The Casita’s new look and getting things done around Yuma

The nesting instinct gets the better of me and I tear the Casita apart. 

I want to try sleeping on one side so I can put up a little table at the back window with a small seat on the other side.  This will allow me to add one more tower of drawers on that side, too.

I like the new look.

The success of this arrangement depends upon Spike.

Since there isn’t room on the narrow bed, which doesn’t deserve the name “twin,” somebody has to sleep on the cushion on the other side.  And it ain’t gonna be Bridget, what with her pervasive separation anxiety.  Hmmm . . . Maybe if I buy Spike one of those pricey dog beds meant for arthritic dogs.  For tonight, I’ll put a pillow and comfy blanket over there to convince him it’s a special place for special dogs like him, not for the likes of Bridget.

In the midst of all this nesting, I hear, “Sue?  Sue?”

It’s Raymond, one of my blog readers!  What a nice guy he is.  I show him my new arrangement, as well as my dirty dishes, and we talk Casitas.  Raymond picked up his Casita a month before I did and he’s already towed it over 10,000 miles!  He went searching for locations of childhood memories and found them, even though the recollections were some forty years old.

Raymond can vouch for the veracity of my blog posts.

While we sit in chairs on my patio rug, Spike attacks Bridget with an ear-licking frenzy.  Raymond notices and says, “Oh look what Spike’s doing!”

I have to laugh.  “You see?  I don’t make this stuff up!”

Later, after Raymond and I say goodbye and I tell him, “Maybe out paths will meet again,” I sit with crew enjoying the late afternoon.  A couple pulls up and parks on the opposite side of the pond.  They build a campfire and get out fishing poles.  It looks like supper is hot dogs roasted on sticks.  The wife goes to the back of the car to get something.

“Well, I guess we won’t be having the beans,” she calls over her shoulder.  (Voices carry well over water.)

“Why not?” the husband responds.

“Because you packed a garlic press instead of the can opener,” she informs him with a flat tone, like this is no surprise.

The husband says nothing, and she quietly goes back to her camp chair and sits down.

Their exchange strikes me so funny that I run into the Casita to laugh it all out!

Back to the new sleeping arrangement . . .

It’s not entirely successful.  First off, Spike looks at Bridget and me cuddled up on our side of the aisle and starts wimpering.   I go over and tuck covers around him and tell him what a nice bed he has.  No dice.

So over he comes, making three of us on the narrow bed all night.  Thank God I’m a side-sleeper.  Bridget claims the space behind my knees and Spike takes the end of the bed where my feet really want to be.  Oh well . . .   we’ll adjust somehow.

It’s a big day at Al’s RV Service and Supply in Yuma!

Free coffee and doughnuts, fifteen percent off store-wide, and a sidewalk concert draw in hordes of retirees.

The song? "Honeymoon"

I look around the store and find an LED light I want, but the line is so long, I put it back.  The doughnut was good though, and well-timed, because I ran off without eating breakfast.

Radio Shack is next door.

I ask for a DC cord for my laptop so I can plug it into the 12 volt outlet.  Like everything tech, it’s not that simple.  Oh no, you have to know how “big” a laptop you have.  I show the clerk with my hands.  He laughs and says, “No, how many watts . . .” or maybe he said volts, I don’t know.  All I know is I didn’t have the cord that came with my laptop in order to know what DC cord to buy!  Exasperating!  I’m about to march right back over to Al’s and eat four more doughnuts.

But I don’t. 

I go to the pet store for dog leads and they have red which I like.  I ask the clerk for quarters because my next stop is the drinking water refill station I spied in the parking lot.

That task done, I zoom on over (what a joke, the traffic is terrible!) to Fry’s, which I always thought was an electronics store.  This Fry’s is a grocery store and has everything imaginable, including a salad bar, and the seniors are lovin’ it!  I gotta say, it’s kind of weird seeing nothing but old people (I know, like me!) all over the place.

Back at our camp, I put the groceries away except for the greens and a bag of radishes. 

It’s getting so I never use the Casita kitchen sink.  It’s so small.

I just want an excuse to use my outside shower.

I set up a wash station by the outside shower and clean the vegetables there.  I pack them in a large freezer bag to store in the fridge.

I get the long-handled brush out of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

I also get out the ladder and grab an old dish towel and some clothespins so I can wrap the head of the brush.  The solar panel is coated with dust!

Tender-loving care for my new solar panel

Well, well, well.

That’s enough exertion for one day!  Time to sit and watch that guy over there watch his fish line.


1/5/12 . . . $0
1/6/12 . . . groceries $11.90, dog food $13.99,  5 gal. of drinking water $1.25, and 2 dog leads for Bridget to chew on and ruin $11.29

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53 Responses to The Casita’s new look and getting things done around Yuma

  1. MargieAnne says:

    I can’t remember how I found your Blog but I am enjoying it. Love your style.


  2. Hi Sue ,enjoyed your blog as usual. Like hearing how you and the gang(?) are Hope you are enjoying the weather. In the 40″s here..waghhhhhh..Anyway enjoy your thoughts and ideas…HoboJoe

  3. Teri says:

    I think that exchange between the couple was too funny!

  4. Old Texan says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t offer the loan of your can opener to you neighbors. Shame on you. Shoot could have gotten a walk out of the deal and exercise for the dogs. and talk while she opened her can (s)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh Old Texan . . . If I offered them a can opener they’d know I had been eavesdropping from across the pond!

      Besides . . . I was laughing so hard I didn’t even think of it. You’re a nicer man than I, O.T.

  5. cathieok says:

    Like your idea about the outside shower for cleaning veggies. I did have a startled moment when I was speed reading and saw the words clothespins! Immediately the lettuce hanging on a line to dry popped into my mind’s eye! :))

  6. Geri says:

    LOL! Love it! As usual, your words bring the situations to life and I am in a giggling fit! Better take the computer with you to get your DC cord next trip!

  7. Darlene says:

    your to funny! It is so true we spend more on our dogs than ourselves, or so it seems. Looks like about as much room for you in your bed as I get in mine, only mine is a full size bed, the dog loves to cuddle right up against me, and gets mad when I try to move him over.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What’s really weird is Bridget is not happy to be behind me. If I roll over onto my other side she has to climb over me so she’s in front. Unless it’s a behind-the-knees night. I’ll never figure her out.

  8. Al Florida says:

    To power your laptop, buy a 100 watt inverter which plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter style outlet. Walmart has them as well as Camping World. Costs less than $30. It will power any laptop since the laptop AC power cord plugs into the inverter.

  9. Robert says:

    Hey Sue, I had a thought on your table/bed issue with the kids. I have a bed table for my computer use when I don’t want to sit at the side table. A thought!

    Happy trails!

  10. Reine says:

    How fun…I love nesting reports. Have you thought of taking the small table off the pedestal and putting it between the beds at night to put Spike’s bed on? If he really likes the smell of your feet, then that might not work though:) Alternately, there are several mods on the forum explaining how to make the twin bed wider if you decide that you like sleeping on the side.

    Great post. The can opener situation description is a hoot.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Reine!

      Interesting ideas. I think Spike might balk at the temporary platform (table top) between the beds. It’s very narrow. Also, often the crew falls asleep while I’m still using the laptop and I want him to fall asleep where he’s going to spend the night. I haven’t given up on moving him over to the other side.

      Glad you enjoyed the post . . .

  11. Sherry says:

    Sue I am just in hysterics over the garlic press/no can opener and what size is your laptop/4 more donuts! You make me laugh so often with the way you tell a story. A true gift.

    But that crew is mighty spoiled. How do you get any sleep with them hogging that little bed??


    • rvsueandcrew says:


      The garlic press story is even funnier when the body language is added in. I woke up around 5 a.m. and thought about it… made me laugh out loud all over again!

      I love the idea of putting someone into hysterics . .. such fun!

  12. Donna K says:

    Loved your stories…I won’t tell you who the can opener/garlic press story reminded me of! You certainly have a descriptive way of writing.

  13. hobopals says:

    Laughing out loud while reading. I have learned to sleep in very, very small spaces as Jack is determined to sprawl out wherever I decide to perch. Mind you there are two couches and big beautiful orthopedic dog beds in the same room. Still, we must be touching all night long! I find myself accommodating him by not moving my legs so I don’t disturb him. Something’s wrong with this picture.

    In the trailer, I keep my dinette down into a bed all the time with two 3 inch foam mattresses. The couch across from it is Jack’s, and he switches back and forth depending upon which window he wants to be nosey at. He’s like the town mayor in campgrounds. He sleeps with me, though.

    I put a small table between the bed and the couch, too, and it serves as my little office–computer, books, etc.

    If your table/bed is larger, why don’t you switch so there’s room for everyone? I love the quilt on your bed, by the way.

    I can relate to the can opener story because I’ve done the very same thing myself. Four eyes rolled as I pulled out the bottle opener to open a can! 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Someday, when I’m certain how I’m going to keep the Casita arranged, and when I’m DONE SPENDING MONEY ON TECHNOLOGY AND SOLAR, I’m going to get a real mattress (foam?) and not sleep on seat cushions any more. Although they are surprisingly comfortable . . .

      I did have the bed made up into regular size, but now that I have this back window dinette, I don’t want to go back to the regular bed configuration.

      Pull tabs were made for you and me . .. and those people wanting to eat their beans.

  14. JoJo says:

    The opener is a hoot. Hope you can work out your sleeping arrangements with the crew. That is one small bed for one person never mind the addition of the crew.

  15. longdog2 says:

    Can opener/garlic press conversation is just too funny. I can picture you running into the casita laughing. If you get Bridget in front of you and Spike behind your legs, you won’t be able to move. They will be snoring away and you will be wide awake. Time to take back your bed! Tell them both it is the other cushion or the PTV. lol.

  16. Carol says:

    skinny bed and two dogs? You should have gone for chihuahuas! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Chihuahuas instead of the crew? Blasphemy!

      • CeCe says:

        I have two chi’s and a miniature poodle, full size bed, no room at the inn. They take up as much space as they want no matter how big or small they are! The poodle is 15 years old now and can no longer make it up and down from the bed so, it’s gotten a smidge roomier up here. But Charlie the poodle makes up for his loss by dragging his doggie bed right up next to my bed so I will be sure to trip and fall on it if I need to get up in the middle of the night for anything, which, in fact, I have done.. Charlie manages to scoot out of the way very quickly for an old geezer who can’t hear or see, while Rosie and Wickey, the evil chi crew, look down at me on the ground, from their lofty height up there on MY bed, and do a doggie giggle in stereo. Behind a sweet canine face lurks a head full of mischief!

  17. dearmissmermaid says:

    Love your blog, and living more on less. I try to do likewise but in a little old motorhome with no car. I can’t wait to get solar again, it’s on my lengthy wish list.

    I was going to tell you about the litte inverters that would run your laptop but someone else beat me to it. I have a 200watt one that runs the laptop, the little 1.5 quart crockpot, cell phone and so on. It came with a USB plug for charging things too. You want a very small one so it doesn’t kill the battery too quickly The big inverters will be overkill as chances are your laptop draws very little.My inverter plugs right into the cig lighter. I lived off solar panels exclusively for over 10 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean. My inverter was only 125 watts as at that time it was hard to fine little inverters (I’m ancient).

    I don’t know why I bought my dog a little bed, once he discovered my afghan, he prefers curling up in it to sleep. Do you have room for an afghan? Here’s a pic of my pooch sleeping in his.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You certainly have lived an unconventional life and followed your dreams. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog! The photo of your one-ear-up, one-ear-down dog is adorable . . .

  18. Hi Sue,
    We have come to know and appreciate your priorities. You now try sleeping like a pretzel so the family are comfortable and… “1/6/12 . . . groceries $11.90, dog food $13.99” you spend more on the family than yourself… What would we do without them. (huge grin).

    Take care,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You noticed that, too? What a money drain the crew is? What would I do without them? I’d spend more money on myself, that’s what!

      Just kidding . . .

  19. Page says:

    Too funny!
    The exchange of words between that couple is the exact reason it is understood in our home that I pack the kitchen.

    I like the new arrangement in the Casita. I hope Spike is able to adjust.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Page!

      I like the new arrangement a lot . . . at least during the day! The place looks so much larger and open, plus I gain a little more storage space with two more drawers next to the other ones I showed in a former post.

  20. Pauline says:

    What a hoot!!! I laughed picturing you trying to hold the laughter until inside. How funny. I know what you mean about Radio Shack. I had the same problem when in NYS trying to get a car charger for my phone. If I had all the answers to the questions he had, I would be the manager of Radio Shack.

    Bridget and Spike are such cuties. They were perfect house guests when they were here. Oh, and you were also, Dear Sister 🙂

    I love reading your blog!!!! I also enjoy all the comments that are made. You have some wonderful internet friends. I think it is great that you get to meet some of them in person. I pray every night for you, the crew and your friends.

    Love you very much
    Your 3 more radiation treatments Sister

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline!

      Your comment made ME laugh . . . “I would be the manager of Radio Shack.”

      Thank you for your prayers. Readers, if you’re the praying kind, my sister could use your prayers right now. She’s finally done with chemo and almost done with radiation . . . She’s been through a year-long ordeal, and that’s putting it mildly. She still faces tremendous challenges. Pray for her healing and comfort. Thank you.

      I love you. too, Pauline!

  21. Rod Ivers says:

    Ya, laptops have a bunch of different ends on the cord that plugs into the computer, and different wattage and voltage requirements. So just take them (Radio Shack) the AC brick with its cords that plug in. All the little writing on the brick label will tell the guy what he needs to know. They do make universal models that come with bunches of ends so you can sort thru and pick the right one. That is good if you change laptops for some reason, and the new one takes a different end. But its bad because you have to pack all that stuff around with you when space is so tight anyway…. Is there a computer store that sells parts and pieces to build computers in Yuma, if so they would be a better choice than radio shack…………..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rod,

      I took the cheap road to Walmart and I think I’ll be fine . . . more in my next post. Don’t want to use up my blog material here in the comments section! It may turn out to be a very slow news day . . .

  22. Robert Tull says:

    Amazing how much control our four legged “pets” have over our lives. We may think we are the bosses and in control, however………

  23. Bob Giddings says:

    Sounds like you are stuck with the bigger bed. So how about a smaller desk?

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