Goodbye sweet Oregon, California here we come!

After a day of housecleaning, I’m ready for dinner out with Bill and Ann.

Earlier I took advantage of the showers and laundry at their campground (Collier Memorial State Park).  Back at our campground I also shined up the BLT, top to bottom.  I even took down the blinds and washed them under the campground faucet.

Later Ann and Bill come by our campsite with Sammy the Beagle and Julie the Dachshund.

One of my kitchen cabinets is hanging from one hinge.  The screws in the other hinge won’t hold anymore.  Bill has longer screws and a wood block to put on the inside of the cabinet so the screws have something to bore into.

That repair finished, we sit outside in the chairs on my patio mat and talk until it’s time to go to the local “hash house.”

We park our vehicles side by side, leaving our canine crews inside them.

Our table is at a booth next to a window.  We look out and see Bridget with her nose skyward, obviously howling, although we can’t hear her.  Sammy’s in the other vehicle with her nose skyward and howling, too, but we can’t hear her either.  It’s a funny sight.  Soon they disappear from the car windows, settled down to wait for us.

The food is nothing to blog about.

But the company is fantastic! We talk about winter travel plans and share a lot of laughs.

The next morning I break camp and the crew and I leave Williamson River National Forest Campground.  We stop at Bill and Ann’s campground to fill the water tank and to use the dump station.  I take the waste hose out of the bumper and see that the part that attaches to the BLT’s waste drain has come apart.  Darn.  I don’t know where the other hose is.  Ah, duct tape!  Sure enough, the tape holds and there are no spills.

I swing by Ann and Bill’s campsite to say thanks and goodbye… or I should say, until we meet again, maybe this winter in Arizona.

A quick stop for propane at the Indian casino and we’re on our way!

We pass the pelicans at Klamath Lake

We work our way through busy Klamath Falls, eventually passing through residential and agricultural areas, taking Route 139 south.

I love Oregon.  What a wonderful time we had . . .  camped in the forests, at the coast, next to rivers . . . .

Soon we approach a sign, “Welcome to California.” 

A few more miles and the road straightens.  Nothing much to break the monotony of dry grass and junipers, until another sign, “Inspection Station — All vehicles must turn into station.”

“Oh no!  Not this again.”

I hope they don’t know I’m wanted by the State of California for harboring a zucchini.  Another sign appears, “Station closed.”  Whew!  That was close!

Even though it’s early in the day, I’m weary of driving, so the sign for Howard’s Gulch Campground ($6.00 regular, $3.00 with Senior Pass) looks welcoming.  Although it’s a pleasant campground with pretty, yellow-green, quaking aspens, it’s kind of hot.  After I slowly drive the loop around the campground, I get a second wind.  I’ll push on.

Right before we reach the little town of Canby, I turn onto Route 299.

We go up and through Aiden Pass (elevation: 5,173 feet).

Upper Rush Creek Campground is our camp for the night, maybe two.

Only one other camper is here.

It’s in an evergreen forest at a high enough elevation to be comfortably cool.  The water has been turned off for the winter so there’s no campground fee.

The crew and I walk down to the tiny creek which we can hear from our campsite.

I find a level site with a little afternoon sun for the solar panel.  The crew is excited, as usual, to have a new home to explore.

We don’t stray far from our campsite!

The plan for our next camp is Eagle Lake which is south of us and about thirty miles northwest of Susanville.


Canine Corner:  “I run away from home” by Bridget

Spike and I are out in the campground road barking, something we do at every new campground.  We want to let all the creatures know that we’re living here now, and we aren’t afraid of them.  Well, rvsue gets mad and comes around the PTV, all in a huff.

Bridget at her new home (the vault toilet).

I can’t believe what she does!  She bops me on my behind and then she bops Spike on his behind!  So we don’t bark any more which is our job.

It really hurts my feelings.

Spike’s pretty miffed about it, too, so we both decide to run away from home.  Spike doesn’t go far before he caves.  I see him go back and lie down next to rvsue in her chair.

Not me!  I’m leaving and I’m never coming back.  I find a new house to live in.  It’s pretty nice, although I’m having trouble with the door.

Well, rvsue finds me at my new house.  She says, “Aw, honey, c’mon now.  Let’s go home.”  She takes my leash and leads me back to the BLT.  I’m still upset so I sit under the PTV with my back to her until supper.  After supper, rvsue holds me for a long time.

I guess I’ll stay.


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53 Responses to Goodbye sweet Oregon, California here we come!

  1. Dedra says:

    I love your canine corner. I’ve had people ask me how I knew what my baby ( four legged) wanted, because she told me. I met a lady in Kentucky (i live in Oklahoma City) that follows you and now a lady I gave your name to follows you. We all think your great. Thank you,

  2. I love it….held my breath as you approached the inspection station. Love the Canine Corner. Bridget must be feeling better if she could attempt to run away from home. Bless her heart. My love to her and Spike and of course, my love to you, Dear Sister

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline . . . Yes, Bridget is doing a lot better. I don’t let her walk on it for long periods, so she doesn’t overdo it. I do want her to walk on it enough to keep the muscles from becoming atrophied. Nice to hear from you… Love you!

  3. Cathie Laurent says:

    Glad you are slowly making your way south. Can’t wait to see your sights!

  4. Glenda Cornwill says:

    Darling Bridget………..can’t stay mad with her Mum for too long !!

  5. Angie2B says:

    Awwww such a cute canine post. I think you’re great too. Be careful around the bears and mountain lions.

  6. gingerda says:

    I can understand you hating to leave beautiful Oregon and your friends at the campground. You found another great campground and you can’t beat the price!! I loved this post, got a kick out of sweet Bridget running away from home.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      All my stories — about me or the crew, including Canine Corner — are based on reality. I do believe Bridget was like a kid playing for power. Bridget sat up there at the vault toilet looking down at our campsite, waiting for me to miss her and come get her. Then she pouts under the PTV. What a sensitive little girl she is! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  7. Cari says:

    I really look forward to the Canine Corner, adventures of the crew. What a cute perspective of Bridget’s little adventure – running away from home!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Cari… This wasn’t a perspective… She really did run away from home, just like a kid! Then she waited for me to miss her, watching the campsite… It took a lot of hugging and soft talk to get her out of her pout. My blog stories and the canine corner are never far from the truth!

  8. Robert says:

    The next time you have a screw loose, on the cabinets that is, just take a wooden tooth pick and break it in half then take one or both and stick the fat part into the old screw hole and break it off level with the top of the hole and put the old screws back in. A lot easier fix and works better that 99.9% of the time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I tried a wooden match stick with the head broken off but it didn’t work. I think the hole was too big.

      • cinandjules says:

        I was going to suggest the toothpick trick also. Robert has provided detailed instructions. A wooden match stick is the same concept but the thickness of the match stick is where it went bad.
        Sounds like Bill had one more task to help you with before you departed. I’m sure he fixed it and you won’t have problems with THAT hinge in the future.

        • Geri says:

          Bill is a real handy man to have around! He sure saved us last year at Quartzite with his electrical skills! Thanks again Bill!

  9. Shawna says:

    You are coming awfully close to my territory! Sure hope you plan to continue west and maybe stop near Burney, Ca. McArthur-Burney Falls is a must see!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ll do a search on those falls to see what you’re talking about.

      • Chuck says:

        Shawna is right, Sue. Burney Falls are really a must see. 299, twixt Burney and Alturas is beautiful but you would have to backtrack some. Eagle Lake is gorgeous. Hopefully, Geri and can do this area next year. The northeast corner of CA is neglected by so many and is beautiful. I spent a lot of time there and loved it!

  10. Karin Claus says:

    Awww…. Love the puppy stories! Love your blog. I’m hoping to take my puppy and check out your lifestyle for a while. I’ll use my Prius and a tent – so it won’t be the same (until I get up the nerve to get a PTV and pull a trailer).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Now I’m the opposite… I’d be more nervous to camp in a tent. Stay out of bear and mtn lion country! Actually, it’s a good idea to check out the lifestyle. Not like me, I never camped and then I bought a Casita! Have fun, Karin!

  11. pamP says:

    Ah the canines! Mine are the ‘cherry on top’ of my single life. I love Canine Corner. I’ve been following your travels almost since the first – enjoy every one of them. One more addition to the toothpick fix – use a little white glue when you poke the toothpicks in. Of course, if the hole is too big, the backing board is the way to go. Toothpicks work if you catch it early. Pam P

  12. Sharpei Mom says: have a run away on your hands…too cute!
    Another sure fire bet for fixing a cabinet door…match stick wet and gorilla glue…that glue is the best thing since sliced bread. Hubby swears by it for everything. You might want to pick up a very small bottle to have on hand.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Okay, I’ll get some of that gorilla glue.

      • Vicki says:

        Haha…we use gorilla glue all the time too. Read the label though because some you have to wet whatever your glueing. We also use alot of gorilla tape (like duct tape only stronger, lasts longer and sometimes you can’t get it off :/ ) Enjoying your pics and stories. Been to alot of the places you are seeing, but not since 2000. Gotta love California….we had contraband

  13. Chuck says:

    To the Crew: Bridget, what you doing, girl????? Your mom was SOOO good about taking care of you! I mean, getting you a stroller and all…….whimper, whimper. the Hound Herd

  14. cinandjules says:

    Bridget Bridget Bridget………….honey the grass is not greener near the potty vault! Sue understands when Spike and you bark to notify the creatures of your arrival. Sue is just trying to stay out of trouble…in the event someone complains. So yes you can still inform the creatures when we arrive…but they get the warning immediately…so you don’t have to keep telling em! Glad you and mom made up!

    Glad you had a great time with Bill and Ann. Did you get rid of the zucchini or is it still in the fridge? It can now probably bend and touch top to bottom without it breaking. Ewww…no chemistry projects in the fridge! At least you don’t have to stop at anymore “bug stations”.

    Drive safe………………..

  15. Candace says:

    LOL ….Bridget, you are spoiled ROTTEN! First a stroller, then running away AND pouting all in the same day? And RV Sue still holds you on her lap? .Girl ! What would you do if RV Sue decided to park the BLT for a long time somewhere? Enjoy your visit in the forests … the critters are WATCHING you, ya know?!?

  16. Sherry says:

    Looks like you dodged three bullets in one day with the cabinet, the hose and the closed check point.. Nice job!

    Another great campsite find judging from the pictures. And at the VERY BEST price to be had.

    Glad to hear Bridget ran away actually, must mean she’s feeling better. And that’s good! You don’t have a snit if you’re feeling like S&%T I always say! :-))

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah, being in a snit takes so much energy. . . The day could have been a disaster but everything worked out. On the other hand, a leaky sewer hose or a checkpoint inspection would have given me more blog material . . .always a silver lining!

  17. Anne H says:

    Hmmm . . . . maybe I need to consider a terrier for my next dog. Molly, the greyhound, doesn’t warn off the wildlife and, in fact, hides in the back of the trailer when she sees a chipmunk! Glad to hear that Bridget is feeling better and didn’t run away very far!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Adopting a terrier is risky business… They’re a tenacious, stubborn bunch! It would be a BIG jump from a greyhound. They are so gentle and accomodating… at least the ones I’ve met were.

  18. Edie says:

    Unable to find the time to read your blog at work now…… I played “catch up” this evening. Loving your blog……it’s so relaxing to be able to read of your adventures……kind of like being in a good book, ya know? Glad Bridget is doing better……time will heal. Spike is a hoot too……he’s so set in his ways….just like human males! Love all the pictures and slide shows you post too……beautiful country the USA! Looking forward to your next post, glad I can get my work email at home! ❤

  19. DeAnne says:

    Another day of trying to convince 7th graders that finding the main idea of a paragraph really is important! Thank you, Sue for giving me my sanity back. Where in Arizona are you headed to?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I don’t know where in AZ exactly… probably back to Darby Well at some point.

      Yeah, it’s difficult to find the main idea in a paragraph if you don’t read the paragraph! Glad I can help you hold onto your mental health.

  20. Love the runaway’s story… Aw, heck, I loved the whole thing, I always do!

  21. Donna K says:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Oregon. I remember my Daddy talking about Rush Creek although I don’t think I ever camped there. Another poster commented on Burney Falls…yes, it is a gorgeous sight and well worth the visit. The campground may be closed for the winter though by now. You can still see the falls. We’re visiting Natural Bridge today, thanks to you!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great! I’m so glad you are going to Natural Bridge! Follow the path along the river. I think you can hike all the way to Union Creek Campground and Farewell Bend Campground. We didn’t go that far because of Bridget’s leg. At Union Creek there is a lookout for the River Gorge… a must-see! Have fun! Let us know your reaction the next time you get internet.

  22. akwoman says:

    Anyone who says animals don’t have real “human” emotions hasn’t been owned by one! Fun post Sue…glad you didn’t get tossed in the pokey for that dangerous vegetable!

  23. Carol says:

    would rather be cuddled than pout.Bridget, you won’t get to far, youre crippled

    sue you needn’t tell me about a Beagles howl, I lived next door to a Beagle for years,they don’t howl, they bay!!

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