Bye, Buddy! We move from Owl Canyon to Sawtooth Canyon.

Thursday, November 1

I’ve inserted some of the sunrise photos I mentioned in the previous post.

It’s after sunset and the sky is cloudy.  The wind is gathering strength.  The sun shade flaps so I take it down.  I pick up the dog bed from the exercise pen and put it on the picnic table so it doesn’t get wet if rain falls in the night.

Buddy makes himself at home at our campsite.

I manage to get Spike and Bridget past Buddy’s efforts to get inside the BLT.  After a while, we prepare for bed.  I look out the window and there’s Buddy, up on the picnic table, curled up in the dog bed, tired eyes closing.  Oh, dear.  I’ve got to do something about this situation.  Now he thinks I gave him his own bed.

Friday, November 2

Despite charging problems and a cloudy sky, I do get online and read blog comments.  There’s an animal rescue in Bartow!  I find their website and get directions.  My phone is conked out.  Cell service is spotty here anyway. Well, it’s better to ask for help face-to-face.

I put the crew in the PTV, secure the BLT, and set out some kibble for Buddy, hoping to distract him while we leave.

It doesn’t work. 

Buddy chases the PTV as we cross Owl Canyon Campground.  I stop at the camp host’s trailer at the entrance. Looks like they’re still sleeping.  No sign of them.

I’m going to have to make a run for it.  I gun the PTV and Buddy runs behind.  It’s a curvy road out of the campground.  Dust flies.  Soon I don’t see Buddy in the mirror any more.  What?  He disappeared that quickly?  And what was that bumping?

I pull myself up over the steering wheel to peer down the hood of the PTV.

There’s Buddy.  Oh for heaven’s sake!  He’s been running in front, jumping against the front of the PTV, trying to stop us!  It’s a wonder I didn’t kill him.

I walk Buddy back to the campground and run to the PTV.  I jump in and hit the accelerator.  Buddy soon catches up and sucks our dust, galloping full-out behind us.  I steel myself during the excruciatingly long minutes it takes for Buddy to finally give up.

To make a long story short, I’m on a wild goose chase.

I drive many miles, and end up out in the desert, before I realize the animal rescue group is defunct.  Thanks a lot!  You could tell people on your website!  Oh well, the PTV is charging my gizmos.

I drive back to Barstow.

I don’t want to spend the day at the campground looking at Buddy’s sweet, lovey face, so I turn down the Barstow Road (Route 247 south) to go to Sawtooth Canyon Campground.  Maybe I’ll catch Ranger Jim there and he can tell me what I should do.

Route 247 to Sawtooth Canyon Campground, south of Barstow in southern California.

The drive is longer than I anticipated, a straight, flat stretch of highway across desert.  Right before we reach a string of mountains, a white pick-up waits  to pull out on the highway.  It’s Ranger Jim!  This must be the dirt road that goes to Sawtooth Canyon Campground.

I ask Ranger Jim what he does about stray dogs in the campground.

“I get on dispatch, call the BLM office, and they notify animal control for San Bernadino County.  There’s some place in Victorville where the dogs go for neutering and adoption. ” Ranger Jim offers to make the call for me.  “Thanks, Ranger Jim.  Make sure you tell them what a good dog he is.”

I drive into Sawtooth Canyon Campground for a look-see.

Francois and Joan are here!  We visit for a while.  I bring them up-to-date on Buddy.  Then I hurry back to Owl Canyon.  It’s Friday and I need to bring the BLT down to Sawtooth before the sites are taken.

About three miles before Owl Canyon Campground, I come upon Buddy.

He’s sitting alongside the road in the hot, desert sun, watching our approach.  “Oh Buddy!  You poor thing.”  I creep along on the washboard road, Buddy trotting alongside, tongue hanging out.  I stop and give him a bowl of water.  We continue on.  I stop several times and Buddy rests by the driver’s side tire of the PTV.  What a loyal dog!  Finally we make it back and I talk with the camp hosts.  (They aren’t really the camp hosts yet.  They’re vying for the job.)

I learn something about Buddy.

He cycles through campers.  He finds someone who gives him food and water. When the camper leaves, he runs behind them down the road as far as he can, then stops and waits all day for their return.  If they don’t return, he comes back to the campground and finds another soft-hearted camper.  This is how he stays fed and healthy.

Spike doesn’t know what to make of this big, bouncy intruder!

On the way out with the BLT, the lady camp host holds Buddy on-leash behind her camper.

The crew and I sneak away.  I stop the PTV at the main road.  I’d better check the hitch connections after all this jouncing around on washboard.  I walk back and “Oh no!  What is this?”  Water is dripping out of the front “corners” of the BLT!  I open the door and hear the water pump going.  Water is pouring out of the kitchen faucet!  Water is all over the floor!

I’m hoping the cause was the sink cover (which was askew) bouncing up and hitting the faucet knob.  I haven’t checked yet to see if there’s a leak.

Finally we pull into Sawtooth Campground!

Campsites are free at Sawtooth Canyon Campground!

I pick a site, back us in, set us up, pull the rugs out of the BLT to dry, mop up the mess, put the interior back together again, heat up a bowl of soup, feed the crew, walk the crew (Spike is wound-up tight!), check the blog . . .  Holy cow!  Look at all these comments! 

Buddy knows how to scavenge. Good-bye, sweet boy.


Note:  My heartfelt thanks to everyone who expressed concern for Buddy.  A special thanks to those who worked to arrange his rescue.  Regardless of my actions, BLM is having Buddy removed, as they’ve been aware of Buddy roaming the campground.   I doubt Animal Control will go out to the campground on Saturday. I’ll let you know any developments. 


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97 Responses to Bye, Buddy! We move from Owl Canyon to Sawtooth Canyon.

  1. Angie2B says:

    Awww That must have just been heart wrenching for you.

  2. Pat Scrabeck says:

    I;m wiping tears from my eyes–too much sadness in a week–first that she-devil storm Sandy on the East Coast and now Buddy’s sad story. Thanks Sue for your loving and caring heart. I hope the poor guy can find himself a good home. I just adopted a kitty that was on the E-List (euthanasia) in Phoenix or I probably would be driving right now to your camp site.

  3. Neita says:

    I love your sunset photos! Gosh, very pretty and dramatic. Re Buddy – sounds like he is a very smart dog and has life figured out. It sounds like he’ll be ok – there’ll be other soft-hearted campers right behind you!

  4. Becky says:

    Buddy sounds very resourceful! I hope he finds a good home soon.

  5. cathieok says:

    Your pictures are amazing. My heart is aching for Buddy. He is so hopeful of finding a forever home. Three cheers for you, Sue, for trying to get something done about him instead of the other campers just standing by. Hopefully, the man someone mentioned will get there and get him to a forever home.

  6. Anne H says:

    I remember folks dumping pets near my house in Texas – it was heart-breaking. I hope Buddy is picked up soon and finds a good home. Sounds from your posts like there are a couple of other dogs out there too.
    I had to laugh at your faucet spewing water all over your trailer! The same thing just happened to me! I sanitized my fresh water tanks just before my last trip and forgot to close the hot/cold taps in the sink. I got to my destination and as part of setup, I turned the water pump back on and went outside. A few minutes later I came back inside and the trailer was swamped! 2 inches of water in the silverware drawer, water under the stove burners, soaking upholstery and on and on. Between the flood inside and the constant rain all weekend, it was a very damp weekend! The only good think is that my trailer is now very, very clean.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, Anne, I am so sorry. How distressing! And all that work! It sounds like your water problem was bigger than mine. I didn’t even have an inch of water on the floor. I’m so thankful a little voice told me to stop and check the hitch. If that faucet had been open all the way to the next camp, I’d have a big problem.

  7. Barb Brown says:

    Good bye Sue. I’m not following you anymore. Buddy deserved better.

    • cinandjules says:

      Wow…..the fact that he was able to keep up with the PTV is amazing. Hopefully it will all work out. If not…it appears Buddy knows how to “work it”. Best wishes to him.


      REALLY? Then drive out to the Owl Canyon Campground and have at it!

      Sue did the best she could do with the circumstances presented. She didn’t abandon him but made arrangements in his behalf. I would say that she went above and beyond with her efforts……….obviously it wasn’t to your liking. But you weren’t wearing her shoes…..and you can’t please everyone.

    • Kathe says:

      Barb Brown, it was a difficult situation for Sue and she did what she could under the circumstances. If she adopts every dog that is homeless while she is on her travels, there will soon be no room for her and the dogs she already has. Charity begins at home and Sue does a fine job of taking care of what she has assumed responsibility for. I can think of some rather uncharitable things to sling at you, but I’ll hold my tongue.

    • Kathe says:

      Barb, what would you have done differently?

    • Alison says:

      It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback from afar. Sue practically begged for help. What did YOU do?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      See update below, Barb.

    • Darlene says:

      Barb, I’m thinking Sue doesn’t need someone like you following her, You have no compassion for the problem she was doing her best to try and have a happy ending.

    • Chuck says:

      Barb Brown, You know not what you say. You will NOT be missed here.
      Chuck n Geri and the Hound Herd.

  8. Alexia Graves says:

    Sue, this is NOT your problem. I feel very bad about this, but you have to take care of your family. Another dog that may cause problems for Spike needs to find a different home. You did your best with the circumstances that you were in. Shame on Barb Brown for the guilt trip.

  9. mockturtle says:

    Sue, you handled a difficult situation very well. And, like feral cats, Buddy has learned survival skills. Please don’t feel guilty!

  10. cinandjules says:


    I’m trying to figure out the youtube attachments at the bottom of your posts. Saw one yesterday also…..can’t see anything but the ad.

    Perhaps it’s MY computer………unless others can see it also.

  11. Ron says:

    RVSue… those of us who have followed you for a long time know how big-hearted you are when it comes to animals and their well being. Rusty and Timber being a perfect example from your past travels and actions. I don’t know of much more you could have done to help Buddy, short of taking him in and I understand that would very likely have been a problem with your crew. Buddy, as lovable as he is, would have tried to assumed the role of the alfa-male and a showdown with Spike would not have permitted a healthy outcome. It’s the pack mentally of all canines that is coded in their genes and matters not how sweet the animals are.

    Bless you for your efforts with Buddy. He appreicates it as do your loyal followers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I appreciate you explaining a big reason why I had to get the crew away from Buddy. What a big, powerful guy he is! And Spike is such a fool, he was getting snippy with Buddy… trying to hang on to his alpha role and trying to protect me when Buddy would jump up on me. It was scary!

  12. Lisa says:

    Sue, you open your life to us and I’m sure it’s not easy when folks have a lot to say about what you should or shouldn’t do. Buddy’s story is very sad so far, but everyone can get a glimpse of the same sad story playing out in thousands of shelters all across this country. Yes, Buddy deserves better than what he was dealt by his owners – they all deserve better than what we humans dish out. I do believe the song title sums it up – “Bless the beasts and the children”.

  13. Teri says:

    Barb, while I do share your concern about Buddy and Scruffy I really don’t share your sentiments regarding Sue. While it is easy for us to be armchair quarterbacks, we have to understand the limitations of a person’s situation. I’d love to drive up there and save BOTH dogs…but I have no gas money or a humane trap to catch Scruffy. I also wouldn’t be able to stay up there for even a day, let alone possibly overnight in order to catch him. You mentioned that you would drive out to get Buddy, would you really do that? If not then I would hope that you wouldn’t judge Sue so harshly. Believe me when I say that I have shed tears over this story, and I know that many others have too. But if you don’t have THE solution then please don’t get nasty when someone else doesn’t either.

  14. Teri says:

    And maybe we don’t have to give up on saving them. Who knows what will happen…if this rescue doesn’t get up there, maybe we can keep trying. Say a prayer, and if that’s not your thing then send a positive thought. If animal control picks them up let’s bug some rescues to save them. Please don’t give up.

  15. WJ says:

    Prayers to you, Sue, for all you did for Buddy. I’ve been crying for days over Buddy. We can’t save all the homeless animals in the world. Stay safe.

  16. LuAnn says:

    You are such a compassionate soul for everything you have done to try to find Buddy a home. Hope he finds a home with someone as kindhearted as you Sue. BTW, your photos are just amazing. 🙂

    • YLTA says:

      Your a very special person RvSue. Thanks for the beautiful sunset / sunrise photos. Thanks for your compassion towards Buddy. Because of you everything will work out.
      Have you ever looked at a glass window at a angle? You can’t see through the glass but you see a reflection, like a mirror. At this time of year the sun sees your solar panel at a steep angle and very little sun actually hits the photo cells. Your so lucky yours tilts. Also “Windex” will help.
      Your loving tech adviser.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        YLTA… I appreciate you taking the time to write to try and help me with my tech problems. I think I know what is wrong now…. BOTH my AC to DC inverters are not working well. I pulled out a third inverter which is a biggie… and it charged up my laptop in short order. I wish I had thought of this sooner.

        Yes, I need to tilt the panel. This campground has weird sites. There isn’t much flexibility on how you park. Right now I’m in a position where the panel would tilt away from the sun. I’ll be using the tilt now that winter is quickly approaching. In the meantime I think I’m getting enough to charge my batteries where I am.

        Thank you for the compliments.

  17. Cari says:

    Your photos are breathtaking – thank you for sharing them with us! As far as Buddy goes, it sounds like he has a system worked out, and he definitely does not look malnourished. Like the others, I hope things work out so he can find a forever home. God bless you for the work you did in trying to help Buddy. You are NOT at fault for leaving him behind!

  18. rvsueandcrew says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. If I gave the impression that Buddy has been left to his own devices, I apologize for not being more clear. There is a lot going on that I can’t explain in a blog. BLM is involved, animal control is involved in his removal because BLM is not in the animal control business but does need to make the campground safe, a rescue organization in Victorville is being sought, and even the son of a BLM employee is interested in adopting Buddy, if certain conditions can be met. These are the “developments” I referred to in my blog.

    I won’t ask Barb for an apology. Try to understand, Barb, that I’m on the road and doing the best I can with limited resources. If you still think I’m not performing miracles fast enough, then au revoir. Go in peace.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Touche, Sue!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I forgot to mention I finally got my phone working. I’ve placed a call to Eldad at and left a message. I’m waiting to hear from him.

  20. MI Marsha says:

    As I was reading Buddy’s story to my husband I started crying. Sue – you’re a wonderful person who has gone above and beyond to make sure Buddy was fed and safe.

    Someone had dropped some kittens off in the woods behind our property and they ended up in our driveway and long story short – one of the kittens ended up in the undercarriage of my car. I heard meowing on my way to work and I had to make a decision about what to do about that kitten since I couldn’t take it in due to my allergies/asthma. The happy ending is someone from work adopted him and she and her husband just love him to pieces. But if he hadn’t found a home, I would have had to take him to the Humane Society; I had no other choice.

    Any criticism should be directed to whoever abandons these pets, not those trying to help.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      MI Marsha,

      Your comment is just what I need… a positive outcome! A lot of people would’ve thrown that kitten to the side of the road and continued on to their job.

  21. Kristin says:

    Sue, Buddy is a sweet, loving, loyal and handsome boy. I’m sure he will find a wonderful home as soon as he gets to the shelter. I volunteer for an animal shelter and have seen firsthand the people that work there who love animals and will do whatever they can to be sure that he finds that good home. You did the right thing. Thanks for sharing all your good times and the hard times, too.

  22. rvsueandcrew says:

    UPDATE: Eldad returned my call ( What a wonderful advocate for homeless animals! We are trying to arrange for Eldad to pick up Buddy. He would like to trap and rescue Scruffy, too. I don’t want to get people’s hopes up. Just know we are trying . . . and I’ll let you know. Thanks again for all your kind and helpful comments.

  23. cinandjules says:

    You go girl! You are simply amazing.

    GIve Spike and Bridget a hug………..they have the best mom ever!

  24. Rita says:

    As much as we want to, we cannot take in every stray animal. I once rescued a huge huskie that would not fit inside the cab of my truck, so we had to tie it in the bed of the truck to take it to the humane society. HS would not take the dog because the dog did not belong to me. Luckily, a patrol officer happened to be at the HS on a call so he suggested I turn the huskie over to him and he would deliver the dog to HS. The exchange happened in the parking lot of HS. If the stray dog did belong to someone, hopefully it was reunited with owner. The huskie was a beautiful, exceptionally strong (I could barely hung on and mostly he sorta went where he wanted to), and big. We have five back yard cats so it was impossible to keep the dog and I seriously doubt I would have been able to handle him….he was enormous…standing he came to my waist. HS will not accept a dog unless you are the owner. If you wish to turn a dog/animal in, the best thing to do is to restrain it at home and then call the shelter (I found this out later). I am glad Ranger Jim was made aware of Buddy. I pray he will be adopted to a loving individual or family who will not mistreat Buddy. I contacted Sheriff Joe Apaio in AZ who rescues dogs and very proactive and I received an email response from his office. Hopefully with everyone working together Buddy will find a good home.

  25. gingerda says:

    Eldad does amazing work with strays. I am “friends” with his group on Facebook and I read about all the dogs he rescues. I sure hope he can help with Buddy. I completely understand your situation with your home on wheels and your two fur kids. I think you did good by feeding him and trying to get him rescued. It is such a sad situation, but not one that you caused. The people that dumped Buddy are at fault.

  26. Ron says:

    You did great. went way out of your way to be a good human being.
    Cant please everybody ,but I will say 43 for 1 against is pretty good odds,better than any politician we have ever had. Maybe you should run for office . Just kidding ,dont change a bit.

  27. Ed says:

    Barb Brown says:
    November 1, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Here are some links to Pit Bull Rescues in AZ
    I hope that someone there can help out. Keep me posted. If necessary, I will drive out and get him. You just can’t abandon him again.

    Barb Brown says:
    November 3, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    Good bye Sue. I’m not following you anymore. Buddy deserved better.

    Why did Barb not come and get Buddy? She was well posted on what was happening if she had been reading the Comments as were a lot of people that were truly trying to help. You are well rid of her as a follower and Buddy has received better through you efforts, Barb did nothing to help in my opinion.

    I know it was a risk on your part but it was good to see Spike and Buddy in the same picture. To bring ANY new dog into an existing ‘family’ is always a risk and more so with a ‘Bully’. Good on Ya!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Ed! Buddy needs the kind of person who will play tug-of-war using a big stick or a rope toy… someone who will wrestle with him, run with him, rough-house . . . Buddy wanted me to do that with him but I’m not strong enough. I’m still hopeful he will be united with the right person.

  28. Llanos says:

    Okay, I’m going to jump up on the soapbox for a moment. I will probably be flamed severely by this crowd, but here goes: I firmly believe there is a special place in hell for people who abuse/abandon animals. My father taught me that if you are going to have animals, you have an obligation to take care of them. Sue has stumbled upon a situation for which she is ill prepared to deal with. She’s doing the best she can folks. She has no permanent address, her living quarters are very small by design, and she has Spike and Bridget to care for.

    Here’s the tough part folks. Animal shelters require the animals you adopt to be neutered. The reason is to try to cut down on unwanted pet populations. Remember when pot belly pigs were so popular? Remember when emu’s were the rage? How about Llamas? When people tired of them, when they could not sell them, they turned them loose! Oh yes, I saw them out here. We got together with the authorities and “put them down”. Before you throw rocks at me, do you have any ideal how dangerous emu’s can be? The answer is extremely. Here is one close to home for me. I raise horses. I make no money to speak of, I just love them. A few years ago when any horse was worth a lot of money, some people were breeding “bad” horses. Anything for a buck. Anyone who raises horses knows it costs just as much to feed a bad horse as it does a good horse. Well the market busted. You can hardly give a good horse away much less a bad one. Unscrupulous people got stuck with all the “bad” horses. What happened? Lots and I mean lots of horses standing around in bare pastures with little or nothing to eat. I am talking about starvation people. It breaks my heart. As bad as it sounds, these horses used to go to slaughter plants. Well meaning but ill informed people had these plants shutdown in the U.S.A.

    Where am I going with this? It’s not Sue’s fault. It’s not my fault. It’s not your fault. It is the fault of the people who turn their pets/animals out. There are honestly not enough good people/places to take in all these abandoned animals. I know, I have lived with this for years. After a while, it just wears you down. How many times can you have your heart broken? How many animals can you feed because you can’t find them a home? Can you not feel the pain in Sue’s writing? I can.

    I guess you can tell this is a subject close to my heart. I have a little hobby farm and we are always taking in animals that do not belong to us. We try to find them homes. It’s not easy folks. I felt the passion from some folks writing. Don’t throw rocks. Jump in and see how you can help. WARNING: Be prepared to have your heart broken. Over and over.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A very moving and thought-provoking comment, Llanos. I’m glad you wrote it here.

      • Llanos says:

        Sorry, I do apologize. It’s just a subject that I am passionate about. I promise to not be so “long winded” on your blog again.


        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Bob .. . (I forget your name is Bob so I call you Llanos. Sorry. I don’t keep up with names very well.)

          A person isn’t long-winded when the words are written (or spoken) with passion.

        • Chuck says:

          A very passsionate and accurate reply. Don’t know why you would have thought you’d get flamed here ! RvSue and her followers are very passionate about animal welfare. I too, raised horses and agree with you. Our dogs are all rescues, it’s the best breed! Thanks for your response. Chuck

    • cinandjules says:

      Well said Llanos! It all comes down to responsibility. If you take on a pet/animal, then be responsible period. You are absolutely spot on regarding “It’s not the pet/animal’s fault, that the circumstances have changed or the “fad” has worn off.”

      We just finished insulating an outbuilding for the several cats who were put out in the woods to fend for themselves. We’ve managed to catch and fix eight of them, adopted out three and added one more to our existing three. The other 30+ didn’t make it thru last winter/predators.

      There is no way we can take in four more…. so they have shelter/food/love and more importantly can’t have kittens.

      Heartbreaking indeed……as they are always trying to get in the house…or peer through the window…..seeming to say,”why can’t we come in too?”

  29. libertatemamo says:

    Good on you for your efforts! Just ignore the naysayers who weren’t there….it’s way too easy to judge when you’re just reading things on the internet. Wish I could have helped out more, but I know we were troubled by connectivity issues. We’re keeping our paws crossed for Buddy’s future. He sure seems like a determined and lovely dog.

    • libertatemamo says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention that I’m still here for you if you need help (calling, contacting people whatever). Looks like you’ve got everything under control, but wanted to make that offer up-front. Thanks again for helping out the doggie…I KNOW how hard it is to do something like that.

  30. Dont pay any attention to idiots Sue. Best regards, Bob.

  31. Judie says:

    Sue, thank u sooo much for all ur doing for Buddy! He’s a magnificient boy, wish I could offer him a home. Lots of folks would just have moved on but u took the time to try to get him a safe furever home. God bless u Sue! and may God bless Buddy with a loving safe furever home. Please keep us advised as u can. Thanks again!

  32. Linda a. says:

    Oh my, oh my. I know you truly are a wonderful lady with a kind heart….but I could hardly
    read your posts…and I adore them all. This was just too hard. Maybe too many details
    and sweet pictures. He will make someone a loyal pet….if it isn’t too late.

  33. Pat says:

    Sue, just remember there are many people who love and respect you and all you do for all the creatures you encounter on your travels. I wish there were more people like you in the world. Thank you for being who you are, a kind, caring person.

  34. PJ's Parents says:

    Thank you Sue for your love and compassion for all animals. Don’t let one comment stop you.

  35. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Dear Sue…………your posts about Buddy and all the repsonses have stuck with me for days and will for days to come. I do hope that Buddy and his mate can get help and be rehomed. You did your very best and everyone is proud of your efforts.

  36. CT says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Buddy has a chance to be adopted! As a petsitter, I have several pit bull clients & they are great dogs. All the pit bulls I know are very sweet & Buddy seems to be like them. I’m praying that he gets a forever home.

  37. Susie says:

    Sue. You did more with your first bowl of kibbles than most people would do. You’re my hero.

  38. Kathryn says:

    Susan Buddy is desparte. He is crying out and reaching out to you. Please, I get you to go back and get him. Find a no kill shelter in a different area even if you have to drive to one. He is reaching out in desperation. Please..please don’t leave him there. He knows he will die and he probably will. He is starving. His owners dumped him off and he is stranded. He is a living soul that needs your help. Please help him. I will send you any money that you might need to help this dog. I can wire it to you today. Please write or call me. Kathryn

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear, sweet Kathryn.

      I know you and I know this is tearing you up. Please give it time.

      First off, Buddy is not starving. This weekend the campground is full of people. Look at Buddy in the photos. He’s been living like this for a while and scraping up enough to eat and drink. Secondly, he is not going to Animal Control today and if he did go there, they don’t euthanize a dog as soon as he arrives. Thirdly, efforts are being made as quickly as possible (today!) to get him to a rescue. The reason it wasn’t done yesterday is a plan has to be worked out to try and trap Scruffy, as well.

      I’ll let you know as soon as there’s any change. Give your kitties lots of hugs from me. I hope your dental surgery was a big success. Gee, you are the most tender-hearted person I’ve ever known. Please don’t be upset. Trust me.

  39. Kathryn says:

    Susan I am so upset and crying. I want to get on a plane NOW and go and get him. Please, please reach out to this poor soul and help him. He needs more than food. What can I do from here? You know I rescue. More people need to do more and feeding him is not enough. I disagree with the comment posted above me. This is heartbreaking. Please call authorities, please go and get him, please get some help for him. He came into your path for a reason. Please help him. He is reaching out to you and begging you to help him. This means his life. K

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We ARE helping him! It’s early in the morning in California. You’re in Georgia, 3 hrs. earlier, so it probably seems like nothing’s being done for Buddy.

      Trust me. I don’t want to explain what we are doing for Buddy in this Comments section because plans are not completely finalized and if they don’t pan out, people will get upset and there’s always the minority that is ready to attack me if I’m not perfect. Please be patient! Don’t be upset. I don’t write this blog to make people miserable… especially YOU whom I care about on a personal level.

      I will let you know what is accomplished as soon as I can! Now I’m going to get dressed, have breakfast, walk the crew, and get busy doing what I can for Buddy! Get away from this computer for a while. I won’t be able to tell you anything until this afternoon at the earliest.

    • Ed says:

      Kathryn please take a deep breath, maybe a stiff alcoholic drink, sit down and READ through ALL of the comments in this post. If that does not calm you then I suggest you do get on a plane NOW and go get Buddy. Your posting comments here telling Sue what she needs/must do is not going to help Buddy, it is not going to help you and it Damn sure is not helping Sue.

  40. Chuck says:

    Kathryn, Do you realize that RVSue lives in a 17′ Trailer with 2 dogs already? That equates to about 114 SQUARE FEET. Buddy is twice the size of both her dogs combined and Sue is a petite lady. You are being very unreasonable trying to hang a guilt trip on her. Believe me, she wishes she could do more but circumstances are not allowing it. Please stop the guilt trip attitude. Chuck

  41. cinandjules says:

    Reading comprehension is apparently lacking with some folks……compounded with the “more bark no bite” attitude.

    Good grief……..what more do you want Sue to do? She is STILL working on the situation and she isn’t even at the Owl Canyon Campground. Give her a break…it’s Sunday and no local or fed govt organizations are open on the weekend.

    Stay tuned for the updates………and have faith that it will all work out! Sue is one determined lady.

    Sorry……for venting.

  42. earthdancerimages says:

    Kathryn! Really? GET A GRIP! Read all the comments above!!!! You and Barb need a reality check… or maybe just get yur eyes checked! Sue and many of her followers are doing all they can to rescue Buddy and Scruffy. If you truly want to HELP rather than hinder, send your money to the group that rescues them noting it is for Buddy and Scruffy from Owl Canyon campground!

  43. mockturtle says:

    The perils of bloggery! Friends of mine with blogs have encountered similar hurtful posts. Your caring is so evident that no one who reads your entries could possibly doubt it. God bless you for doing so much for precious Buddy!

  44. Kathryn says:

    Rainbow Rescue
    California City, CA 93505
    Phone 760-373-2907
    cell 760-514-8378

    Is there a 24 hour emergency vet open anywhere close by? He could be boarded until Monday.
    Have authorities been contacted in the area?

    Susan and I go back many, many years in “real life.” Yes I do know her and I know how she is living. I also know her character. A sign of humanity in our world is not only how we treat each other but how we take care of all souls including pets. I am a rescuer in GA. Like Susan I do not leave my pets behind however the ones that we come across that need help we help. Yes, I do know that agencies are closed until Monday. This poor animal is starving now and needs food in his tummy to endure the cold nights. Think of yourself stranded out there. Go back feed him and camp there until help or arrangements can be made. Please anyone reading this who is near by please go and feed him today. Is there anyone camping close by that can get there? If so please do. Pick him up for a day as he made no signs of aggression what so ever. I have never heard of a dog begging so hard for help. He is tame and realizes it is people who feed him and help him. He is not running off timid, afraid and wild. He is a domestic animal that has been left behind. He is tame. It would only be a day or so to get him to a no kill shelter. I will check to see if there is a 24 hour vet open. They would board him until Monday. At least he would have 3 squares and a cot. I will wire any money that is needed to feed him or help him. This is not about blame or guilt Chuck and you do not need to feel you need to come to Sue’s rescue. This is about getting this poor animal that someone left behind help. He is begging for help. There are viable options but his most critical and immediate need is his need for food. In order to endure and live through cold nights he needs to have food in his tummy. If any of you can think of anything or find any agency or person on line please write to them today. This is so unsettling and when it comes to helpless animals it reaches my soul. Kathryn

  45. Kathryn says:

    Please consider brainstorming some ideas to get this animal fed today. If any of you know the area or someone there could you contact them? As a rescuer I know there are many views about helping animals in need. Some care and some don’t. I am not trying to open this conversation as it is one that is never agreed upon. Thanks but I decline the offer for a drink 🙂 but will take you up on brainstorming and posting any ideas to help this little fellow. Susan did you take a picture that you could possibly send in an attachment to Rainbow Rescue? Was there a host at this campsite who is familiar with what is available in this area? Kath…

    • MI Marsha says:

      If you read through Sue’s post you will see that Buddy is quite resourceful. He’s NOT going to starve while details are worked out regarding his future. Let’s all take a deep breath and just let things happen. They will, and I have a feeling everything will turn out for the best.

  46. Kathryn says:

    Earthdancer…what is the name of this group that rescues that you mentioned? I will contact and send them some money today. Thanks..Kathryn

    • earthdancerimages says:

      Duh! I said WHEN Buddy is rescued! I am not psychic! WHEN the dogs are rescued, THEN we we know the name of the rescuers and THEN we can donate money in Buddy’s and Scruffy’s names! I am sure Sue will let us all know when they are rescued and what group did the honors! Please BE PATIENT! Some miracles take a bit longer!

  47. Hotel California says:

    Kathryn…there is a fine line between helpful and being disruptive. The dog is not starving. The dog is not hungry. The dog is not going to be put down. Sue has plans in the works that she cannot fully divulge yet. Give her another day or two.

  48. cinandjules says:

    Push on the pedal Kathryn,

    With all due respect, everything possible is being done. Sue is no longer at Owl Canyon but is continuing to work toward assisting Buddy. Buddy, by the pictures, is NOT starving. It is the weekend……..(weekends normally mean camper are present ) and Buddy knows how to work them. Tomorrow starts another work week…more options available. Have patience….like the rest of us. We all want a positive outcome.

    If you know Sue, personally, then you know to trust her.

    Don’t work yourself up with a situation we have no control over. We are in a holding pattern, that no amount of money can make the situation better.

  49. Lisa M says:

    Sue, I love what you have done for Buddy and what you continue to do for him. He is lucky to have met you. Because of you people are watching out for him and trying to find him a home. If I were in the area I would help, too. We can only do so much and you have done so much more than most. You did everything exactly right…I am sad for him, but with everyone hee praying and hoping for him, I think he will find that home soon, God also watches out for him. I hope Scruffy finds a good home also. Thank you Sue for all you have done in this situation.

  50. rvsueandcrew says:

    I was away from the computer for a while and come back to find people jumping all over my friend, Kathryn. Her only crime is being an extremely compassionate human being with a sensitivity to animals to the umpteenth degree.

    PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE: I cannot and will not write about what a person is going to do for Buddy. If something should happen and he cannot do what he promised to do (let’s say, because of a private, personal event he can’t control), then he looks like he doesn’t care, he’s vulnerable to verbal assaults, and I’ve shamed him publicly. Try to understand what I’m trying to say.

    PLANS ARE IN THE WORKS. PLEASE BE PATIENT! I have to let things play out before I can report. Buddy is not hungry! I have to go now. Time is “of the essence.”

    • cathieok says:

      Sue, I so hope that all of this does not keep you from blogging freely in the future. I would hate to have you have to censor what you might write about in fear of stirring up controversy.

    • cinandjules says:

      We are not “jumping” your dear friend Kathryn…we are ALL compassionate human beings with a sensitivity to animals to the umpteenth degree. We are merely asking her to join us as we wait patiently for news on Buddy.

      Getting just short of hysterical doesn’t do her good or anyone else…certainly not you.

      Postive juju people! This gives me flashbacks on you know who….waiting waiting waiting for the confirmation…..and then joy that it was!

  51. Joy says:

    Everyone-we all have a destiny in life and Buddy is fulfilling his.People will now be more aware each day(many more of them) to watch and care for stray animals,donate to shelters,stop when you see an animal in need.Thank you Buddy and Scruffy.Their survival has affectedl of us.They will be fine.Joy,Colorado…

  52. Pat says:

    Sue, how are you? Did you get a good nights sleep? Have you had a good meal today? Please take good care of yourself.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m fine, Pat. I did wake up several times in the night, seeing Buddy’s fat head and the look on his face as I packed everything into the PTV, including the dog bed he thought was his (Can’t leave stuff at a campsite). His face was six inches from mine as I knelt to hitch up the chains, etc. The experience would overwhelm me if it weren’t for the possibility of a joyous outcome! Thanks for asking about me.

      Now I’ve gone and done what I said (above) I wouldn’t do and that’s to share plans. I hope it doesn’t come back and bite me.

  53. Carol says:

    I even stuck my nose in enuff to Tell Al of hayfield bunch to contact you, that would be perfect for Buddy, if Phebs accepted, approved him.Nuffield said, he’s taken, maybe,inn your tiny home! A two dog fight would quickly accelerate, whe Brodge came to Spiky comments are hard to interpret.

  54. Sue… you rock! I am in AZ now and will be in Quartzsite soon. Hope I get to see you sometime over the winter. The RTR will not be at Dom Rock this year but out on the east side of town. I will not be at the RTR all the time as I plan to spend some time in CA. I have finished kayaking all 48 lower states. As a host at a campground in CO this past summer, I got to meet lots of really great dogs, none abandoned… but they all tugged at my heart strings… ’cause I would dearly love to have a companion dog… but alas… allergies prevent the pleasure and joy of pet ownership. And living in a very small space makes considering a lovely dog like Buddy totally out of the question… there is just no room for him to even turn about… but I would so love to belong to Buddy. Good job Sue. (Barb… I know you aren’t following this blog anymore so you won’t read this, but “What they all said!”)

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