely read as Tioga George’s. I never missed reading his when he was boondocking in the States. What an adventure it was to share. I kind of lost interest when he settled down in Mexico. Then your blog took up the slack for me!

  21. Cathie Laurent says:

    We are now in Apache Junction and had a spattering of rain today. Supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow, I think. Just enough to make everything smell like fresh rain!

  22. DiaryQueen says:

    Sue, you are a dear for keeping up! I have kept a diary since 1968 but it’s for me – you are writing in your diary…but with an audience! That takes a daring soul! 😉

  23. Linda Sand says:

    In Quartzsite, AZ, this morning we got just enough sprinkles to make spots in the dust on our RVs. We’re supposed to get more over the next couple of days so maybe we’ll get our rigs washed for free. 🙂

  24. Timber n' me says:

    Triple(3) ditto’s from Timber n’ Me, LOL,,,,Love th’ rain too.

  25. carol says:

    I miss yor blog, ani die, I said I live vicariously through your ta eel.Thank you forb your dedication!!

  26. carol says:

    carol from Molalla’s been below freezing here for a week, happy to see the rain, even if it froze the first day, at least I’m retired, and don’t have to driven Ito think the good smel of the first rain, is the dust settling into Mud!!

  27. mickent says:

    I posted a low cost bumper mount for a RvSue type antenna. I hope some of the folk here will download the file (.pdf) and report back. It will fit a 4 inch square bumper and uses a 10 foot piece of SCHD 80 PVC pipe. The link is in “Shopping list and links” in the comments at the bottom.
    Also here:

  28. placestheygo says:

    Thanks for making the extra effort to keep us (the faithful readers) up to date on your happenings! I especially enjoy hear from and about the crew. Someday we’ll hit the same location at the same time and I can meet them…oh, and you, of course…hehe!

  29. Danielle says:

    It has sprinkled a few times in Quartzsite over the past few days as well. Rain has the added benefit of making everything less dusty, too!

  30. Leigh says:

    Hi Sue!

    We’re considering going to Ajo on Sunday – but had read that the Verizon 3g was working for internet on Darby Wells Road…is that not the case?

  31. Leigh says:

    Ah never mind, I missed this line: “I realize the output on my batteries is greater than the input.”

  32. Krystina McMorrow says:

    Back in the day when I camped with my kids in a tent I LOVED hearing it rain on the top of it. We had a REALLY good record of “camping in the rain”. My friends would always ask me if we were going camping because if we were, they were not! LOL You are in a wonderful place relaxing. Good for you. I too want to thank you for taking the time to continue your blog as I wait for it everyday…hummmm maybe I should get a life!! It is my lifeline to when I can get on the road. Question, I heard you talk about someone buying a vacuum on Amazon and somehow going through you so you can get a bit-o-money! As I will be buying lots of stuff for the new RV I would love it if I could buy on Amazon and you could benefit…for all you do for us. I am NOT a computer wiz in anyway 😦
    PS Happy day yesterday…my daughter and I looked at RV’s on the way to looking for her wedding dress! Best day ever. Thank you for being you RVSue.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Krystina!

      Congratulations on marrying off your daughter (just kidding).

      To answer your question… There is a link to Amazon in the right-hand column directly under “Thank you for shopping AMAZON” You can go there and buy all the stuff for your RV, and shower gifts and bridesmaids gifts and clothes for the wedding and . . . . 🙂

      Also click on “Shopping List and Links” for a drop-down menu. I’ll continue to add items with links on those pages. I appreciate you wanting to shop through my blog.

      • Krystina McMorrow says:

        LOL RVSue….”marrying off my daughter”! Finally! LOL That would be MY daughter who is a Marine and a Vermont State Trooper! Finally found another Trooper that could handle her! Thank goodness. A wonderful sight to see her in a wedding dress and not in a uniform 🙂

  33. Bob Lowry says:

    We postponed our trip from Scottsdale to Ajo until next Thursday because of the weather…too damp to be able to sit outside or explore the town. Besides, next weekend are the Fiddlers’ competition at the golf course and Art Festival at the plaza.

  34. Ron says:

    I made a trip to Rice today ,yep have the fever bad, I can see a Spirit in my future ,like ordering it Monday.
    Oh John said hello.

  35. AZ Jim says:

    Rained all day here in Surprise. In AZ when it rains, it rains hard but so seldom…Still after killing so much vegetation with the hard freeze of last week, we need the water. And as we used to say when I was in the Coast Guard, I wish you …”Clear skies and following winds”!

  36. Kathryn says:

    See you do need people……….people are whom you are keeping connected with…not just a blog.
    We need you too!!
    love ya Kathryn

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