Let yourself go

I need to wash my hair.

I place a plastic jug of water in the sun first thing this morning in order to warm it up.  I know, I know . . .  I could use my hot water heater.  I like the solar method.  Someday I’m going to paint the plastic jug with matte black paint.  The water would get hot in about an hour.

I set up my wash station and use a plastic cup to wet my hair and to rinse out the shampoo.  It’s quick, easy, and I don’t have a shower stall to wipe down.  I use the leftover water from washing my hair to wash out some clothes.  It’s a sunny, hot, and breezy day, perfect for drying clothes.  Back to the subject of hair . . .

Mine’s getting wild. 

I need a haircut.  I’ve needed one for a long time.  And then there’s the hat.  Wearing a funny hat every day may be part of a good anti-skin-cancer regimen, but it’s hell on hair. Bed hair is bad.  Hat hair is worse.  I have bed-hat hair.

Occasionally I try to work up some interest in improving my appearance.

Usually I forget to put lotion on my skin which is very bad in this Arizona dry heat.  I’m not wrinkling so much as  I’m cracking.  I get out the nail polish and the little bottle stares at me for a few days until I put it away.  My make-up is so old, it should be marked with skull and crossbones.

That’s the way it goes with some boondockers. 

Not all, mind you.  Some people do keep up appearances very well.  Others, like me, get a little – how shall I say it – rough around the edges.  It’s a condition that a previous generation called “letting yourself go.”

I’ve been letting myself go for several months now, and I can tell you, hallelujah, sweet mama, it’s a great way to live!

Rusty comes over this morning to get the harness for Timber.

Yesterday I told him I think Spike’s harness might fit Timber.  I’m talking about the harness Spike used to wear before I got him and Bridget the mesh fabric kind.  It takes a lot to control Timber.  He needs a harness.  I couldn’t find it yesterday, and I didn’t feel like doing a major search in the heat.  This morning I find it and adjust it to fit Timber.  It looks good on him and he seems more comfortable in it than Spike ever was.

Later in the day I hear hollering from Rusty’s camp.

I look out the window and see him running this way, pointing at the sky.  What?  Is it falling?  I bust out of the BLT to see what’s the matter.  “Look at the sky! “ Rusty calls out.  Hmmm… It does look very unusual with weird black clouds.  I go back inside and get my camera.

Rusty doesn’t stay long. 

He doesn’t want to miss Prairie Home Companion on his radio.  I decide to take a few photos of myself and the crew for this blog.  Sounds like a simple task, right?  Oh no, not so.  The two of them duck under the BLT as soon as they sense I want to pick them up for a photo.  What is it with these two?  They act like I’m going to pierce their eyes out by taking a photo. For heaven’s sake, guys!  I’m the one who could use a makeover!

The wind picks up. 

I roll up the awning for the night.  Today was the hottest day I’ve experienced in Arizona.  During the hottest hour, Spike sleeps under the PTV.  Bridget and I stretch out on the bed in the breeze of the fan.

I tried to watch TV but the Sunday worship of fat loss was on all the channels I get.   Geez, people.  Let yourself go!

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86 Responses to Let yourself go

  1. kellyceallaigh says:

    I’m so envious of you today! It’s supposed to snow here in PA tonight/tomorrow. Can hardly wait for the day I don’t have to spend another snowy day here. Love your photos. Sparky and Bridget look so happy and relaxed. Enjoy!

    • bearwise2010 says:

      no not sparky – spike

    • rvwayoflife by Lindadeeza says:

      Kellyceallaigh, Where from in PA? I’m from Western PA right where I80 meets I79. We were supposed to get 4 to 8 inches of snow, high winds, power outages were predicted. We didn’t even get a flurry. I too am waiting for the day I never have to spend another snowy day in PA.

  2. bearwise2010 says:

    ok, have to ask what do you mean you are letting yourself go, you look amazing in those pics, and so relaxed and happy.. Really now Sue, I bet your sister would agree with me that you look great. You need one of those solar showers, I just made myself out of pvc pipe a little privacy shelter with a tarp around it, for the toilet and a solar shower when we are out camping. Since I camp with my son, privacy was a matter of a requirement. Looks pretty good and collapes in a little bag until i need it again. you could get one of those solar showers and hook it at the back of the trailer and put a tarp around it for some privacy if you wanted to take a nice sponge bath. I am glad you found Rusty sometimes its nice to have someone to help out and talk to. Well the crew looks well and happy. PS that almost looked like a tornado starting to form, you be careful out there, lots of talk here in Canada about global warming and the predicted storms we are going to see in the near future, and its world wide. Keep safe and keep in the sun shine…. your nothern ontario reader.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can tell I’m headed in the direction of a solar shower. It’s just a matter of time. I think Rusty was concerned the clouds were signaling a tornado. Nothing happened. It’s a calm night.

      You stay safe and in the sunbeams, too.

  3. RVingFT says:

    Ahhh… letting yourself go. Why is the subject of hair care coming up – AGAIN – for me this week? Are YOU trying to tell me something, RVSue?

    I have recently read 2 other bloggers who have moved to a no-poo situation and I am considering it myself as I know the toxins that are in so many shampoos and I don’t always get to the health food store to replenish my organic brand as often as I would like to. I quit dying my hair when I hit 55 and am now a natural silver-gray with no bleached ends left.

    Both Nina and Cherie have blogged about going no-poo successfully so maybe I need to pay attention to these virtual messages being sent by RVing gals I admire!

    Here’s Nina’s blog > http://wheelingit.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/4-tips-to-going-no-poo-the-shampoo-free-movement/
    And here is Cherie’s blog > http://www.technomadia.com/2012/01/four-years-shampoo-free/

  4. Lessie says:

    First, a belated congrats on your one year anniversary!! Have enjoyed your blog from the beginning. That sky, (to my eye), looked like a tornado was trying to form. Scary. . . Please give the pups a pat for me and keep the lotion close by. Need to keep your typing fingers well oiled. Grins. Lessie (TARDIS)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the anniversary congratulations, Lessie.

      I never was much for beauty treatments. I guess I didn’t have the self-discipline to get out the products every night. Now I put lotion on and my skin sucks it up so fast, it’s amazing. Ha!

  5. Elizabeth in NC says:

    Yea, looked like a finger wanting to come down huh? We seem to be living in a time of many strange things weather-wise. My friend in the very north of NY has already had 90 degree weather a couple days ago and now? Maybe a foot of snow will fall tonight..C R A Z Y!!

    Nice to hear how you wash your hair, etc. Was wondering if you think the dry and heat of the desert make it so you do not need to wash your hair as often maybe? I do think living as you do would make it pretty hard to get a good haircut, if you wanted it a particular style especially. I have finally found a stylist here, after almost 9 years, who cuts my hair to its best advantage (part of that being too thin now)…but it is very expensive too…so……not sure what I will do when money is even more scarce. Actually hubby likes it long, but I got so sick of how it looked. Maybe I need to have the same attitude as my son does, he told his wife: “Cut it however you like cause you are the one who has to look at me”. So she almost shaves him. I do not really think it very attractive but perhaps she wants other women to think that way. I keeps me thoughts to me-self, however…heh.

    By the way, I think you look just fine..you look clean too…which I wonder how easy that would be in all the dust.

    Will you be going soon to a cooler place? What does Rusty do? Of course, being so thin he probably does not notice the heat as much as some like we would (being the wide-body sort). We were in Phoenix maybe 20 years ago in May. It was awfully hot, but I do not think it was any harder to breathe there at about 125 degrees than it is here when it is at 90 and at top humidity levels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, Elizabeth, even though I’m outside a lot, I don’t hardly sweat in this kind of heat. My hair does get greasy here like it would anywhere. I’ve been wearing it in a ponytail which doesn’t flatter my face at all. My typical haircut is pretty easy to duplicate by any capable hair sylist. My problem is making the arrangements and getting myself to the salon. I don’t think about it.

      Rusty spends winters in the Lake Havasu area and Bouse. He has friends there. When that gets too hot, he moves over here and he’ll stay in this area until May. Then he moves north to Utah and camps in higher elevations to avoid the heat.

      The weather this year is so unpredictable that it’s hard to know where to go. My little weather box on this blog said it was 100 degrees today. It felt like 85-90 degrees, GA heat.

      • hobopals says:

        Sue, have you thought about dry shampoo? I have a friend who uses talcum powder in a pinch in-between shampoos. Nina over on Wheeling It has a whole blog on no-poo.

        As far as wiping down the shower, take a look at ProtectAll. I use it on just about any hard surface-though it’s specifically for the outside of an RV. Want to make your bathroom feel squeaky clean, put it on your toilet seat after cleaning it. Just be careful not to get it on the floor–it can make things slippery. I used it in the motorhome and it always stayed clean as a whistle. We still squeegeed after both our showers and ran a towel over the walls, but it made maintaining the shower so much easier. Of course, there was a race to shower first.

        I have probably worn make up once or twice in 7 years (since Rich died, really). I do use moisturizer with sunscreen–Oil of Olay has a great product out with shea butter. I swore when I retired I’d never wear another suit and high heels, again, and except for a few special occasions I’ve pretty much stuck to that. I don’t think I’ve bought any clothes other than at REI in 7 years–I love the pockets in cargo pants–always need to carry something–camera, poop bags, wallet, etc.

        I cut my own hair on my trip and butchered it. Then, I had a friend try to straighten it out. Epic fail, but then who cares. I just want it short and comfortable. You look very nice in your pictures.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Interesting comment. I’ve used powder on my hair when in a pinch.

          I gave all away all my dress clothes and dress shoes. Now I have an excuse not to go anywhere that requires you to dress up. “I can’t go. I don’t have a thing to wear.”

      • The Good Luck Duck says:

        No-poo saves my bacon. Using shampoo (with SLS), I had to shampoo daily. Now I note my no-poo day on a calendar so I can reminisce about it.

        Also, like hobopals mentioned, sometimes I dry shampoo with corn starch.

        Happy Blogiversary!

        The Good Luck Duck

  6. Chinle says:

    SImplicity is great! I cut my own hair (it’s curly, which helps hide the botch job I always do). Nice to see some photos of you, and Rusty’s dog sure is cute. You remind me of a friend I have who’s a Colorado cowgirl. Maybe you’re headed for becoming an Arizona cowgirl.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Two haircuts a year is keeping it simple, all right. You are brave to cut your own hair.

      Rusty’s dog is so photogenic. Even in the long-range shots, his face “pops” out of the photos.

  7. Sandi Wassam/ SanD'eggo says:

    Hello Sue, It’s been awhile since I have written and I read everyday. This time, you have made me think of me when I travel. I hate makeup and feel forced to wear it at times. The natural feel of being just me takes over when I am in my travel mode. Good for you and I hope I look as beautiful as you are. I am waiting for my house in San Diego to sell so I can be part of thefulltiming crew. I want to travel for at least a year to size it out. I have not sold my house in New Mexico so I do have a place to land when it is time to settle back down. Thank you for all the info and sharing your adventure. Sandi

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I notice few camping women wear make-up. Makes me wonder why women put themselves through all that. If everyone would agree no more make-up, we’d all look good! Thanks for the compliment.

      Good luck selling the house!

  8. geogypsy2u says:

    Doesn’t seem like you’ve “let yourself go” just a different personal pattern than the go-to-work world. You look happy and healthy. I haven’t owned makeup in decades. And have that same problem remembering to use lotion as my skin cracks. I even earned a few more marks on my hands that will probably turn into scars on this last move.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I have a driver’s license photo about nine years old that looks so good the cashier does a double-take. I usually say something like, “It was a very good year” or “Scary what time will do to a face, isn’t it.”

      I’m really bad because I forget to put the darn sunscreen lotion on. I hate that stuff.

  9. Al from The Bayfield Bunch says:

    I like the smiling Sue & doggy photo best:))

  10. cathieok says:

    Love your self portrait! I think if I was boon docking, I would have very, very, short hair or always have a ponytail!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A ponytail is the way to go. So easy, no haircuts. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of bone structure in my face to look good in one. . . not that it stops me.

  11. Sherry says:

    Great pictures AGAIN! Love the sky – love the ones of you and you with the Widget, well they are all terrific.

    Have to say that I have “let myself go” since college. Haven’t worn make up in 40 years. Hate the stuff. I use the flowbee to cut my own hair and so far no one has had the nerve to tell me I should stop it right now! 🙂 I let it get long and then it gets too hot and with my face falling these days a ponytail is not so flattering. On that same note, why in the world do all these women and young girls wear those stupid shoes with the stilts for heels? They’ll be sorry when they ruin their ankles and hips and spine and…….

    I vote for the solar shower and suggest a baking soda shampoo. I’m gonna do a post on it one of these days…..one….of…..these…..days. As soon as I learn how to do really cool interesting posts nearly every day of the week no matter what I’m doing in my life like one person whose blog I read.
    PS – LOVE the hat!!!

  12. Cherry Baker says:

    heck girl, you are beautiful just the way god made you! beauty comes from the inside, not out!
    Love your blog! Love your lifestyle, My life is gettin better… everyday! travel on my my lady! enjoy everyday…cause you can’t take it with you

  13. Emily says:

    Clouds do look menacing, but think you just have a moisture loaded cloud that needs to let loose, except it is so dry nothing comes down. No wall cloud. We had enough of those “T” things last week.

  14. mickent says:

    And then there is the de-focus the camera beauty trick. LOL

    You look great but the sunscreen is important, I got some generic SPF45 that doesn’t have a lot of smell pretty in it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And what’s wrong with smelling pretty? Thanks for the compliment. It’s in your comment somewhere.

      Nooooo. I didn’t de-focus the camera or use a beauty filter! I took the photo from a distance so I’d be sure to be in the frame, then zoomed in on the face. Not that out-of-focus is a bad thing . . .

  15. Karen Blaine says:

    Just winding down from a frustrating day battling technology….. Your blog today made me laugh… It is the simple things in life that bring so much pleasure. Makes me wonder why we torture our selves taking on more and more things to frustrate our souls. I vote for…. let yourself go! I like it!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad my blog helped you unwind, Karen. Oh, when I think of the torture of my working years, going back to pointy shoes with high heels, pantyhose, bras that dug in, and that daily ritual of blow-styling the hair and putting on make-up. Ugh!

  16. Margie Wateland says:

    Hi Sue – Looking just fine to me, you are…went to look at the NOAA Flagstaff website to see what was going on in your area but it was calm for bad weather- high wind warnings SW of you. We had a EF 4 in town I work in, in 2010 here in MN, and I have learned all sorts of things about “bow echoes” since then, but NOAA is nice: they put them in red boxes LOL
    Stay safe…
    PS I love that hat too!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Margie. I’ve got a NOAA radio I’ve been meaning to set up for this area. Yeah, it’s a calm night here. Oh, the hat. Glad you like it!

  17. Hi Sue, I think you look wonderful and I love the hat! I was so surprised when I saw you because we could be sisters. I was shocked! I am probably older than you and have a few more pounds on me but dammm, we do look alike!!!! I agree, I wear no makeup unless I have to go out somewhere. No more high heels, nylons, perfume, etc. You should try to use organic oils for your skin,, the perfumed ones have chemical in them that can hurt you. You can also use coconut oil, its wonderful. I am usually barefooted most of the time, of course I do live in Florida. I hate shoes.
    Even though I am a Jewelry designer here I hate to wear Jewelry. I only like to make them. lol
    I do wear pierced earrings,, but thats it! I think when we’re young we do it for men, when we mature and are older we do it for ourselves. Happy Anniversary. Lucky you. I went to look at rv’s yesterday. I found one I loved, but it was too expensive. the price of rv’s at a dealer is ridiculous
    I will probably buy from a rv owner. I wish I had it now, I am getting so impatient. I am so ready.
    I am learning so much from all of you on your blogs. Heating up solar water in a bottle thats painted. Thats awsome! I have again enjoyed your blog. Someday I would love to meet you and the crew!! Stay safe. Sharon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m like you when it comes to shoes and jewelry. I’m better about wearing shoes than I used to be because you have to when walking around outside, especially in the desert. The piercings in my ears have probably closed up.

      You’ll find the right rv at the right price. Like you said, maybe an rv dealership isn’t the right place to look. This time previous to finding your perfect rv is not wasted. You’re learning and that might influence your choice. You didn’t ask for my advice but I can’t help but share this thought: Make sure you buy according to your needs, rather than according to emotion. Flash fades. Practical stays. It’s easy to make the wrong choice when impatient.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, Sharon. I always enjoy hearing your feedback. Good luck with your rv search.

  18. Emjay says:

    The Red Cross has a nifty solar/hand crank NOAA radio that costs $20.00. It is a real help out in the flats like you are. You could probably buy it at the nearest RC chapter house. I used it in So. AZ last November camping south of Tucson. Good thing to have on hand, though I do not know where you would go if such a storm approached way out there. Dig a hole, maybe?


    • hobopals says:

      I have a wind up weather radio that is also a flashlight and a cell phone charger. Of course it wouldn’t do me any good with my iPhone, but I have a standby phone that has a USB connection–came with the plan.

  19. Lorogirl says:

    Sue, you seem healthy, happy, strong and independent…….. perfect!

  20. Janis Harrison says:

    Dear Sue,
    I think you look beautiful and your hair is such a pretty color …..
    .You do not look like someone who has “let herself go”.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi, Sue! I loved your post today, lots of agreeing head nods, smiles and giggles as I read. (Oh, and I was just talking to hubby and it turns out he already read it. Gave us some good fodder for discussion and a good start to the day.)
    You look great but had to laugh at the bed-hair and hat- hair comments. Nice pics.
    Timber is a very photogenic dog. Glad he likes his harness. They seem to work well to help control an exuberant pup.
    Enjoy your day. Hope it doesn’t get too hot. I noticed that it was 105 degrees in Phoenix yesterday. I watch the weather in AZ as I have one son and his family living in Tucson and 1 son and family living in Phoenix. That’s way too hot for this Minnesota gal.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do love hearing about you and your husband talking about rvsue and her canine crew. Glad it started your day off right!

      Actually, Minnesota heat is probably more challenging. Arizona gets awfully hot, but it does have great shade!

  22. Barbara says:

    Sue, I enjoy your blog and the pictures so very much. I have learned so much from following you and several other blogs. Makes me feel like I am there. Thank you. I would love to be camping and have rv’d some but my husband does not enjoy it and my health is not that great. On your blog today, it got me to thinking about skin care. I have survived cancers and it is not fun. Your skin is the largest organ and you must care for it. Sun is brutal. I wear make up for protection and because it makes me feel better. I also use sunscreen. Do think about it. Barbara

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Believe me,, Barbara, after the scare of the Mohs treatment last August, I think about it!
      I know how important protecting the skin is. I’m good about wearing a hat and long sleeves (most of the time), the sunscreen, not so much. I resolve to put it on every day and I do for a few days and then I forget.

      Living like I do I don’t have a strict morning routine like when I was working. I’ll hear a bird singing in the tree and run outside, sit under the tree and listen, start doing something else, make coffee, do this, do that, and before I know it, it’s 10:30. “Gee, I haven’t had breakfast!” The day rolls along and it could be 3 oclock in the afternoon before I realize I didn’t put on the sunscreen! I’ve got to do better than that.

      • hobopals says:

        Sue, how about tying a ribbon on the inside of the door as a reminder? You could buy a big bottle, transfer it to a small bottle and keep it on you OR you could put it with your toothbrush so you’ll make it part of your morning routine. I have alarms on my computer and iPhone that I set for everything. One being Jack’s medication and anything I have to remember. Many people have an alarm function on a watch (I don’t wear one), but that might be a good reminder. Just some ideas–it’s how I get through my day. Once you’re retired and have no schedule, these things become very easy to forget–actually, everything becomes easy to forget. 😉

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You can say that again! Say what again? Oh, I forgot.

          Thanks for the reminder ideas. I got up and put some sunscreen on before replying to more comments. I’m going to keep a bottle of sunscreen out where I see it all the time, rather than putting it away. Maybe that will help.

  23. Pauline says:

    Susan, you look beautiful!!!! I love the picture of “Sue with Attitude”!!! Your hair looks great and the color is wonderful. Of course, I always loved the red hair, too. Mine is about an inch long now and just a mass of thick curls but it’s HAIR!!! Spike and Bridget look happy and content. This life is suiting all 3 of you.
    I keep trying to think of who you remind me of in the hat. I agree with Chinle abou the cowgirl look. A real gentle lady of the west.
    Love you

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline!

      Your mass of thick curls sounds sweet. You made me recall that oil painting of you when you were little, curls framing your face. Well, gee, your comment puts all this hair-talk into perspective. I can’t imagine how happy you must be to have hair again, any hair.

      Note to readers: My sister Pauline completed chemotherapy and radiation therapy, plus surgery, in a yearlong struggle against breast cancer. She recently received a report that the cancer is gone!

      Love you, too, Pauline. Hi to the family!

      • Emily says:

        Great news Sue for your sister and you. Been there, thru daughter, and know the emotional roller coaster and the immense relief when you hear the word “clear”.

      • Karen says:

        Congratulations to Pauline for beating breast cancer. Praise the Lord for that. My mother-in-law is a survivor as well. When her hair came back it was more beautiful than it was before. I guess this was just one of the smaller blessings but a blessing, nonetheless.

  24. Emily says:

    Just finished reading some other blogs of fellow Casita owners who are also fulltimers. I just love going to the US map on my wall and moving all the little pins around as to your locations. Sometimes “you all” come pretty close together, but now that the weather is warming up, “you all” are heading northward in different directions.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s what the wives of servicemen did during WWII to keep track of their husbands, brothers, sons, friends . . . I wondered how you managed to keep track of our locations when you mentioned tornadoes heading toward Casita friends.

  25. Todd says:

    Hey Sue, curious about something – I see that Rusty has a pick up truck that he converted into a “RV/Camper” . It doesn’t appear to have water or sewage tanks. What does he do to take a shower, wash dishes, go to the bathroom etc.? Also, you have a shower right?- you could have just washed your hair in the shower right? Finally, you mentioned that you purchased 6 gallons of water in jugs- is that what you use for daily use? I thought you had water tanks for that -no?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Todd,

      I can see why you would have these questions.

      About Rusty . . . He has a porta-potty. He mentioned that he puts the ashes from his woodstove in the potty to aid decomposition. He does have to find a dump periodically. He has a large water tank. I think it releases water by gravity. He also has a large, pump action jug of lotion which he uses to aid in cleaning his hands after working on his truck, etc.

      About me . . . Yes, I could have used my shower. The shower room is also the bathroom. I have a tower of storage drawers in there and a rug on the floor. Rather than empty out the shower room (not a big deal, but anyway), it’s so easy to put some water in a dishpan for a sponge bath or for hair-washing. It’s kind of fun on a sunny day and I think I use less water that way.

      My Casita has a 25-gal. fresh water tank. I use that mostly for flushing the toilet, and when using the bathroom and kitchen sinks. I like to have water from drinking water sources stored in gallon jugs. They’re handy for filling the crew’s water dish and I just prefer them for my drinking water. I could use the tank water but why bother to pump that when I can pour out from a water jug. It’s just personal preference.

  26. azpatriciao says:

    Well… hair is a big dilemma of mine when I’ll go full time. Do I let it grow and wear it in a ponytail? but how much water is needed to wash? Or do I cut it short although I do not feel like going to a salon? then there is the color… do I stay a fake brunette or do I go “au naturel”? Aargh… I am more tortured about these choices than finding the right sewer hose! just to say how much I can relate with your post today.
    That said… you look really pretty and the hat has a character of its own in addition to its function. I love it. And you look so happy and healthy, don’t sweat the small stuff. No pun intended but it’s hot now in AZ 😦
    Happy birthday to the blog!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Patricia!

      I didn’t have as many hair dillemmas when I began fulltiming. I’ve never colored my hair . . . Stopping the coloring is a biggie. You’ll evolve the way that suits you.

      It doesn’t take much water to wash hair in a dishpan. I only fill it about 2-3 inches deep and then I use the water that’s left for something (s) else.

      Thanks for the compliments and blog birthday wish. Yes, my hat has its own personality, especially after I sit on it.

  27. Chuck says:

    Is this ever a chick blog today, whew!!!!!!! but i will say you look younger than your first pics and the first time we met you so the desert really agrees with you! and make you PUT ON YOUR SUNSCREEN…….chuck

  28. Blueeyed Dog & Canadian girl says:

    Just got in from 4 days at Ft Parker State Park & the bed/hat hair is alive & well. I can relate!
    My hair is waving to all I pass!
    I look forward to your stories- they make me

  29. Love it!! I certainly prefer the natural look, although I’m not even camping–yet! It’s a wonderful, freeing experience to feel comfortable in your own skin. Since I’ve been blind, I mainly wear my hair in a ponytail, and that works for me. Congrats on writing the blog for a whole year! Our little family sure enjoys hearing your stories!

  30. Carla says:

    Once i start fulltiming maybe I should cut my hair all off one time so i can feel the sun on my scalp. My hair grows quickly so maybe it would come back better? Not likely but….

  31. Sra. Julia says:

    Hi Sue,
    Nice photos of you and the dogs. The photo of the clouds, IMHO, are Virga common in Arizona that is when a cloud full of water that is dropping but the water doesn’t reach the ground it evaporates. Sometimes virga can be quite large with thunder and lightening very dramatic.
    Happy trails

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s what I said to Rusty! I said, “It looks like rain is falling from the cloud and it’s not making it all the way to the ground.” Virga . . . Hmmm…. you taught me something, Senora Julia!

    • Ed says:

      Yes, virga it is. I saw a similar display yesterday evening here in NV where it is also very common.

  32. Emily says:

    Hey Sue,

    I have been a lurker on your blog for some time ….. love reading it daily! I too am going through some transition of what I use and consume on a regular basis. I thought I would share these few tid bits with you and your other readers;

    When plastic gets hot it leaches a toxic chemical that is why they have taken plastic spoons and spatula out of cook ware in most places. But if you think about all the ways in which we heat up plastics it is just scary. Anyway, here are a few, the scrubber in the shower and lovely hot water to open your pores and let the toxin in, the spoon we put directly in our mouth and even your water jug outside. I loved vitamin waters then found out how much those water bottles are left out in the heat when shipping, transporting or warehouse storing. (Those bottles may be heated well for hours and numerous times)

    I also read about the chemicals in lotion… in the heat my body just soaks that right up too. I have converted to an organic lotion (still working on the plastic tube it is in).
    Walmart now carries a line of products safe for the environment cleaners, shampoo, soap and even pet care. The cost is comparative and I use a bit less so it is economical. You have to look for them and ask sometimes but they are there.

    Hope this helps you and your other readers too.

  33. gilcks says:

    Washing body/hair – We used a galvanized watering can (painted black) for showers. Can be heated on the stove top – hung by handle in a tree – a rope around the neck – you pull – it rains warm wondrous water. (NEVER wash in a wash!)

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