A heater-hog morning

No lollygagging for us!

Usually, upon waking, I quickly change out of pajamas, throw the suits on the crew, and grab a jacket.  We bust out of the Casita in a flash.  I don’t mind.  I’m grateful for Bridget and Spike “holding their water” all night.

This morning Spike needs to get out really fast so I just open the door and let him run out.  This campsite next to the pond is coyote-free and somewhat secluded.  I can let the crew go off-leash.  Of course, Spike takes off down the lane around the pond.

Spike loves freedom, too.

I light the propane heater to make it cozy when all of us come back in.

Heater hog ignores kibble laid out for him

As soon as I can, I get Bridget and myself out the door.  I don’t want Spike making any noise down by the other campers.

I spy him right about the same time he sees us.  It’s so cold that he’s glad to see us, for a change, and comes running toward us.  I have to laugh at the high-speed bee-line he makes for the door of the Casita!  Bridget and I run back with him.

He flies inside, skipping the step altogether, and positions himself on the rug in front of the heater.  Bridget tries to get in close to the heater, too, but Spike gives her The Evil Stare that stops her in her tracks. What a guy!

Speaking of cold weather . . .

Have you noticed the weather widget in the sidebar?  I’ve wanted some way to post the weather details of our location.  Getting a thermometer and actually reading the thing . . . well, it didn’t happen.

Bridget heading home on a chilly morning

This widget is cool.  When you click on it, you get info like wind speed, humidity and the high and low for the day.  You also can click on upcoming days for forecasts.  The picture changes from day to night, cloudy to clear, whatever.   I like it also because it shows our time of day.  Maybe a certain friend back in Georgia will call me later than SEVEN IN THE MORNING!

Speaking of friends . . .

Can I have MY turn at the heater now?

Chuck and Geri are driving Interstate 10 today, heading west out of New Mexico.

They’re the friends who have a home base in Truth or Consequences.  They took me out to dinner for my birthday back in October, and arranged for a surprise bagpipe birthday song.  Anyway. 

They’re going to meet me and the crew here at my campsite and then, probably the next day, we’ll head north to Quartzsite.   It should be a lot of fun.  This will be my first Quartzsite experience!

Speaking of Quartzsite . . .

A visitor stops by yesterday, fresh from the streets of Quartzsite.  Ooh, that didn’t sound right.  Who?  Sassy Rider!  You may remember reading her comments on this blog.  She’s set up camp on the other end of the pond along with a friend of hers.

She invites me to visit their campfire later in the evening, but I beg off.   Once the sun goes down it gets cold and I don’t want to be traipsing around this pond after dark.  I tell her the crew and I will stop by her campsite tomorrow which is now today.

Speaking of today . . .

I’m running out of coffee, so I could make a trip to the store.   I admit I’m feeling lazy these days.  It’s a bit windy . . . any excuse to stay inside with my laptop and television and refrigerator and pretty view out the window and warm, little crew- bodies next to me . . .

It's going to be another pretty day.

The wind is gone, the sun is shining, the dishes are washed . . . The crew and I are going on a hike!


1/9/12 . . . $0

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36 Responses to A heater-hog morning

  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy sue & crew,
    They ain’t no widget r midjet anywheres on my sidebar, topbar, bottombar; NOWHEREZ!!!
    It must’ve fell off when you moved to Arizony… I don’t blame Spike a bit; he was out longer!!!
    Thatz a really pretty campsite!! Hope the sun warms things up for y’all.. I hear Quartzsite ain’t quite Quartzsite anymore… Bob Difley did tooooo good of a job espousing ‘BOONDOCKING’

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Butterbean!

      Huh? You don’t see the box showing Yuma weather? Right below the search bar?

      Does anybody see it? Let me know please . . .

      Maybe it’s good I don’t know what Quartzite used to be like.

      • Pauline says:

        I saw it. I have one on my homepage for you also.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh, I don’t do facebook, so I can’t see yours.

          • Pauline says:

            My home page isn’t Facebook. My home page is Google… When I get on the internet, it is the first page I see, showing the news, the weather in Cambridge NY, Rienzi MS and Yuma Ariz. Has a dictionary search, the daily “How to…” and other apps.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I’m glad you mentioned it, Pauline. I didn’t like my homepage. I just changed it to Google .. . much better! Funny thing is . .. Google shows Yuma with temp of 71 degrees and my new widget shows it lower. I think Google’s temp is closer to the truth.

  2. Cathie L says:

    Love that Spike!

  3. Darlene says:

    I got the widget on my sidebar, pretty interesting and fun. I was surprized when it went to full screen, wasn’t expecting that.Those dogs sure are good entertainment for you, and us the readers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, good, you got it. After all the trouble I went to in order to figure out how to put it there . . . !

      Maybe Butterbean’s loaded slowly . . . Thanks for letting me know, Darlene.

  4. Sandie says:

    I have the weather widget thingie also. Just got back from Q. We were camped with Sassy Rider. It’s something that I think every RVer needs to do at least once. We do it every year for a few days. Just fun to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of RVs. Our Scootz doesn’t mind being out unless it is really really cold. But Skitz goes out, does her thing and then wants right back in. None of this walking around stuff for her. She loves our blue flame heater.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sandie!

      When Quartzsite was first described to me, my natural loner instincts clicked on and I thought, “Not for me!” The more I heard about it . . . I agree, something every rver should do at least once.

      I bet there isn’t a dog alive who doesn’t like a blue flame heater! Scootz and Skitz are cute names . . .

  5. Page says:

    I don’t know – Spike would have to sit in my lap to be in front of the heater because I’m definitely a heater hog.
    The weather widget is great. I love the way it goes to whole screen.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Page!

      Yeah, the whole screen really gives you a lot. I like the way it forecasts not only the next few days but the next few hours also. I’m still not convinced it’s accurate though, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  6. Donna K says:

    Spike – I think you need some lesson in chivalry. I have it on good authority that it really isn’t dead. Be a good boy and share the heater with your sister. I am glad to hear you are sleeping in your own bed. Isn’t it nice to have the extra room? Be a good boy, Spike, I know you can do it!!

  7. P says:

    Sue, when you get to Q, you have to visit the Reader’s Oasis bookstore. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

  8. bearwise2010 says:

    love the antics of the animals, me to a small dog and three cats in the house and its never a dull moment. thanks for sharing, sure puts a smile on my face. What a lovely spot you are bunked down at just wonderful pics, yes would be nice to go boating on. So how cold was it there? Here its minus 14 right now kind of warm for this time of the year ha ha..

  9. john says:

    Hi, Sue, Just a little tidbit I’d like to share with you that you are more than likely well aware of.. I know you believe that because you are the one that buys the dog food, the propane, does the driving, etc, that it gives you the right to be boss .. IT DOES… And I believe that Spike & Bridget like it this way, and they will continue to let you live with them….

  10. Darlene says:

    That widget really is neat. You can make it have different kinds of scenes, I especially like making it kind of dark with christmas lights on the house and a starry night with the moon shining.
    TV is boring tonite.Give the dogs a good nite hug from me

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Darlene!

      I think it turns to the nighttime scene when it’s nighttime here. You probably figured out if you drag the circle across the top you can see how the sky is predicted to change through the day.

      You’re right about the tv!

      • Darlene says:

        I’m not using my lap top when I get the scene to go from day to night I use the regular computer and mouse and turn the wheely scroll thing thats in the middle of the mouse in between right and left click. Wasn’t that technicol, think spelling is the first thing to go!!

  11. Bill and Kathy says:

    Checked out your site today when I really didn’t have time to read it..wanted to see if you had a new posting. But with a title like that, I had to read on. I thought you got your gun (heater) and hogs were in ‘season’! I use to hunt now it’s limited to keys on the keyboard. Oh and an occassional chord on the 6-string. Saw C&G before they left TorC. They have a packet for you. Hope you all have fun-BKR

  12. Laura Roorda says:

    Hi Sue:
    Thanks for putting the weather widget on your site. I check on you everyday, and often go to weather underground just to see what the weather is where you are. Now I can see it right on your blog. Love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Also like to hear your dog stories. They are so like our two dogs. Some day I hope to visit some of the places that you are visiting.
    Keep up the great blog

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Laura! I’m glad you like the widget. I should have put it up there sooner.

      So you have a Spike and a Bridget? Your life is not your own . . .but their antics can be as cute as the dickens. . .

  13. Geri says:

    Made it to Willcox, see you soon!

  14. Sherry says:

    Spike definitely sounds like the typical older brother to me. Wait till he has his guy friends come around. Poor Bridget.

    I see the widget. May have to get one myself.


  15. Jim Melvin says:

    Hi Sue and Crew,

    I have been in Quartzsite for a week now and plan on staying here into Frebruary. I am with a great bunch of people and invite anyone to join us. We are located in the Las Posa West LTVA about 1/2 mile from the big tent of road #534. I sure would like to introduce you to all my other good friends.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jimbo!

      How nice of you! I’ve made plans to go park with the Casita bunch near Dome Rock with Chuck and Geri, but if you’re going to be there into February, I might get over there with you, too!

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