Update on Janie!

It looks like love!

Look at the lovey-dovey going on here.

Remember Janie? 

My sweet, third dog whom I had to leave behind in Georgia? 

My dear friend, who took Janie in to live with her and her husband, their cats, and their dog Romeo, sent me a message and this photo from her iphone.

Janie and Romeo are great. We have our routine and she is so smart.  I hate to say it, but Romeo is all looks and little brain. She can boss him around and he doesn’t even know it:)

It looks like Romeo is putting some kisses on Janie’s forehead.  I love the way she is cuddled up next to him! 

The Perfect Tow Vehicle is perfect once more.

The temperature is just right for cleaning the PTV.  She’s gone through a lot lately and has accumulated dirt, bugs, and splatters.  I take her and the crew down to the dump station area.  There’s a shade tree and handy water spigot there.  I wash her down really well, scrubbing off the bugs, and drying her with a towel.  How she sparkles!  I notice that the Casita hasn’t been hit with bugs.  I’m hoping that’s because they all meet their fate on the hood of the PTV.  Less work for me!

More tasks popped up.

I’m staying here a bit longer to get everything wrapped up.  I need to talk to the Verizon people some more and I want to hear what the Desertgate people have to say.  I also need to call Georgia Power Company.  I should check to see if I owe for the last few days of electric at my former house.  I don’t want them to send a posse after me!

I’m researching places to camp during the winter months.

A lot of good advice is available at casitaforum.com and fiberglassrv.com.  I’m also looking into having a Wave3 propane heater installed soon.  There’s room to put one between the shower door and the range-surround, and maybe it could be hooked into the range propane line.  I don’t know about that kind of stuff, so I’ll find someone who does.

Spike and I have relationship problems today.

He wanted my attention and scraped his paw across my laptop, ripping off two of the keys.  I replaced them, but, gee, I told him once before to back off.  He knew I was mad at him.  Then on one of our walks, Spike wanted to visit a dog with a bunch of people at a group shelter and I wouldn’t let him.  Our presence was making the other dog bark.  Spike refused to move.  I had to pick him up and carry him back to the Casita.  I don’t know if this embarassed him or what, but he wouldn’t look at me.  Instead he sat down next to the door with his back to me.  I had to apologize and bring him back beside me on the bed.  He really was miffed.

Oh well, that’s what happens when you spend a lot of time together!



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  1. John says:

    Sue, are you aware that DesertGate is a local company and not nationwide? From my research I think most full-timers find the best nationwide service from Verizon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John!

      Yes, I do. I don’t plan to spend any money, just pick their brains as I was told they would know more about equipment, like antennae, since their focus is on this region. I appreciate your concern.

  2. Mick says:

    You certainly got a blessing from above with respect to Janie and Jumbo Kitty.

  3. A big YAY on the Olympian Wave heaters (we have the Wave 8) …but be sure to get the cover for it! We let ours get *dusty* and it had to go back in for a new pad to be installed by them. Called “pad poisoning” …. or so they say.

    A Wave 3 will be perfect for your size rig. Actually the 8 just about cooks us outta our rig on high, and we are 38 feet. So we usually keep it on low or med.

    Be sure whoever installs yours, that they put a little shut off valve inside near the unit too. Better to have it turned off when not in use by a valve in conjuction with the knob. In case a dogger or some thing falls during transit and bumps the knob, etc.

  4. Kim says:


    I know what you mean – for some reason Doris has been petulant and needy the entire weekend. Most uncharacteristic – our instinct is to indulge her. This may prove to be a tactical error.

    Thanks for the Janie update. She looks so happy! And Romeo was probably ready for someone willing to admire him for his looks rather than his intellect.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m afraid Spike (Mr. Adventure) is bored with Storrie Lake and wants to move on! He has been a very demanding guy all day. Nothing seems to suit him.

      Janie is the lovingest dog I’ve ever known. Romeo is a very lucky boy!

  5. Bob Giddings says:

    Couple of things.

    If you are planning on overwintering in NM, email Andy Baird. He’s been living year round in NM State Parks for many years now. He’s a good guy.


    I have a Wave 3 that was formerly in my trailer. I never got around to putting it in the motorhome because the mh was much smaller than the trailer, and didn’t get as drafty. The Wave 3 with it’s constant soft radiated silent heat was great for eliminating drafts, but it didn’t heat up that large space very quickly. For that the forced air furnace was best. I guess you already know the dangers of using unventilated heaters while you are asleep. Every now and then they find whole families dead from doing that.. But for daytime use with a window cracked and the overhead vent opened an inch or two it worked great. Didn’t use much gas, either.

    Though I did once almost burn down the trailer with it, through carelessness.


    I found the best place to install a T with a cutoff on the gas lines was behind the fridge. If you take off the cover outside, I think you will find it easy to work with.


  6. rvsueandcrew says:


    I remember reading about Andy and his Gertie several years ago. I’ll check with him again.

    There is another spot big enough for the heater . . . between the window and the cabinet that’s above the fridge. The Wave should do a good job with this itty-bitty space I have.

  7. Jack says:

    Bounce fabric softner sheets (used or new) work great to remove bugs from the front of Rvs or vehicles. Grab two or three and dip in a bucket of water then rub lightly. Those little suckers slid right off without all the scrubbing.

  8. Lynne says:

    I used to have a Wave 3 in my little T@B Trailer (as the forced air furnace in that trailer hogged up too much valuable storage space). I had my RV dealer install a flexible LP hose with quick disconnect fitting, and then used my Wave 3 on legs because the T@B didn’t have any good places to have it wall-mounted. A few things I learned– heat rises (duh!), and the heater was much more effective when at floor level than it was at countertop level; since the Wave’s lowest heat setting might still make it too hot by the middle of the night, just open your open window a bit more to regulate the temp (but never ever close all windows/roof vents when it’s running). Finally, a tiny portable fan might help circulate the heat faster during the first hour or two that you have it on (before internal contents have been warmed enough to radiate heat). I slept and survived many nights just fine with the Wave 3– properly ventilated, it’s a very efficient heat source, totally silent, and uses no battery power & minimal LP.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lynne,

      I appreciate all the information garnered from experience that you are sharing here.

      I need to avoid putting the heater on the floor because of the crew and limited floor space. Fortunately I like to sleep with a window open, even in winter. I learned that I’m more likely to get bronchitis if I sleep breathing only recycled, heated air. It seems that an open window in winter would induce a raw, sore throat, but I found the opposite to be true with me.

      I like the fact that it’s a silent heater and efficient.

  9. JoJo says:

    Janie and Romeo are so sweet together. How lucky you were to find a great home for her.

    I won’t comment on this wave heater as I have never heard of them before. But I will read up on it sounds interesting. I have forced air in my mh and when I have electric I use an electric heater.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      JoJo . . .

      I first heard about the wave heater through Tioga George. He’s been very happy with his. I asked him what size would be best for a 17-ft. Casita and he said the Wave3 would do the job.

  10. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    I know it must make you feel real good to know that Janie is doing so well. Hope you and Spike are on good terms again. Hugs and nose kisses

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mumsy,

      Oh, Spike and I are doing great. It’s rare that we “butt heads,” so yesterday was unusual. He really was mad I wouldn’t let him meet that dog. Those people were still around when we went on our evening walk and the dog wasn’t barking, so I let the crew meet him. All is well (mainly because Spike got his way in the end!).

      It is wonderful about Janie! She came to me from a rescue organization, already an adult dog. Then she lived with me and the crew for several years. Now she’s living a “third life” with a new boyfriend in a warm and loving home. She’s had and is having a great life.

      • Bob Giddings says:

        Him? Gosh darn. My vast experience with fairy tales made me certain I was able to instantly recognize the problem: Spike fell in love with the princess, and you are the evil stepmother keeping them apart. But “him”? That doesn’t bear barking about.

  11. Christopher says:

    I assume that y0u already know about rv.net http://www.rv.net/forum/
    It is a great place to gather all kinds of info. You will find a lot of info there about the best winter locations.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Christopher!

      I know about rv.net . . . don’t know why I didn’t mention it also. Thanks for reminding me. I appreciate the link for me and others.

      I checked and rv.net has a thread about winter camping that is full of great information!

  12. tinycamper says:

    Sue, Sebastian (Simple Living and Simple Travel) has a post on cold and condensation in the Casita in winter. It’s not fun reading, but might help you prepare and decide where you want to be. http://shalyard.blogspot.com/2010/04/cold-weather-dry-camping-in-small.html

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, tinycamper! I’m familiar with Sebastian’s blog. It’s one I read in envy for years before I became a fulltimer myself.

      I’d like to know what he said about cold. I appreciate the link.

  13. CindyL says:

    Hi , been reading your blog since discovered on Al and Bayfield Bunch – you are traveling in one of my favorite states – sure hope you make it to Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta – starts Oct 1st – to 9th – definately make sure you go to a “mass ascension” – check schedule on their website – this is a Kodak moment like nothing else – you will never regret going to this – crisp early morning air, the colors, the beauty, the green chili breakfast burrito, everything will stir your senses like never before – I am from Ohio but was lucky enough to live in New Mexico for 2 years so I understand your sense of discovery & love of this new adventure – Happy Trails – CindyL (Moonfly13)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, CindyL and welcome to my blog!

      I was invited to the Balloon Fiesta but I have to pass on it this year. This first year fulltiming is a year of spending money on equipment and its installation, so I’m keeping a watch on my daily camping cost.

      I’m putting it on my calendar for next year as it does sound like a one-of-a-kind experience.

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