Itinerary from Georgia to first camp!

It won’t be long now . . .

The house is sold!  All went smoothly at the closing today. What a relief.  Felix is letting me stay in the house until I leave Georgia early Saturday morning.  He does not plan to move in until some remodeling is done.  Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll work on insurance for the PTV and trailer, do some banking, call the power company, get the Senior Pass (discount camping fees), buy groceries, do some laundry (I’m going to miss that washer and dryer!), do final packing, check tire pressure, tidy up the house, and all the other stuff I can’t recall right now.

Then the first phase of my vagabonding life begins!

Saturday:  Drive due west from Athens, Georgia, take the loop around Atlanta,  and continue westward to Birmingham, Alabama.  Turn to the north, then northeast, to my sister Pauline’s house in Rienzi in northeastern Mississippi , approximately 500 miles.

Sunday:  Visit with Pauline and her husband, two grown children and their spouses, and three grandchildren.

Monday:  Leave Rienzi, Mississippi, head south to Jackson, Mississippi, and then turn due West to Corsicana, Texas, south of Dallas/Ft. Worth, approximately 600 miles.  Overnight stay at Econolodge (which I’m afraid will turn out to be a miserable dump, but they do allow pets . . .  for a tidy surcharge).

Tuesday morning:  Leave Corsicana, bright and early, for the Casita factory in Rice, approximately 12 miles, for orientation and purchase of trailer.  Have the service department add a hitch ball to the PTV.  (I haven’t yet figured out where I’ll get propane.)

Tuesday afternoon:  Pull my little egg trailer from Rice to Oak Park Campground at Navarro Mills Lake, approximately 28 miles to the southwest.  My first campsite!

Tuesday evening:  August 16, 2011 . . . The crew and I sleep in our new home for the first time!

Reine and Paul have graciously offered to help. 

Tuesday morning they’ll drive down from Plano to pick out two sites for us.  When I arrive later in the day, they’ll help me back the trailer into the campsite, get familar with the Casita systems, and, if I’m a quick learner, they’ve promised me some grilled chicken kebabs!  Isn’t that great?

Janie sent me an email!

It said “I didn’t know I was going to get a horse!”  Below was a photo of Janie trying to jump up on Romeo’s back, obviously in the middle of a major play time with the big guy.  I grabbed my cell and rang up my friend to find out what in the world was going on over at her house!

She laughed and said Janie and Romeo became friends the first day.  They love to have these happy, energetic romps together, until they can’t play any more without a rest.  So they plop down on their bellies for a break, and then go back to play some more!  She also told me Janie slept well the very first night.

And I sleep well, too, content in knowing Janie is happy.



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26 Responses to Itinerary from Georgia to first camp!

  1. M says:

    glad Janie is happy…

  2. Reine says:

    Yipeee!!!!!!!!! So glad the house is sold and that stress is gone. We’re looking forward to camping and visiting with you and the crew. You will get the stuff done and after all the driving, you’ll be ready to relax at the campground.

  3. Judy Douglass says:

    Sue, your plans sound so exciting. You go girl, as far as getting propane, most private campgrounds have it for sale, also Flying J’s have it.

    Safe travels

  4. Greg says:

    Way tooooo much planning……my head would hurt !!! Slow down – you can now !!!!

    greg and jean

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Greg and Jean,

      I had to plan for my sister to know when I’ll arrive, for making sure I have a motel room where pets are allowed, and for getting to my Casita appointment on time. Don’t want to be late for that! Once that’s over, you can bet I’ll slow waaaaay down.

      Who knows where I’ll be this time next week . . .

  5. Kim says:

    Janie has a boyfriend …. Janie has a boyfriend. That’s sensational!

    And how cool that Reine and hubby are meeting you. What a generous couple of folks to share all their knowledge with you. Back-up help: priceless.

    I have 2 meetings and a lunch scheduled on Tuesday but my thoughts will be in Rice (even more than usual). I’m so excited for you!


  6. Jack says:

    Ditto on the planning stuff kiddo, take it easy you will wear us out. Lotta luck lov, have a great rv life!

  7. Debbie (DebinMO) says:

    Knowing Janie is happy takes a load off of your mind. Pulling into the Casita factory lot to meet your new baby is so exciting! Have a great time and enjoy every minute! Congratulations, Sue, your time of waiting is almost over!

  8. Mumsy, Chancy and Crew says:

    I see you are just about ready to take off. Happy and safe traveling. Hugs

  9. Sheila says:

    Splurge in Corsicana at the Collin St. bakery. It is terrific. Happy trails, finally.

  10. patticake2 says:

    W O W — W E E !!! What a day and upcoming few!! You must be on an emotional and physical roller coaster?! So exciting (and maybe a bit scary)! I’ll be praying for safe travels and a heart at peace! Honk as you pass through my town of Birmingham! Happy trails!!! patti

  11. rvsueandcrew says:

    Thanks, everyone, for cheering me on and wishing us well.

  12. Mick says:

    Happy days ahead! It sounds like everything is going very smooth. Say “Hello” to Pauline from the Cambridge fans.

  13. Cindy agrees with you…you will miss your washer/dryer. Cindy also misses her dishwasher. When we are traveling, we usually travel twenty to two hundred miles a day. Five to six hundred miles per day will certainly give you a feel for the road.

    We wish you the best! Happy Travels

    Herb and Cindy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I’ll have a feel for the road all right after 600 miles. It’s a different mindset … like when I drove to Florida … you just want to get those miles behind you.

      I look forward to lazy, meandering roads with no particular goal ahead. Thanks for the well wishes!

  14. Emily says:

    OMG, I just had butterflies in my stomach reading this entry. And, I remembered my first trip and the butterflies. I wanted to release those beautiful creatures so I could see all the colors instead of feeling them in the stomach. Know it sounds corny. I’ve been hitching up for 5+ years now and I still get butterflies. I can’t contain the excitement I feel. I love the routine I settle into, the anticipation of what is ahead – that’s when I am traveling, not workamping. Sue, may you feel all the excitement and challenges that lie ahead with the excitement and attitude you have shown us here. That will make any obstacles that come along as solvable ones.

  15. Greg abd Jean says:

    Woooooo wooooooo wooooooo….this time tomorrow……

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