Taking a second look


Our campsite at Storrie Lake State Park

I haven’t said all there is to say about Storrie Lake State Park.

The crew and I duck into the Casita before the wind blows our heads off.  I’ve had it with the wind.  

“Both of you, go take a nap.  It’ll be a long time before I’m ready to go out in THAT again.”

The crew take a nap while I finish up the blog entry, inserting the slide show of photos.

Spike wakes up.

Hey, it's nice out here!

It’s around 6 p.m.  He informs me he’s going outside.

“Okay.  C’mon you two.  Let me put you in your suits.”  This ought to be fun.

I brace myself, hand firmly on the door so it isn’t ripped off its hinges, and we step out. 

What?  What is this?  It’s calm!  The trees are straight up.  The constant wind-whistle is gone.   The temperature is perfect.  

This is weird.  Are we in the eye of a hurricane or something?

Spike has more important things to consider . . .

The Perfect Tow Vehicle and the Casita

Such as who recently utilized a fencepost nearby. 

We walk across the field behind the Casita.  I notice a familiar fragrance, something I can’t identify.  It’s an herbal scent, quite lovely.  I look down and see a light, silvery plant no taller than six inches, scattered all over, amidst the grass.  We are crushing them as we walk, releasing a most pleasing fragrance. 

I also notice tiny yellow flowers bunched together in small bouquets.  And there are white flowers, too, like miniature morning glories growing close to the ground.

Vehicles have formed a road of black sand and rocks that lures us down to the lake. 

The crew contemplates the lake from the rocky slope.

The crew are loving this adventure!  Spike looks ahead with anticipation as he clambers over rocks.  Bridget carefully places her paws as she daintily tries to keep up him.

The drought has uncovered the rocks of the lakebed, revealing their fossil imprints.  The lake birds squawk and sound to me like ocean birds I heard a long time ago.  A flock of Canada geese fly across the lake, their honks proclaiming that autumn is here.  

We explore the edge of the lake for quite some time.  Fortunately Spike exhibits enough sense not to lie down in the water, as it is a cool evening. 

The sun is setting behind the mountain peak, sending beams of light into the clouds and across the ripples of the lake.  I sit on a rock at the water’s edge, the crew beside me, and try to absorb all the beauty around us. 

We hike up to a bunker positioned perfectly for watching the last of the sunset. 

What is the name of the silvery plant that is so fragrant?

Bridget and Spike appreciate the chance to rest.

A big, black bird marches in front of us.  Crow?  Grackle?  He’s checking the ground for a possible snack left by a camper. 

It’s near dark so the crew and I get up to leave, giving the lake one last look.

 What a different place this is once the wind stops! 

I think of my blog and the bad impression I gave of the campground.  Here I am, surrounded by all this natural wonder, from the tiny flowers to the magnificent mountain overseeing this lake, and I could not see any of it yesterday.

These thoughts make me feel like a spoiled brat who suddenly sees herself as others do.

As if that isn’t enough, as we’re walking back to our campsite, a rainbow appears in a perfect arc across the sky – I counted six stripes of color! —  from the earth, up and over, and down to the earth again.  And there sits my little home underneath it!

That may sound like the corny ending to a low-budget film. 

In real life, however, it’s a priceless reminder how fortunate I am to be here . . . in this place . . . now.

The next morning is overcast, yet the lake is still beautiful in shades of gray.



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15 Responses to Taking a second look

  1. Sheila says:

    It looked so beautiful in your photos that I am glad the wind went away so you can enjoy it. A constant blow can wear you out.

  2. tinycamper says:

    Interesting thing, perspective.

    Years ago I was going through a tough time. One of the things I did to help me see what was good around me instead of the scary bad things was to take my camera out and deliberately look for the ugliest places I could find, then concentrate on finding something beautiful there.

    One of the pictures was of a dumpster with trash strewn all around. But to the side I discovered a periwinkle plant bursting with fresh, glowing pink blooms.

    Another was an abandoned parking lot, dessicated, a concrete Death Valley. But in one of the cracks a perky little Black Eyed Susan bloomed.

    The most striking was a litter-ridden abandoned shopping center parking lot. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find anything beautiful there. But then I saw the late, golden afternoon sun gleaming off a broken bottle by a curb. It almost took my breath away. There was a treasure trove of glimmering jewels flashing every color of the rainbow.

    Those mental images flash across my mind often as I read your initial reaction to a stark, ugly landscape and watch it turn into the delight of discovery..

    Sorry this is so long. I’m supposed to be commenting on YOUR blog, not writing my own! 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    Ok, so have things upgraded from a “on the run from the law” to “a person of interest” status at Storrie Lake?

  4. Teri says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog today…when I have time I am going to read your archives. My neighbor has a rat terrier and I love that little dog beyond belief. She is loving, smart, STUBBORN, also afraid of loud noises, sleeps under the covers, and has basically stolen my heart. Can’t wait to read about more of your adventures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Teri,

      Rat terriers are an unending source of amusement. Both of mine are mixes so they are larger than the usual rat terriers. Insisting on sleeping under the covers is a sure sign of a rattie.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the blog enough today to want to read more.

      • Teri says:

        Ok…think I read them all now. So happy to have found your blog, makes me think about following your lead when I am able to. My friends laugh at me because since I was a kid I loved camping, and even now I enjoy looking at various trailers and motorhomes for fun. Your Casita is a great size…how is the storage inside?

  5. How nice that you gave the place a second chance and looked past some of your first impressions. Don’t we hope people do that all the time, even with each other?

    I do believe the small silvery plants are sage… and the familiar smell be the scent of cooking turkey and dressing?

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

  6. JoJo says:

    I am still trying to get things working right here on this new lap top.
    I’m glad the wind blew off to somewhere else so you can see how pretty it really is.
    Pictures make it look good.

  7. Hotel California says:

    Attitude adjustment is good. The lake no longer looks like a sewage holding tank.

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