Quartzsite, Arizona!

It’s time to get moving again! 

Chuck with Scotty and Doogie

Chuck and Geri rolled into Yuma yesterday afternoon and parked their fifth wheel next to our Casita.  It was good to see them again! 

Bridget and Spike remembered their friends from Thanksgiving Day . . . Scotty the Sheltie, Doogie the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and Radar the, uh, the little dog with thick brown fur, slanty eyes, ears that stick out, and a cute personality.

This morning I drive Geri over to Walmart so she can stock up for our stay at Quartzsite.   I get a little, folding, charcoal grill and a bag of charcoal, as well as some firewood. 

We leave Fortuna Pond around noon and head north on Highway 95.  It’s a warm, sunny day with a cloudless, blue sky.

I’m happy to be on the road after staying in one spot for over a week.  

I’m ready for my first Quartzsite experience!  People who drive Highway 95 regularly probably think it’s a boring drive, but I’m wide-eyed the whole way.  The mountains on the right are huge, craggy monsters, while on the left are rolling mounds dotted with desert plants. 

As you approach the town of Quartzsite you see rvs strewn all over the landscape on both sides of the highway, and once in the town of Quartzsite a definite carnival atmosphere takes over.  Vendors  show off their wares along the way and RV lots dominate the scene.  Chuck deftly leads me through the town and out to where the Casitas are gathering . . . Dome Rock.

Camp at Dome Rock, Quartzsite

There’s something about Casitas.

The sight of a covey of Casitas parked together in a circle makes me smile.  Even though Chuck and Geri have a big Evergreen fifth wheel, they’re still Casita people at heart, both of them having owned their own Casita separately before they were married.   I park my trailer in such a way to continue the circle.  More Casitas are expected later today.

I’m introduced to some of the folks here and the crew meets some canines.

Spike, Mr. Sociability, is loving every minute.  He meets Diego the Italian Greyhound, a beagle, and a dachshund, whose names I’ve forgotten.  At one point, after dragging Spike and walking Bridget back to our Casita, I loop his lead and Bridget’s lead onto the tongue of the Casita so I can go inside for a minute.  I come out and there’s Bridget all by herself, sitting next to Spike’s empty harness.  That guy!  He can’t get enough of the excitement of meeting new people and dogs!  I see he’s gone all the way back to where his new friends live.  Once again I chase him down.  So much for his new year’s resolution!

A bunch of the people take off to go back into town for all-you-can-eat fish fry. 

I’m happy to retreat to my home, heat up a bowl of soup for supper, and get online to blog.  Geri decides to pass on the fish fry, too, and is in her home next door with her Hound Herd.  Tomorrow everyone is getting together at noon to roast hot dogs.   I’ll try to get some good photos to post here of the different Casitas, plus the vintage trailer.

Setting up at a new campsite is one of my favorite things to do.

I think Spike overdid it today.

He’s moaning softly as he tries to go to sleep.  I wrap a buffered children’s aspirin in some cheese and he takes it, no problem.  He’ll be fine in a few minutes.   A person can be told to slow down and pace themselves, but a dog?  There’s no slowing down Spike!  If he wants to be a social butterfly, that’s what he’s going to be!



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26 Responses to Quartzsite, Arizona!

  1. Guy says:

    Sue, that sounds like tooooo much fun today/

  2. Hi Sue,Enjoyed your blog as usual. Nice that you made it to Quartzite and can socialize with everyone. Its cold here. Wind chillin Ky was 6 degrees today. Lets trade.lol….HoboJoe

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh HoboJoe! Six degrees ain’t fit for neither man nor dog! And with wind, yuk.

      We’re wondering if it’s going to get really cold here tonight . . . high 30s have been the overnight lows lately in Quartzite.

  3. cathieok says:

    Ah, I can just see the little escape artist running down the road(?) to join his friends. We all have to pay for having too much fun. Hope he has a restful night.

  4. Nan says:

    That 5er looks like a giant among the elves! Have fun….enough for you and for us.

  5. Denise says:

    Gosh, as a child growing up in Yuma (I married and left AZ in 1972), I couldn’t imagine anyone stopping in Quarzsite except to buy a couple of rocks from the rickety little rock shop that was by a gas station. I don’t think there was anything else. It was just a boring stop on a boring highway between Yuma and my sister’s house in Las Vegas. Boy, have things changed! I haven’t seen Quartzsite in its present state, but it looks like it has definitely changed for the better–at least in the winter months.

    This should be a great time to visit with other Casita owners and pick their brains. Have a wonderful weekend at the Casita Circle! And be sure to share with your readers any good RV hints you pick up.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Chuck tells me there’s a lot of interesting “mods” to be seen here.

      A few of the people were talking about how Quartzsite’s numbers seem to be down this year. . . fewer people camping out in the LTVA, about a third of what is typical for the second week in January. That’s still a whole lot more than what you remember from the early 70s.

    • Emjay says:

      I’m with YOU, Denise. Having gone through there numerous times growing up, I have to say that it has changed for the better, Still, in the summer, it’s all but a few desert shacks (oh, well, and some service buildings too).


  6. Donna K says:

    Oh that Spike…never a dull moment, huh?? Glad is he sleeping peacefully now…there’s lots more to do tomorrow.

  7. Shar Pei Mom says:

    Hi Sue n crew…knew you were in Q before your post. Hubby was out riding your way and saw the PTV, came back n said “Sue made it to Q…let the budget bustin begin” LOL Hope you have fun checking out all the Vendors! Ear scratches to the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gee, you make me feel like a celebrity!

      “Let the budget-bustin begin” . . . so funny . . . Isn’t that what Q’s all about?

      • Shar Pei Mom says:

        Sue… we had planned to stop by and say Howdy but Hubby has come down with a bug. So we will not come by n share! Hope your having a good time browsing n shopping.

  8. HI Sue, Moving Day is my favorite I think. Not the moving out… but the moving and settling in to someplace new. How long you in Quartzsite? We will be coming for the RV show on the 23rd or so.

  9. Rod Ivers says:

    That’s the problem with our Cavachon Brandy, she is a social butterfly and will run off at a heartbeat. Problem is, she can’t find her way back!!! So if someone doesn’t recognize her and catch her, someday she’ll just be gone…..

    Is it Quartzite, or Quartzsite? I’m not being critical, just pointing this out because I did the same thing on my blog for several postings before I realized, after someone tactfully pointed it out to me too. Happy Boondocking! Rod

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rod!

      Oh, I hope you never lose your Brandy. I’m sure you’ve thought to have her microchipped.

      Thanks for the spelling. I never noticed the difference. I may just lose my perfectionist standing. Of course, I’ve got to go fix things right now!

  10. LdB says:

    Hi Sue & Crew, and welcome to the quirky spot that is Quartzsite. Glad Spike is ok now, but a few words about aspirin and dogs.

    Our little Dach-huahua was mawled and bitten by a large dog last Fall. It was a Sunday night, late and miles from anywhere. I thought aspirin would make her feel better until we could get her to a vet. Next morning there was blood in her stool which made us worry about possible internal damage. The good news was nothing bad like that, and in 2 days she was back chasing rabbits … the bad news is the blood came from colitis which was caused by the aspirin. The vet said not all dogs are affected this way, but I felt terrible about adding to her discomfort. Just an FYI

    Dome Rock – awesome. We have family and friends camped out there now too, so perhaps we’ll catch up to you first. Have fun “bustin’ yer budget” …

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, LdB!

      I’m so sorry your dog went through such a horrible experience. . .

      I read about the dangers of aspirin for dogs so I was very watchful the first time I gave him any. I try not to give him aspirin. .. only when he seems to be suffering a lot. For the benefit of readers . . . I read that it’s important to give buffered, non-coated aspirin, low dose. Spike takes children’s chewable, 81 mg. with no problems, but I’m not making a recommendation here. Your dog may react badly.

      • Pauline says:

        I keep seeing an ad for Cosiquin for dogs. I wonder if that is something that would help Spike. I am not a vet and I do not play one on TV but I watch commercials. Maybe some of your readers can give better advice.

  11. Jeff Heisel says:

    Hey Sue, Glad you’re havin’ a great time. Glenda Laine and I have plans to be ther the first week of Feb since I have a VA appointment on the 30th in Leavenworth, Ks. We’re planning to spend some dollars on solar gear there and hope to not get the screws, however we both hope to meet up with you and all the other “EGG” travelers while we’re there. Right now, we’re at Truman Lake in Mighty Mo. and will be in KC be the end of the month. Let folks know that I’ll be ready to sharpen knives and scissors when we get there. I also plan to start making camp signs for you alls pleasure. Have fun and talk to spike about his wondering ways.

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