Canines and Christmas

Spike takes off to visit Jean and Skip.

And Bridget and I go chasing after.  In my haste to catch up with Spike, I leave the camera inside the BLT.  A fun photo opportunity is missed as Jean and Skip’s Boston terriers, Sophie and Louie, come bounding out to meet their canine visitors.

The crew and I go back another time and we three humans do our best to recapture in photos the excitement of the canines’ first meeting.  Of course, now all four dogs are completely bored with each other and do their best to ignore each other.

The crew with Sophie and Louie

Spike and Sophie do take a moment to say hello.  Spike, of course, has to show he rules.  Some guest!


Louie and Spike discover something interesting.


And, of course, Spike forgets his manners, claims the discovery as his own, and is very rude to Louie.


Hoo-boy.  I say a quick goodbye to Jean and Skip and we retreat to our campsite.  I laugh watching the crew trot along.  “Gee, Spike, do you think we could go somewhere without you embarrassing me?”  By the time we’re home, all is forgiven.  I dole out kibble which is immediately scarfed down.

Oh, I almost forg0t to tell you . . .

While at Jean and Skip’s, Ivan drives up.  Be sure to check the photos he posted on his blog today by clicking HERE.  You can scroll down to aerial photos of Clark Dry Lake dispersed camping area with labels of some of the RVers campsites, as well as great slot canyon pics.  Cat lovers will especially enjoy seeing Ivan’s header on his blog!

Oh, yeah, something else . . .

Marie calls me over to their fifth wheel.  I meet her husband, Wayne, and we visit a bit.  Marie hands me a bag full of paperbacks . . .thirteen in all!  And they look like good ones, too.  I gave all the ones I’ve read to the PAWS Thrift Store so I don’t have any to reciprocate.  Wow!  Add that to the free Kindle books I’ve downloaded and I’m all set for reading material for quite some time.  Gee, life is good.

However, I’m restless.

As pleasant as it is to camp here near the charming town of Borrego Springs, California, I think I’ll pack us up, hitch us up, and drive us out in the morning.  When wind blows through this part of the world, it tends to start in the afternoon and evening, so an early start is in order.

I’m going to try to spend Christmas in Ajo, Arizona.

I hesitate to go back there, even though I love living among the saguaros and frequenting the little town. Unfortunately the PTV and BLT are easily spotted and identified, especially if I claim my favorite spot near Rick.  I don’t want a repeat of last winter when I found myself in the awkward position of having to tell people, “No more visitors please!”

People who don’t understand what it’s like to be a loner and need privacy (like oxygen, food, and water) were offended.  Sparks flew all over the comment section of this blog.  I had to write a bunch of apologetic emails.

I’ll try again. 

I appreciate every one of the readers of my blog and I’m thankful for all the support I receive from my readers.  If I bump into you quite naturally in the course of our daily lives, it’ll be fun to meet.  I’ve certainly enjoyed meeting folks here while camped in the Anza Borrego Desert.  Such good people!

Just the same . . .  I want to go back to Ajo to enjoy quiet, uninterrupted days hanging around home with Bridget and Spike through Christmas and New Year’s.

Unless it’s windy tomorrow morning, the crew and I will head southeast to pick up Interstate 8 and then make our way east to Yuma.  It’s always exciting to get back on the road again!

Here are photos I took while Bridget, Spike and I were at the town park in Borrego Springs. 

The first photo is a creche set up in the gazebo in the center of the park.

Borrego Springs at Christmas

While I stand in front of the nativity scene trying to prevent Spike from urinating on the straw, a man comes along carrying a laptop.

“Isn’t it great that the town put WiFi here?”  He points to the peak of the gazebo.

Hmm . . . Not only are the figures of the nativity made of plastic, instead of a bright star, we have WiFi drawing people to the manger . . . .

My intent with the next photos was to create our annual Christmas card for this blog. 

We encounter the same problem experienced by anyone who has ever attempted to capture the spirit of the season with Santa Claus and bored children.  If Bridget and Spike aren’t running out of the frame, they look like they’d much rather be somewhere else.

“Bridget!  Spike! Why so glum? This way!  C’mon, guys!  Look over here!  OVER HERE!”



Oh, I give up.

No, Santa hasn’t sprouted wings out of his head.  That’s the angel looking down at Baby Jesus on the other side of the bales.

So long for now . . . Next stop, Yuma!



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71 Responses to Canines and Christmas

  1. EmilyO from KS says:

    And a safe travel to you on this the infamous Mayan apocalypse day. May you make your destination and enjoy the rebirth.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Emily,

      So far, so good. It’s almost time for sunset on 12-21-12, we still have all six wheels on the ground, and I’ve got five bars on my air card. If this is the last day, it’s a good one!

  2. Sunny says:

    Have a great Merry and blessed Christmas and New Year, Sue! Wishing you safe travels! Been a long trip, but I have finally arrived at my brother’s in Tucson and will spend Christmas with them!

  3. Bill says:

    Wow Sue- the Mick/Sue camera catches ‘quick’ moments!

    Just a note…we were ‘warm and windy’ (name of a song I sent you featuring ‘mauve’ haha). Then it has been cold, even down LC way. Glad your pups like other pups. Brownie doesn’t mix. Pooh!
    Hope you passed on my note to Engineer Mick about the elec parts place in TX.

    I hope to be on the road after the holidays. Going the northern route (dumb) have to be in ID about the 15th of Jan. I know (dumb) It’s called business! BUT BUT I lived in the Rockies, even drove a motorcycle to work from 9K, about 40 miles! So when Spike or Bridg complain about cold, tell them you know a crazy person! CHEERS, luv to you and your family (it keeps growing haha) Bill

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think I missed your note about an electric parts place in TX for Mick. Run that by me again, Bill.

      You’ve got no business going to Idaho in December! Ha! Merry Christmas to you and Kathy and pooches.!

      • Bill says:

        Try January! I checked Moab weather yesterday and it was 8 degrees!

        I buy all of my electronic parts for my tracking solar array from electronics in TX. They have everything under the sun (get it) and it’s wholsale. I thought Mick my like to have it as a resource, if he doesn’t already! Gooday to you Sue, Cheers br ps K is off doing family stuff….

  4. Rand says:

    Borrego south side is somewhat off the radar
    but offers a lot of what a desert is to desert appreciators.
    Go out the south route.

  5. Barb says:

    Happy Christmas Sue and Crew!
    Our trailer group has ‘open’ and ‘closed’ signs… Since we do rally’s, people feel pretty free to come and gander at our oldie trailers. The ‘closed’ signs WORK. Maybe that would work for you… maybe a flag of some sort (welcome or not now please)… I appreciate my alone time as well, so I completely understand!!!
    Love your photos of the nativity!!! It is wonderful!!!
    Blessings this holiday and always,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Signs don’t work because it’s a shared road so people come up the road and, all of a sudden, there I am by myself. And usually I’m outside.

      Have a memorable, happy holiday, Barb.

  6. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Looks like Spike wanted to play with Louie….kind of. Neat how you captured the dirt flying and Louie scurrying away.

    You shouldn’t feel you can’t stay in a place you love.

    I have to agree that some folks don’t understand those who like their privacy. Why should you apologize for the way you are? Anyone who reads your blog knows better than to show up outside your BLT unannounced.

    Up here…people are very intrusive. First off, people don’t lock their doors…home or not! Secondly…they think if they knock once..they can just come in. We came from Calee….ALL doors are locked ALL the time. People call before they come over…”dropping in” is not polite. What happens if we aren’t in the mood to entertain? Folks think we are weird….oh well..don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out! Live life for you….don’t settle for something less because you want to please others.

    Maybe you should fly a bandana on your Wilson antenna. Red means ..stop right where you are…today is NOT the day, green means eh I might be in the mood and yellow means…I haven’t made my mind up yet. 🙂

    I love the large picture of Spike, Bridge and Santa.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Spike may look like he wants to play. That’s because you don’t hear the accompanying snarl. He can be very possessive. Glad you like the photo. I think they’re all pretty pathetic myself.

  7. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Thats the price of success Sue. Your life will never be the same again. Go with it, or try a disguise. Doris Day use to wear a scarf and sunglasses and you would never know it was her. Why? Because in real life she was a red head with tons of freckles. If you keep it up you just might get a star on Hollywood Blvd too.

  8. Pat says:

    I don’t know about Ajo, but it has been windy in Tucson. Yuma is always windy, I lived there for 7 years. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy Ajo.

  9. Nan says:

    Strangers, except for blogisphere, just passed each other once again!

  10. gingerda says:

    I love the last picture of the pups with Santa…too cute. Safe travels to you and the crew.

  11. Carol Leonard says:

    I could not get Ivan’s blog to open up when clicking on “here”. What is his blog site? I would love to see the pictures of the slot canyons. Thanks

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Try doing a search for “Roadtrip 2013: Chillin’ in the Desert near Borrego Springs” — I tried clicking the word HERE in the blog post and it worked. The first thing you see is a big yellow tabby cat lying on the dash . .. Good luck.

  12. placestheygo says:

    Safe travels when you do head out. Hopefully, you will get to have a relaxing holiday. Happy Holidays! Love the pictures of the dogs.

  13. Jean &Skip says:

    It was fun meeting you Sue, Hope you have a peaceful Holiday Season.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Same here . . . I hope I didn’t confuse Louie and Sophie. I went by the pink collar as probably being Sophie. My favorite is all four of them looking in different directions, each one thinking, “What a bunch of boring canines.”

      Merry Christmas and may the wind be at your back (and not too strong!).

  14. John Hussey says:

    Yuma, Az, is near Los Algodones, Mexico, a safe place to cross over into Mexico if you need dental work, refill prescriptions, eye glasses, etc. You want be alone as each day that crossing is swamped with thousands of US & Canadians crossing over for above but cheap prices on tequila, too. Buy the good stuff only. There is free dispersed camping within walking distance of the border if you are interested. Or stay in the campground alongside it for $50 for a week and use all their amenities. I stayed there over a week a couple years ago and walked across to Mexico daily, wandered around, ate from the street-side food vendors, sometimes the great restaurants, had $2000 dollars of dental work at US prices for just $300. I would be happy to give you directions for the dispersed camping and a dentist recommendation if you are interested. Just let me know

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do want to cross over for teeth cleaning. I need to work on getting an up-to-date passport. This information is very helpful, John. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me. I’d need to find someone to watch the crew while I’m gone. I’m sure I could work something out.

  15. John Hussey says:

    I forgot from above post, when getting off the interstate from Yuma onto the road into Los Algodones is a “stop sign trap” where the local gendarmes from the US side hide behind some rocks on your right as you roll up to the stop sign before turning left onto road to Los Algodones. If you fail to come to a complete stop there they will swoop down and will ticket you. They did it to me. I was going on to spend a couple months in California but after that distasteful adventure I never did but stayed in Arizona and spent my money there, I don’t regret it!

  16. BAYFIELD AL. says:

    Not being or wanting to be a part of the overall general RV social scene, we do understand the desire for privacy very well. We just are not into happy hours or hours of making small talk, I am not comfortable meeting new people although a few of the people we have met have become good friends. Nice that Spike & Bridget got to meet Sophie & Louie. Say hello to Darby Wells & Rick if you see him………:))

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ll say hi to Rick for yo, Al. I hope you maintain the privacy you need at your new house in Congress. You are so popular I fear your home may become a regular tourist stop … (hint, hint, to the RVing world)

  17. The Texas Cowgirl says:

    Have a Merry Christmas, Sue and crew and do your own thing!!!

  18. Kimzoph says:

    That photo of Spike and Louie is priceless, Sue. It resulted in my first laugh of this fine Chicago-area day! Thanks again for your fantastic reportage and wonderful photos, and have a very merry Christmas!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kim. Gee, I feel guilty whining about wind and cold (and Spikey should feel guilty, too!) when there are people who live in places like the Chicago area. God help you. I couldn’t do it. Merry Christmas!

  19. Ms. Minimal says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I will be spending Christmas alone this year, much to the dismay of my friends and fellow campers. I really would rather spend it alone than spending it in someone else’s holiday scene, like a movie I don’t belong in. I have plans to read & relax & may have to get stern with some as well.

    I ticked a lot of people off with my recent digital sabbatical, so at least I’ve broken the ice in that department!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

    Ms. Minimal

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      One of my best Christmases was alone with Bridget and Spike. I lit a few candles, read the Christmas story from the Gospel according to Luke, and went to bed. No commercial Christmas crap to put away . . . sweet and simple.

      I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Ms. M!

  20. rjrvtravels says:

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year.

  21. PamP says:

    Well, ho, ho, ho – the last one is the best of the bunch. I like Santa with wings – why not? If reindeer can fly———- why not Santa. Have a good Christmas and may only happy memories return on that special day! PamP

  22. Doris says:

    Your post really made me laugh today, annual Christmas photo just struck me, to funny. Thanks

  23. Ed says:

    You say ‘next stop Yuma’. It is doubtful that I’ll cross paths with you but I’m at the Kofa Escapee Park southeast of the downtown area. If you happen to be down that way stop by and say hello.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      If I think I’ll be over that way, I’ll email you and give you some warning. I’d like to meet you, too, Ed. I almost visited you in Ajo and then I got a Hermit Attack and didn’t.

  24. AZ Jim says:

    Gonna stay at the pond in Ajo this year Sue? Wherever you and the crew end up I know you will tell us about it, we count on it. Best wishes for a nice Christmas. We’re leaving for California to spend the holiday with the Grand-kids.

  25. libertatemamo says:

    The wind is the one thing that can drive you out of Borrego…and of course the itch to move. Good travels to you!! We’ll be following along on the blog.
    P.S. Nice shot of the doggies…captured!!

  26. JOAN ROBERTS says:

    Sue, I wanted to wish you and the crew a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your new year in Ajo. Such a peaceful, quiet place. Usually warm, as compared to what I remember of the Cambridge, winters. Brrrrr……!!!

  27. Timber n' me says:

    Well SUE, you can put up a white flag with a black spot in th’ middle, this means “danger this camp has th’ plage” or a sign that sess ” if i wanted company, I’d be in town”, or do like I did paint yer riggin in camo, they camp far away, n’ I hardly have company, I meet folks in town…..Have a Merry Christmas n’ Bless you all,,,,,,,,nice photos n’ tell th’ pups Timber sess hi-oooooooool woool toooo uuuuuuuuuu

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Rusty,

      Wouldn’t my rig — both the PTV and the BLT — look cute painted camo! Ha! I know you appreciate your privacy and then it is nice to meet people when in town. Bless you and Timber, too. Stay warm and healthy this winter.

  28. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Merry Xmas Sue…………..thanks for the card !! Spike and Bridget with Santa is so precious!! Now it is out with the Google maps to follow your next adventure and to continue my education of the US ! Love and hugs for you and your very special crew…………..from down under !!!

  29. rvsueandcrew says:

    The crew and I arrived safely at our new camp in the Ogilbie Road area, a few miles west of Yuma. I’ll write tomorrow about leaving Borrego Springs and setting up our new camp. It’s been a good day!

  30. Timber n' me says:

    Sue And Crew, please be carefull out there on Ogilbie Rd., so close to travelers from th’ south, Ok

    • JuliaG says:

      Rusty & Timber, Wishing the two of you a Merry Christmas and many happy adventures in the New Year! Your always in my thoughts and prayers for safety and happiness!!

  31. Angie2B says:

    Merry Christmas Sue!

  32. JuliaG says:

    Sue, Spikey & Bridget
    I hope you all have a wonderful and warm Christmas all cuddled up together!! That’s really what makes a fabulous holiday, isn’t it?… In fine Sue fashion, you have taught us to get off the couch, go outside, to take a walk with our dogs, to find happiness within ourselves, to appreciate a closer look at nature, that bigger is not better, with planning anything is possible, to welcome new friends and their stories, that a little help to a new friend can bring an old friend back home(loved that story), and my get out of your comfort zone and go!! So what do you get a woman and her crew that have everything….Just one more wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Adventure filled New Year ahead!! ~Hugs to All~ Love ya’s :0)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      All I do is write about my life with the crew, the places we go, the people we meet. I’m thrilled to hear you get that much out of my blog. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate your sweet holiday message. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year!

  33. Karen (Minnesota) says:

    Wishing you and the pups a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for the pictures. Hoping you have safe travels and a New Year filled with happiness and contentment.

  34. Cari in Texas says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the crew, Sue! I’ve been out of town the past week, so I spent this morning catching up with your recent adventures. I know what you mean about enjoying spending time alone, especially at the holidays. My mother always wants me to come visit her, thinking that spending Christmas alone is sad, but I actually enjoy it. I get a pizza the day before, sleep late, cook the pizza, then spend the day with my dog Oliver enjoying the peace and quiet and no comitments or obligations.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think your idea of an enjoyable Christmas is very nice, especially when you have Oliver with you. The part about no commitments or obligations is important. Enjoy your Christmas, Cari!

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