Bridget stages a sit-down and “They’re undies, not a welcome mat!”

All this artsy-fartsy stuff and I’ve neglected the regular campsite news.

Today’s post will jump all over in time because I don’t want to strain my brain trying to remember what happened when. Who cares anyway.  I’m not Doris Kearns Goodwin writing history here.

One late afternoon recently, I announce to the crew, “Let’s go on a walk!” 

With an opener like that, you have to read on, right?  I hold up their little, black suits.  Spike barks and hops; Bridget squeals and wiggles.  “Okay, take it easy so I can get these things on you.”

I like to have a destination for our walks.

Otherwise I wander around the desert like a drunken prospector looking for the mine.

“Guys?  We’re going to the dry lake!”  The crew reacts as if it’s been their dream since we first arrived at Peg Leg dispersed camping area to walk over to see dried-up Clark Lake.  “Oh, boy!”

Off we go with great energy and enthusiasm.

My hat is on my head, my camera around my neck, and the leashes in my hand.  All goes well until Bridget sits down abruptly.  “Okay, babe.  We’ll rest a bit.”

Bridget sits.A few minutes later we’re on our way.  We walk about twenty feet and Bridget sits down again.  All right.  This time we’ll rest a little longer. 

Bridget sits again.

“Ready?  Let’s go.  At this rate, it’ll be dark before we get there,” I grumble.  We walk another twenty feet or so.  Bridget sits down.

The third sit-down.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Well, maybe her leg is bothering her.  I look ahead and see a low ridge from which we will be able to see the dry lake.  Spike is pulling to go there, bless his heart.  I look at Bridget.

Bridget lies down.

She’s lying in the sand with her Class III pathetic look on.  Oh, criminy.  I give up.

“I guess we’ll try this another time.”

As soon as I start toward home, Bridget is on her feet.  And you know, the little manipulator did not sit down all the way back to our campsite!

This morning, when we set out once again for the lake bed, I’m ready. 

Creosote in bloomAbout halfway there, Bridget sits down.

That is when she and I have a — hmm . . . what shall I say . . . a “conference,” and that’s the end of the power-play nonsense.

We resume walking and I notice the vegetation is greener.1-P1010602 Creosote bush in sunshineWatch out!  Cholla!We walk a wash with creosote in bloom on the edge.  We avoid the treachery of the cholla.

And, yes, we did make it to the dry lake but the photo isn’t anything worth posting.

Now I’d like to explain The Undies in the Breeze Principle.

It was breezy a few days ago.  Hmm… a perfect day for doing the wash.  The solar panel chimes its songs as I wash four pairs of socks, four undies, and a shirt in a dishpan while sitting outside in a camp chair.  I string a clothesline from the lounge chair to the step ladder and clip the wrung items on the line to flap in the breeze. (No photos available, not on your life, buster.)

Of course, at the very moment I clip that last undie on the line, a man drives up in an RV.  Sheesh.

The crew springs into action!

Spike and Bridget dart around the BLT like four-legged, mad hornets.   They bark frantically in what I must say is an excellent display of obnoxious behavior.  The potential neighbor in the RV drives away.  “Good job, guys!”  Gee, what a great crew.  I’m so proud of them.

The principle?  Hang your underwear on the line and you’ll have company.

A guy on a bicycle pedals by.

Nina and Polly“Is that Paul?” I call out.  Yes, it is . . .  Paul of Wheeling It blog.

Nina is over at the laundromat washing out cat puke, so he’s alone.  He looks over my new antenna and the bumper mount that Mick made for me.  He’s impressed, of course.

The next day or so,  Nina comes over for a visit.  Bridget and Spike remember her and her dog, Polly, so it’s happy reunion time!  Once again I find that fellow full-timers and fellow bloggers have no problem finding stuff to talk about.

If this sunset looks familiar, it’s the same one Nina posted on her blog a few days ago.

Sunset at Peg LegTomorrow the crew and I hunt for more metal sculptures!


Canine Corner:  “I was thinkin'” by Spike and Bridget

“You know, Bridge, I was thinkin’. . . ”

“Oh boy, here it comes.”

“Seriously.  Listen to me.  Remember when we lived in that house?  We stayed there for years and years.  All of a sudden we’re moving all over the place.”

Spike figures it out.“So?  What’s your point, Spike.”

“As I was cogitatin’ on the fact that we move around so much, this idea popped into my head . . .  Do you think maybe RVSue is running from the law?  Like maybe she held up a bank or something?”

“What?  You’re saying RVSue is a fugitive from justice?”

“Well, we do move an awful lot.  Think about it, Bridge.  It fits.  Yep, it all fits.”

“You know what I think, Spike?  I think you have a hole to dig waaaay over there.”


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27 Responses to Bridget stages a sit-down and “They’re undies, not a welcome mat!”

  1. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Can’t stop laughing!!! Oh so funny!! Made my morning Sue!!

  2. Anne H says:

    I read Paul and Nina’s blog as well and have to say the last week or so has been very funny – the doppleganger effect as I read each blogs unique perspective on similar sights – doubling my desire to add this location to my bucket list!
    Sounds like the crew is an excellent early warning system – I think this makes up for occassional rebellion on walks.
    Hmmm . . . . Spike may be on to something – that hat of yours could be the hat of a true deperado – and a bank heist is one way to explain your high-roller lifestyle (tee hee)

  3. cinandjules (NY) says:

    How can you resist those brown eyes………….Bridget didn’t want to go! She knows if she sits down long enough you’ll either turn around or pick her up and carry her. Funny .on the way back she didn’t sit down once. Kind of like those horses you rent…ya can’t get em to go…but once they turn around and head toward the barn…they gallop!

    Spike….don’t you remember YOU’RE the criminal!

    Hang those “chonies” anywhere you want. Once again you had me roaring!

    • Chuck says:

      ‘member the stroller and those big brown eyes……Bridget, you are a better con artist than Spikey could ever HOPE to be. Sue, you must have your ‘unmentionables’ set in some kind of semaphore signal to attract an RV that fast! And ‘artsyfartsy’ from a Georgia Peach schoolmarm???? I’m waiting patiently for the first BOOK! One of your great blogs ever!

  4. Cathy says:

    Love Bridget’s personality in today’s post!!!!

  5. suburbanlife says:

    Too funny – reluctant dog princess and drying underwear attracting visitors. Life is ever so! G

  6. geogypsy2u says:

    We know who runs the show in this family. 😉

    If I hung my underware it would be in hopes of potential too close neighbors to move on.

  7. Timber n' me says:

    LOL,,LOLLL ,,,,,, We are both LoL,,,,,undies n’ th’ pups,,,,LoL

  8. beckyanddrew says:

    Great job of hiding on the run….blogging in plain sight! lol

  9. Jeff says:

    So did Paul tease you about your knickers flag?

  10. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Follow the metal sculptures they may lead to the Lost Peg Leg mine. There were at least three Peg Leg Smiths out in the wild west after the Civil War. Seems doctors couldn’t save mens legs if they had been hit with those big caliber bullets, so they just sawed off the leg and cauterized it. History has it that the 3 Smiths were here and there and it got kind of confusing which was which. So it makes finding his mine even more harder. I hope you find it so you can go live high on the hog…and it will cover your tracks from the bank robbery tee hee hee.

  11. John says:

    Drunken prospector looking for the mine, Ops found I it,, Right behind those undies on the line

  12. Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

    I read Nina and Paul’s blog also. Yours and theirs are the only two RV blogs I read. I have to admit that I like yours better, (shhhh.) It’s because I can relate to you and your circumstances more readily being of a similar age, etc.

    You certainly have a lot of patience with your dogs.

  13. Dawn says:

    Hi Sue, Bridget and Spike…I’ve been following your blog for about 2 weeks now and boy am I ever hooked, if not addicted! I am fascinated by the price of propane and how much, where you find water and how often, what you eat and what you pay…etc, etc. For the past 13 years, I have traveled and dry camped in many of the same places you describe and photograph; first in a 26′ class C, then a 32′ class A. I hang on every word and photo and have read all of your posts from the beginning. I am single and a little older than you…I have always traveled with 4 cats; all with huge egos and personalities. I have an outdoor safe cat tent for them. My little Daisy (a tuxedo) has a similar personality to Bridget.
    When you asked for suggestions at least a few months ago, I thought I’d like to see more photos of the people you talk with. Whenever I asked to take photos of people, they mostly seemed ok with it.
    I am no longer traveling. I am looking for a 32+’ fifth wheel to park at a glorious rv park on the coast of Oregon, north of Gold Beach….
    Well, thinking I was just going to say hi and to thank you for your blog, turned into a book….oh, and so very cool to see Rusty and Timber posting…what a sweet and interesting pair they are!
    Seriously can’t wait to see and read what you do tomorrow and what the crew thinks about it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Dawn! Welcome to my blog! I bet you’ve seen a lot in your 13 years on the road. Thanks for writing and telling us a little about yourself and your kitties.

      About photos of people in my blog . . . It’s obvious that I avoid showing faces. I have a reason for that. Unlike a lot of blogs where you do see faces, my blog contains stories. Sometimes those stories are embellished or are written to be humorous. Even though a person may give me permission to show their face on the internet, they haven’t had the opportunity to read what I write about them when they give permission. I don’t think this is fair to the person when I’m actually making them a character in a story. I’d rather keep their identity vague (although I realize it’s often easy to figure out who they are).

      I’ve made a few exceptions to this rule, but overall I feel more comfortable using my encounters with people as a springboard for a story. I’d rather describe people in words and let the reader imagine.

      Glad you’re with us . . .

  14. Patty says:

    I have a greyhound that lays down when she doesn’t want to walk. As soon as I tell her we are going back to the motor home, she is fine. I have learned to take her back to the motor home when she pulls that and continue to walk the other greyhound who is a power walker. My Scout is a stubborn girl.

  15. Susan in Dallas says:

    Just look at that pitiful face on Bridget! She should win an Oscar for that performance. I’m still laughing and am not too sure that Spike didn’t have that conversation. Very funny post, thanks!

  16. artfulrvadventures says:

    Stealth Blogging from behind enemy lines… a new reality show !

  17. patricia Leonhardt says:

    You may be living with less, but you have so much more of a great life! Great companions and seeing so many new things and adventures! Would make a great book Sue and I would certainly buy it! I read a book years ago by Sam Keith, “One man’s wilderness”. It was written in a daily journal style. Yours could be the same way! You,Bridget and Spike are great daily reads too!

  18. Chuck says:

    Sue, the responses that you get back to your blog are wonderful. They reflect your artsyfartsy postings and humor. What a great bunch of folks(with a very few exceptions) with a wit that appreciates yours! Chuck

  19. Jim says:

    Sue, put the undies inside other clothes and hang them with the same clothes pin, no one will ever suspect you of being a “clandestine undies washer”! Another problem solved! *LOL

  20. jean says:

    hi, Sue. great post again. Your pups remind me so much of mine. Not in looks, but in personality. My lab/hound mix is a 100 lb Bridget and my yorkie is a 12 pound Spike. They keep life worth getting out of bed for.

  21. Nan says:

    Oh my gosh! Occasionally Olivia does the “sit in” too. Right now, it is when she says it is too cold to walk any more. Hopefully, we leave here this afternoon. (if we finish our left over errands) Wish us luck. We have been at this leaving process since Sept 12th!

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