rvsue meets the Old Fat Man!

What’s the big hurry?

The crew and I stayed another day (Wednesday) at Brantley State Park.  Time moves slowly here and we’re in no hurry to get on the road again.  We sleep later than usual.  First thing we do is walk the loop of sleepy campsites.  Something runs across the campground road way up ahead.  What is that?  It’s too small to be a deer and too large to be a rabbit.  Spike is confounded, too.  He stares in his pointer pose until I break his attention with a pull on the leash.  Bridget misses it all, per usual.  I think it was a rabbit.  One of those weird kind with big ears.  That was one big rabbit!

I enjoy studying the variety of plant life that I’ve never seen before, including pretty flowering bushes.  The crew walks well on the leashes.  Spike sets the pace with a jaunty trot.  We come across a self-pay box near the restroom and shower building.  I retrieve a permit and money envelope to fill out and insert another $4 to stay another night. 

On the way back Bridget poops in the road and then fifty feet later she poops in the road again, right in front of the camp host’s Class A rv!  And I forgot the bags.   As soon as Bridget and Spike hop up the step into the Casita, I grab some bags and go back to dispose of the evidence.   Note to self:  When dressing each morning, put a supply of bags in my pants pocket.  Also a camera!

I meet the Old Fat Man who is camped at the next site!

Reader Bob G. alerted both of us that we are neighbors.  Soon I hear a knock at the door and I meet the Old Fat Man (who, by the way, is not old, nor fat), also known as Barney.  Chances are you’ve seen his blog: ofmadventures.blogspot.com  If you click on that link, you’ll see some lovely photos of the flowers at Brantley Lake.  Barney checks out my Casita, all the while sharing information about its systems and answering my many questions.   

I am so glad that he is at my campsite when I start to feel poorly.  We are sitting at the table under the shelter when he notices my complexion is looking strange.  I’m feeling slightly nauseous.

Uh-oh.  The heat is getting to me.

We go inside for the air conditioning and I sip some water.  Barney stays to make sure I recover okay.  He gives me some essential information on monitoring my hydration.  If you’re not used to this dry heat, it can creep up on you, if you aren’t careful.  Now before anyone gets alarmed, I’m fine!  Really!

Bridget passes a big milestone today!

The crew before Bridget did a bad thing.

She can jump up on the bed all by herself!  Up until today I’ve always had to lift her up.  The past few days she has backed up whenever I tried to lean off the bed to grab her and lift her up with me.  I thought she was trying to annoy me, one of her hobbies.  Now I realize she wanted to jump up all by herself. 

She is so proud of herself.  I let her know she’s “a big girl now” and she obviously knows it!

I can’t get too upset with her for the bad thing she did today.

"As soon as they're busy talking I'm going to chew through this leash and make a run for it!"

I’m trying to have a conversation with Old Fat Man, so I hook the crew’s leashes to a bush. 

Soon Bridget is running around loose.  She chewed right through the leash!  Like I said, annoying me is her hobby.

The crew and I are leaving Brantley tomorrow to head north.   

I’m happy to have you come along with me!



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30 Responses to rvsue meets the Old Fat Man!

  1. Reine says:

    In the desert you need to keep a water bottle with you at all times – and be sipping on it. Dehydration is really dangerous, especially when you’re by yourself. Good lesson and I’m glad Barney was there to notice it and help out.

    Looks like an extra leash or two are in order. But unless you already have one you’ll probably have to sew the pieces together. If that’s the worst you have to worry about, you’re having a great time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Reine!

      I’ve learned my lesson. I’m drinking water all the time now and making sure the crew has water available, too. The heat doesn’t seem to bother them as much as me. But then they don’t have blue eyes and freckles!

      I have a bunch of leashes from when I fostered rescue dogs. I wonder how long it will take darling Bridget to chew through them.

      I’m keeping replies short because I never know when the connection will fail. Hi to Paul!

  2. Old Fat Man says:

    Big eared rabbit=jackrabbit

    It was a major high spot getting to meet you and visit.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Barney!

      Thank you! I couldn’t remember the name of that rabbit . .. must be the heat!

      And I thank you again for all the help you gave me. It was fun meeting you, even if I did almost faint in your presence!

  3. John says:

    Hi Sue, saw you met with Barney and I will now be following your blog. Welcome to the world of full-timers. Maybe our paths will cross one day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John . .. Welcome to my blog!

      I want to go to your blog right now but I’ll have to postpone a visit. I’m liable to be kicked out of cyberspace at any moment and I do want to reply to all the comments.

      I hope our paths do cross .. .

  4. kayjulia says:

    I see your meeting new people and learning new things and having a good time too! That’s some of the perks of being on the road. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself along the way. Glad you met one of our better folks on the road too! There are a lot of them out there and also a few sore heads, but don’t let that bother you just have fun 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kayjulia!

      Yes, I agree . . . Barney is one of the better folks. He shared so much information . .. priceless!

      Good luck to you on the road . ..

  5. tinycamper says:

    So glad you met Barney. I’ve enjoyed his blog for quite a while.

    You get in the habit of carrying poop bags. I usually put a folded up paper towel in a zip lock and pack 2 in a pocket at all times. There have been times when, after being on the road for a while, my Sunny has pooped 3 times in one walk!

    I am loving following where you are and what you are doing! Hoping you find cooler temperatures soon..

    Tell Bridget congratulations on her big achievement for me. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hey, tinycamper . . .

      Bridget reminds me of a child taking her first steps. She loves not having to depend on me for boosts. Now she needs to learn how to climb up the step into the Casita.

      Sunny . . . cute name. Yeah, we are breaking all sorts of poop records. Four poops in one trip. Simultaneous poops. The excitement never ends . . .

  6. Joan Gagnon says:

    Hello Sue and welcome to the world of full time RVing. We have been on the road for 27 months now and enjoy ever minute of it, and have learned alot in that short time with a lot more to learn.We bounce from Alaska ( home state)in the summers to Yuma Az in the winter.The miles in between are full of adventure for us as we try not to take the same route twice.At present we are in Wisconsin, having come from Alaska in June and travelled across Canada as far as Ontarion and dropped down into Michigan.what we do is locate a nice RV park, try to stay at least a week and do day trips from there.
    We pull a 40 foot 5th wheel with a 1 1/2 ton truck, so being able to drop the trailer and do day trips works great for us.
    We started out with 2 dogs and a cat, one dog was a newly house trained heinz 57 that is now close to 60 lbs and 3 1/2 yrs old,one was a 4 lb Japanese Chin, 13 years old,we lost him to congestive heart failure last winter, and the brave cat we had got ran over after a 1 1/2.They all got along great, which made it easy for us.The dogs traveled in the truck and the cat travelled in the trailer.Now with just 1 dog she has a routine down pretty pat, for walks, etc.It all falls into place in time.
    This lifestyle does make an organized person out of anyone.There are little tricks you’ll learn as you go, to save space, wall hooks where there aren’t any, key hooks that are handy,I use over the door type hooks for both over the doors and use the also in the shower to hang damp bath towels on, does the job and are out of the way.
    Anyway I will be following your blog, and wish you all the luck.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joan!

      Sounds like you’ve got a pretty nice lifestyle worked out. You go through some pretty country on your way to Arizona.

      I’m sorry about your loss. It is so tough to let go of the most loyal companions you’ll ever have. I’m glad your dog is doing well.

      As for organization, I’m learning . .. if you don’t watch out, a small space turns into a landfill.

      Thanks for welcoming me to fulltiming . . . I’m enjoying it, too!

  7. Old Texan says:

    Well, you got me beat, You actually met Barney , OFM, all I have done so far is read his blog and email back and forth.

    Drop me a not when you get a chance, want to hear more about you Casita!! I’m looking now for one cause I don’t want to wait for them to build me one,( and save a few bucks)

    Shiny side up!! Don’t crack the Egg! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Old Texan!

      Meeting Barney was a happy surprise . . . I seem to be sent helpers all along this journey.

      I want to visit your blog and write you an email . .. . If you don’t hear from me soon it’s because of connection problems.

  8. You’re just having the greatest time, and the dogs seem to be doing really well. Congratulations to Bridget!
    It’s amazing how quickly the days go by with nothing special going on. Or maybe everything is special when we’re fulltiming. I like your idea of doing the dishes on the table, then washing a few clothing items, too.
    I buy doggie bags at Walmart and tie two at a time to my leash handle, then I always have them. You would probably need to tie four. 🙂 I also usually have a couple in my pocket. I hate going back to do a pick-up if I don’t have a baggie.
    That heat must be something! Try to stay cool – thank goodness for a/c!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The days do go by quickly. Yet, at the same time, when I look back to when I picked up my Casita, it seems like a month ago, so much has happened. It’s only been 10 days!

  9. Jerryc says:

    Sounds like you’re getting into the swing of things really well. It’s always good to meet new friends along the way. Our Sally has that chewing through the leash down to a fine art. It took her about 15 seconds if she could get the thin part of those retractable leash’s in her mouth. Thankfully, she has calmed down in the last year or so and only tries if we walk too far away. Have fun, and drink, drink, drink………………jc

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hey, Jerryc . . .

      I expected to meet new people once I hit the road. I never thought I’d meet such good people so quickly!

      Sally and Bridget should have a competition in leash-chewing. I’m amazed how fast she went through that cloth leash.

      So there’s hope . . . that Bridget will someday calm down.

  10. Jeff says:

    Hi Sue
    Here’s a selection of leash material that may help…..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Bob . . . Amazingly, I was able to connect with that article. It confirms my decision to take it very easy and not get too adventurous just yet. This heat can’t last forever.

      How horrible for that couple and their families.

  11. patticake2 says:

    Your posts all sound like a dream come true…all but the “almost” heat stroke that is! I am soooo glad someone saw the warning signs and took care of you! I am going to see a 2009 17’SD Casita on Saturday! Just followed a random thread on the Casita Forum that mentioned a man in my city that might be willing to show his Casita to some other folks a while back…so I gave it a shot and emailed him, too. He could not have been nicer 🙂 and said he would love to show me his SD! He lives very close to me too boot! Looking forward to seeing one in person! He may have to have me evicted however! LOL!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What fun, Patti! I can understand how excited you must be.

      I was very lucky that I chose the model that works best for me. It would have been better if I had seen one first. All the models are really nice in their own way. Let us know what you think of the SD for you. Have a great time!

      • patticake2 says:

        My top choices are your floorplan or the SD. I do like the idea of much more sleeping space in yours…twins/full/king…but again…just can’t wait to see one in the flesh!

        • rvsueandcrew says:


          One of my concerns with the LD was whether you would have to lean forward while eating at the table (with the back part made as a bed). I like to sit with my back against something while using a table. I am happy to say the table swivels so it comes in close to you as you sit on a side bench.

          The past few days I’ve put the table away, giving us an open floor space. I eat using a bed table (folding) because it’s too hot outside these days for the picnic table.

  12. Emily says:

    What an inspiration you are Sue.

  13. Bob (aka stude53) says:

    Our dog friends are sneaky, huh?
    My two cocker spaniels are always smuggling pine cones in to destroy all over the floor, stealing paper napkins to chew up, and always finding new ways to taunt us and each other.

    Fair well for now, fair Sue … and crew!

    Bob (aka stude53

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