Another solo woman full-timer!

Lee’s new Casita

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4 Responses to Lee’s new Casita

  1. Looks just like the Spirit we picked up last week, but hers doesn’t appear to have the outside shower.

  2. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    One doesn’t need the outside shower. Just buy a ten foot drinking water hose and a doo dad called a water thief from any RV store [it fits over the faucet]. Then open the window in the bathroom and stick the hose out the window. Put an adjustable shower head on the end of the hose and bingo you’re all set to wash yourself, the kids and the dog. Several styles of shower tents are available for privacy [look on Then thumb your nose at Motel 6 as you fly by in your BLT.

    • I never thought we’d actually use the outdoor shower, to be honest. It was actually one of the selling points for my wife to agree to buying our BLT:-) Guess what? I ended up using it to rinse out a new Walmart coffee pot!

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