Cleaning my Casita! Wiring the solar panel!

One of my favorite things to do is tidy up my tiny home. 

It only takes a few minutes, so I get instant gratification, which is the pleasure of seeing everything clean and in its place.  This morning I pull the quilts off the bed and give them a good “airing.”

I love the scent of fresh air!

Next I stand in the door of my Casita and shake out the shaggy tan throw rug that lies on the bedroom end of my house.  I put all clutter away now that I have a place for everything. I walk over to the campground trash bin and dump my trash.

The crew gets a good “airing” also as they sit in their exercise pen soaking up the sunshine.  Every time I step outside, Bridget watches me.  Spike sniffs the air for a while and then takes a nap.

Watching you watching me

Back inside the Casita, I pass a damp washcloth over the fiberglass surfaces. (I buy bundles of cheap washcloths at Walmart for cleaning).  Next I go over the floor with a broom, sweeping everything right out the front door.

Hey, I’m living in a camper.  I get to do that!  

Lastly I set up my outdoor washing station.  Since I’m using my fresh water tank, the campground spigot is free for filling up two dishpans.  I keep the two dishpans and a dish   drainer in the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  I grab the pans, fill with water, squirt a touch of dish soap, and I’m in business.  Dry the dishes and put them away.

The view from our shelter at Percha Dam State Park

Grab some surface cleaner in a spray bottle and touch up the shower area.  Swish the toilet and spray glass cleaner on the mirror.  Bring in the quilts and make the bed.  If I’m really energetic, I wipe the floor with a wet washcloth.  That’s it!  I’ve got a clean house!

Around one o’clock Bill and Kathy come by.

Remote meter

Bill runs a wire from the solar panel down to the charge controller inside the PTV.

Kathy hooks up the temperature sensor wire coming from the inside of the battery box.

This is so cool!

I can look at the remote meter and read the temperature outside the battery box and inside the battery box, as well as read volts, amps, load, level of charge . . . everything I might possibly want to know about my solar power!

NOTE:  I know what some of you are thinking . . . “What’s with the house cleaning!  I want to read more about the solar panel set-up!  I want to see solar stuff, darnit!”

I apologize for not writing about the wiring of the solar panel which Bill finished today.  It’s the kind of topic that requires illustration with photos.  I’m having connectivity problems this evening.  Rather than try to post all I want to say and show, and then lose it all to the cyber-gremlins, I’ll assume connections will be better tomorrow morning and then I’ll post photos of the solar wiring. 



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18 Responses to Cleaning my Casita! Wiring the solar panel!

  1. Francy says:

    Wish I could clean my house that fast…..I have way more junk than I need to have which makes cleaning sooo much more time consuming.

    Stay warm!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Francy!

      I used to hate . .. absolutely HATE . . . to clean my four bedroom house. With my Casita it’s fun because it’s like playing in a dollhouse! And I know it’s not going to take forever.

  2. Mike Leonard says:

    Sue, I loved your post! What a beautiful looking place. How big is the pen you have for your dogs? I’m thinking it would be a good idea for us to have one for our four bichons. Where did you find it?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mike!

      I consider the pen one of my most important possessions! I wrote about where I bought it and all the details in a blog entry in the middle of May, titled “Dog Exercise Pen.” Click on May in the archives . . . you’ll see it. Let me know if you don’t find all the info you need in that entry.

      The panels I bought are 30 inches high. I probably could have gotten by with the next shorter size, but a few extra inches is like insurance. You don’t need to spend more money for a gate panel because it’s easy to open a regular panel.

      Two sets of 8 panels would be just right for 4 bichons. I have 16 panels, so that’s what the photos show.

  3. Sherry says:

    Yes I want to read about the solar power and see if I can wrap my head around it since I want to do that tool. But I also love to read about SOMEONE ELSE cleaning!! 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    Good you are getting all that cleaning done before the projected snow/rain/ice storms hit tomorrow afternoon/night. Am anxious to hear how life is with solar panel. Stay warm.

  5. Chuck says:

    I know a 5th wheel that needs cleaning…………….

  6. Reine says:

    Now that she’s clean, how about decorating for Christmas? A string of cheap multicolor Christmas lights from Dollar General works great. Last year I hung them INSIDE the Casita using drapery hooks in the carpet above the cabinets. Made a real Christmas-y ambience inside.
    Stay warm. The Weather Channel says “no significant accumulation” of snow and it’s supposed to be up to 51 there tomorrow so you should just have a chilly night.
    I’m so excited that you got your solar completed.

  7. Donna K says:

    I love those cheap Walmart wash cloth bundles. They also sell some white bar towels that I find very useful. When they get too stained I don’t feel bad about disposing of them.

  8. Christine says:

    Hi Sue, did you ever get your new faucet from Little House Customs? We went ahead and changed ours out, what a difference it makes!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, I haven’t gotten the high faucet yet. I wanted to order it but I didn’t know where I’d be or for how long, then I did stay put and then I forgot about it and then Thanksgiving . . . and so on . . .

      As soon as I arrive at a place that I know I want to stay in for 5 days or so (and that has an agreeable post office), I’ll order it. That is a “must have” modification.

  9. Bob says:

    my Mother used to call her cleaning method “A lick and a prayer!”. Many things remind me of her and fond memories, especially around the holidays.

    Let us know when you turn on your off-grid electrical system.

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