Slideshow: Creatures roam the Anza Borrego

The metal sculptures of Ricardo Breceda

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After days of wind which limited our outdoor activity, this morning is calm.  Off we go to find the creatures that roam the Anza Borrego! Instead of viewing the sculptures from the PTV, I park so we can walk around the desert of Galleta Meadows Estates, discovering sculptures in the sand and among the creosote bushes.  What a fun way to spend a morning!

Bridget and Spike enjoy the adventure, too!

They nonchalantly wander around a giant scorpion, and then when we approach the baby elephant, their attitude changes, especially Spike’s.  He growls and barks ferociously in an attempt to make it go away!

We didn’t see all the sculptures.

Now we have an excuse to go back.  This is the kind of activity I love . . . enjoying the outdoors on a beautiful day, just me and my crew.

I didn’t want all those photos in the slideshow.

The slideshow is repetitive, I know.  That’s because I haven’t yet figured out the new procedures for making slideshows that WordPress recently put into place.  (WordPress Motto:  If it ain’t broke, fix it!)  I selected the photos I want to publish here.  Instead, all the photos in my file appear in the slideshow.  Oh well . . . 

Bridget and Spike crash in the BLT soon after we arrive home.  I bet they’ll sleep most of the afternoon.


P.S.  Click on Galleta Meadows Estates to read about the generosity of Dennis Avery and to see more of Brecedo’s sculptures.


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36 Responses to Slideshow: Creatures roam the Anza Borrego

  1. Cheryloftwomanyadventures says:

    Very Cool. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Tia in North Carolina says:

    That is very cool. I imagine a lot of dogs have barked at the statues, or peed on them. Showing just a little bravado.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I guess the baby elephant seemed real to Spike, whereas the other sculptures were too big for him to see more than a lot of metal. He really let that elephant have it!

  3. Val Roberts says:

    enjoying you blog. I follow one other ‘life on the open road” and yesterday she posted pics from there. I think she is with a group of boon dockers called W I N wandering individuals network. They meet up from time to time. I have a little dog who would do a lot of barking at those sculptures. 🙂

  4. Alice and Rudy Scheibelhofer, Chilliwack, BC Canada says:

    He is certainly a talented man! The man in the website below lives about 5 miles from us and his sculptures are one of the places we always take visitors to see.

  5. cinandjules (NY) says:

    Neat! Love the grasshopper and scorpion. The close up pictures really show the details…hair…claws..etc.

    Opps…someone knocked the horse over………………….and some creature’s head is lopped off.

    Spike and Bridget being protect-o dogs! You tell em Spike! Must have been fun to watch.

  6. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Sue I enjoyed seeing all your photos and not just a select few………….fascinating and the scuptures are so well done. I thought the horse looked like he was enjoying a good roll in the sand as they do!! Thanks for the link too so we could find out more about it all.

  7. Llanos says:

    Neat, neat, neat!

  8. Jim says:

    Never minimize the mighty scorpion. Living here in Arizona they are a way of life. The Arizona (and California deserts) are mostly the bark scorpion, which is the most poisonous. The effects of that sting range from severe pain for up to 48 hours to being fatal in a few cases. My wife (we are old) was stung in (of all places) the bed. She is pretty tough but it hurt her very bad almost two days and ice and ibuprofen got her through it. If you are stung they say if you have symptoms like swollen tongue, dizziness, blurred vision go to a hospital. Love your blog Sue and never miss an issue. Keep on truckin!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Jim!

      I do appreciate this scorpion info for my readers and myself. I can’t imagine the suffering your wife went through! I also appreciate you being a faithful reader . . .

  9. cathieok says:

    That is so interesting! Never knew it existed. Thanks for sharing.

  10. jean says:

    u may not have wanted all the pictures, but I am glad they all showed up. I have never been or even heard fo the area of California you are in, but I would love to visit. happy travels to you and the crew.I have a yorkie and a bloodhound/lab mix. they would have let the baby elephant have it too.

  11. gingerda says:

    Wow those sculptures are really neat. Not a fan of scorpions, we have tons of them here in Las Vegas. I read the comment that Jim posted about his wife getting bit in bed by one. My neighbor had that happen to her too. I was sitting on the couch one day and felt something crawling on my leg and looked down to see a scorpion…Yikes!!! Freaked me out. Have to laugh at Spike barking at the elephant.

  12. Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

    Wow! That’s one of the kinds of things I would love to see. I prefer something like that rather than in a museum. Exactly why I would like to travel similar to the way you are doing it. Go somewhere, take time to explore the whole region, then move on to another. How wonderful!!

  13. LuAnn says:

    I love the metal sculptures of Anza Borrego. Thanks for the slideshow Sue. 🙂

  14. Janis Harrison says:

    Thank you Sue I now have a new addition to my bucket list.

  15. Sue, you always provide places for us to add to the list of “have to see” places. I can’t wait to spend some time in that part of the US. Thanks!

  16. Susan in Dallas says:

    Beautiful, beautiful sculptures and the perfect place for them. Love waiting for your next adventure.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The “creatures” are distinct against the empty desert, and the mountains as a backdrop make the scene even more interesting. As we were driving toward home, those two little sloths surprised us!

  17. earthdancerimages says:

    Thank you for taking me to places I have never been to or like today, to places I have never even heard of! Wonderful sculptures! Thanks to the other readers who added their links! Such an interesting place to visit! Geri, in Truth or Consequences NM (where it is beautiful weather this year!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Geri… I thought of you when I made the slideshow, thinking, “I bet Geri will like these.”
      The sculptures are such fun to photograph! They helped me learn a little more about light and shadow and angles.

  18. Chuck says:

    Great slide show, Geri and I will try to see the sculptures, maybe after Q’site.

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