Kolob Reservoir

This is our second trip up Kolob Terrace Road to Kolob Reservoir.  

This time I’ve got a picnic lunch in the cooler – a salad with hard-boiled egg for me and some turkey slices for Bridget and Spike.  It’s already close to noon on this hot June day in southwestern Utah.  Good thing I remembered to bring a long-sleeve shirt.  It’ll be cool up by the reservoir at over 8,000 feet.

I’m more relaxed this second trip.

Once I travel a road that’s steep and full of switchbacks, the second time I drive that road, I enjoy it more because I don’t have that oh-dear-God–what-have-I-gotten-myself-into feeling.  Kolob Terrace Road is two-lane and paved.  We pass red rock reaching high to the sky and green valley far below.  At one point we drive on a ridge with steep drops on both sides.  Occasionally I see a small sign announcing a trail head.  We pass gigantic monoliths, some red and some light gray.

A sign reads “Entering Zion National Park.”  

By the looks of the road ahead, we’re going to gain elevation for a stretch.   I put the PTV in second gear.  Up, up, up we go.  I glance to the left as I negotiate some harrowing turns with no guardrails.  A panoramic view opens up.  I’ll be able to stop and look at that on the way back down. Better watch what I’m doing. 

The road takes us around a bend to a beautiful meadow of tall grass.

What is it about meadows that I love so much?  I stop the PTV alongside the road, let the crew out, and walk along the fence.  Bridget and Spike are oblivious to the scenic meadow with dramatic, red rock backdrop.  Their noses are in the grass.   “Isn’t this great, guys?”  They’re loving this.  So am I.

The road continues gaining elevation.

I notice changes in the vegetation.   Mounds of white flowers appear along the roadway.  A refreshing blast of cool air blows through our open windows.  I see a place to pull over.  There’s a path leading through a line of bushes.  I bet we can see the panoramic view through there.

The crew and I venture down the path which opens up to an area of rocks and prickly pear cactus blooming brilliant pink.  Tiny, white, daisy-like flowers are scattered about.  How lovely!  And there’s the view!  The haze makes it difficult to photograph.  It would be nice to have that view for the blog.   Oh well, it’s better that some things are seen first in real life. People need to come up here and see all this for themselves.

We enter and leave Zion National Park twice on the way to the reservoir.

Soon we enter a grove of aspens with their white trunks and shimmering leaves along both sides of the road.  A few houses appear, tucked back into the forest.  I stop at an overlook to view the black lava rock that is falling into a deep gorge, so deep that I don’t see the bottom.  I’m not leaning over any farther than this.

Kolob is a tiny village comprised of a small store, a community center, a cemetery, and a few houses.

The buildings face an immense field of deep, emerald green.  Horses and beef cattle graze.  Not much further up the road we reach Kolob Reservoir, noted for its excellent fishing for rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout.  I find a place to park near the water’s edge and set up my camp chair for our picnic.  Bridget and Spike know what’s coming when they see me pull out our blue and white cooler!

After lunch Spike does what he loves.

He steps into the water, lies down for about fifteen seconds and then stands back up.  “Spike, you’re gonna’ freeze!”  The air is chilly, a breeze is blowing, and that water must to be ice-cold.

Bridget and Spike explore the area while I take some photos and sit in my camp chair with an iced tea, looking out over the water.   Spike is wet and cold, so I put the crew back in the PTV.   That’s okay.  I’m looking forward to seeing everything all over again on the drive home!

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P.S.  Thanks to everyone who answered yesterday’s question. Your comments are very helpful.   I will use your feedback and suggestions to try improving my blog.


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40 Responses to Kolob Reservoir

  1. Chuck says:

    As always Sue, GREAT PIX!!! What was wrong with camera/s?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think my new camera needs its own memory card. These photos were taken with my new Nikon using it’s internal memory. I reduced the resolution setting on the camera so I could take this many photos within its limited memory. I was going to leave tomorrow. Instead I’ll go to WalMart and get the memory card and then leave on Monday.

  2. Bill says:

    Sue , I think you’re in HEAVEN, but still have internet! And where is the inflatable!! I bought one but’s it’s not a ah ah, well moving right along…just kidding! K said that with your diet and self-pix, male participation will improve! (hey, don’t shoot the messenger!) Water looks very cool! cheers br

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Bill . . . There was way too much breeze yesterday to get out on the lake in my boat. The crew and I would’ve been blown across the lake and have to walk all the way back to the PTV!

  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Looking good. Can’t wait to get back up to Kolob Reservoir. Maybe even camp there where it’s cooler.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi Sue,
    Long time.
    I was thinking of your new Bal Leveler. I have one and find it fantastic. No guess work in leveling and extra security to chocks. I did have one problem. After 6 months the ratchet wrench broke. Rather than haul out the socket set I tried the Casita lug wrench and found the 3/4″ fits perfectly and allows 2 hands of leverage.
    I agree with Bill, get the inflatable out!
    Take care.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hey, Robert! Nice to hear from you again . . .

      You mention “the Casita lug wrench.” Did the wrench come with your Casita? I can’t remember if mine did or not. I know I got a tire thingy (can’t think what it’s called… you loosen the lug nuts with it). Makes me wonder if I’ve got that wrench stowed somewhere . . .

      Inflatables are fool-makers . . . You go out on a very breezy day and you end up paddling like a fool while being blown in circles!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for taking the time to give me this hint. See what I mean about male readers?

  5. Llanos says:

    For goodness sake Sue! You know what they say about a man’s attention span. I for one read your blog most every day. I just do not comment every day. That does not mean I don’t enjoy it. Just beautiful where you are at. Spellbinding!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Llanos . ..

      You comment just fine! I was concerned about some I hadn’t heard from since Christmas. I’m like a middle-schooler fearing rejection! LOL

  6. cathieok says:

    Once again, the pictures are great. Love the pictures of the road meandering through the valley. Lake looks like a great place for your lunch. Noticed a large trailer in the background. Guess the road is accessible to rvs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cathie,

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos. The quality was compromised somewhat when I changed the resolution so I my new camera could hold more photos. (I’m going to get a memory card today!).

      That photo of the large trailer may give people the impression this is a great place to camp. It is, except that’s one heckuva road to pull something up and keep under control going back down. If I got up the nerve to tow the BLT up there, I’d want to be able to stay a long time and there’s no internet, no dump, no water, just a tiny store, etc.

      There aren’t many campers up there. I think they’re all hardcore fishermen whom we all know are crazy. I know this because I almost became one!

  7. Linda Bires says:

    Breathtaking pictures. My husband and I have been to Zion on our motorcycle on a 2 week vacation. Of course, we had to fly through and keep going because we had a strict timeline since I only had 2 weeks vacation. When we only have 2 weeks and a lot to see, we just drive through, I take pictures from on the back of the motorcycle and we stop at one or two viewing areas. We loved Zion. I would love someday to see it from where you are and not the commercialized roads. Will you be going to Bryce Canyon? That was one of my favorites and not far from Zion.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda!

      My second trip up to Kolob Reservoir was on a Saturday. I met about 30 motorcycles while driving up to the Reservoir. It must be an exciting ride, all those curves, drop-offs, steep descents, and vistas.

      I’m going to Bryce, but probably not until the fall on my return trip to southern AZ for the winter.

  8. I am so glad you finally made it up Kolob Road to the reservoir! It is such an amazingly beautiful 24 mile drive! Hope your new camera works out for you. Gonna miss you, but glad you made it to this corner of our beautiful country that is America!

    • PS the Nikon seemed to do a good job for ya, good photos, so maybe you need to open your purse for a new laptop and explain to Spike that this is your toy, not his! haha!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Actually I think the photos will be better once I get a memory card in the camera and can up the resolution a bit on the camera setting. I’m seriously thinking about replacing this laptop and using it for file storage. You wouldn’t believe how many tries it takes for me to reply to one comment! I was on this dang thing from 4:30 to 11:45 last night. . . and that’s not counting the hours I spent yesterday morning changing browsers, adjusting settings, doing clean-up, troubleshooting, blah, blah. I hate it!

        The least of my problems with this thing is missing keys! (I’ve forgiven Spikey.)

  9. Lacy says:

    Hey Sue, loving the blog as usual! I have a question………..how long did you dream about doing this before you put the plan into action? Was this always the plan or did you change things along the way before you actually got it to the way you have it today? We’re still raising teens and dream about retiring someday……….I don’t see us full-timing but I do hope that we can take ‘extended vacations’ in our someday Class C. We’re dreaming and planning and living thru the fun of other folks’ blogs. Thanks again for taking the time to share!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lacy . . . I started a savings plan toward purchasing my rig as soon as I started to dream. I knew instantly upon discovering Tioga George’s lifestyle, that it was perfect for my retirement years. As you may have read, I saved for about 7 years, living very frugally. I stopped turning on my heat pump. I even eliminated lunch to save money!

      At first I thought I wanted a Class C (influenced by Tioga George, I guess). Gradually I realized towing would suit me better. I didn’t plan on moving quickly from place to place, so I wanted a home I could leave behind and a vehicle I could zip around in. It took me a while to research towing and tow vehicles before I had a brainstorm one evening that a van would be best, providing me with enough power and lots of storage space.

      Dream on, girl! And may all your dreams come true . . .

  10. Jeannie says:

    Sue, what program do you use to make your slideshows? Thanks

  11. Ed Smith says:

    Hi Sue,
    Sorry I haven’t written sooner. We stayed at Duck Creek 8 days and loved every minute. We then drove to Bryce Canyon. We are on our last of five days here. This is definitely my favorite of the southwest national parks. Tomorrow we drive to Great Basin. I haven’t been there before so it will be all new. I’ll add a comment from there.
    As to changing your blog, tread lightly I love it just the way it is.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m happy to hear you’ve been having a great time,Ed. I’m interested in reading your report of Great Basin. I can’t keep up with you this trip through Utah . . . maybe before the year’s out! Keep living life to the fullest! And thanks for your words about my blog.

  12. Mark says:

    Hi Sue,

    I’m a guy and I like your blog just fine!! I REALLY like that it’s actually about RVing!
    NOT the standard supposedly RV blog that has little or no content about the lifestyle. You know,
    pictures of kids and and people sitting at restaurants or some such. Maybe once in while complaining about only having 30 AMP hookups. BLAH blah blah….
    You are actually out there using an RV as it should be!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I love it! Another guy! Hi, Mark!

      You outlined exactly what I decided not to blog about when I began rvsue and her canine crew! I’m glad you agree with my decision.

  13. Cindy says:

    Hi Sue,
    We are in process of getting title, registration, tag ect. for an RV we are currently purchasing. You registered in South Dakota. What procedures did you use? Did you describe the process in one of your blogs? If you let us know a website to review, let us know.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cindy!

      I signed up with a mail-forwarding company called America’s Mailbox, located near Rapid City, SD in a place called Box Elder. They handled my registration and tag when I picked up my Casita in Texas. Do a search on their name and you’ll find their website.

  14. Pam says:

    Sorry, I didn’t get to respond to yesterday’s question. I had to think about it. Why do I like your blog? for me, it’s an opportunity to ‘adventure’ along with you. I’m a single, female, Senior (72) with a small travel trailer, pickup truck and two small shelter dogs for company. I love to travel, but have to be realistic that at my age, I can’t travel as freely as you can anymore. But – I love hearing about where you’re going and what you’re doing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Pam,

      Apparently we have a lot in common. Good for you for taking in two shelter dogs. That’s where I got my crew. I’m happy to have you riding along with us!

  15. Angie2B says:

    Sue, I have a question. Since my husband had a stroke we have not taken our fiberglass rv (Compact Jr) out camping yet. He used to “muscle” the hitch over a couple inches if he didn’t back up to it perfectly. I am not sure I could do this even though our camper is really light weight. How do you get around this…….or do you?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good question, Angie. I’m sorry that your husband is no longer able to handle this, but I admire you for stepping up to the plate . . . er.. hitch. Good for you!

      The simple answer? I line it up perfectly. I back up, look, back up some more, look, go forward, back again, inch back, inch forward, etc. until I get it exactly right. I’ve accomplished it in two tries, 10 tries, and one time I think I jumped in and out of the PTV about 30 times until I got it right. Just be patient. You shouldn’t be in a hurry when hitching up anyway.

      On a rare occasion, the hitch mechanism won’t catch properly under the ball. Then I move the PTV ever so slightly forward which jars it into place. Don’t worry about that. It may be my persnickety coupler.

      Men can use muscle. We women often have to use precision skill and patience. You’ll do fine. You’ve already got a “can do” attitude. Good luck!

  16. Casitagirl says:

    Hey RVSue, We got our Casita yesterday–a 2012 Liberty. Bought it from a really sweet couple who had purchased it and then found that they just couldn’t use it (Husband has a terrible back problem). We decided to name him Nathaniel ‘Tex’ Liberty–We looked at all the names on the Casita Website (BLT is listed in there, btw), but just couldn’t go with an egg theme. Instead, we decided to give him the name that I wanted for our third child, but just couldn’t convince my husband to go with. Now he’s willing (He’s mellowing in his old age…). Of course ‘Tex’ is to remind us of his heritage, and Liberty, well…. We have a Jeep Liberty too, so that will be the family name.

    I love your photos today. We were in Zion 27 years ago and have really special memories of our time there. Now we have a means to get back and really enjoy it!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations! What a thrill it is to bring a Casita home. I’m sure your Tex will bring you much fun and help you make many happy memories. How exciting for you . . .now you can plan that trip to Zion!

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