Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial

Once again the Perfect Tow Vehicle lives up to her name!

This morning I go over recent receipts and calculate the miles-per-gallon achieved by the PTV following the interstates from Rawlins, Wyoming, to Chugwater, Wyoming.  The PTV encountered strong crosswinds on that trip.  We also exited in Laramie, parked at Wal-Mart for the night, and returned to the interstate to continue on to Chugwater.  The total distance was 201 miles.

A 2005 Chevy Express van is rated at 17 mpg highway.

Of course, that’s without towing a trailer and probably in optimum highway conditions with no wind, no stop-and-go, and no road maintenance slow-downs.  Considering all that, I am extremely pleased to report that the PTV, loaded down with batteries and all my stuff, pulling the Best Little Trailer, and in her advanced age, performed beautifully at 16.51 mpg!

Monday, July 2

The crew and I  leave Cottonwood Campground around 9 a.m.   It’s very smoky this morning due to the surrounding forest fires.  I’m glad we waited until today to go see Mt. Rushmore.  Now we have a good reason to leave the Hot Springs area and get out of this smoke.  I take a few photos to show the poor visibility.

In order to reach Mt. Rushmore, we again travel through Wind Cave National Park and a section of Custer State Park.  The 7-day pass I purchased for $15 the last time we entered Custer State Park is still valid.   The drive is one of my all-time favorites.  I don’t think I could ever tire of it.  We encounter pronghorns, buffalo, and the begging burros again.

My new Nikon camera is a dud.

It’s the kind of camera where the lens telescopes out and retracts.  At least it’s supposed to.  This dang thing sticks in half-retraction, sending the message “lens error.”  I see that message numerous times throughout the day.

I take photos from the PTV as we approach Mt. Rushmore, go through the tunnel, and drive by the entrance.  There’s a line of cars waiting to pay the $11 admission.  I drive on by and further up the road I park at the “Profile Turn-out.”  Here is where I snap a pic of President Washington’s profile.

The day is young so we continue toward the Crazy Horse Memorial!

At the gate I pay the $10 entrance fee and ask about the dogs.  The gatekeeper tells me they can go into the display area and out onto the viewing veranda.  They are not allowed in the Welcome Center where the movie is shown.  This is good.  We’re not completely shut out.

With much anticipation I park the PTV and walk the crew down to the exhibit area.  The sculpture of the two fighting stallions is my first photo.  Or so I thought.  “Battery exhausted” . . .  Darn!  This camera has gone through six batteries today!

I shake off my annoyance and focus on experiencing the memorial.

I wholeheartedly agree that the Crazy Horse Memorial far exceeds Mt. Rushmore in impact and poignancy.  In fairness, Mt. Rushmore is already familiar to any American.   I won’t attempt to describe the Crazy Horse Memorial experience here.  My words would be insufficient, and, alas, I have no photos.

Spike and Bridget enjoy the memorial, becoming another attraction themselves, as we wander the cool display area.  Both children and adults come up to them, cooing and asking questions. “Ooh, may we pet them?”  “Are they twins?”  “What kind of dogs are these?”  “What are their names?”

Bridget delights in the attention and scampers around at the end of her leash.

Spike enjoys the people and commotion, too, although he soon tires and has to lie down.  The floor is concrete and must feel cool.  I settle on a bench.  While Bridget and I wait for him to recuperate, I watch people posing with the Crazy Horse replica which is slightly bigger than life-size.  After a few minutes Spike’s ready to walk back to the PTV for the ride home.  I offer to carry him, but he wants to smell the grass on the way to the parking lot.

By the time we arrive back at Hot Springs around two o’clock, I’m starving!

I pick-up another rotisserie chicken at Lynn’s Grocery.  A picnic shared with the crew at our campsite caps a memorable day for all three of us!

A slideshow of smoky landscapes, more pronghorn, more bison, more burros, and the magnificent Mt. Rushmore

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6/19/12 . . . $6.00 campground fee (Freeman NF)
6/20/12 . . . $0 (Rawlins Fly J – free camping!)
6/21/12 . . . $45.77 for 13.02 gal. gas @ $3.49 a gal., $16.83 groceries (Laramie Wal-mart – free camping!)
6/22/12 . . . $45.04 for 12.177 gal. gas @ $3.69 a gal., $3.00 camp donation (Wheatland City Park)
6/23/12 . . . $3.00 (Wheatland City Park)
6/24/12 . . . $10.81 groceries, $3.00 (Wheatland City Park)
6/25/12 . . . $0 (Lingle Wildlife Management area on the North Platte – free camping!)
6/26/12 . . . $38.00 for 10.737 gal. gas @ $3.54 a gal., $14.56 groceries, $3.50 campground fee (Cottonwood COE)
6/27/12 . . . $20.37 groceries, $3.50 campground fee(Cottonwood)
6/28/12 . . . $15.00 permit (Custer SP), $3.50 campground fee (Cottonwood)
6/29/12 . . . $20.00 driver’s license fee, $15.73 groceries, $4.42 equipment (window latch, batteries), $3.50 campground fee (Cottonwood)
6/30/12 . . . $3.50 campground fee (Cottonwood)



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97 Responses to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial

  1. Chinle says:

    Wow, pretty smoky up there. If it’s not too late and you can leave the dogs in the trailer, Wind Cave is well worth seeing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m going to have to pass on Wind Cave. By the time I returned to the BLT, it would be too hot, and the crew would be miserable and make everyone else miserable with their howling. I don’t mind missing it. I have seen underground caves before. The comfort of the crew rules!

      • hobopals says:

        There were many places I couldn’t go with Jack, but I feel like you. His comfort was more important. The bonus was that I saw places that some people will never see–staying off the beaten path and away from most tourist attractions.

        When Rich and I traveled, if there was something we really, really wanted to see, we took turns but, as a rule, he felt the same as we do.

        I, too was far more impressed by Crazy Horse than by Rushmore.

      • JOAN ROBERTS says:

        Ahhh, yes, underground caverns. First thing that comes to my mind is Howe Caverns and Cambridge School field trip. How about you??

  2. earthdancerimages says:

    Wow! Too much smoke for me! RE: your Nikon, it should have a 1 year warranty! Take it back to Walmart with or without the receipt to see if they will replace or refund! Sounds like you got a lemon! Keep on keeping on … sounds like a great summer so far! Geri

  3. john says:

    Hi Sue, I truly know what you mean whan you say your word’s would be insufficient to describe the Crazy Horse Memorial, I do remember getting some of the same feeling’s as when I was on the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii,, feeling’s and some tear’s.. save travel’s Sue

  4. Sra. Julia says:

    Glad you and the crew got to see the big monuments it is sort of bucket list thing for most Americans. I didn’t care for Mt. Rushmore, the way it is laid out reminds me to much of a …… Nazi propaganda set. The idolization of our leaders just rubs me the wrong way. They were men with good and bad traits and human faults like anyone else to make them into demi-gods is not in our best interest, in my opinion. I was glad to move on from there and back to Custer for bit of reality. I also found the museum at the School of Mines in Rapid City much more interesting. Glad your getting out of the smoke … happy trails 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I understand your point of view, Sra. Julia. Nationalism has led to pain and sadness for the people of our country. I will say that George Washington is to be admired for refusing to assume absolute power, which he readily could have done. Not many leaders would walk away from becoming the most powerful person in the world. In the end, we’re all humans with many faults and frailties.

      The smoke has lessened a great deal. Happy trails to you, especially if you drive to Idaho from the Baja.

      • Lew Johns says:

        Oooo. Second the museum at the South Dakota School of Mines. Nice mineral collection and a lot of White River Group fossils (Badlands) of the charismatic megafauna of the time (35 million years ago).


      • Sherry says:

        Second Sra Julie’s feelings about the idolization. And agree totally with you about Washington. But I wonder if we should be defacing our mountains at all. I suppose if anyone has the right, it would be the Native Americans whose homeland this is.

  5. Ron says:

    One of my favorite area I have ever visited.
    Did you see the mountain goats around Rushmore?

  6. I’ve been to Mount Rushmore but neither Kelly or I have been to Crazy Horse. I would so much like to spend some quality time in that whole area. Maybe this coming October or maybe not. I never bother to figure out our Motorhome’s gas mileage because I know it would be too discouraing & make me shiver in my socks. For me, some things are just better left unknown. Take care Sue, we’re thinkin of y’all:)).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think of you guys, too, and visit your blog every day. I had to brag about the PTV’s gas mileage, never thinking how it might make other RVers wince. We all have our trade-offs, right? This is a place you and Kelly would truly enjoy. I hope you get the chance to visit it again, Al, and to show it to Kelly.

      • Chuck says:

        Sue, That gas mileage is GREAT! Sure part of it is your light foot on the gas pedal !!! Crazy Horse is supposed to be more dramatic than Mt Rushmore and has been rec to me by many.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Sue, am SO impressed with your mileage!!! You must be using the best fluids you can find too. My hubby has always gotten the best gas milage which in part is due to fluids used and how he takes care of things maintanence wise. Saving a couple pennies on cheap gas NEVER pays off. We have friends here who do that all the time and they are constantly in the shop with a car that is similar in make, size and kind to ours. It does not pay!! Penny-wise; pound foolish.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do keep up with the PTV’s maintenance. I don’t buy the best gas. Apparently that doesn’t bother the PTV like it does your friends’ car.

      • Bob says:

        Sue watch out for any gas labeled 15 % ethanol, heard it will ruin small engine. I have had some 10% ethanol that cut my mileage 10%, hard to figure what refineries it comes from. Also beware of Colo State Parks, outrageous rates imposed last year.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks for the warnings, Bob.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Yes, in our state now we are finding those signs nearly everywhere now that warn the gas can be up to 15% ethanol. Hubby goes to Walmart and gets some fuel additive stuff just to use when you put ethanol in the tank. We have heard that the shops are having 10 times more work because of that stuff being added and supposedly the additive helps!! We hope so!!

          I was also referring to the fact that hubby tries to find the best quality gas for ours too. Not always the most costly…but if we go someplace and it makes the engine ping…that station is off the list!! Also as our car is now over a decade old, we have gone to the medium gas…used to use the lowest…but now have graduated as the engine is more tired out and worn. So far so good. I merely meant to mean that cost is not to be considered…but whether the engine does not ping and whether the MPG stays where it should, etc. And well, we did used to avoid the ethanol places, but now are finding that impossible here. Maybe we will get something run on diesel…hubby says they cannot put the ethanol in that.

        • Chuck says:

          10% ethanol gas cuts my mileage by at least 10%..2004 F450 V10. Geris TrailBlazer is not affected, probably ’cause hers was engineered for the ethanol and mine is commercial vehicle.

          • earthdancerimages says:

            Living by the Gulf of Mexico as we did for many years, we discovered that gas stations at, or near a marina will have pure gasoline because boat motors can’t use ethanol!

  8. RTL says:

    Love the Mt. Rushmore photos. Just reread your Aug. 16, 2011, post when you picked up your Casita. We visited the Casita factory in early June (2012) and met Jonathan. He was so nice. We aren’t ready to purchase, but it took a lot of willpower to leave the factory without buying a Casita. We love your blog. Keep on RVing and posting. Regina and Mark

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Jonathan is great. I went back and reread that Aug. 16th post recently, too. What a day that was! I know what you mean about walking out of there without buying!

      Thanks for telling me you love my blog and its photos. Nice to hear from you again . . .

  9. The Dakota’s and Mt Rushmore are on my to see list. I have seen pictures of Mt Rushmore but your pictures capture its essences. It makes one feel they are right up close and personal. That some is aweful. Praying for a good have rain for this area and out West. Too, sad the land and animals that have to suffer.

    So sorry to hear that about your new camera, I’m sure you already know that any Wal-Mart will take it back with the receipt. I’ve returned things across states many times. Nikon’s are usually good cameras you might have just got a bad one. I know you are on a budget but a lithium battery would be more economical in the long run. My first digital was an Olympus and it went through double A’s like I was the Energizer bunny. I have a small Sony now and love it. It has a rechargeable lithium battery. Check out this deal at amazon. My camera is an older model DSC-W220 and takes great photos.

    Be careful out there and and enjoy youself.

  10. Sorry about the big ad I had no idea it would do that.

  11. Bev Deem says:

    Beautiful photos!! SD is one of my favorite places to visit. I was 10 years old the first time I visited the area and have spent numerous vacations there. Crazy Horse to me is a spiritual experience. I had the good fortune to work with a Native American who taught and included me in much of their culture. You have a great way to present your experience…I so enjoy your blog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bev,

      Your contact with a Native American friend must have deepened your experience of the Crazy Horse Memorial. I’m glad my blog brings back memories of your vacations in the Black Hills.

  12. gingerda says:

    I’ve never been to Mt.Rushmore, but I would like to go some day. I really enjoyed your slide show, thanks for posting it. The smoke in the air is awful, hope you get out of there soon and can breathe some good air. I understand your frustration with your camera…I have the same frustrations. I bought what I thought was a decent “Sony” camera, but it’s awful. It wasn’t cheap, but not top of the line either.
    I noticed sometimes when I leave a comment, it puts my whole name, other times just my first name and 2 letters of my last….crazy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gingerda! LOL I’m sorry about the name glitch with WordPress. WP has been having cramps for the past few months or so, messing up people’s names and such. Thanks for putting up with it and commenting anyway.

      I could not believe my camera eats up the last batteries exactly at the moment we arrive at Crazy Horse. At that rate I’d have to buy batteries by the gross. I’m happy you enjoyed the slide show, regardless.

      • mickent says:

        If your camera lens is sticking and not retracting fully it may continue to try, which is eating up your batteries.
        Nice photos.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That’s the problem exactly, Mick. It moans and groans and tries to unstick itself before I can turn it off. Piece of junk.

          • Too bad, because Nikon is usually top notch! I love my Nikon equipment! Nikon certainly wouldn’t want their merchandise tagged with the word “junk” but sounds, like they earned the criticism this time!

            • earthdancerimages says:

              LOL at WordPress….. I NEVER know how it’s gonna sign me in LOL! Above it was as earthdancerimages….. weird! Geri

              • Chinle says:

                Sue, if you return the Nikon, try a Canon. Even their cheap cameras talke great photos and I’ve never had any probs w/ them.

              • kimzoph says:

                Hi Sue, If you’re still reading these comments, I’d like to second Chinle’s recommendation. I’ve been researching (and buying) Canon point-and-shoots for years. They have a much better track record than Nikons (though I use Nikon DSLRs). I would look at a Canon Elph. You won’t be disappointed.

            • mickent says:

              I would guess that Nikon is having there low end cameras made in china while the high end stuff is still made in Japan. China = junk!

  13. Wayne says:

    Sue great recap of the area. Been a long time since I was there, looking forward to being there again, soon I hope. Have a concern you may be able to alleviate — Would you say that most of the places you find tp camp would or would not be suitable for our 36′ 5th wheel?


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, dear, I don’t think I can answer your question with any confidence, Wayne. I don’t know very much about maneuvering a 36′ fifth wheel. Here’s my thoughts . . . I’ll assume you’ve read my entire blog and know what I’m talking about. I’ll focus on dispersed camping sites.

      Darby Well … Yes, but not in the campsite I had.
      Fortuna Pond . . . Yes
      Ash Fork . . . Yes, if it’s not muddy.
      Willard Springs . . . Yes, if the road doesn’t deteriorate further.
      Crazy Jug Point . . . No
      Zion Creekside Camp . . . No, but maybe further upstream in the private donation area, You might have a problem with the sand.
      Upper Kent Lake near Beaver . . . If you’ve got enough power and steel nerves, yes . . . and two other lakes nearby. I’m not sure about this. There are hairpin turns, the road is narrow gravel in some places and it’s steep.
      Duchesne Fairgrounds . . .Yes
      Freeman NF Campground . . . Yes, but again, it’s steep.
      Wheatland City Park… Yes
      Lingle Wildlife Mgmt Area along the North Platte . . . No, but I didn’t explore the entire area.
      Cottonwood COE … Yes

      If there’s a camp I’ve left out that interests you, feel free to ask again.

      • Chuck says:

        Wayne, we camp in a 31ft 5th wheel and I’ll humbly disagree with Sue, Fortuna Pond NO. Ours barely got in with a little desert pinstriping. Darby OK at 1st Warning sign for illegals. The rest we haven’t tried.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I agree, Fortuna Pond is very tricky. You’d have to know to come in at a different access road and stay on the opposite side from where we camped.

          There are more Darby Well places further up the road. I saw several very big rigs there last winter.

          • Sherry says:

            Wow Sue this is a great list. I’ve copied it for a future trip to them parts.

            Love the burro pictures. They are such great personalities. I owned two for years and one that came up to your PTV looks just like Fred. Brought back very happy memories.

            I too am sorry that your camera is giving you such problems. Your pictures were great. Wish I could have seen what you would take of the Crazy Horse site.

            I use rechargeable batteries in my camera and always keep an extra set with me. Helps a lot and though the batteries cost more initially, I save money in the long run I know.;

            GREAT gas mileage! Good for people to know even if it does make us motorhome owners think perhaps we bought the wrong rig. 🙂

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I’m glad you didn’t mind more photos of burros. They are such fun to photograph, especially the nose in the window shots.

              I have rechargeable batteries and disposables. . . not enough for my insatiable Nikon!

              Yes, l love my PTV . . .

  14. geogypsy2u says:

    I wasn’t impressed with Mt Rushmore yet really liked the Badlands. But not with all that smoke.

    Great mileage.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I would be camping in the Badlands if it were a different time of year. Maybe I will when I return in 5 years, God willing, to renew my license. I’ll come here in the spring.

      • Elizabeth says:

        It was surely beautiful when we moved east and traveled around those parts in the springtime!!

  15. cinandjules says:

    Mt Rushmore looks breathtaking! I’m sure pictures can’t capture it totally…just like the blue ice on the glaciers in Alaska. Something about just being there.
    The burros are cute…especially the little one. Gotta laugh at the one with his nose in the window. I suspect they are use to people (ignorant ones) feeding them.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      People are blatant about feeding the burros. They arrive with ziploc baggies full of Lord knows what. I guess burros have iron stomachs. I hate to see them eating junk food, especially since several of them are carrying baby burros.

      • hobopals says:

        Some people are just plain dumb. One year I saw someone toss a banana peel in Yellowstone. I said something to the dope and his response was that it was healthy food. He just didn’t “get it”.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Don’t get me started on the idiocy of the general public.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Well, throwing out stuff that maybe no animal will eat is not good…however, at least my dad’s domestic goats ABSOLUTELY LOVED banana peels…it was one of the things they liked the most and yes, they were somewhat picky eaters.

          • hobopals says:

            The problem is that it makes it dangerous for both humans and animals because it draws the animals closer to the people.

            • Elizabeth says:

              Yes, not a good idea to feed wild animals is it? I remember as a kid seeing people getting REALLY close to the garbage dump at Yosemite to where the bears were…crazy!! I do not think they have it like that now. Even with domestic animals one has to be careful and watchful…animals are not always trying to hurt us, but they just do what animals do!!

  16. Ron says:

    A little tale about Crazy Horse ,I was touring the building looking at all the Indian artifacts which I love. Saw a gentleman selling books so the reader in me made me walk over and start a conversation. There was something familiar about him,
    I looked as his book and it was a book about him, the only Native American fighter pilot to be in Nam. I started laughing because then I knew him ,we had the same duty station at times and were friends .
    It is a small world

  17. Laura Roorda says:

    Hi Sue: I have a Cannon camera that takes very good pictures. I have noticed when the batteries are going down the lens don.t go in and out either. I buy lithium batteries which last way longer than regular batteries. I don’t know if this will help any, but thought I would suggest using lithium.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I just got back from Radio Shack where I was stunned to learn a lithium battery costs $39. Owee.

      • EmilyO says:

        Ouch – $39! I got 4 at WallyWorld I know for less than that ’cause I am such a tightwad. I keep them in my camera bag so that when the rechargeable loose their juice, I have the lithium handy.

  18. cinandjules says:

    Perhaps its something simple like a piece of grit…have you got some compressed air like the type that cleans the keyboard of your computer?

  19. DesertHawk says:

    Just read this about:
    MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL, S.D. (AP) – Officials at Mount Rushmore National Memorial say the July 4 celebration at the monument in 2012 once again will not include fireworks.

    Superintendent Cheryl Schreier says that wildfire risks from the pine beetle infestation and the success of the non-explosive 2010 and 2011 celebrations led to the decision.

    More than 21,000 people visited the Memorial on July 3 in 2011, exceeding the 2009 and 2010 numbers.

    Efforts to combat the pine beetle infestation in the Black Hills and reduce fire danger are ongoing. But officials say the condition of the forest in the surrounding area continues to deteriorate and will remain a concern for the foreseeable future.

    National Park Service Regional Director Michael Reynolds says providing a celebration without fireworks is the prudent course of action.

    The Associated Press
    4:39 p.m. MDT, October 17, 2011

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing the Monument, not because it has the presidents, but its monumental scope. To me it is a memorial to the man who designed it & to the men who were able to sculpt it out of the native stone. Most hard rock miners in need of work. A monument to Americans of the Great Depression who were strong enough & tough enough to do great things with very primitive tools compared today.

    I enjoyed the “Museum” about Gutzon Borglum in Keystone.

    Mount Rushmore is also a monument to the men who dreamed up the idea of a monumental sculpture to draw people to South Dakota, such as “Doane Robinson is known as the “Father of Mount Rushmore.” It was his idea for colossal carvings in the Black Hills. He wanted to create an attraction that would draw people from all over the country to his state.” They didn’t have a Grand Canyon or Yellowstone or coral beaches as a draw, they created their own. It worked like a charm, too. Creating a tourist center for the state. American Free Enterprise at Work….nothing similar Nazi propaganda.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good point about the monument providing work during the Depression. It certainly put the Black Hills on the map for a lot of people, here and around the world.

  20. Return the Nikon and get a different brand. Our Nikon Coolpix S9100 just got back from almost 2 months at the factory awaiting parts for repair. It too had focusing problems and would just lock up. So far it is working well but we don’t have much hope.

  21. cinandjules says:

    Skip the Sony Cybershot……………nothing but trouble. Things aren’t made like back in the old’n days.

  22. Cathie Laurent says:

    Sorry about the smoke. Not good for people with breathing problems!
    I think Mt. Rushmore is just one of those things everyone should see. Keep in mind the era it was built and what a feat it was. Glad you got to see it.

  23. hobopals says:

    Sue, may I suggest that you google “Compare Point and Shoot Cameras” or “Compare Compact Cameras”. Several sites will show up. I am very pleased with the camera I chose, and ordered it from Amazon. It fit my needs and my pocket book. Everyone has different requirements. I ordered the charger, an extra battery, and even an extra memory card. I hate to miss out on a good picture! After all, they represent your memories–especially the ones of S&B in various places.

  24. Bill says:

    Hi Sue- The monsoon season has hit NM. Crzy weather here at the lake. Our fireworks show was last Saturday and had close to 90,000!

    I won’t repeat my camera viewpoints save one or two. I agree, the Nikon camera’s built in Japan are better than those built elsewhere. My DR, mister gadget, purchased a mirrorless Nikon. Nice camera.

    I buy ‘function’. I gave up on Brand names! .The best little camera (BLC) I ever had was a Samsung, 6 mp. I decided to clean it with compressed air and destroyed it. I was trying to clean the lense and something happened! Normally, air works wonders! Of all the cameras I’ve had (STILL AND VIDEO), I’ve favored Canon…. I took advantage of some year-end sales on video equipment and my new equipment, while equipped with all the ‘bells and whistles’, doesn’t measure up to my trusty XH Hi camcorder!. And it’s tape. (I also have 55,108 and 200mm lenses) Trusted friends advise me it’s familiarity! NO!, could that be?

    Good luck on your replacement. Walmart takes anything back. Pictures of the donkeys are precious. I was wondering what they call a baby donkey….no punchline….I don’t know, a donkette! donknow. cheers br, K and 8 (ct) paws (I know a Shriner- they raise them and use them in their parades…I’ll get back to you) cheers again

    • Ed says:

      A baby donkey is a foal, just like a baby horse. An adult female donkey is a jenny, a male is a jack and a neutered male is a john.

  25. KansasSue says:

    I love the Custer area. Crazy Horse is so much fun! I love taking the hike the first weekend in June to the monument. I have visited it several times making sure to take all the grandchildren and nieces and nephews. Our favorite visit was the 50th anniversary walk and I hope sincerely they will all be able to visit at its 100th Anniversary.
    Your pictures are wonderful as are your anecdotes. Sharing your dreams is a wonderful gift to all of us!
    Did you go through the pigtail bridges?

  26. DesertHawk says:

    You shouldn’t have any problems returning the camera at Wally World, especially if you have a receipt. Doesn’t matter if you bought at that store or not. The Walmart at Spearfish is a large store & just off the interstate. If I remember correctly, they do not allow overnights.
    2825 1St Avenue, Spearfish SD 57783

    Spearfish has a city Campground:
    NOT a bargain:
    Belle Fourche Reservoir has dispersed camping:

    • DesertHawk says:

      The last time we visited Devil’s Tower, we used SD 34 from near Belle Fourche which turns into WY 24; it was a good hwy. at that time (2006). Had tempts in the 100 degree range or higher that day as we were traveling from North Dakota. But it cooled off at night in the Park’s campground.

      “Pets are not allowed on the trails at Devils Tower National Monument. Leashed pets may be exercised in the parking areas, along the roadways and in the picnic area. Pets are also permitted in the campground if they are leashed and not left unattended. The Crook County Veterinary Service (307-283-2115) in Sundance will board dogs for the day. Boarding facilities are also available in Gillette, WY, and Spearfish, SD.” – Park’s WebSite.

      The First Time we visited it, maybe ’87, we left our TT at a campground at Keyhole State Park near Moorcroft, WY & did a day trip to the Tower. As we got there & started to walk around a ThunderStorm paid a visit. But we got to see the Tower without really walking along it much at all. The Second Time in 2006, we walked a little more along the base, but it was a hot day & didn’t stay at it too long. Next morning, we didn’t take the time to doing any hiking. I enjoyed see it & do not regret taking the time to detour to see it.
      2006 as we were leaving the CG area.

    • Chuck says:

      Spearfish City Campground is NOT allowed to compete and MUST keep it’s $$ above surrounding campgrounds. It is nice but really claustrophobic and locals think they can do/park/hike anywhere they want. We do NOT reccommend it at any $$$

  27. Laura Roorda says:

    Sue, I buy lithium batteries at Walmart for around 8 or 9 dollars for 4. I think Radio Shack is trying to rip people off.

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