Remembering mothers


I’m taking a break from blog-writing today.  Instead, I turn it over to you.  

Feel free to share a good memory of your mother.

~ ~ Happy Mother’s Day from rvsue and her canine crew ~ ~


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44 Responses to Remembering mothers

  1. mickent says:

    Happy Mothers Day.

  2. Sharpei Mom says:

    Happy Mothers Day, Sue…enjoy your furbabies!!!

  3. Thank you Sue. Hope your day is a great one! Mine is. My boys bought me a travel bag that I have been wanting. Money for gas for my trip in two weeks, cooking ribs for me as we speak, and a chocolate cake for desert! My daughter called me this morning, all is great! My mother passed away on Mothers day 4 years ago. I love Mothers day even still. I do not morn her I celebrate her. Its a joyful day not a sad day. I look at death as natural and someday we will meet again. Its the circle of life, birth, death that’s natural. I have had other mother figures through out my life but when I moved to Florida my girlfriends mother became a mom to me. She passed away in January of 2011. I loved her and received love from this woman who will always be in my heart. So they are both in heaven smiling down at me. Life is sweet and we must enjoy each other and appreciate all that we have here on our Mother Earth, who I celebrate also. So that’s my story and I am sticking to it…lol

  4. Barbara Goodman says:

    Woofs n Paws to all Doggie Mama’s. The mother of 3, 2 Shar-Pei’s and a Lab, all girls :).
    Have a great day Sueandcrew, we love you !!!

  5. Emily says:

    Love to you “Mom”, from Spike & Bridget.

  6. Angie2B says:

    My mother died when I was an infant. So everyone out there call your Mom today and appreciate every day they are with you. Today I had a wonderful Mother’s day. I got a handheld vacuum to use in my camper, walk in the park, and out to dinner with family. Good day.

  7. theresa p says:

    hi sue—lovely idea for mother’s day….black-eyed susans and blue salvia remind me most of my mother. she has planted them in a special spot in her garden for years. whenever i see them in either my own garden or elsewhere, i think of her. happy mother’s day, mom!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy Mother’s Day to you, Theresa, whether you’re a mom or not, you have a mother’s heart.

      You may have read somewhere on my blog that I associate violets with my mother because I used to pick the wild kind for her. I remember thinking, gee it takes a lot of wild violets to make a bouquet! I kept at it, though, until I had a fat bouquet.

  8. Maribeth says:

    I miss my mom so much. So those of you out there that still have your mother with you, but sure to make everyday Mother’s Day for her. We often don’t know what we have until it is gone. Thank you Sue, for giving us a place to say Happy Mother’s day to those who brought us life, cared for us and then had to let us go in order to become Mother’s (or Father’s) ourselves.

  9. Llanos says:

    My Mother was a product of the great Depression. She was very frugal. We used to say she could pinch a nickel till it screamed. She knew what it was like to miss a meal. She was the perfect mom for a skinny kid who loved hunting/fishing. If I would skin/scale/clean it, she would cook it. We ate some very “strange” things when I was a kid. She died way too early.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a great mother! Those Depression women did whatever it took to provide for their children. I’m sorry she’s no longer with you.

  10. Tia says:

    Sue, I was watching a SyFy show today, and hear a phrase that made me think of you. A home was described as “mi bonita casita” – my pretty little house.. My 71 year old mother spent the day spreading mulch. I spent my mothers day doing laundry. Whooo Hooo! Living the life.
    Hope you had a peaceful mothers day..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I did have a peaceful Mother’s Day, Tia. Bravo for your mom, spreading her own mulch at 71. And you did laundry… oh well, clean clothes are nice to have.

  11. PamG from VA says:

    Hi Sue,
    Fortunately my 83 year old mom is alive and can still be the life of the party. A favorite memory is when my two kids were 5 and 11, it was spring and I had bought them a bottle of bubbles. My mom had come over and when I went to talk to her, she was out in the backyard blowing and chasing the bubbles with the kids. They were having the time of their lives. She was all gray haired, 40 lbs overweight – as grandma’s should be – and yet jumping and swinging her arms like a little kid, and my two were right in there with her having the time of their lives!
    You could see in her face that she was living that exact moment as a child. It was hilarious at the time. Only my mom! And I thought, that is how I want to be.
    P.S. For all those sweet moments…..she still drives me crazy most days! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I could see the scene as if I were looking out the window of your house, watching her chase bubbles. A delightful memory! Thanks for telling it to us.

  12. Reine says:

    We took my 91 year old mom out to lunch with our daughter and her daughter. Great Grandma got to enjoy watching 11 month old Mhaica make a mess then we went back to Mom’s house and she got to see Mhaica take a few faltering steps. Paul is calling his mom as I write.

    I want to say happy Mother’s day to all the NEW mothers, my daughter and daughter-in-law included. It’s so awesome to watch these two women (hard to think of them as adults but they are) as they nurture my granddaughters and love their husbands.

    The only presents I got today were a card from Paul and love from my kids, husband, mom and mother-in-law…That’s plenty for me to be truly blessed.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    It is hard not to shop for cards anymore for Mother’s Day. I have gotten them sometimes for other people. But it was a highlight of my year to either buy, or sometimes make a card, for my wonderful mother and grandmother!! I miss them so….my mom died 2001 and her mom in 1988. BUT, the good part is One Day we shall never be parted again and will have all the time together we want THEN!! (In this life after I was an adult there was very little time to be with them but my hubby paid for many long distance phone calls, so at least we talked, as well as wrote letters…does anyone remember how to do that anymore??) I always felt I had the best mother in the whole world…nothing ever changed that opinion. She was very loved by most who ever met her. She and her kin knew how to love like no others I have ever known…many, many happy events in my childhood with them. Since they died, however, not very many…life is very different now, and when my grandparents generation died, the reunions stopped too.

    Today was very good however. I cooked a nice meal for hubby and my youngest daughter. Older daughter called for long chat and told me she MIGHT be pregnant again. Maybe I will have a granddaughter!! One can hope!! (Have lots of grandsons so far!!) Finally, my son called me on his way to work. Then hubby took me out for food at our favorite “hole-in-the-wall” where we feel like family there…so I am very grateful for this day.

    I do hope you had a nice day too, Sue and that your fur babies are doing well too!! Thanks for asking about mothers. I am ALWAYS glad to tell of mine!!
    Elizabeth in NC

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Beautiful picture of your family, Elizabeth. It truly is the matriarchs that hold a family together and make reunions possible.

      There’s something about the old custom of writing letters that can’t be duplicated with email or texting. They become timeless treasures.

      How fortunate you are to have a large family that may be growing larger soon! I enjoyed reading about your family, the ones with you now and the ones waiting to be with you again someday…

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thank you Sue…and I am also willing in the next life to introduce you or any of my friends to my wonderful mother and her kin…and share them more there too!! I get a lot of joy just thinking of THAT reunion yet to come!!

        Living a continent away from all of my Mom’s kin makes it not possible to do reunions for them. Maybe we will get out there to visit now however, with hubby retiring. I hope so!

  14. Bev Deem says:

    My husband and I were fortunate enough to be retired at a time when my Mom needed us. Those were the BEST six years of our lives. She lived to be almost 101 and I felt so Blessed to have her in my life for that long. We still recall her antics and wit with smiles on our faces. She was conversant to the minute she closed her eyes and drew her last breath.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! What a way to go! Alert and with loving family. She apparently gave you much in her long life, not the least of which are sweet memories. Thanks for writing, Bev.

  15. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hmmm . . . Where are the sons? Is this topic too mushy for you?

  16. Chinle says:

    I had the best mom one could ever want. When I was a kid and wanted a horse, she got me a job working at the school lunch program for 50 cents an hour. When I finally amassed $25, we went looking at horses. I found a little scroungy mustang and she talked the guy down to $25. I had no tack, so she got a job as a motel maid until we got that covered. When I was a senior in high school, she wrote a hot check to cover the cost of a beautiful senior prom dress for me (which she made), then called my older sister to borrow the money to cover the check. She was always doing stuff like that for all of us kids. My dad had a good job, but there were 5 mouths to feed, so no extra for such things.

    My older brother had muscular dystrophy, and she would let me skip school to hang out with him. I would regularly miss up to a month a year, but I think I actually learned more at home, because she would order these science kits for us to do, plus erector sets and stuff like that. We would build Van de Graaf generators and all kinds of cool things, we even blew up his chemistry set one time. Whatever we wanted to do, we did it, with her blessing (except the time he and I went on a wild ride down the hill in his wheelchair). Some people might say she was overly premissive, but she just let us be wild Indians and we loved it. Everyone loved her, she had a gentle sweet spirit and worked with handicapped kids. She’s been gone about 5 years now and every day I think of her and miss her.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Chinle. A lovely tribute.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Had to laugh Chinle….”allowed to be wild Indians”. heh…us too…little did we know we do actually have some Cherokee blood in us…so some of that activity of exploring, experimenting etc. maybe was rightfully in our genes. My mom was an only child, so I think the 4 of us sort of bewildered her…she mostly let us do anything so long as we did not hurt others or ourselves. Your mom sounded so lovely too!!!

  17. geogypsy2u says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to the mother in us all.

  18. kellyceallaigh says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Sue. As I sat at lunch with my family, including my mother and all 3 of my children, I thought back to Mother’s Day 1999. It was just 2 months since we had adopted our 3 children and I was a mother for the first time. Now my oldest daughter has finished her first year of college, my younger daughter is a junior in high school, and my son (also in high school) is on his way to being a firefighter and EMT. I looked at them all and realized (again!) how very, very blessed I am to be given the opportunity to be their mother. It’s not about their accomplishments but about how well they have grown up despite a very rocky beginning to their lives. And we are also blessed to have my own mother still here to share them with her.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      “it’s not about their accomplishments . . .” As I read your comment, I was thinking about YOUR accomplishments. You are right to be proud. Best wishes to your mother and your entire family.

  19. earthdancerimages says:

    I have tried 3 times to post something about my wonderful mom and each time, like right now, I end up with eyes full of tears! It’s been almost 10 years since she passed over, yet I still miss her so much! She was/is my best friend! I still miss being able to pick up the phone to call her, just to jibber jabber about nothing really! She understood me so well! I still love her so much! Geri

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, Geri. I’m so sorry. You must have made her very happy to have a daughter she could “jibber jabber” with. Thanks for writing through your tears.

  20. 101butterbean says:

    Howdy rvsue & crew,
    I try to thank God every day for the wonderful mother He let me have for 89 years and 9 months..
    She really deserves a quiet, restful place in Heaven, because she sure didn’t have one putting up with my shenanigans, here on Earth… Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Butterbean. I did have a wonderful day.

      God bless you for being a grateful son. Your mother still watches over you with love.

  21. Mark says:

    Hi Sue,

    Mom turned 81 on May 7th and is still going strong. She was definately the head of the house and her word was final. She would stick up for her kids ferociously and still does. However if anything burned in the oven it was us kids fault because she told us to remind her to take

    • Mark says:

      Oops I posted before I was done commenting, guess I should not try commenting using the “smart” phone. The burned food was our fault because she told us to remind her to take it out of the oven. We also had to watch traffic for her while she was driving. Mom is very short and has trouble seeing out of the car. One day while backing out of the school parking lot she asked us kids if there was any cars behind her, we scanned the area behind and confidently told her “no cars”. She started backing and backed up into a telephone pole. She never asked about telephone poles. lol

      Now matter how old I get my Mom is always my Mom. I will be 53 this month and she still tell me when I visit that I should have worn a coat, or wants to know if I have been taking my medicine, warns me about the dangers of riding my motorcycle on the highway to work, and always sends me out the door with extra food. A Mom’s job is never done. Love you Mom.

      Salina ks

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        A beautiful tribute, Mark. I teared up at that last paragraph. You accept and love your mother just the way she is. Thanks for writing.

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