A cozy canine crew

Monday morning, November 7th

The wind is back, capricious and cold.  Only dog people are out in our campground town.  I’m glad I have on my winter coat with hood.  Bridget and Spike trot alongside me.  No dawdling this morning!  Once our campsite comes back into view, the crew breaks into a run, pulling me along behind.  They hop up the steps as soon as I open the door.

Our home is warm and cozy.

Spike: “I’m not leaving this bed until I absolutely have to!”

The electric heater set on “low” keeps it toasty.  I put out breakfast for the crew.  Then I set up the percolator to make some coffee.

By the time I’m on the bed with the quilt over my legs, enjoying my coffee and chocolate-covered “nutrition” bar, the crew is deep into morning naptime.

Their bodies are warm against me.

I don’t want to go anywhere.  I don’t HAVE to go anywhere.  I reach for my laptop.  The morning flies by as I write and receive emails, reply to comments, follow links, and read the blogs of other vagabonds.

Monday afternoon and evening, November 7th

Feeling the need to do something tangibly productive, I sweep the floor of my entire house.  That job takes about two minutes.  You see, every morning and every evening, Spike insists on tipping the food dish with his paw so kibble spills out onto the floor.  Bridget sits and waits while he does this.  Then they eat the kibble off the floor.  What a pair of nutcakes!  So I have to sweep often.  Such a burden.  I’m so glad I ordered vinyl flooring for my Casita.

My Kindle broke!

I tell the young woman on the phone that it isn’t physically broken, but the screen shows two different pages at the same time, and it’s frozen that way.  She tells me to try holding the power button on for twenty seconds.   I do that, and it doesn’t help.  Then she offers to send me a new Kindle!  I accept, of course, and promise to send the broken one back.  This is very nice.

I’ve had my Kindle for almost a year already.  

Not only will I get a new one, it will arrive with my library of books and games already loaded on it.  One of the first things I’m going to do when it arrives is find the books of authors recommended by readers of this blog . . . J.A. Jance, J. Michael Orenduff, Mary Kidder Rak, Joanna Brady, Gary Hansen, and some more by Tony Hillerman.

Bridget and Spike do their very best all day to limit trips outside. 

Bridget: “Go away!”

Thanks, Crew.  I appreciate that.

So we’re entirely off our schedule.  Usually we end the daylight hours with The Last Potty Break Of The Day.

Today nightfall creeps in and we take no notice.  The crew is under covers and I’m straining to figure out why Alec Baldwin is in 30 Rock on tv.

Nature calls Spike first.

He barks insistently at the door.  I gear up the crew, put on my bulky, cold-weather coat with hood, stuff some blue, doggie-poop bags in my pocket, and open the door.  Out we go.  Oh, a full moon and stars.   A blast of cold wind helps the project along.  Spike lifts his leg on the first bush we meet.  Bridget follows suit, in her own way.  Okay.  I’ll give them about two minutes to do anything more, then we’re heading back in.

It’s chicken noodle soup and a turkey sandwich for supper.

I wonder about the winter months ahead.  Should we stay in New Mexico?  Should we go to some place like Yuma or Quartzite in Arizona?  Will we still be happy when the crew and I are confined to this small space on several cold, wintry days?

I’m confident it’ll all work out. 

One thing I know for sure, right now, here in New Mexico, I’m enjoying every day, no matter the weather outside.  I think I’ll make a cup of hot chocolate.



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42 Responses to A cozy canine crew

  1. Your blog is sooo peaceful! I would LOVE to be anywhere in my motorhome, cold or not, rather than being stuck home this winter in Wisconsin! We are due for our first snowfall tonight. UCK! We have a long dreary winter ahead. But if not for my looms, spinning wheel and sock knitting machine, I would go NUTS!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

  2. Old Fat Man says:

    Zapata Tx, desert and warm all winter.

  3. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Karen and Steve!

    I remember that feeling, facing another snowy winter in the north. I’m glad you have such an engaging hobby. I’m sure it helps on long, winter nights.

    Over the years of my life I always seemed to be wrapped up in making a living and fulfilling responsibilities that I didn’t develop hobbies. I used to sketch and paint, but I don’t want to get back into that. It’s good I have this blog.

  4. Jool says:

    Sue and crew, I don’t know how you make the magic in your blog, but it is there. It sure makes me want to be doing the same things! Reading my kindle (aren’t they wonderful?) drinking hot cocoa and snugglin’ with the dogs.
    LOVE the “non-pictures” of Bridget and Spike.

  5. Fred Wishnie says:

    With the Joanna Brady series set in Bisbee, try to start with the first book Dessert Heat, it sets up the whole premise of the series.

  6. Kathe says:

    If you get cold, head this way…it’s warm all winter…highs of 85 and lows of mid 50s.

  7. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Sue & No-shows,
    Sounds good to me; warm space & choc-hot-late!!! BUT WEREN’T THE STARS PRETTY!!!
    Barney must think you’re independently wealthy, like he & BB; go to Zapata, Texas!! Yeah, right!
    Park 6′ from your neighbor for $600 a month, with shuffleboard, even… Come to the RSR & we’ll give you 40 acres to park on!!!! The only coyotes you’ll ‘hear’ around here are down in the bottoms and NEVER come around here…. They’re song-dogs & Charlie(our red-heeler) sings with them, when they sing… Did you check the bed for any ‘accidents’, from holding so long??
    Am enjoying traveling in Mew Nexico with y’all.. Stay warm and be careful…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Butterbean!

      You are funny! You read me right … I’m living on the cheap! What does RSR mean?

      No accidents in the bed . . . ever! One thing about my crew, they’d rather bust a bladder than make a mess inside.

      The New Mexico sunshine is back . . . at least at middday. You stay warm and safe, too.

    • Old Fat Man says:

      Butterbeans statements about Zapata are not correct. Also most of Texas is too cold for me in the winter. Where is RSR?

  8. geri says:

    You also might like this Kindle book “Wet Desert” it is the first novel wriiten by Gary Hansen. It is set primarily in the Lake Powell area in southeast AZ. (one of our favorite places!). I think it was a 99 cent novel. Excellent writing and excellently reseached and both Chuck and I were amazed that this was his first novel! I’m sure you will like it! Good book to snuggle in with!

  9. Kim says:

    Okay. My twinges of jealousy have evolved into full-blown envy. Kidding. Actually, I’m thrilled for you because I know you worked long and hard to get to today.

    Spike and Bridget manage to look adorable even under the covers!

  10. reeves99 says:

    The 3 for 1 deal.
    The way I see it there are 3 parts to your blog. First the blog (as noted, very entertaining!). Then there’s the comments, which can be equally entertaining–all that good free advice! Then there’s the comments to the comments, which can be pretty good too. So it’s always worth a visit to see what’s happening with you and your great friends.
    All the best,

  11. Reine says:

    18.584897° North -88.233203° West is in Mexico – you need your passport! I’m thinking that until after new year you’re probably fine in New Mexico. You’ll have some cold mornings and evenings but most days the sun will come out and the afternoons will be nice.

    I don’t really blame Spike and Bridget. I like to burrow in on cold days myself. On our recent trip there were a couple of days when we just cozied up inside cause the wind was to strong or too cold to be comfortable outside.

  12. Pam Perry says:

    Sue & Crew; Just discovered you through Frugal RVer. You’re living the life I’d like to live. Can’t do it now, so will live it through your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, Pam!

      If you want to live this life, keep your eye on the goal, do what you can to make it happen, and you’ll know when the time is right to make the leap! Thanks for reading my blog.

  13. Nan says:

    We were mainly in southern CA last winter. A bit of time in AZ, passed through NM. The cold mornings were OK since we knew that the day would be much warmer. If we could only teach our crews to wait to go out till about 10:00, it would be perfect! Does your crew have a rowdy time? Our kids seem to get really silly late afternoon / early evening. Hope to meet you down the road.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nan!

      Spike gets silly when he meets another dog. He hops around and makes squeaky little yips. Bridget gets frisky sometimes, but she’s got too much attitude to be silly. I bet your crew is a different breed. Be safe on the road . . .

  14. Darrell says:

    OK, am I the only one that thinks it’s a little creepy that some company knows what was on your old Kindle. I understand how the technology works to be able to do that, but still, is there no privacy left?
    Stay warm.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Darrell, Darell, it’s okay. Have a seat . . .

      The things that are on my Kindle came from the same company that knows what was on my old Kindle because I got the things on my Kindle from the same company that is loading my stuff on my new Kindle. Comprende?

      Stay cool.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Are you aware of tinyurl?

      Do I dare click on that link? That’s the biggest link I’ve ever seen in my life.

      No, I didn’t know about the kindle lending library! It keeps getting better! Go get your kindle back!

      • Bob Giddings says:

        Lol. Don’t be intimidated by a long URL. It’s no more dangerous than a short one. A click is a click. The length is due to the search terms, I think. Which simply means I went to a little trouble to find what I’m showing you.

        At least you can see you are going to Amazon. With tinyurl, you never know what you are getting into.

  15. Judie Seeders says:

    What a life!!!! Wish I could convince my husband to hit the road….don’t know if I’m ready to totally give up the house but I’d like to spend several months on the road to find out. U r day sounds perfect. Killer, my sweet canine companion would love it. Ur babies r sooo cute! Thanks for letting all us wannabees travel with u!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judie!

      Welcome to my blog! You’re right. Killer would love it. All the campground dogs seem really happy. Now, about your husband . . . Show him some blogs of people who are on the road having a wonderful time, and maybe he’ll get the travel bug!

  16. Lynne says:

    hey Sue– if you’ll be in NM next month, go about 1 hr north to Bosque del Apache to see tons of interesting flocks of birds– sandhill cranes, snowbirds, and lots of others. I’m not a birder, but it was a cool place to visit. There’s a small RV park there too if you want to stay a few days.

    I spent a couple months in the SW last winter and it got too cold in NM for me in January so I stayed in AZ. Quartzsite is quite an “event” to experience at least once– more RVs than you could ever imagine all dotting the desert. Lots of social activities and groups of every kind meeting up there. There’s some areas of Q and around Yuma called LTVA areas of BLM land. 2 of them offer water and dump station, but you have to pay either $40 for 2 weeks or something like $180 for 6 months I think to use them. I paid the $40 and then realized I only needed to dump twice and could have saved money just boondocking free and paying the commercial places for a couple RV dumps. Live and learn. I did have fun at the free BLM campground on Hwy 95 behind the VFW Hall just north of town. It gets crowded in Jan, but lots of fun. Close to town for laundry and groceries. For low cost hook up parks, you might see about the Escapee parks if you’re a member. Benson is nice and not too far away to explore Bisbee and Tombstone. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the crew whereever you end up!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow, Lynne! Lots of good info! I am tempted to go to the Yuma area . ..

      A couple I met at Caballo Lake talked about the BLM campground on Hwy 95. They go there every year. Sounds like a handy spot.

      I am a member of Escapees. I need to investigate their parks. Thank you for taking the time to write about these places for the cold months.

  17. Christine says:

    Hi sue,
    I belong to the San Antonio Astronomical Association. That very bright large star near the full moon to the east last night is actually the planet Jupiter. It has around 63 moons, and typically we can only see four through our telescopes.


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