Susanville to Reno to Washoe Lake State Park

Goodbye, Eagle Lake!  It’s been fun!

The drive from Merrill Campground to Susanville is down, down, down with the road winding all the way.  I’m so glad the PTV is running well again.  Views glimpsed of the lake are spectacular.  I notice dirt roads look like they lead to boondock possibilities, not lakeside but close to places to go to the lake.  Not this trip.  We’re moving southward.

Upon entering Susanville I immediately know that I like it. 

It’s a busy place with a broad, main street lined with quaint and artsy shops, historic buildings, and good ol’ standbys like a NAPA store and an IGA grocery. I’ve never seen so many vivid murals in one town, and very well done.  I exchange hearty waves and smiles with a couple towing a Scamp.  At the far end of town we discover the mall and — drumroll please — a Wal-Mart!

I make an impulse buy.

Funny how I hesitate to spend over ten bucks on a campsite, but I’ll drop forty smackers on something for the crew without thinking twice.  I purchase a foldable, canvas crate that I know Bridget and Spike will find cozy.  I also pick up a few cans of soup and a bag of dog food.

We’re on the road about 100 miles today.

Route 395 is a pleasant drive.  I can’t say the same for Reno, Nevada.  The first clue is when the sign says, “Reno, next 5 exits.”  The highway becomes a three-lane raceway around the area of the airport and then a closed exit causes a traffic logjam.  We creep along for about a half hour.

Before reaching Carson City, we approach a brown sign “Washoe Lake State Park.”

Good.  It’s about 2 p.m. and I’ve driven enough for one day.  Except for lifting their heads when I stop for gas, the crew sleep the entire trip.  Bridget and Spike can tell when we enter a campground.  The sound of the PTV slowing is embedded into their subconcious.  They immediately wake up, whining and barking, while I choose a campsite.  I find that Washoe Lake Campground  ($17, no discount, no hookups) doesn’t have any bad sites.

We settle into a site with a shade tree and no neighbors.

After a walk up to the self-pay station and some picture-taking, I set up the new crate for the crew, and also my lounge chair so I can resume reading my kindle.  This is a good place to stop.  Tomorrow we’ll drive to Lee Vining near Mono Lake and stay in that area for a while.

Susanville, CA to Washoe Lake, NV

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Canine Corner:  “Spike could use some manners” by Bridget


Of course, as soon as rvsue sets up our new canine condo, Spike rushes right in and plops himself down.  That’s no surprise to me.  Spike has a lot of qualities, but manners aren’t one of them.  It never enters his little brain that I might like to try it out, too.

Now that I think of it, Spike does a lot of stuff that’s just plain wrong.  If I’m in my bed inside the BLT and he wants to get in it, he barks really loud until I get out.

Sometimes rvsue says, “Back off, Spike, you big bully. Leave Bridget alone!” and then I get to stay in my bed.  I love it when she does that.



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35 Responses to Susanville to Reno to Washoe Lake State Park

  1. Marcia GB says:

    Love the canine condo. Hope Bridget gets her turn soon!

    • Chuck says:

      Canine Condo!!!!! W O W! You are lucky dogs…all we get are leashes….and the middle of the bed at night at three doggie beds……hhmmmmmmm the Hound Herd

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Sue, I spent the night at the Walmart in Susanville about a month ago and then drove thru Reno…..LOL We are always about a month apart on our travels. I am much farther south now, spending the month of October at South Padre Island. I needed a warm beach after the cold northwest. The pics are great and I am so glad Bridget is better. Spike seems to be having a great time.

  3. Gabrielle Becker says:

    Hey Bridget: I think Sue should get you your own canine condo, don’t ya think??

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hmmmmmmm, suppose you will be getting another little condo?? Bridget did not look very happy…poor baby!! I don’t suppose both could fit at once either huh? Thanks for sharing your travels…very fun to see where all you are going. Kin lived a few years in Carson City and we visited a couple times. Very nice area for weather, but we do not like some things about Nevada. One reason we all trucked back east almost a decade ago…and now hubby and I are beginning our new adventure soon…soon!!

  5. Anne H says:

    Molly, the greyhound, says “Bridge – Anne and I had a boy just like Spike! Big lummox was constantly pushing through doors first and taking all the good spots! But, I would get him back by stealing his toys. And in the car, I made him sleep in a tiny ball in the corner. I used to tell Anne that us girls had to stick together, but she still wouldn’t let me bite him.”

  6. Donna K says:

    I HATE Reno traffic…glad you are out of there. Now you are getting to the beautiful part of 395. Hope you visit June Lake, and Bishop, and the Bishop Creek area (Lake Sabrina). Nice campgrounds up there but they might be closed. Just north of Bishop on 395 is Brown’s Millpond Campground. Nice place, small, right on a little creek, water and electric. Enjoy your route…it’s one of the prettiest.

  7. Angie2B says:

    I really like that the picnic tables have a roof over them. We don’t have that in Indiana State parks and I wish we did. It would be so nice. Priceless Canine Corner! Lol

  8. earthdancerimages says:

    Beautiful pictures once again! Yep, Bridget deserves her own condo! You got out of California just in time…. gas went up to over $4.49 yesterday… $5 in some places! YIKES! Keep on keeping on Sue, reading about your journey brings lots of smiles!

  9. Shawna says:

    Welll, shoot Sue ….. thought perhaps you and the crew would cruise this way and see Burney Falls. Maybe someday. Love your blog and Bridget’s Corner is so fun!

  10. What a cute little doggie house. Looks like they like it.

  11. Rita says:

    I had to chuckle at the drum roll for Walmart…my fav store also while traveling…everything is reasonable & I can withdraw up to $100 cash w/purchase…no ATM fee! While traveling w/sister & niece in Smoky Mts, TN, sister & niece had trouble getting cash from their state banks. I directed them to Walmart to get their cash. I recently learned that travelers can park in the Walmart parking lot…how cool is that especially if I were traveling alone, alone. Beautiful photos and loved Bridget’s corner.

  12. phxross says:

    Looks like the $ spent on the crate were worth it! I’ve actually considered one for the RV for our cats. We now have 5 after taking in 2 from my FIL after his recent passing, but they’re all happy. The 2 new ones get to try out RVing in a few weeks. Have you ever been to Alamo Lake near Phoenix? We may try it for Christmas or New Years.

  13. Jim says:

    Hi Sue, Well, Sedona was a bust for us on my birthday. Too crowded, too many “roundabouts”, too few parking spaces. Didn’t even spend the night. Headed back home and glad to get there too. I guess my old age has me too cranky maybe. Everywhere I went there I had a few cars right on my rear bumper (they knew where they were going and I didn’t). The little condo for the crew is neat but you need to evict Spike so Bridget gets her chance. Loving the trip you’re on and enjoying it right along with you through your pics. Gods speed.

  14. Rusty-ol 3F says:

    Great pic’s, sue, i see that, bridget’s leg is doing fine. Spike, you be nice to that girl. me n’ my dad just got down to L.H.C. n’ He’s getting me a nice bed n’ some more toy’s. it’s warm here, but it cools at night out here in the desert. ARF ARF AAAHOOOOOOO.

  15. gingerda says:

    I’m glad the PTV is running good again. Nothing worse than car trouble. I had to laugh at your comment about hesitating to not spend over $10 on a campsite but will plop down $40 for the dogs. lol. Sounds like me. Susanville sounds like a fun town.

  16. raymond says:

    Mt Shasta down thru Susanville is a beautiful ride even in a semi. Susanville is adorable no parking for a semi so just enjoy as you pass thru. 395 s to Reno and south thru CA is quite a ride too. From Reno i ran to Fallon then 50 to 95 to Vegas. Aint much to see but easier than 395. Goldfild was a wild west mining camp and of coarse theres always the bunny ranch out there in the middle of nowhere.

  17. Glenda Cornwill says:

    I just loved the look on Bridget’s face as she sat outside the new doggie “Condo” with Spike living the high life inside !! Such a classic your girl !!!

  18. MI Marsha says:

    Gotta love that Spikey. He knows what he likes. The picture of him in the doggie condo and Bridget sitting outside looking all put out was priceless. It’s like sibling rivalry.

  19. Janna says:

    That’s the exact crate we used to house train Ms. Emmi. We weren’t going to take a crate south that year she was a puppy, took up too much room–that is until we left her home alone for a few hours on New Year’s Eve. Suffice it to say, I was very glad Wal Mart was open on New Year’s Day and they had this crate!

  20. cinandjules says:

    Yep hustle and bustle traffic……… a pain in the rear!

    Nice digs Spike….now scoot over and let Bridget in.

  21. Mirta Kirkland says:

    Hey, Sue, I don’t possess an acuity of all things canine so, on that note, what are the crew members wearing? It’s like a harness of sorts? It looks comfy cozy but a bit of a conundrum to this logophile…I’m showing my canine nescience, aren’t I? Oh my…

  22. Teri says:

    Great purchase Sue, those soft sided crates are awesome. Hope you’re having a great day!

  23. Karen says:

    Hey, Bridget! I have a condo kind of like yours. I like to take my naps in there while Mom’s working at her desk in the afternoon. My sister, Scooter, is kind of like Spike. She gets in there sometimes and messes up all my blankets. She tells me it’s a messy bachelor’s pad and she just cleaning it. I think she’s just jealous of my cool digs.

  24. I love this blog!!!! I love the comments from your canine followers. Looks like Spike might have to learn to share the space or you are going to finding another Walmart to get Bridget her own place.
    Love the picture, especially the ones taken through the leaves… great composition. Thought of you when I saw that gas was $5 in CA….glad you are out of there. Happy Trails, My Dear Sister, I love you bunches.

  25. wheelingit says:

    Looks like you’re exactly on our tail (route-wise) down the 395. We stopped at Washoe Lake SP and are now sitting at June Lake in the Oh Ridge! National Forest Campground. It’s lovely around here at the moment and there’s lots of boondocking in the forest. Also a few free campgrounds in the area (Hartley Springs & Glass Creek). Let us know if you’re close and fancy a meet-up

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Nina… I drove into Oh! Ridge Campground to say hello but I couldn’t find you. That place is very big and I didn’t know what loop you are in… I drove around Bear, Owl, Duck, etc. It was late afternoon and I needed to find our camp for the night so I moved on.

  26. DeAnne says:

    Oh no, Sue. I think you have done it! I’m really starting to like the Casita Spirit 17′! I think the room in a van or covered truck would seal the deal. I need a little dinette for my crafts, so this is looking good! Hugs, DeAnne

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good for you, DeAnne!

      Another thing to consider is this: Since your home has wheels, you can move to stay in beautiful weather all the time. That means you can do your crafts outside under the awning if too sunny. A folding table might be good to have. That way you don’t mess up the inside of your Casita. Just have to put away the crafts before dark.

  27. crystal says:

    You should put the pic of Bridgett by the crate on love that site.

  28. Joe says:

    I liked the comments about Reno traffic…but Lost Wages traffic is more crazy yet. Almost bought the farm there twice. Now I make a detour around Los Vegas or I try going through at about 3:30 AM. But please don’t go over Hover Dam with your BLT. The cops are Wackenhut private police used by the feds and will go through your little trailer looking for explosives or what ever. They did it to me back in 2009 I think it was. They have no since of humour either.

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