Powerful winds and clouds of dust at our Yuma camp

I have to make this quick so I’ll get right to the point.

The crew and I go into Yuma late this morning.  I take care of several important tasks in preparation for cold weather that’s forecast for the Yuma area.  At Wal-Mart I buy some fresh provisions, and stock supplies for “sick bay.”  I heard on the television news last night about the flu sweeping the country.  I pick up some Alka-Seltzer Plus, ginger ale, Gatorade, crackers, and chicken soup.  Before leaving the parking lot, I unload full trash bags in the receptacles.

On the way home I pull off Interstate 8 at Pilot Knob.

First I get the empty propane tank filled, so now we have two full tanks. I also use the drinking water dispenser to fill up ten one-gallon jugs.  By this time the wind is blowing the U.S. flag above the building full-out and sand is rushing across the pavement.

I’m glad it’s not much further to Ogilby Road.

By the time we pull off the interstate, then Sidewinder Road, and I park the PTV, the wind is very strong.  I decide to leave the solar panel flat.  The clouds are dark and thick.  Not much light to catch anyway.  I unlock the BLT and the crew jumps in.  Quickly I run back and forth carrying the groceries inside.  I pull the BLT’s door shut and lock it.  We’re rocking from the wind.  I feel sand grit in my mouth.

After about twenty minutes fussing around inside, I lift the blinds.

Ohmigosh!  The mountains are completely hidden by a curtain of dust or sand, whichever it is blowing across the desert.  The other RVs look like they’re in a dense fog. I make sure all the windows and vents are closed, leaving only a cracked window where the antenna cord comes in.  It whistles loudly so I tape it up which helps a lot.  It’s a dust bowl out there!

My laptop is running out of charge.

And my batteries are barely holding their own.  For that reason, I’ll post this and then stay offline until mid-morning tomorrow when the sun will shine on the panel again.  Might as well be optimistic!

I hope I didn’t pick up the flu at Wal-Mart today — Man, that place was crowded!  I’m prepared for whatever comes our way, and we’ll be fine, hunkered down in the BLT.  I put fresh batteries in the carbon monoxide detector in case I need to fire up the catalytic heater tonight.  (Yes, I know I need good ventilation if I turn on the heater.)


P.S.  Bridget was very happy to go to town today like I promised her.  I walked the crew around the Wal-Mart parking lot for a long time, letting them go from island to island in a marathon sniff-out, which was followed by a feast of rotisserie chicken in the PTV.  Two very happy, canine campers!


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95 Responses to Powerful winds and clouds of dust at our Yuma camp

  1. phxross says:

    It’s supposed to get colder here in AZ so you may want to curl up with a good book and a pot of tea and litter box train the pups 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ugh! I hate litter boxes. I’d rather open the door. Stay warm!

      • Connie & Mugsy says:

        I just LOVE my “litter box” trained dog… although there is no litter involved. (plastic tray with pee pad inside – called Pipi Dolly – of all things) She will only use it for emergency when we are down south or in the RV, but at home, she uses it every day. I have no yard living in a condo and it is great not to have to take Mugs for a walk except for fun.

  2. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Good….home safe and sound.

  3. placestheygo says:

    Be safe out there! We are rocking and blowing here in Anza Borrego. Suppose to calm tomorrow.

    We have never been to Yuma and thought we might stop for a few days on our way to Tucson. Can you direct us to a quiet, so so private area to boondock?

    Stay warm, snuggling time for the crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You can find a spot here with the amount of privacy or companionship you prefer. Coming from the west, about 12 miles before Yuma, you’ll see a clearly marked exit for Ogilby Road (paved). Take Ogilby over the interstate and continue past the railroad tracks. Immediately to the right is Sidewinder Rd (marked with a sign). Continue a few car lengths more on Ogilby and you’ll see the sign for American Girl Mine Road, also off to the right from Ogilby Rd.

      Go down either of those roads and you’ll see RVers in groups or alone or somewhere in between. It’s very easy. If you camp off by yourself, I advise asking someone if your spot is BLM or private, if unsure. If BLM, stay within 150 feet of the lane marked BLM, and limit your stay to 14-days or less.

  4. Sra. Julia says:

    I hope your warm and comfortable. It can get a little nerve wracking when riding out windy conditions in an RV. The wind and noise will pass, enjoy your tea and book it could be a cozy night with your fur kids 🙂

  5. EmilyO from KS says:

    Sounds like from my other RV bloggers, in the Yuma/Q area, you all have a few days of this wind/dust. Hang in there – it’s that time of the year.

  6. Michelle says:

    Glad you went into town and got loaded up on supplies.
    Here in Salt Lake City, UT, we are having a major snow storm. Going to be hunkered down til Sunday.
    Cuddle up with the crew and read a few good books.
    Really look forward to all your adventures with you and the crew, as my husbands caregiver since his stroke 4 years ago. My world has gotten very small and your blog makes it so much brighter. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  7. Renee (from Datil) says:

    I thought there were mountains to the east of Yuma! They were there when we got here! Nothing to see now but dust. Posole & tortillas for dinner, then a nice hot cup of tea & a movie or two. No interest in going outside until this all passes.

  8. jean/Southaven, ms says:

    Do you leave the Wilson antenna up in that wind?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We’ve had strong winds twice since I received the Wilson antenna from Mick. Both times I was caught unaware. In other words, by the time I realized I needed to take it down, the wind was so strong that I didn’t dare. It’s top-heavy when first pulled out of the bumper mount. The wind could slam it to the ground before I have a chance to get a grip higher up on the pole. So far, no problem . . . The pole does sway in the wind.

  9. Barb says:

    YAY!! The crew got the trip to town, you got your stuff done and you made it HOME!!! Stay Safe and will look forward to your posting tomorrow!!!

  10. Pat says:

    Sue, it could be worse. You could be in a blizzard…..lol

    Stay in and stay warm.

    Pat in Ajo for now.

  11. deserthyssop says:

    Hello Sue & crew. I have been reading your blog for a long time now; just have never commented. I enjoy it very much. I also identify with you all because I had a rat terrier named Jake that Bridget reminds me so much of. Same markings and coloring. He was hit by a truck and killed about 6 years ago. I hadn’t realized how much I loved him til then. The grief was terrible. I have so many wonderful memories and pictures of him though. Anyways, I wanted to say that I am over in Benson, Az. for the winter; and they are predicting some pretty cold temps for here for the next 5 days. Brrrrrr. The wind is blowing some, as I can hear my windchimes. Good time to stay in and read a good book, and have some soup. I went to the library yesterday and borrowed a book by J A Jance (Paradise Lost). This was because you said you had read some of her books, so thought I would try her out. So far it’s pretty good, but I’ve only read about 3 chapters. deserthyssop

  12. LilNomad says:

    Hi RV Sue
    just curious if you have considered adding a generator to your mix.
    Future Full Timer

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      When a generator that runs as quietly as a solar panel is available, I’ll consider getting one, but probably won’t. I don’t want to carry one around along with a container of gas. I don’t want to add to noise pollution. And I don’t need one. A few times a year, when the cloud cover is heavy or I’m camped in a dense forest, the solar power can’t keep up. It’s only a slight, temporary inconvenience. If that hurts my batteries, so be it. I’m saving in other ways to compensate for shortened battery life.

      Last evening I turned off the laptop due to its draw. I watched television for two hours (and quit because of poor programming) and read a book under one of my overhead LED lights for another hour. Not suffering!

  13. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    My wife says to get some Tylenol for the flu for fever and body aches and some good cough medicine. Drink lots of fluids, keep warm and rest. Chicken soup is good too, along with a good book. The kids can have some chicken and beggin bits [cheese flavored] yum yum. By the way it started raining here in Wikieup AZ at 5:14 PM today and wind too, but no dust.

  14. BAYFIELD AL. says:

    Keep in mind you are parked right next to the Imperial Sand Dunes & that is likely where all your sand & grit is coming from……

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      People speed on the sandy Sidewinder Road, turning it into washboard. Apparently it is scraped frequently as it is lined with sand 2 or 3 feet high. That contributed a lot. I could see the RVs closer to the road were getting a lot more dust/sand that we were, tucked further back in. The blowing sand must have been thick over by the dunes.

  15. Linda Zaworski says:

    You should have gotten a flu shot while you were in WalMart. Wishing you the best.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Shoulda, coulda, woulda . . . I intended to get a shot. However, about 20 or more people were lined up at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, probably several of them coming from flu virus infected homes/workplaces. I didn’t want to stand around in that environment, so I grabbed the Alka Seltzer and got out of there. Plus the flu shot sign wasn’t up anymore.

      • Ed says:

        Your idea to avoid people will probably give you more protection than the flu shot. I have only had one flu shot in my life and it gave me a mild case of the flu – that is how the shots work. Since then I have used the avoid people protective measure. IF I were required to be around a lot of people I would get one but avoidance is better if possible.

        • Connie & Mugsy says:

          Not to try to pick a fight… 🙂 but that isn’t really how the flu shot works. I have taken it since they came out because I have mild asthma, and I have never had any flu symptoms from it. It does get your immune system working, but it has no live virus and whatever caused your symptoms mostly likely wasn’t the shot. There are lots of bugs out and about to catch this time of year.

  16. Rita says:

    Unbelievable how the weather can change so quick but as I said end of last week they were predicting a cold snap for S. AZ and possible snow flurries which is known to happen in S. AZ occasionally. I’m barely getting over the flu….hope you didn’t catch the bug at Wally’s. Glad you stocked up and canines got to go for a joy ride and treats. My dogs love to go for a ride even if it’s just to the store and back. I think Bridget and Spike have become and like being RVers….they prob anxiously waiting for next adventure. Stay warm and comfy.

  17. Kim says:

    The media predicts the worst flu season EVER!!!! every year. And then seem disappointed when it’s not so. Kinda like an older brother – always trying to scare you.

    Two words: good handwashing.

  18. TexCyn says:

    Take care! did you know there’s such a thing as a flat cable for windows? I had my directtv hooked up to one when I had it. it’s like a little flat extension piece that you can attach your antenna cable to on both ends. that way, you can still close your window effectively. Radio Shack sells them.

  19. Rob Bryant says:

    Sue. So glad u are taking charge of your own health. I would like to chat via email about this topic.
    Cheers rob

  20. We’re blowing out here in Palm Springs too. It was a good day to visit the wind farms though, which is exactly what we did. We saw several dust storms kick up as we were out with the tour. I couldn’t believe how quickly the San Jacintos disappeared behind the dust.

  21. Judie says:

    Like Michelle i enjoy ur posts-they r my getaway when I can’t get away. So glad u listened to that inner voice yesterday and stayed in. I love the way u take care of the crew, ur such a great mama/companion to them. Some folks think I’m crazy but I enjoy Killer’s company more than many humans-the animals have so many traits that we “humans” should have but don’t always have. Ur a strong woman and it’s good to see u living life ur way and enjoying every day! Prayers that u avoid that nasty flu! Hugs to Bridge and Spike.

  22. Mary says:

    Sounds like you have things under control.
    Watch out for flying sand, it has the capacity to get in every orifice you have.
    Never been in a wind storm in the desert, but have been in one on the beach.

  23. libertatemamo says:

    Same WIND blowing all the way out here in San Diego too! We’re getting out of here and headed to our old haunt in Yuma so hope it calms down by tomorrow. We may see you somewhere out there in the boonies. Stay safe…and dust-free!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s so calm here today that the desert looks like an oil painting. The only movement I see from my window is a hummingbird fight by the feeder. Safe travel!

  24. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh dear……sounds like quite the wind/dust storm. Hunker down and stay warm. Hopefully the stabilizers are in place…so you don’t rock all night.

    Glad you made it to town and back.

    I also read about the flu going around. Walmart always has those disinfectant wipes at the door..right before you grab your cart. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wipe the handle of my cart down plus the plastic seat flap the kids sit on. Don’t want to put my bread or eggs….well you get the point. Most grocery stores have them available also. I’ll admit… I’m a germaphobe..but this germaphobe hasn’t been sick in 20+ years. Purell hand sanitizer comes with a clip for the strap of your purse…it’s in the “travel size” section at Walmart.

    Rotissere chicken…………….the crews favorite! Plus they got to go for a ride AND explore around the p-lot! Whooooeeee life is grand!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Cindy and Jules,

      I asked the greeter at Wal-Mart where the wipes were and he said they were all out. Fortunately I had some hand sanitizer in the PTV (which I should carry in my purse.)

  25. Bee says:

    As I read your post, I wondered what the current temp was in Yuma compared to here in middle Missouri. Oddly enough it is warmer here and the high today is expected to be warmer here then in Yuma. (And the wind is not blowing either.) Stay safe, put weight belts on the kids so they don’t blow away on their walk.

  26. Same here in Quartzsite, mountains all around us just disappeared yesterday. I’m in town and parked between two big rigs in a truck stop. That sure cuts the wind down. Be safe.

  27. Gary says:

    Sue, your blog is way too long and bogging my computer down for minutes until I stop downloading the page. I use Windows XP and Firefox. I have no problems with other WordPress blogs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad you let me know, Gary. I don’t understand how my blog could be “way too long.” The last two entries were nothing but text, no photos.

      I have noticed this . . . When I first open my blog, not only does the most recent entry open up, but also several previous ones. I don’t think it always did that. I’ll investigate via WordPress.

      I need specific information from readers. Did the TEXT-ONLY entries take too long to load? Do the SLIDESHOW ENTRIES ONLY take too long to load? Are ALL ENTRIES taking too long to load? Or do you have NO PROBLEMS loading my blog?

      I’m not shouting… I’m trying to draw attention to the info I need to figure out what’s going on. Thanks to anyone who gives me some feedback.

      • Allison says:

        Currently reading your blog in Tucson AZ. When I load your blog in Firefox using Vista OS, I get the message that Firefox needs to stopped because it is using 1 gig of memory (the excessive memory use error message). It happens even when I have closed all the windows but the one in which I open your blog. It takes forever to load and will jump around between entries for a bit. I think it started two weeks ago, but then again my memory is not so good. After viewing your blog I have to kill Firefox to make it give memory back to the rest of the pc. I don’t see any difference in behavior between text and photos. So that’s my bug report.

        • Rita says:

          I have no problems loading & your blogs are not long at all. I’ve read blogs three times or more longer and all load fine on my home computer.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I copied your comment, Allison, and placed it on the WordPress Support Forum. Thanks for explaining the problem.

        • Sharpei Mom (Az) says:

          No problems loading either with/without photos here Sue. oh I ‘m using a Mac and Chrome on Verizon.

      • Michelle says:

        I use my iPad and have no problems..

      • Ed says:

        No problems IF I have a good Verizon connection with some good bandwidth. The length of your postings are fine, I don’t care for your Slide shows but I can shut them down after they open the first time and keep them from cycling while I read your text and the Comments so that is not a biggie.

      • Connie & Mugsy says:

        I have been having problems with it loading very slowly for the last couple weeks. Doesn’t seem to matter if there is a slide show, or lots of pictures, or only text. So it must have to do with basic page set-up. I am using Windows 7, Firefox, and have a high speed Cox connection.

      • Kristi says:

        I have no problem, either on iPad or laptop.

      • Geri says:

        I don’t have any problems loading your blogs. The ones with the slide shows take a bit longer, but not long enough to be aggravating! We are always on Verizon MiFi. Shucks Sue, even if your blog did take a long time to download it would be worth the wait just to visit with you and the crew for a little while! 🙂

      • Becky says:

        I haven’t experienced any problems loading your blog. Running Windows 7, using Chrome with and Xfinity connection.

      • phxross says:

        I’m on my Google Nexus 7 tablet primarily on Chrome, sometimes Firefox Beta with no problems at all. (Karin)

      • Penny/TX says:

        I use Windows Vista & Firefox on a gaming computer and the page loads up quickly. BUT the page is pulling about 2.78 GB of memory, shooting my CPU up to around 49%, causes my computer & video card to go into what sounds like overdrive :/ Sounds like I’m gaming, its been a LONG while since I did that..yea! Even with all of this I will continue to return. 🙂 I think someone mentioned that they had noticed it about 2 weeks ago, I think thats about when I noticed the extra pull too. Dont know if this helps you any..maybe..

      • Marsha says:

        I have no problems on my laptop Windows 7, nor my Android phone, nor my Kindle Fire.

      • CT says:

        In the past, I never had any trouble loading any of your blog posts. Just in the last week or so, I’ve been getting a message about the page not loading due to a “long running script”. I hit “Cancel the Script” & your blog loads. I’m using Internet Explorer.

      • Joan Gagnon says:

        I have read your blogfor as long as you have been on the road, have use verizon mifi, Time Warner, and Wave. Also my computer hookups in different RV Parks. I have NEVER had trouble loading your blog or the pictures/slideshow. PS, your blogs are not to long, I enjoy them all. There is a cure for the ones that think they are too long and a saying about a door on your way out lol. Have a good day.

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Gary, of course RVSue, and all!

      Gary, what I do is subscribe to her blog so I get an email every time she posts. Then click on the link in the email and go straight to the single post. That way it takes almost no time to load! It does take a long time if you just go straight to rvsueandcrew.com.

      RVSue, you might be able to input how many posts you want to show per page (say seven – ten) and that should alleviate the problem. I know you can with blogger but have never used WP. Hope this helps. No one should ever miss out on your blog and I swear I’m routing for you all the way when you talk about monetizing.

      Which brings me to… I’ve read before Word Press doesn’t allow it too but also read someone who had no problems. RVSue, maybe you could look into affiliate programs where ever you like to shop. Online sites often have “affiliate” links on the bottom for you to fill out info, get a number and link to use on your blog. Then when someone buys from their store after clicking the link on your blog you get a commission. It’s a win win I think!

      As always, I wish you the best and thank you so much for all you do and your wonderful blog! Huggers to the fur babies too!

      • Carrie says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m in Hendersonville, TN. AND, no I don’t think you need the money, you’re perfect but maybe Bridget needs a new tiara, heh heh. OMG, I think I’m starting to think like Spike 😉

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi Carrie!

        I did find a place to limit the number of pages upon loading. Thanks for all the encouragement. I may “monetize” in the future.

  28. otis1941 says:

    Hi Sue,Don’t know if you were aware that there is a great dog park right behind Wal-Mart on Pacifica in Yuma,no wind here this morning,have a good day

  29. Have had the flu for a week now and still feel awful–this is a bad one. We’ve been warned to cover out plants and water spigots on Saturday as the temp will be droping here in Phoenix to the 20s. Old Man Winter sure has come with a viciousness this year. Stay healthy and warm.

  30. Susan in Dallas says:

    Sounds like you have everything you need to wait out the storm. We had an entire day of rain, which we really needed, and now warmer temperatures and blue skies with the most beautiful clouds. But, tomorrow winter is set to return. Texas weather is never dull. I hope Bridget said “thank you” for her smellfest.

  31. AZ Jim says:

    Watch out for the windstorms, they can be very dangerous. Many people are not aware of “valley Fever” but it is a real threat here in Arizona. If you MUST be out when the dust blows wear a handkerchief or mask to protect your airways. Read this: http://cronkitenewsonline.com/2012/08/dust-storms-have-medical-group-highlighting-valley-fever-threat/ Take care Sue. It is a serious thing, these blowing winds.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I am aware of valley fever but I’m glad you reminded us all. Another one of my pet peeves is when walking the crew on a dusty, sandy road, someone roars by us, kickiing up a cloud. I’ve even waved people to slow down as they approach and I always cover my nose and mouth until the dust settles.

      • Connie & Mugsy says:

        A friend of mine in Tucson got it. And a year or two later his dog got it!! Know the symptoms just in case.

  32. Bev Deem says:

    Had what may have been “the flu.” It felt more like a cold on steroids. I’m getting my voice back after five weeks. Had to get steroid pills from my lung specialist to stop my coughing. I would be more worried about Valley Fever which I battled for three years. Just saying…

  33. Anne H says:

    I’m using Chrome browser on a nexus 10 tablet with a marginal Wi-Fi connection – have had no problems loading your blog. Occasionally, the slideshows take awhile to load, but that’s understandable and nothing has ever locked up on me.

    Hang on to those little dogs in that high wind – if hate to hear that they went flying!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Anne, for helping me figure out what’s going on with some people having trouble loading my blog.

      Today, all is calm here. Hope all is well with you!

  34. mary ann (pontotoc, ms) says:

    the google chrome browser opens your site just fine, but the old explorer browser stalls. no problems. and yes, it did seem to start a couple weeks back. no problems on my phone.

  35. patty says:

    i learn a lot reading your blog! patty from san diego

  36. Dominick Bundy says:

    I have no trouble what so ever down loading any of your blogs. or anyone else’s either, never have..

  37. Cherylyn says:

    Does it help to hitch up the BLT if the wind is going to be blowing hard? Glad to hear you made it to Yuma and back OK. I had not heard of Valley fever, something to read up on before I start out.
    I load thru firefox and it seems about the same as always.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Cherylyn,

      Interesting question . . . First off, it’s hard to predict here in the desert if the wind is going to be blowing hard. I found the local forecasts to be very unreliable. I don’t think I’d want to hitch up as a way to keep stable… I wonder if staying hitched and having the trailer weight on the hitch while it rocks is good for the tires and suspension.. I don’t know.

  38. Cherie says:

    I’ve been having trouble with your blog taking forever to load and using too much memory too (Windows XP and Firefox and IE). I first noticed it after you said you added that Amazon thing to your blog so thought it had something to do with that. Keep warm and stay well. I always wonder how people keep their plumbing from freezing during these cold snaps. Hope that doesn’t happen to you.

  39. DeAnne from TN says:

    Download speed? I have cable internet and use plain old Safari and it loads instantly. Maybe it’s because I have a Mac! 😉 Reading all of the weather reports has been interesting. It was 72 today, will be 70 tomorrow but on Monday it will be 37 with snow! I’m glad I got my flu shot (of course, I am a teacher). Sue, glad you’re safe and have lots of books. Do you have most of your books on your Kindle or do you travel with books? Inquiring minds want to know…

  40. suburbanlife says:

    Hi Sue – glad you obtained your provisions, gave the kids their outing and are hunkered down cozy until the windstorms abate. Here in Rainy BC, today we have had actual sunshine after a prolonged period of rain which tends to feel as if one is living in an underwater cave which allows scant filtered light. Makes me feel positively sluggish and ugly in mood! But not today – very upbeat.
    I have a good ameliorative for whenever headaches, sore throat threaten. Boil water, add juice of one lemon, several slices of fresh ginger and honey to taste. Sip and enjoy. Also, sucking on a garlic clove, then chewing and swallowing helps keep the dreaded lergy at bay ( also vampires and undesirable companions) Do hope you stay well. G

  41. Suzanne says:

    Hi RV Sue. I feel ya. I am in Colorado Springs. Today we had 62 MPH winds and my semi-permanent awning was blown to bits while I was at work for 11 hours…and it’s going to be -5F every night for at least 3 nights coming. Yuk. I actually have to take motion-sickness pills on nights like this because of the random gusts, despite the fact that I am leveled, stabilized, skirted, and parked between two 40′ rigs. I hate Colorado winter. However, I am not able to retire yet and I have a good job (Thank God) so I guess I’d better stay a while longer. 😉

  42. Donna (stickhouse in CT) says:

    If people are having problems reading/downloading your blog, it would be because of a problem on their end and nothing to do with your site. Granted sometimes Word Press might be glitchy if the owners are updating or something on their domain but most of the time it will be what device your readers are using or what browser they are using. I’ve read your blog using my computer, my laptop on various wifi, and my kindle and have never had a problem accessing any of it. Including the slide shows.

  43. Sylvia Teague says:

    Hey Sue, never had any issues loading your blog, even slideshows, using both my MAC at home and iPad (with 3G and WiFi) on the road.

    Not computer savy but all the tech gurus are worried about Java stuff and telling govt offices to take it off their computers.

    Scritches to the crew and “Keep on Keepin On”. Love your blog for it’s writing and information, thanks!

    Sylvia and Timmy in far Northern California Redwood Country

  44. AZ Jim says:

    I have win 7, IE9, Firefox 18 and I am on cable. Your blog loads instantly. Any user having problems need to look into their system or server it is not to do with your blog. Regards…

  45. gingerda says:

    Hi Sue: I don’t have any problems with loading your blog or pictures. I have windows 7 and use interenet explorer, and have wireless connection. Thats all I know…I am pretty computer illiterate. lol.
    Ginger…Las Vegas.

  46. earthdancerimages says:

    I found this online FoxNews Link. Apparently Java has been hacked and causing lots of people lots of problems! Perhaps this is what is causing Gary some problems. Good for all to read though because the recommendation is for everyone to dump their Java until the problem is fixed. 😦


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