Breaking camp at Storrie Lake

It’s going to happen someday!

This entry was written Thursday, September 8th, the day we left Storrie Park.   Due to lack of internet signal it was posted late.

A day will come when I damage or destroy something, either on the Perfect Tow Vehicle (PTV), or the Casita.  I accept this fact.  It almost happened today.

I hitch up without incident. 

I check one more time that everything is battened down, and the shower drain, vent, and window are closed.  I check that the Fantastic fan is off and the lid shut.  I make sure the air conditioner is off.   I switch the refrigerator over to DC power.   I disconnect the power cord and water line.  I close the range vent.  I turn off the propane.  I jack up the hitch, and back up so the ball is in the correct position.  I bring the coupler down.   I secure the ball inside the coupler with the lever and attach the hitch lock.  I raise the jack and remove the cone.  The safety chains and breakaway cable are in place, not too taut, not too loose.  I insert and click the big, black, power cord from the Casita into the PTV.  I check the lights.  I attach the stabilizer bar and make sure the tension is not too much.

I remove the wheel chocks, do another walk-around, and get in the PTV to pull it forward enough to free the yellow plastic levelers.   I put the rug inside the Casita, lock the door, push in the steps, and bend down to pick up the levelers. 

Do you know what I forgot? 

The very same instant I realize what I forgot, a guy busts out of the Roadtrek at a neighboring campsite (I knew there were eyes on me the whole time), and before he can get a word out, I blurt out, “stabilizer jacks!” 

He says, “I tried to stop you in time.”  I peer under the rear of the Casita.  They look fine, having only skimmed the gravel when I moved the PTV forward to release the levelers.

“Whew!  They look okay.  I knew I had forgotten something!”

It didn’t happen today, but it will someday.



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8 Responses to Breaking camp at Storrie Lake

  1. Old Texan says:

    Whew,,close!! Good save. Hint, hang a big ole yellow ribbon on the rear view mirror to remind you to take another walk around. OR print a big ole check list and hang on your steering wheel.
    Glad you checked in, was getting concerned.

  2. old fat man says:

    Rvers have either already made a mistake or are about to make a mistake. I feel good that I only screw up four or fives times a year with all the moves I make.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Could have happened to anyone! You are doing great.

  4. Hotel California says:

    Checklist is correct. Seven years for us, and I use the checklist every time. It’s laminated in plastic and on a clipboard. I’ve still screwed up a few times, but who knows how many times I’ve been saved.

  5. Don Pietz says:


    I agree with the other folks on a checklist. Gayle made an excel file and we go thru it everytime we break or come into camp. Even after years of doing it, if we do not have that checklist, we will miss something………….Are we harping here?????

    Don and Gayle

  6. Pat Gabriel says:

    I was a mobile dog groomer with no experience towing a trailer, never mind my business building. Anyways, I made every mistake possible, sometimes due to stress, distraction, whatever. The best thing to know is that whatever you do, someone else has done it before.
    In retrospect, a physical checklist would have prevented 90% of those incidents, so type up a check off list and do it religiously. Thanks for being you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks everyone! I have a checklist . . . just have to get it printed! Of course, then I have to look at it. I’m the type that makes a detailed grocery list and leaves it at home!

      You guys are great.

  7. Bob says:

    Close call, Sue … but what a save!

    The first to go is your memory, and the rest you forget. :>)

    Bob (aka stude53)

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