Night stalkers

Three days ago I thought we’d move further south to avoid the cold.

We didn’t.  I obsessed with working on financial pages (above), and now the sky is cloudless, the wind is gone, and the sun warms our campsite and the Best Little Trailer very nicely here at Sawtooth Canyon Campground.  Spike, Bridget, and I go for a long walk. 

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The past three days and nights have been very chilly. 

The crew and I snuggle together to keep warm at night. The first two nights of the cold snap we all sleep well.

Last night is something else.

Spike repeatedly wakes up, rattles the blind as he sticks his nose through the slats. He looks out the window into the dark and barks.  He looks at me, now that I’ve turned on the light, and barks. He jumps out of bed, hops around, and then lies at the door and barks.

I can take this for only so long.

I grab the flashlight and take him out.  Bridget stays in bed, her sleepy eyes peering out from under the quilt.  I walk with Spike around the BLT and our campsite.  He stares (or perhaps I should say he points his nose because his vision is poor) in the direction of the desert land adjoining the campground and our campsite.  The fur stands up on his back.

“Okay.  Enough of this, Spike.  I don’t like this.  We’re going back inside.”

I still have the habit of talking out loud to Spike even though his hearing is as bad as his eyesight.  I lift him up and carry him inside, put him back in bed, and cover him with the quilt the way he likes it.  “Good night, little boy.”  He settles down.  All three of us go to sleep.

Spike barks again, and this time, Bridget joins in.

The three of us go outside.  We look around.  The crew does not like something nearby.  It must be coyotes.  Can’t do anything about that.  “Back in you go, guys.”

The crew’s wide awake so I give them a snack.

With their bellies working on turkey slices from the deli, they nod off.

This morning I let Bridget and Spike outside to do their business.  As I put on my shoes, they commence to make a big ruckus.  I look out the window and see what all the fuss was about last night.

I’ll let the crew tell you about it.


Canine Corner:  “Night stalkers” by Spike and Bridget

“I bet RVSue is glad I chased off those wild dogs this morning.  We don’t want any gang violence around here.”

“Spike!  I chased them off, too!  I did just as much as you to run them off.  Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I’m a scaredy-cat.”

“Okay, okay.  Keep your harness on, woman.”

“And another thing, Spike.  They weren’t ‘wild dogs.’  You shouldn’t use inflammatory terms like that.  You know our conversation is going on the blog, and those kind of words upsets our readers.  RVSue told us not to make any trouble when we write in our corner.”

“Well, what would you call them, Bridge?  Puppy dogs?  You know, they weren’t exactly Lassie, Benji, Snoopy, and Old Yeller out for a nighttime stroll.”

“Feral.  Feral dogs, Spike.  That means they live on the wild side.”


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40 Responses to Night stalkers

  1. tinycamper says:

    Loved the scenery and am in awe of rock climbers.

    But I’m with Spike. I’d call them wild dogs, too!!! Eeeeek! Stay safe!

  2. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Well done Bridget…………..always the sensible one, keeping you out of trouble Spike!!

  3. cozygirl says:

    A nice tease to get a little late night snack of turkey I say :O)

  4. cinandjules says:

    Protecto dogs! Good job keeping everyone safe. He was just letting you know…something is out there…not a potty run.

    The coydogs here are loud when they’ve got something cornered….but they never get too close…which is great for our pooch.

    I went back and read some of the first blogs……..had a laugh! That little heater looks like it puts off alot of warmth. Can’t remember if it was Spike or Bridget plopped down in front of it.

    Stay warm…sounds like another hot cocoa night.

  5. cathieok says:

    Hope you carry a big stick when you go out at night!

  6. jean says:

    just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I would love to be where you are in life right now. Maybe in five years when I retire.

  7. Sherry says:

    Hope you 3 get a better night’s sleep tonight. Great pics of your defense team. 🙂

  8. Neita says:

    Yikes! I think I would be a wee bit scared.

  9. suburbanlife says:

    What a beautiful place you guys are camping. I love the report from Bridget and Spike. That Bridget is a bossy, correcting little creature – very teacherish.
    Here in the centre of my small town, I often hear the coyotes who live in the ravine my apartment looks over. They celebrate late at night whenever they have made a kill. Neighbours walking their dogs have been stalked by them. G

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We hear coyotes here, too, when they come down to the camp host’s pond and at odd times during the day. The crew and I were stalked by coyotes at Elephant Butte, NM, in the fall of 2011.

  10. rvsueandcrew says:

    At this point eight months of financial reports are completed. What a contrast between miserly February and devil-may-care June!

  11. Pat says:

    Great job on the financial reports, love the way you put include the info on where you have been and the reasons for the expenses. I hope this helps more solo women have the courage to do whatever they have been dreaming about doing. RVing, traveling or whatever they have been dreaming about. Remember we can do anything if we really want to, fear is normal when you take the first step. The rewards are worth it……..Thanks Sue

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Pat. I hope it helps women and men to have the courage to follow their dream.

      • DeAnne says:

        Hey, it’s inspired me! Currently it is 50 degrees in my house, and I am snuggled up in a blanket drinking hot coffee. No heat–I turn it on to 40 degrees (as low as it will go) on nights like tonight when we are going to be in the 20’s. Last month I saved over $70 on my electric bill–$70 more toward my savings! I’m on a mission!

  12. gingerda says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. Pretty interesting watching the rock climbers. (Something I’ve never done).
    Spike must sense something outside, since he can’t see or hear real good. Had to laugh when you said you let him out to investigate and Bridget stays in bed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wonder the same thing about Spike. Is his sense of smell so strong that he could tell through the window? I had the BLT closed up tight against the cold. Or maybe he doesn’t hear voices well but can hear other sounds. Who knows what perceptions dogs have . . . I know some dogs, not Spike because he’s ‘all about me’, can pick up human thoughts and emotions with few or no cues that we humans can perceive. I had a dog once who would get excited when I sat in a chair merely thinking about taking her to the dog park. She also would look at me with concern when sad thoughts filled my mind.

      • cinandjules says:

        I seem to think….it’s selective hearing when it comes to Mr Spike. They hear what they want to hear….and WHEN they want to hear. When they are up to no good…or on a mission….they also seem to forget their name! 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I wish selective hearing were the case. At first that’s what I thought. Since then I’ve tested Spike several times. I walk up behind him, talking loudly, and he doesn’t react until I move into his peripheral vision. Then he’s startled. Another bit of evidence… He sleeps through noises that used to make him jump out of bed. My pal is aging. Well, so is his!

  13. gingerda says:

    P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you, I like the pictures of you and the crew on the side bar.

  14. Joy says:

    Good Morning-Enjoying waking up,having some brew and seeing how you are doing today.Passed your site to some other mountain folks up here in Colorado. No need to respond…up near Rocky Mtn.National Park where all dogs have people! Joy

  15. Kathy says:

    Hi Sue- I check so many blogs but rarely think I have much worth commenting about. But this blog made me think of times we’ve been camped and some sort of a disturbance occurred. I KNOW you didn’t go outside in the middle of the night with a big stick (haha). More like a ‘pocket rocket’! At least I do but I usually chose the alternative and stay in.

    One night, camped with friends outside of Quartzsite in ‘rock hound’ country, a great big gathering of ATVers and OHV and ‘trustees of modern chemistry’ were creating a big scene close by. Breaking camp was not an option so we used a VHF ham radio to link into authorities and waited it out!! SOOOOO, I’ll put up with wild dogs and coyotes any day! (or night)

    (side note) you don’t look grumpy, more determinded, on a mission…and remember, I’ve seen you smile..IN PERSON! Chill, oops, slipped! You know what I mean…Bill is traveling and I’m spending Thankgiving and Christmas with Mom in Albuquerque. Kathy with a K

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Nice to hear from you again, Kathy. I’m glad you will be spending time with your mother for the holidays. An early wish . . . Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bill, and family….

  16. FLKamper says:

    Is it just me or is your weather widget gone?

  17. Connie & Mugsy says:

    Are these “feral dogs” going to be showing up for food soon? Lost dog rescuer could be your new reputation in the desert. 🙂 I’m betting that they know that you “rewarded” your dogs for waking you up… (what a guy that Spike is…)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m not sure if they’re feral or if they belong to Slash X Ranch and Saloon which is quite a distance up the road. They look well fed. One day they crossed the campground road in front of me. They were chasing a jackrabbit. One is white, one is black, and the other two are grey like huskies. I was up late with the light on. Maybe that attracted them the other night.

  18. Allison says:

    You do not look grumpy! You look very dashing in that hat.

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